Best 6 Awesome & Amazing Hamster Cages Reviewed By Expert

Are you looking for a list of awesome hamster cages?

Then you are in the right place because we have made the top six list of the best amazing hamster cages. We have divided them into different categories – best of best, blue, enclosure, and others. Also, you can find our buying guide at the end of the article. It will help you choose the right model.

The Summary

MidWest Tunnel Hamster Cage SummaryMidwest Homes Arcade Hamster Cage
This amazing hamster cage by Midwest comes with a unique and special design – the deep base and a fun vertical PlaySpace.
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Ferplast Amazing Cage For Dwarf Hamsters SummaryFerplast Amazing Cage For Dwarf Hamsters
The Ferplast cage for hamsters can be connected to other habitats. It has a transparent design and it is well-ventilated.
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Kaytee Cool Hamster House SummaryKaytee Cool And Fun Cage For Hamsters
If you are looking for a fun and colorful hamster cage, then you will surely like the one by Kaytee. It includes all essential activity content.
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Savic Geneva Modern Cage SummarySavic Geneva Modern Hamster Enclosure
The Geneva modern cage by Savic manufacturer combines an aquarium tank with a study wire top. This is a 2-level hamster cage.
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Habitrail Small Dwarf Hamster Cage SummaryHabitrail OVO Hamster Habitat
The Habitrail cage for hamsters is escape-proof. It is customizable and easy to assemble. You can expand this cage easily.
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Living World Deluxe Habitat SummaryLiving World Deluxe Syrian Hamster Cage
In case you have a Syrian hamster, then look for an extra-large habitat such as Living World Deluxe. It is spacious and sturdy.
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Best Awesome And Amazing Hamster Cages


Midwest Homes Arcade Hamster Cage

General Characteristics
The Midwest Homes for pets awesome Arcade hamster cage is one of the most unique and fun hamster cages. It consists of a deep base and a vertical PlaySpace. The cage measures 18.11L x 11.61W x 21.26H inches. It is a multi-level cage. Also, it is safe, secure, and durable.

MidWest Tunnel Hamster Cage

The PlaySpace
Your hamster will spending time inside of this habitat. It is large, tall, and provides a lot of space for activities. There are play tubes, an exercise wheel, a hideout, platforms, and plastic ramps inside of this cage.

Fits Two Hamsters
The cage will easily fit two hamsters or dwarf hamsters. In case you want to get your fur buddies a larger habitat, you won’t need to get another cage. This amazing hamster cage by Midwest is easy to connect to other habitats.

MidWest Tunnel Hamster Cage Review

How To Introduce Two Hamsters?
This hamster cage for 2 is completely safe and provides enough space for two hamsters. However, if you want to introduce them for the first time, we suggest you put them in separate habitats for two weeks and place the habitats close together. Put them in the same cage only after the two-week period.

In Short:

  • spacious, safe, and fun
  • includes a vertical PlaySpace
  • comes with fun activity content
  • expandable and connectable to other cages
  • it fits two pet hamsters


Ferplast Amazing Cage For Dwarf Hamsters

See-Through Design
This small cage by Ferplast comes with a deep blue plastic base and transparent top. There is a wire net grid on the top and it allows the fresh air to circulate the cage. This cage consists of two connected habitats. The overall size is 31.3 x 11.61 10.61 x 10.35″.

Ferplast Amazing Cage For Dwarf Hamsters

For Small Hamsters
We suggest you get this awesome hamster cage if you have a dwarf hamster. Other hamsters will fit as well, but it is not recommendable to get this habitat if you have a Syrian hamster because they need much more space.

Fun And Durable
We are sure that your hamster will love to spend its time inside of this cage. It includes fun playing tubes, a wheel, and a platform. There is a small plastic hamster house included as well as the food bowl.

Ferplast Amazing Cage For Dwarf Hamsters Review

Quality And Price
We consider this cage safe, pet-friendly, and sure. The overall quality is high and this cage is escape-proof. When it comes to the price, we are glad to say that the Ferplast dwarf hamster cage is affordable and convenient to have at home.

In Short:

  • this cage is ideal for dwarf hamsters
  • it comes with a deep plastic base
  • the material used is of high quality
  • this habitat combines two enclosures
  • the fun activity content is included


Kaytee Cool And Fun Cage For Hamsters

Product Overview
The Kaytee hamster cage comes with a cool design. It is colorful, fun, and long-lasting. It is a home for hamsters or dwarf hamsters. The size of this unit is 20 inches x 11.5 inches x 16 inches with 1.4 inches of bar spacing.

kaytee cool rat cage review

Space And Material
This awesome hamster cage is made of safe and pet-friendly material. It combines the non-toxic plastic and chew-proof wires. The cage has smooth surfaces and it is safe for your pet hamster’s little paws.

The Play Area
Your hamster will love to spend time inside of this fun and comfortable cage. It comes fully equipped and it is perfect to use as a starter kit as well. There are tubes, platforms, a running wheel, a food bowl, and a water bottle.

Kaytee Cool Hamster House

Useful Details
This is another fun hamster cage that can easily be expanded. For example, if you want to get a larger habitat for your hamster or get another hamster, get Kaytee tubes and connect this cage to another Kaytee habitat.

