Best 5 Robot Vacuum For Cat Litter To Use In 2022 Reviews

Are you looking for the best robot vacuum for cat litter that can also clean your house with ease?

Put your worries to rest because we’ve found and reviewed the best ones to fit these two descriptions. They are robot vacuums that clean the house automatically and in a set time period without you having to engage in cleaning. You’ll find them categorized as cheap ones, best of best, and more.

The Summary

iRobot Roomba E5 (5150) Robot Vacuum SummaryiRobot Roomba E5 (5150) Robot Vacuum
It can be connected to activate it by voice using Alexa or Google assistant and it even has motion detectors to locate dirtier areas of the house.
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Pure Clean Robot Vacuum Cleaner SummaryPure Clean Robot Vacuum Cleaner
For the price you pay this vacuum offers a lot. It can clean edges, has a detector so that it doesn’t fall when near an edge and it even filters air.
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Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner SUmmaryCoredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner
This vacuum not only vacuums but can also mop the floor by additionally buying a water tank and a mop to do so.
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ILIFE A4s Pro Robot Vacuum SUmmaryILIFE A4s Pro Robot Vacuum
It boosts its suction power when on carpets and also when cleaning specific areas of the house to make dirtier areas of the house spotlessly clean.
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Neato Robotics D7 Laser Guided Robot Vacuum SummaryNeato Robotics D7 Laser Guided Robot Vacuum SummaryNeato Robotics D7 Robot Vacuum
This vacuum uses lasers to make sure that it doesn’t bump into furniture or fall off of edges and its D-shape makes edge cleaning efficient.
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5 Best Robot Vacuum For Cat Litter Reviews


iRobot Roomba E5 (5150) Robot Vacuum

Voice Activation And Smart Cleaning Schedules
An app that you can install on your phone will learn your cleaning schedules and offer personalized ones. As for how to activate the iRobot Roomba, you can connect it to Alexa or Google assistant to activated the robot vacuum for cat litter with just the sound of your voice.

iRobot Roomba E5 (5150) Robot Vacuum

The Use Of Smart Sensors
Multiple smart sensors will lead this best robot vacuum for cat litter through your house so that it doesn’t bump into the furniture and get stuck. Another sensor will take care of making sure that it doesn’t fall off the stair or other high surfaces and it also has a sensor to detect dirtier areas in your house to clean them with more detail. This will aid you in cleaning out dirty areas of mechanical litter boxes.

Adjustable To Different Cleaning Surfaces
The cleaning head will adjust to the surface its currently on by changing its height which will make it easy for it to clean carpets and floors. The corners that are tricky to get into will be cleaned with a sweeping brush and another thing to aid in cleaning more than just floors are the 2 different rubber brushes.

iRobot Roomba E5 (5150) Robot Vacuum Review

Cleaning Power And Recharging
As for power and how long before it has to be recharged, the cleaning will happen in 3 stages and with 5 times more suction power than the 600 series of Roomba robot vacuum products. It also has a filter that will get rid of pet allergens connected to hair and pollen. It will run for 90 minutes and recharge itself in the charging station when need be.

In Short:

  • It will clean for 90 minutes before charging itself in the charging station
  • Can be voice-activated with the help of google assistant or Alexa
  • An app will learn your cleaning habits and suggest cleaning times
  • Detects more dirty areas of the house and cleans them better
  • It will not fall down the stairs or other surfaces due to the cliff detecting sensor


Pure Clean Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Things Located On The Top
The single button that you will find located on this robot vacuum for cat litter is the way you will turn it on to clean but it’s multifunctional so it will also tell you how well the battery is so you can know when it needs charging. On top, you’ll also find the hidden dust container and filter below it.

Things Located On the Bottom
On the bottom of the vacuum, you will find 2 spinning brushes, wheels so that it can move around your house and a vent for suction. It is light, thin, and small in general since it has a diameter of 11-in, weighs 3.5 lbs, and 2.9in tall. Because of its size it’s best to use it with automatic litter boxes.

