Best 6 Castle Hamster Cages & Houses To Buy In 2022 Reviewed

Are you in search of castle hamster cages and houses to put in cages?

Then read our article and learn more about the hamster princess castle cage house, the pink one, and the wooden one. Also, find out important details about the best enclosure, multi-level, and blue cage with a castle house. Our guide will help you choose the best product to buy.

The Summary

Hamiledyi Cute Hamster Home SummaryHamiledyi Princess Castle Cage House
This castle by Hamiledy will fit into any cool or cute hamster cage. It is made of natural materials and it is pet-friendly.
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Yueunishi Pink Castle Hamster Cage Tower SummaryYueunishi Pink Castle Hamster Cage Tower
If you are looking for a multi-functional house for hamsters, check out the Yueunishi one. It is a play house, hideout, and includes a water bottle.
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Wontee Dwarf Hideout SUmmaryWontee Wooden Hamster Cage Hideout
The wooden house for hamster cages by Wontee will make your hamster feel safe and comfortable. It is made of quality materials.
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Animal Treasures With Castle Cage House SummaryAnimal Treasures With Castle Cage House
The Animal Treasures hamster cage comes with a small castle cage hideout. Check out why we liked this cage so much.
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Mcage Twin Tower Cage SummaryMcage Twin Tower Castle Cage
One of the best castle cages is surely this twin-tower hamster habitat by Mcage. It includes all that your hamster will ever need.
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Petloft Sturdy Crazy Hamster Cage SummaryPetloft Cage With Castle Cage Hideout
This small and fully-equipped cage for hamsters comes in blue. It comes with full equipment including a hamster castle hideout.
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Best 6 Castle Hamster Cages & Houses


Hamiledyi Princess Castle Cage House

The Castle Design
The Hamiledyi is a hamster princess castle cage that is made of natural wood. Only high-quality material was used for construction. This castle hideout house is ideal for hamsters of any size. It provides these little animals with a safe and comfy environment.

Hamiledyi Cute Hamster Home

Play And Rest House
Apart from a cozy resting zone, the Hamiledyi princess castle hamster cage house will serve as a play house as well. Your hamster can climb this house and play. An idea for you is to add the hamster bedding to the cage and this house and allow your little fur friend to dig.

Hamiledyi Cute Hamster Home Review

Paint The House
If you prefer princess castle hamster cage in another color, use the pet-friendly paint and change the color. Having a wooden hamster hideout inside of a hamster cage is very important. Create your hamster a nice and warm resting zone and make your little friend happy.

In Short:

  • the house is made of natural wood
  • completely pet-friendly and toxic-free
  • change the color and paint this house
  • fits inside of any hamster cage
  • serves as a play house and a resting area


Yueunishi Pink Castle Hamster Cage Tower

The Safe Material
This small pink hideout castle tower for hamster cages is made of sturdy and durable PP plastic. It is safe and toxic-free. The house is simple to maintain. The material is resistant to stains and odors. This pink cage hideout has multiple purposes.

Yueunishi Pink Castle Hamster Cage Tower

A Multi-Function Hideout House
The Yueunishi tower castle hamster cage house has multiple purposes. It includes a hideout area and provides a safe space for resting. It is a hamster play house as well. Your hamster will get to climb the stairs and enjoy its activity time. This house includes a water bottle too.

Yueunishi Pink Castle Hamster Cage Tower Review

Ventilated And Spacious
Before buying, be sure that this plastic hamster house fits your hamster’s size. This pink castle tower cage house measures 4.72×4.72×4.13 inches. It is well-ventilated and breathable. It provides enough space for hamsters or dwarf hamsters.

In Short:

  • the design is cute and the house is pink
  • made of sturdy and durable plastic
  • this house has multiple purposes
  • it is a play house and a hamster hideout
  • it includes a water bottle on the side


Wontee Wooden Hamster Cage Hideout

Wooden Castle Hut
The Wontee hamster castle hideout is made of safe pine wood. It fits inside of almost any hamster enclosure. The dimensions of this Wontee castle hamster cage hideout are 6.68×4.91×5.9inch. The door length is 1.38inch. Make sure your hamster fits this house.

Wontee Dwarf Hideout Review

Decor And Play House
This pine hideout house for hamster cages is perfect to be a resting zone, a play house, or simply a cage decor. We suggest you create your hamster a play zone and activity area inside of a cage, and always include a safe hideout house.

Wontee Dwarfs Hideout

Safe And Natural
The house by Wontee is made of safe and pet-friendly materials. It will provide your hamster with a natural environment. This hideout has no sharp edges and it is completely harmless for your hamster. The price of this castle house is very affordable.

In Short:

  • made of natural pine wood
  • safe and has no sharp edges
  • it has multiple purposes
  • it is a play house and a resting hideout
  • this castle house is well-ventilated
  • the cost of this castle hideout is affordable


Animal Treasures With Castle Cage House

Product Overview
The Animal Treasures manufacturers have made a cage that fits one hamster or two dwarf hamsters. The deep plastic base comes in pink. It is leak-proof and resistant to odors. The top is made of safe, chew-proof, and durable wires.

