Best 6 Unbreakable Dog Crates To Get Reviewed By Expert

Is your dog usually a bit rowdy and has destructive tendencies so you wish to get an unbreakable dog crate?

Don’t worry because we gathered the best ones, reviewed them, and even placed them into categories like heavy-duty, stackable, for travel, and others that will make the choice of choosing the best and right crate for you even easier.

The Summary

ProSelect Empire Dog Cage SUmmaryProSelect Empire Dog Cage
The 20 gauge steel and 2 sliding bolt locks will make even the smartest and toughest dogs stay inside the crate when you want them to.
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Haige Pet Heavy Duty Dog Crate SUmmaryHaige Pet Heavy Duty Dog Crate
This crate weighs 85 lbs but it stands on wheels for you to easily move it around the house and you can also lock the wheels for it to stay in place securely.
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4x4 North America MIM Safe VarioCage SUmmary4×4 North America MIM Safe VarioCage
This crate is crash tested for a variety of different crash scenarios and its adjustable length makes it the safest and smartest option while traveling.
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This crate is not only affordable but also highly practical seeing as you can stack multiple crates of the same type on one another.
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Stackable Heavy Duty Cage SummaryHomey Pet Stackable Heavy Duty Cage
This crate can house two medium-sized dogs and it is adjusted to do so by having two bottom trays, two stainless steel bowls, two doors, and a divider.
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Best 6 Unbreakable Dog Crates


ProSelect Empire Dog Cage

20 Gauge Steel Build Material
The crate is made out of 20 gauge steel. Steel gauge measures the thickness of the steel. The bigger the gauge, the smaller the thickness will be. 20 gauge steel is still pretty tough and it still makes it a sturdy dog crate. Apart from being made from 20 gauge steel, the steel tubes also have a 0.5-in diameter.

Weight And Transport
This unbreakable dog crate weighs around 75 lbs which would make it hard to move around the house or elsewhere but it does sit on wheels that make the transport easier. You can easily remove the wheels whenever you feel like it

ProSelect Empire Dog Cage

Tray For Cleaning
Underneath the bottom, you’ll find located a slide-out tray that is deep enough to contain liquids without them spilling all over your floors if this ever happens. It will also serve well if your dog sheds a lot. It is a steel tray and it’s easy to clean.

ProSelect Empire Dog Cage Review

One Access Door And Locking It
Your dog will be able to enter his crate through one door and it’s the same door that you’ll get access to the crate and your pet. The door lock with a double lock that is a sliding bolt type lock.

Crate Dimensions And Dogs To Fit Inside
The only thing to worry about when thinking of the dog you’re buying it for is the dimensions of this crate. They are 33.75-in in Height, 37-in in Width, and 25.13-in in length. This makes it good to be used by medium dog breeds. The weight of the dog shouldn’t matter since it’s a heavy-duty crate. 

In Short:

  • Made out of durable and  strong 20 gauge steel
  • It weighs 75 lbs and can be moved with detachable wheels
  • Has one access dor that locks with 2 sliding bolt locks
  • Has a deep slide-out tray below the bottom
  • Made for medium-sized dogs


Haige Pet Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Materials Used And Coating Finish
The materials used to make this unbreakable dog crate are steel that is corrosion-proof and that same steel is coated with a strong and durable finish that is safe for your dog if he’s a chewer since it is non-toxic and it also makes the crate anti-rusting.

Haige Pet Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Locking The Access Door
It only has one door that is located on the side of the crate. The door can be locked with two locks that are patented. they will be useful if your dog performs well in unlocking doors because it also has safety buckles to further better these locks.

Moving The crate And Assembly
The wheels on the bottom can be locked to make the crate stay in place. this is useful seeing as the crate weighs 83 lbs and can’t be collapsed once assembled unless you disassemble it. As for the assembly, you’ll get everything you need for it with the crate and it comes partially assembled.

Haige Pet Heavy Duty Dog Crate Review

Dogs That Fit Inside And Cleaning It
The plastic tray below the bottom can easily be pulled out to be cleaned if your dog dirties it. As for what dogs can fit inside, It is made for medium and large dog breeds because of its dimensions. This means that a german shepherd and dogs smaller than that can easily and comfortably fit inside.

In Short:

  • Made out of corrosion-proof steel
  • The coating finish is non-toxic and makes the crate rust proof
  • Easily Fits inside medium and large dog breeds.
  • Has a plastic pull out tray on the bottom that cleans easily
  • Stands on wheels for easy transport that can be locked into place


4×4 North America MIM Safe VarioCage

Safe Traveling
Not only does this crate do well as an unbreakable dog crate but it also does extremely well as an XL dog travel crate. The reason for it is because this crate is crash-tested in a variety of different crash scenarios like roll over, front and rear crashes and can protect your dog and you if a crash occurs when traveling.

4x4 North America MIM Safe VarioCage

The Way It Compresses Energy
The crate absorbs and compresses the energy accumulated when a crash occurs. The way it does that is through its shape and the steel tubes that will help you adjust the length of the cate but also serve as the energy absorber. The adjustable crate length will also serve you well if you need to adjust the crate length according to the size of your car trunk.