Pure Clean Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Charging And Using It
As for sensors, the best robot vacuum for cat litter only has ones that detect cliffs so it doesn’t fall and a sensor to avoid obstacles like furniture. It will require you to turn it on and off and charge it every more or less 50 minutes and charging time will last about 3 hours. The provided filter inside will purify air just like an air purifier for cat litter would and filter dust and the suction power is strong enough to not let pet hair and debris get stuck.

Pure Clean Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

Surfaces It Cleans
To clean the edges that are hard to reach, it will do so with the 2 spinning brushes. The surfaces it can clean are tiles, hardwood floors, and short carpets.

Accessories In the Box
With this vacuum, you will get some supplies to go with it. You will get 2 brushes for cleaning edges with 2 already provided so you get 4 in reality, a power adaptor for charging it, and a filter

In Short:

  • Has motion detectors that keep it from falling off high edges and to avoid furniture
  • Comes with 4 spinning brushes, a charger, and a filter
  • Cleans for approximately 50 minutes before having to be charged for 3 hours
  • Provided filter inside purifies air and filters dust
  • Brushes will clean edges that are hard to reach


Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner

2 Modes Of Cleaning
This robot vacuum for cat litter can clean in two different modes. You’ve got dry cleaning and wet cleaning which means that it cannot only vacuum floors but also mop them. This will do really well with cleaning litter coming from self sifting litter boxes. It will do so when you replace the dust bin with a water tank and by adding a cleaning mop to it. These two will have to be bought separately.

Switching Surfaces
To switch from surface one to surface two like from hardwood floors to a carpet it has 2 wheels for climbing that are large. You won’t need to worry about doing the witch yourself because it’s an automated process. The carpets it can clean can be of medium piles.

Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Sensor Cleaning
It doesn’t feature sensors that will map your house to clean it but you can stick some strips to your floor that will act as boundaries. It will detect them and limit it’s cleaning to the rooms you wish to clean. The sensors it does have are the ones that prevent it from falling off the stairs, for example, and that stops it from crashing into furniture and other obstacles.

Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

Long-Lasting And Multiple Cleaning Options
The best robot vacuum for cat litter has a strong battery life meaning it will work for up to 2 hours before going back on its own to charge itself on the charging station. It can clean specific spots of your house, edges, on max power, specific rooms using boundary strips that have to be bought separately, and even manual cleaning. You can adjust all these and more with a remote controller.

Things Included
The things you get with this robot vacuum for cat litter are 4 edge cleaning brushes, 1 head brush, an extra filter, a charging station and a power adapter for it, and a cleaning brush.

In Short:

  • Besides vacuuming it can mop the floor if a water container and mop are bought
  • Doesn’t feature smart sensors for mapping but can use boundary strips to do so
  • Boundary strips are not included
  • Can clean edges with brushes
  • Easily switches surfaces using climbing wheels
  • Can Run up to 2 hours before it automatically goes to a charging port


ILIFE A4s Pro Robot Vacuum

Boosted Suction Power
This robot vacuum has a suction force of 1500 pascals but it will rise to 2000 pascals when cleaning specific spots of your house. It will increase it automatically when more suction force is needed. This will also happen when it’s cleaning carpets. This is why it’s good for self-cleaning litter boxes for multiple cats since there will be a lot more of cat hair on the floors and carpets

ILIFE A4s Pro Robot Vacuum

Cleaning Modes For Different Situations
Different cleaning modes will allow this robot vacuum for cat litter to clean different types of messes. You can choose to run it in auto mode, edge mode, maximum suction power mode, and spot mode. You can even schedule cleaning times and all of this can be done using a remote control. With a little box, you can create a wall to make it clean only a specific room.

Things Found On The Bottom
On the bottom, you’ll find 2 brush types. The 2 side brushes will help in cleaning edges, while the main brush that has a V-shape has some rubber parts and is bristle will make cleaning brushes less of a hassle and less frequently and it will also make picking up debris more efficient.

