7 Best 54 Inch Dog Crates Suitable For Giant XL Breeds 2022

Do you have a giant dog or just want to get your dog a safe but large enough space to play around so you sought out to find a 54-inch dog crate?

You’ll find all that you thought you needed and all that you need in this article if you continue reading it. There are a plethora of different crate types reviewed here with different functions like divider crates, heavy-duty crates, and more than just the two mentioned.

The Summary

MidWest Homes For Pets SummaryMidwest Homes For Pets Ginormous Crate
Even though it’s giant with its 54-in in length and 45-in in height, you’ll get to save space by placing it in a corner due to the front and side doors.
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BEST OF BEST DOG HOUSE CAGE SummarySmonter 48 Inch Heavy Duty Crate
You can easily interact with your dog and clean the crate without letting it out thanks to the wire grid floor, cleaning tray, feeding door, and top interaction door.
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BEST 40 INCH TALL DOG CRATE SummaryLucky Dog 54 Double-Door Crate
Dividers usually only serve to potty train puppies in wire crates but due to its size and double sliding door, you can use it to house 2 dogs separately.
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When you fold this crate down, you’ll easily get to carry it with the detachable plastic handle that comes with this 54-in long, 45-in tall, and 40-in wide crate.
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kelixu heavy duty crate summaryKelixu Heavy Duty Dog Crate
Thanks to the roof housetop, this crate can be 51-in tall but still stable enough. Paired with the length of 48-in, it will save you some space indoors.
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BEST MEDIUM ADJUSTABLE DOG CRATE SummaryRichell Expandable Pet Crate
The crate can go beyond the 54-in length mark or below it since it can expand from around 30-in in length up to 60-in in length in 11 different sizes.
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BEST METAL 72 INCH DOG CRATE SummaryPawHut Large Outdoor Kennel
Even if you buy more of the same model kennels to expand its size, the 54-in proportion won’t ever change since it’s a height proportion.
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7 Best 54 In Dog Crates


Midwest Homes For Pets Ginormous Crate

Giant Crate Problems
This crate is fully made out of wire and it is the most common 54-inch crate type. It’s so large you’ll need to people to assemble it and because it’s also 45-in tall. It has L-shaped hooks on top to prevent the sides from bending in. On the corners, you can place the drop pins to make the crate more stable.

MidWest Homes For Pets

Door Position
It has a front and side entrance that both lock with 3 sliding bolt locks each. The bottom is equipped with a slide-out cleaning tray and to prevent it from accidentally sliding out, you’ll get a pan stopper on the bottom. If you love this crate but want to review all of your options, we suggest you read the xl wire dog crate article next.

In Short:

  • Made out of wire
  • Has L shaped hooks on top
  • Features a drop pin stable construction
  • Requires two people for assembly
  • It’s 54-in long and 45-in tall
  • Has a front and side entrance
  • Comes with a bottom cleaning tray


Smonter 48 Inch Heavy Duty Crate

Crate Height
The crate is 48-in long but it’s taller than what you’d expect from an extra-large dog crate. Thanks to the house rooftop, it’s stable but also 51-in tall. This height still allows you to use it as a 54-inch heavy-duty dog crate able to house giant dog breeds. If you like its shape, check out other dog house crates in the article linked.

Smonter Heavy Duty Dog Cage House

Doors And Locks
The house rooftop features an interaction entrance and you’ll also find one entrance in the front. The locks are anti escaping and the whole crate is made with heavy-duty steel tubes. The cleaning tray is located below the wire grid floors and there’s a built-in feeding entrance on the front door.

In Short:

  • Has a house rooftop
  • It’s 48-in long and 51-in tall
  • Has a top and front entrance
  • Features a built-in feeding entrance
  • Made with heavy-duty steel tubes


Lucky Dog 54 Double-Door Crate

2 Or 1 Dog Housing
Due to its length of 54-in, the width of 37-in, height of 40-in, and the divider it comes with, this crate can uniquely house either one giant dog or two medium-sized dogs separately. It has a front and side entrance, the side one being a double sliding door.


Stability And Noise
To ensure that it won’t collapse accidentally and to reduce the rattling noise any wire 54 dog crate with divider would produce, it has corner stabilizers on top. By removing them, you can fold the crate down to store it or transport it elsewhere. To learn more about dividers and their different functions, you can check out the adjustable dog crate article next.

In Short:

  • It’s 54-in long, 37-in wide, and 40-in tall
  • Features a puppy divider
  • Can house one or two dogs
  • Has a front door and a double sliding side door
  • Has corner stabilizers on top
  • Can be folded down
  • Features a carrying handle


Go Pet Club 54 Dog Crate

Crate Size
The crate is 40-in wide which will give your dog a chance to comfortably turn around inside it. It’s 54-in long and 45-in tall so it’s considered a crate for giant breed dogs. If that’s what you’re generally after and you’re reading this article because of them, check out others in the linked article below.


Doors And Finish
The coating finish of this 54-inch collapsible dog crate is a black epoxy finish that makes it resist corrosion and rusting. It features a plastic handle and a plastic cleaning tray and has 2 doors that lock ith sliding bolt locks, the front and side door.