Access And Escape Door
This crate has one access door and in the back, you’ll find an escape door. The front access door locks with a key so there’s no chance that your dog will unlock it by himself and they are also pneumatic so that opening them would be easier.

4x4 North America MIM Safe VarioCage Review

Adjustable Crate Length
Although the crate length is adjustable, you should check the manufacturers’ size chart to see what dog fits best in what crate. They offer 14 sizes so you are sure to find something for your dog and your car. For assembly, you’ll get instructions but it will take some time to do it properly

In Short:

  • Passes the front, rollover, and rear crash tests
  • The door locks with a key
  • Has an escape door in the back
  • The metal steel tubes on the sides are of adjustable length


AmazonBasics Heavy Duty Crate

Iron And Polypropylene Material Construction
It is made out of durable iron and also polypropylene. Polypropylene is the advancement in plastic materials because it is more durable and more a more environmentally option than other types of plastic are like PVC. It is colored all black like most crates of this type.

AmazonBasics Heavy-Duty Crate

Easy Transport
You can choose to place wheels on this unbreakable dog crate. They will do well if you’re moving the crate around a lot. It is a bit lighter, weighing around 41 lbs on its own but you also have the option of not using them. They have a lock on them to make the crate stay in place.

Front And Top Access
The crate features a side front access door that locks with a spring lock. The top can also be opened for you to access your dog. You’ll get everything you need for the assembly and it’s easy to do so. You’ll also get a few additional screws to stack up to 3 crates on top of one another.

AmazonBasics Heavy-Duty Crate Review

Measurements and Bottom Addition
It measures out at 37-in Length,  25.6-in Width, and  29.5-in Height which makes it suitable for use by medium and large dog breeds. It also features a plastic tray on the bottom that you can easily pullout, clean, and place back into place.

In Short:

  • Made out of iron and polypropylene
  • You can stack up to 3 crates on top of each other
  • It’s easy to assemble and has a collapsible construction
  • Stand on lockable wheels for easy transport
  • Medium and large dog breeds can fit inside


Homey Pet Stackable Heavy Duty Cage

Heavy Duty Steel Build
This unbreakable dog crate is made of durable and heavy-duty steel. The hammer spray finish is to give it a nice and smooth look since hammer spray paint isn’t very durable on its own and its practical use is, for the most part, purely esthetic.

Stackable Heavy Duty Cage

Crate Divider Use
The crate features a divider to house more than one pet or it can be useful if you’re going to use it as a training cage for dogs. It is also stackable and you can stack up to three crates on top of one another but you should be careful because there are some differences between the upper and lower crates.

Housing Two Dogs
It is primarily a crate for housing two dogs seeing as you have 2 access doors on one side of the crate and a top access door, you get two stainless steel bowls for feeding, and it has 2 pullout ABS plastic trays on the bottom for cleaning. For feeding, you’ll also get a special door for it.

Stackable Heavy Duty Cage

What Dogs Fit Inside
It’s made to fit inside 2 medium-sized dogs or one larger dog. The crate’s dimensions, when used without a divider, are 42.5-in in Length, 28-in in Width, and 26-in in height. to get the dimensions of each crate with the divider you simply have to half the length of the crate.

In Short:

  • Comes with a divider
  • Can house two dogs at once
  • Fit for use by 2 medium or 1 large dog
  • Comes with 2 stainless steel food bowls
  • Has doors for feeding

How To Pick An Unbreakable Dog Crate

What really makes these unbreakable dog crates is the material but that’s not the only important thing, You should also consider crates dimensions, the way they lock because you don’t want your dog exiting the crate if you don’t want him to so here are a few things to consider before buying and the reasons why.

Materials Typically Used – For a crate to be considered unbreakable, some materials like plastic or wire fall right off the wagon. The main focus for these types of crates is metal and steel that is more often than not corrosion and rustproof as well.

How The Crate Locks – For a crate to be unbreakable you also have to think about how it locks since dogs can be very clever and easily make their way out of the crate by unlocking it so getting a lock that has safety buckles and doesn’t unlock so easily should be considered.

Crate Dimensions – Since they are unbreakable you won’t have to worry about how much your dog weighs. The primary focus will always be the length and height to figure out if our dog fits inside and they will usually be marketed as crates for large dogs, medium dogs, and so on…

Unbreakable Dog Crate VS Kennel – You might confuse these types of crates as kennels seeing as they’re strong and durable, but these crates are too small to be considered kennels since kennels are made big and would easily fit inside and of the listed unbreakable crates.

To Sum Up

Unbreakable dog crates really live up to their name but of course, there’s always going to be some issues that will occur along the way and the one that might just avoid them all together long-term is the 4×4 North America MIM Safe VarioCage. The thing that says best why this crate is so indestructible is the fact that it went through crash tests and passed well with flying colors. If you still want a durable cage but you don’t need to go extreme look into XL wire dog crates and if that’s not your cup of tea and just want the crate to blend well with your home unlike these crates, read the post about XL wooden dog crates.

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