ILIFE A4s Pro Robot Vacuum Review

Design, Battery Life, And Sensors
The sensors it features will prevent it from bumping into things like furniture and prevent it from falling off edges. It’s small and compact so it can fit small spaces and its battery will make it able to clean for up to 100 minutes before it goes back to its charging port.

In Short:

  • Boosts suction power when cleaning specific spots
  • Automatically goes to its charging port
  • Cleaning modes and scheduled cleaning can be set via remote control
  • Features sensors to stop it from bumping into furniture and falling off edges
  • The V-shaped brush makes cleaning it less frequent


Neato Robotics D7 Robot Vacuum

D-Shape Design
Its shape that resembles the letter D allows it to have a large cleaning brush which will make cleaning much more effective. Its shape will also help with cleaning edges without having to use special side brushes for it.

Lasers Instead of Sensors
Instead of using sensors, this vacuum uses lasers to see exactly what’s going on in front of it. This is to really makes sure that it avoids furniture and stops itself from falling edges of stairs and other edges alike.

Neato Robotics D7 Laser Guided Robot Vacuum

Cleaning Dirtier Areas
Since some parts of your home need more cleaning than others, this robot vacuum for cat litter will let you set specific areas to clean. You can choose to make it clean them whenever you want or regularly by setting a cleaning schedule through an app. It can be turned on through other smart services like your apple watch or even google home.

Neato Robotics D7 Laser Guided Robot Vacuum Review

App Powered Floor Mapping
Through the app, you can also set virtual zones so that it doesn’t clean those. You can set them around stuff like toys, clothes on the floor, or anything else that you might have laying around. With 2 story houses, you can map both floors and set zones to avoid on both floors.

Filter Material and Charging The Robot
The filter inside is made out of HEPA materials that can often be found in air purifiers. With clever mapping, your robot can return to finish cleaning where it stopped after up to 120 minutes of non-stop cleaning have passed and the vacuum went to recharge itself. You can easily use this vacuum for clean cat litter and hairs for self-cleaning litter boxes for large cats.

In Short:

  • Uses lasers instead of sensors to prevent furniture bumps and falling off edges
  • You can set virtual zones so that it doesn’t go there
  • You can map out the whole apartment and even different floor through the app
  • Can be turned on using different services like google home, apple watch
  • The filter is made from HEPA materials often used in air purifiers

How To Pick A Robot Vacuum For Cat Litter

For a vacuum to be a good robot vacuum for cat litter and hair it needs to have good technical specs. Besides that, they will usually be used for more than just cleaning out cat litter so making sure that specs like sensors, mapping, and many more functions to make it work properly and do well what they are made to do.

Suction Power – This is the most important feature to think about when buying the best robot vacuum for cat litter. The suction power should be around 1500 pascals. Other times it won’t be specifically set but it should say that it has stronger suction power specifically designed for pet hair and large debris.

Cleaning Specific Areas – To clean specific areas like places around cats’ litter boxes, some of the higher-end models will have either smart sensors to detect them or you will be able to set these areas through apps. Either way, this is an important feature that these vacuums should have for efficient cleaning

Transferring To Other Surfaces – The transition between surfaces should be seamless, especially between carpets and hardwood floors. this will usually be done with a set of large wheels underneath or by it automatically increasing its power to give it a boost. This is important because otherwise, the vacuum might get stuck transferring to other surfaces.

Battery Life – A thing to definitely consider is how long will the vacuum run without changing itself and how long will it take to charge before being capable to run again. The difference between these two times should be minimal. there’s no point in having the vacuum run for 50 minutes if its charge time is 3-4 hours.

To Sum Up

Given its price, the way it works for cleaning specific and dirtier areas of your house, and suction power the best robot vacuum for cat litter is 100% the iRobot Roomba E5 (5150) Robot Vacuum. Not only will it efficiently and effortlessly clean cat litter but it will do great in cleaning your entire house. If these filters that are featured in robot vacuums aren’t enough and you need more to purify the air and your living space, read this post about air purifiers for cat litter and if you’re still in the process of looking for a litter box read this post about easy cleaning litter boxes.

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