In Short:

  • fun, cool, and colorful design
  • sturdy and pet-friendly cage
  • includes fun activity content
  • easy to connect to other habitats
  • made of plastic and wires


Savic Geneva Modern Hamster Enclosure

Modern Design
The Geneva hamster cage by Savic manufacturer combines an aquarium tank with a wire top. It is a 2-level cage and your hamster will get to choose between the floors. The Savic amazing hamster cage is sophisticated and easy to maintain.

Savic Geneva Modern Cage Review

Customize The Cage
The cage already includes a ladder, a running wheel, and a water bottle. We suggest you get your hamster a wooden hamster hideout and add bedding. This will encourage your hamster’s natural instincts of digging and nesting.

High-Quality Cage
This cage is made of a transparent and strong plastic tank. It is completely see-through. The top of the cage is made of wires. The space between the bars is tight. The top part can be closed off from the aquarium tank. The cage is well-ventilated.

Savic Geneva Modern Cage

Why Get This Cage?
In our opinion, this cage is ideal for people who want to get an elegant cage. Besides its modern look, the Savic manufacturers have made a pet-friendly and secure hamster cage that will make your hamster feel cozy and safe.

In Short:

  • the Savic cage is modern and unique
  • it consists of a plastic tank and wire top
  • the design is see-through
  • add hamster bedding to the cage
  • the cage comes with essential content


Habitrail OVO Hamster Habitat

Modular Hamster Habitat
If you are looking for a different and special hamster enclosure, then consider buying the Habitrail OVO model. It is made of translucent green and blue plastic, transparent tubes, and a deep white base. It is ideal for dwarf hamsters.

Habitrail Small Dwarf Hamster Cage Review

Easy To Assemble
The setup is simple and quick. Moreover, the Habitrail cage allows you to choose the appearance. You can easily customize this cage and install the play tubes as you wish. Use your imagination and have fun assembling this unit.

Resistant To Odors
This awesome hamster cage enclosure is simple to maintain clean. The material is resistant to stains and odors. This is an easy-to-clean hamster cage. Rinse the cage under the running water and don’t use a detergent unless it is pet-friendly.

Habitrail Small Dwarf Hamster Cage

Good To Know
The cage includes a running wheel, a feeding area, a water bottle, play tubes, and a roof with vent-holes. The price is affordable for everyone’s budget. It is a great starter kit for first-time hamster users.

In Short:

  • a dwarf hamster cage habitat
  • made of strong and quality plastics
  • includes tubes, a wheel, and more content
  • it is easy to maintain the cage clean
  • the cage is safe and pet-friendly


Living World Deluxe Syrian Hamster Cage

The Two Large Levels
The Living World hamster cage is large and spacious. It has two floors. This extra-large hamster cage can fit a Syrian hamster as well. The size of this cage is 46.9 L x 22.8 W x 24 H inches. Make sure that your hamster is not too small to escape the cage.

Living World Cage Review

The Cage Content
The included accessories inside of this amazing hamster cage are a plastic platform, a hideout area underneath it, a hamster food bowl, and a water bottle. We suggest you get a few more hamster decorations or chew toys.

Leak-Proof Base
The base of this cage is non-leak and smooth. It is deep so you can add hamster bedding to the cage and watch it play. The cage has no sharp edges, so you can feel relaxed about your hamster’s safety. The wires are chew-proof.

Living World Deluxe Habitat Review

The Air Circulation
This big and large hamster enclosure by Living World allows the air to constantly circulate the cage. This characteristic is very important for your hamster’s health. Your fur pet always needs to breathe fresh air.

In Short:

  • spacious and large cage
  • fits a Syrian hamster as well
  • includes a platform and a hideout
  • the base is deep and non-leak
  • metal wires are resistant to bites

How To Pick: Awesome Hamster Cage

We suggest you to read our small buying guide before deciding betweeen amazing hamster cages. There are a few important characteristics that every cage must include – safe material, security doors, enough space, ventilation, and activity content. Read on to find out more.

The Quality Material – Be sure that awesome hamster cages are more than just cool. The material that was used for designing must be made of non-toxic and pet-friendly material. Don’t worry, not all products that are made of quality material are expensive. There are many affordable and quality cages on the market.

Safety And Security – Your hamster will try to chew on the cage. So, to ensure your hamster is safe, get the one that has chew-proof wires. Additionally, the space between the bars must be narrow. Otherwise, your hamster’s paws will get stuck. Secure the access doors as well.

Spaciousness And Size – An ideal amazing hamster cage is large. It has enough space for your hamster’s everyday activities – rest, play, and bathing. Make sure your cage fits your hamster’s size. Get a large or tall hamster cage if you have a Syrian hamster. On the other hand, you will need a smaller cage for dwarf hamsters. Buy accordingly.

The Air Circulation – Another very important characteristics is the ventilation. Your pet hamster needs to breathe the fresh air. It is important for its physical and mental health. This is why your cage must have vent holes or sturdy wires. It needs to allow the air to circulate at all times.

The Play Area – Your little fur friend needs to stay active. If your hamster cage doesn’t already include activity content, then you can customize it yourself. Make sure that your hamster’s enclosure has a hideout house, play tubes, a running wheel, platforms, slides, or ladders.

To Sum Up

In the end, we would like to mention again the amazing hamster cage that we liked most. It is the Savic Geneva Modern Hamster Enclosure. It is a sophisticated, unique, and modern hamster cage. If you like the idea of having a tank as an awesome hamster cage, then we suggest you to read our article about the fancy hamster cages.

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