Best 5 Triple Door Dog Crates To Choose From In 2022 Reviews

Do you want more access to your dog when he’s inside the crate so you’re searching for a triple door dog crate to satisfy you?

We’ve reviewed the best ones in this article so keep reading to find out about what are the different types of 3-door dog crates that exist because they can be made as furniture style ones, soft ones, and many more

The Summary

Pet Gear Steel Crate SummaryPet Gear Steel Crate
Not only does it have not 3 but 4 doors in total, but it also has wheels on the bottom and a handle on top for easy transport of this large crate.
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Zoovilla Dog Crate SummaryZoovilla Dog Crate
This crate comes in a beautiful natural black or white color and has an MDF wood board on top that makes it function as an end table as well.
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GoPetClub 3-Door Pet Crate SummaryGoPetClub 3-Door Pet Crate
Although it fits into the category of the cheaper models of wire dog crates, it still has some excellent features like a stain-proof epoxy coating
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EliteField Soft Dog Crate SummaryEliteField Soft Dog Crate
The steel tube frame and 600d polyester fabric cover make it a durable crate even though its primary build material is fabric.
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BIRDROCK HOME Decorative Dog Crate SummaryBIRDROCK HOME Decorative Dog Crate
The crate is made sturdy because it’s made out of strong MDF wood and covered with a beautiful espresso coating to fit any household well.
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Best 6 Triple Door Dog Crates


Pet Gear Steel Crate

4-Door Access Design
This crate not only has 3 but 4 doors in total from which you can gain access to your pet. There’s one door on top, and 3 doors on the sides of the dog crate. The last one is a front access door and you can open it slides open similar to a garage door. Its frame and size make it an XL plastic dog crate.

Pet Gear Steel Crate

Made For Large Dogs
Its dimension come at 42-in length, 28-in height, and 28-in width. The value of the height and length make us conclude that it can be used by large dog breeds. It can hold the weight of a dog that weighs up to 90 lbs.

Easy Transfer
The crate has a handle on one of the top edges and wheels on the bottom. This is so that you can transfer it anywhere with ease which means it’s good for traveling. Another thing that you get for traveling with the crate is a travel bag that comes to good use when you collapse the crate and place it inside.

Pet Gear Steel Crate Review

Bottom Specs And Accessories
On the bottom of this triple door dog crate, you’ll find a base that doesn’t crack under cold weather because it is an insulated one. An accessory that you’ll get for the bottom base is plush bedding so that your dog feels more comfortable when lying inside it.

In Short:

  • Can stand the weight of a dog weighing up to 90 lbs
  • Has a handle on top and wheel on the bottom for easy transfer
  • Comes with a travel bag and a plush bedding
  • Has a collapsible construction
  • Has 4 access door in total


Zoovilla Dog Crate

Color And Materials Used
This crate comes in a beautiful neutral black or white color. the white color option makes it a good white wooden dog crate. It’s made out of MDF which is a wood product made by combining soft and hardwood fibers with wax and resin.

Zoovilla Dog Crate

Multi-Functional Design
It is best to use it indoors because it not only functions as a 3-door dog crate but it’s made to be used as an end table as well. The reason for it is because the top is a simple MDF board that looks like a table. You can easily put your personal belongings on it.

Door Placement And Their Locks
The Zoovilla triple door dog crate includes three doors on the sides of the crate. A double door and one side door. each door has 2 hinges that are sturdy and the doors can be locked with a hasp latch lock.

Zoovilla Dog Crate Review

Dogs That It’s For
It is made to be used by medium-sized dogs. Medium-sized dogs include Akitas, American Staffords, border collies, and so on. It has plenty of vents on each side of the crate and on the bottom, you will find a hidden pullout tray to clean the crate easily when it needs to be.

In Short:

  •  Has 1 door and a double door on the sides of the cage
  • The doors can be locked with a hasp latch lock
  • The top makes it available for use as an end table
  • Made out of MDF wood
  • Available for purchase in black or white color


GoPetClub 3-Door Pet Crate

Good Features For The Price
This is a really affordable crate and for the price it has, it still has some pretty good features like a black epoxy coating that makes it rust-proof and a bottom tray made out of ABS plastic that is tough. The crate is made out of steel wire.

GoPetClub 3-Door Pet Crate

Doors And How They Lock
The triple door dog crate features 2 access doors on the sides of the crate and one on the top. The doors can be locked with clip-on locks and you’ll find two of them on every door including the top access door. It’s easy to set up and it has a collapsible construction.

Protecting Your Floors
For the bottom of this safe dog crate, you’ll get rubber feet to put them on so that the crate doesn’t damage your floors and so that it stays in place. For easier transport when the crate is collapsed you will get a handle located on the bottom as well.

GoPetClub 3-Door Pet Crate Review

What Size Of Dog Should Use It
The dimensions of this cage come at 48-in in length, 29-in in width, and 32-in in height. This would make it fit for use by large dogs but they should be crate trained and calm. You should also lookout for the fact if your dog is a heavy chewer.