In Short:

  • Made out of wire
  • Has black epoxy rust and corrosion-resistant finish
  • It’s 54-in log, 40-in wide, and 45-in tall
  • Has 2 entrances that lock with sliding bolt locks
  • Can be folded down and carried with a plastic handle


Kelixu Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Shape And Precise Dimensions
This crate is shaped like a house and for a good reason, the house roof-shaped top makes it taller but more stable even though it’s an extra tall dog crate. It’s 48-in long and is missing 3 inches to be considered truly a 54-in dog crate. Nonetheless, it can house giant breed dogs.

Kelixu Heavy Duty Dog Crate

How It’s Built
Each crate part is made out of steel tubes that are all welded together. It has a top and front entrance with a built-in feeding entrance as well. It’s quite heavy so it’s no wonder that it sits on 4 lockable wheels. If you want to check out more durable crates like this that can house aggressive and anxious dogs, read the heavy-duty large dog crate article next.

In Short:

  • Made with heavy-duty steel tubes
  • All parts are welded together
  • Has a house rooftop
  • It’s 51-in tall and 48-in long
  • Sits on 4 lockable wheels
  • Has a top, front, and built-in feeding entrance


Richell Expandable Pet Crate

Expandable Length
Generally, this crate is 35.4-in long but can expand to be up to 60.6-in long. It can be expanded to 11 different sizes so it will surely fit, in some way at least, the 54-in proportion requirement. If you’d like to learn more about these crates and what they’re for, check out the expandable dog crate article next.

richell expandable puppy crate

Dogs It’s For
For the frame, it uses rubberwood while the sides are made out of wire. It doesn’t feature a wire top so you’ll have to buy it separately but it has an expandable cleaning tray on the bottom. since it’s 28-in tall, it should only house small and medium-sized dogs. The single front entrance is a sliding door.

In Short:

  • Has a rubberwood frame
  • Features wire sides
  • The top has to be bought separately
  • HAs an expandable cleaning tray
  • Can expand from 35.4-in to 60.6-in
  • Has 11 adjustable lengths


PawHut Large Outdoor Kennel

How It’s Made
It features a hard metal welded frame and wire sides. It’s made up of panels and you can take more of the same model to expand it. It weighs around 52 lbs so it can still be moved and transported and features a UV resistant and waterproof cover on top for outdoor use.

PawHut Outdoor Dog Kennel

Indoor Use
Due to its fairly smaller size than what you’d expect from a regular kennel and its fairly lightweight build, you can move it indoors as well. It’s 47.25-in long and wide and 54.25-in tall. If you’d prefer a bigger outdoor crate kennel, we advise you to read the 72-inch dog crate article.

In Short:

  • Made with heavy-duty welded metal
  • Consists of panels and you can buy more to expand it
  • Made for outdoor use but can be used indoors
  • It’s 53 lbs
  • Has a top UV and water-resistant cover
  • It’s around 47-in long, wide, and 54-in tall

How To Pick A 54 Inch Dog Crate

There isn’t much to choose from when it comes to a 54-inch dog crate but still, if you look hard enough you’re guaranteed to find them. That’s why you’re reading this article. The problem is that these crates are fairly different from one another and we have some explaining to do concerning size, function, and more.

Indoor Problem – The main problem with these crates is that they’re so large that they’ll rarely if ever fit well inside homes. Add to that the fact that they’re all made out of wire and heavy-duty metal tubes, and you’ve got yourself an impossible to blend indoor crate.

54 Inch Dog Crate Cover – One thing you can do to make these blend better indoors is to buy a crate cover for them. Apart from the visual benefit, it will give your dog a bit more privacy if that’s what your dog needs and wants. For dogs with separation anxiety, we wouldn’t recommend you get a cover before you train them out of the behavior.

54 Inch Dog Crate Pan – A crate pan is an essential part of every wire and metal crate because they protect your floors from getting into contact with liquids and make clean up a lot easier. Which pan you’ll get depends on the brand of crate you’re getting and the length and width of the crate. The pan should be a snug fit so no more than 1-in smaller in both proportions. With heavier dogs, it becomes easier for them to break the pan by accident so maybe you could opt for a metal dog crate pan.

Giant Dog Crates – A crate is going to be considered a giant dog crate if its’ 48-in or 54-in long and freakishly tall from 40-in up to 51-in in height, the best way to know if your dog fits inside one is to check if it’s at least 3-4 inches smaller in height and length than the crate you’re looking at.

Precise Proportions – The only real 54-in long dog crates you’ll find are almost always going to be wire crates that can help crate train dogs, are fairly light, pretty durable, and they can even potty train puppies if they come with a divider. The rest of the crates are going to be at least 3 inches smaller than the actual sought-out 54-in proportions. Don’t worry though, most can still house giant dogs but check the dimension and your dog’s proportions to know for sure.

Pricing Charts  – The more durable the crate, the more expensive it is. The same logic is applied to size and since these are the biggest of dog crates, you can expect them to cost at least 200 dollars and for heavy-duty models, you’ll be paying up to 200 dollars more.

To Sum Up

You’ve seen it yourself, there’s plenty of differences between each 54-inch dog crate so we can’t recall recommending just one. Make sure you get the size right according to your dog’s and the crate’s length and height and you should get the very best with just that. If you’d prefer to read about smaller dog crates, we advise you to read the article about 36-inch dog crates or about 30-inch dog crates. If you’d prefer to read about all of the possible crate sizes and types available all in one place, we suggest you read the dog crates article next.

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