Animal Treasures With Castle Cage House Review

Inside Content
This cage includes one pink plastic platform and a yellow slide. On the platform, you will find a castle hamster cage hideout. This place will be your hamster’s resting area. Apart from that, your pet will play on an exercise wheel. The bottle for the water is included too.

Easy To Clean
The top and the bottom parts of this cage can easily be de-attached when cleaning and attached back again. Apart from that, there is a small front opening door. You can access the cage through it when refilling the hamster food dish.

Animal Treasures With Castle Cage House

Safe And Sturdy
Getting a cage that you consider safe and secure is very important. Hamsters sleep during the day, but they are active at night while you are asleep. The Animal Treasures hamster cage is sturdy and quiet. It keeps your hamster in a safe place.

In Short:

  • this cage fits 2 dwarf hamsters
  • it includes activity cage content
  • the cage is secured and pet-friendly
  • includes a castle hideout house
  • simple to clean and assemble


Mcage Twin Tower Castle Cage

Fun And Colorful Design
This cage by Mcage is shaped like a twin tower castle. It has multiple levels and includes all essential cage content for your hamster’s everyday activities. The cage has a non-leak bottom and sturdy wire net structure. The is a hamster for 2 hamsters

Mcage Twin Tower Cage Review

Spacious And Tall
We are sure that your two hamsters will love to spend their time inside of this cage. It has a lot of space for all of the activities – interaction, rest, and play. Also, you can put a Syrian hamster inside of the cage. Just be sure that it fits.

What Is Included?
The inside of this tower castle hamster cage comes with four plastic platforms. There are four ladders included too. A small plastic house is here to provide your hamster with a safe resting zone. Moreover, you will find a hamster wheel, a bottle, and a food bowl.

Mcage Twin Tower Cage

Dimension And Access
The overall measures of the Mcage are L21.25 x W14 x H23.5 inches. The space between the wires is tight (3/8-inch). This is a cat-proof hamster cage that is simple to maintain. Access the cage from the front and left or right side.

In Short:

  • fun and tall cage design
  • the cage provides a lot of space
  • fits two hamsters or a Syrian hamster
  • the cage comes fully equipped
  • features three access doors


Petloft Cage With Castle Cage Hideout

Space For One
The Petlft blue hamster cage is ideal for one hamster. The dimensions are 18.1 x 11.4 x 11.8 inches. The bar spacing is narrow which makes this hamster enclosure safe enough. The cage includes fun hamster activity content.

Petloft Sturdy Crazy Hamster Cage Review

The Content And Activity Area
The inside of this cage for hamster comes with all the essential cage content. You will find a small castle hamster cage house, a running wheel, a fun tunnel, and a slide made of plastic. There are a food bowl and a water bottle included too.

Pet-Friendly Material
This cage by Petloft is made of material that is pet-friendly and most importantly, non-toxic. The base is non-leak and sturdy. It has a smooth surface. The wire top is chew-proof. This cage can easily be carried. There is a handle on the top.

Petloft Sturdy Crazy Hamster Cage

Useful Details
We suggest you don’t get this cage if you are looking for a dwarf hamster cage. The space between the wires is not safe enough for their paws. The cage can easily be assembled and secured. This helps with the maintenance. The price is very affordable.

In Short:

  • this cage comes in blue color
  • includes a castle hideout
  • comes with cool hamster cage content
  • it can easily be assembled
  • this cage is simple to clean
  • ideal for one hamster

How To Pick: Castle Hamster Cages & Houses

When it comes to choosing the safest hamster cages and castle houses, you need to look for a few important features. Apart from the cool looks, your new product must be pet-friendly, made of safe material, and have enough space. Mosty, the price of these products is affordable and you can find castle houses and cages online.

Pet-Friendly And Safe – An ideal castle hamster cage or house must have no sharp edges. It needs to be smooth so that it doesn’t harm your hamster’s little paws. Also, your new castle product needs to be chew-proof and leak-proof.

High-Quality Material – The quality of a cage or a castle hamster play house that you are looking for should be high. This means that you need to search for a cage that will last you a long time. It needs to be heavy-based, sturdy, and made of non-toxic material.

Space And Ventilation –  Whether you are in search of a castle-shaped hamster cage or a castle hideout for hamsters, make sure there are vent openings. Hamster needs to breathe the fresh air in all the time. Getting your pet a tight cage or a house with no ventilation is not healthy nor safe.

The Affordable Price – Mostly, you will find such products at an affordable cost. Obviously, there are many products that are expensive, but many times the high price does not guarantee good product quality. Read reviews and get to know the product well before buying.

Where To Buy? – Buy from a manufacturer that you can completely trust. Our advice is to check for your new product on reliable retail online websites and read customer reviews. Also, we hope that our article helped. The products we have listed are available online.

To Sum Up

In our opinion, the best product of this top list is the Mcage Tower Castle Hamster Cage. We liked it because it already includes all the fun content and it is a spacious and multi-level hamster cage. However, if you prefer buying hamster houses instead of cages, then we suggest you read more about this subject in our article about the big hamster houses.

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