In Short:

  •  Access doors are located in the front and on the side of the crate
  • Fit for use by large dog breeds
  • The steel wire is coated with black epoxy that makes it rustproof
  • Has a tray on the bottom made out of ABS plastic
  • Can be collapsed and carried with an added handle on the bottom


EliteField Soft Dog Crate

Crate Frame And Cover
The frame of this crate is made out of a steel tube. It is a strong material and on the other side of it, you have a 600d fabric cover. The 600d fabric is a polyester fabric and on its own, it’s not a completely waterproof material but it takes longer for water to penetrate through it.

Hexagon Shaped Ventilation Holes
The ventilation holes are found on each side of the triple door dog crate. They are made of hex fabric, meaning that the holes on them are hexagon-shaped. 2 of these side ventilation windows serve as doors as well and another door can be found on the top.

EliteField Soft Dog Crate

Zipper Locked Doors
The doors can be locked with a zipper. This is not the most efficient way of locking doors but it is a standard when it comes to soft crates. You should make sure that your is as calm as he can be when it comes to this crate and that he’s not a chewer because if not, he will easily destroy the crate after some time.

EliteField Soft Dog Crate Review

Storing The Crate And Its Size
Because of the steel tube frame and soft fabric cover the crate can be easily collapsed and stored away at any time, it’s size comes down to 3-in high. When assembled, it’s 32-in high and 42-in long. That means it fits inside large dog breeds with no problems.

Useful Additions Of The Crate
Additional things that come with this soft sided travel dog crate that might be useful are a pocket on the top and on the side to store away any accessories needed for your dogs like a leash and toys and you’ll also get bedding made out of plush to give our dog comfort when he’s inside.

In Short:

  • The doors are located on the sides and top
  • The door can be locked with a zipper
  • Made for larger dog breeds
  • A dog must be crate trained before entering the crate
  • The frame is made out of steel tube and the cover is made out of fabric
  • Can be collapsed to easily store away


BIRDROCK HOME Decorative Dog Crate

How To Use it
This crate is perfect for the non-chewing dog in your household. If this is not the case, it would be better for you to purchase a small wire dog crate but there always exists the option of teaching your dog not to chew on his crate and there are multiple resources to tell you how to do this.

BIRDROCK HOME Decorative Dog Crate

Build Material And Additions
It is made out of strong MDF wood, has side panels that have a gridded wire and it is colored in an espresso color. It comes with a dog bed that is removable and is also cushioned to keep your dog more comfortably inside. Besides being a crate It can also work well as a table or a nightstand.

Door Location And Assembly
The doors are located on the sides of this triple door dog crate, one on the front and a double door on the sides. They can be locked with a hasp latch lock that is made out of brass. You will need to assemble this crate but the instructions and all the pieces you need for it come with the crate.

BIRDROCK HOME Decorative Dog Crate Review

Who Can Use It
Of course, the outside and inside dimensions are different. The inside dimensions are 21.5-in Width,  30-in Length, and 22-in Height. This makes it fit for use with small dog breeds. The outside dimensions differ from the inside ones slightly so this should be a good reference to see if it’s small enough for your home.

In Short:

  • Made out of strong MDF wood
  • Can serve as a side table or a nightstand as well
  • Made to be used by small dog breeds
  • Has a door in the front and a double door on the side
  • The doors lock with a brass hasp latch lock

How To Pick A Triple Door Dog Crate

If you don’t already know the reasons on how and why to buy a triple door dog crate, these next few tips tackle the subject of how the doors of these crates are usually positioned, what kind of dogs can use it and what else the crates are good for and will do well while your thinking about which crate is the best one for you.

Teaching Your Dog Not To Chew – A lot of these crates are made in a way where your dog must not be a chewer to be able to use it. If your dog is used to this type of behavior you can always teach him otherwise. All you need is patience, treats, and some useful tips online and you’re all set but if not there’s always the option of buying an unbreakable dog crate.

Good Travel Option – Triple door dog crates are great for traveling. The reason for it is because if you tend to move your crate a lot, there is a chance that a crate with a single door entrance might get blocked by something so you constantly have to think about that but with a triple door, you can block one door while still having access to the other.

Typical Door Position – These crates all have a pattern on how the doors are usually positioned. Wooden ones will usually come with all doors on the side and one door will almost always be a double door so to make them have three doors but only using two sides while others will usually hold the third door on top. A door on top is useful if you’re looking to get a training cage for dogs.

Types Of Crates And Dog Size – The wooden crates of this type will do better with small and medium-sized dogs while the wire and plastic crates will be better for large dogs. The reason for it is because larger dogs are stronger and can more easily break through a crate or damage it so getting a sturdier crate is imperative.

To Sum Up

Since there are so much of different types of triple door dog crates it’s hard to choose the one for you, but the one that stands out most in almost all departments including durability, traveling, the position of doors, and the way that they lock is the Pet Gear Steel Crate. If the wooden crates in this category appealed to you then you’ll enjoy reading the article about XL wooden dog crates and if you appealed more to the wire dog crate read the post about XL wire dog crates.

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