Best 6 Interactive Pet Cameras On The Market In 2021 Reviews

Looking to find the interactive pet camera for easier remote communication and entertainment with your pet?

Great! Keep on reading this post to find out more about the six models we have reviewed. Learn everything about the best of best, best wifi, cheap, or other interactive cameras for pets. See which interactive features they come with. Also, if you are still not sure which model is ideal for you and your pet, our buying guide is here to help. You will find it at the end of this article.


PetChatz HDX Interactive Pet Cam SummaryPetChatz HDX Two-Way Talk Pet Cam
One of the rare cameras for pets that feature two-way audio and video together. See your dog and let it see you too!
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PetcPlay 2 Pet Cam SummaryPetcube Play 2 Pet Cam
Connect the Petcube Play 2 camera to your 2.4G Hz wifi to ensure your pet is safe 24/7. It will help you get instant alerts too.
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DoogCool Smart Pet Camera SummaryDoogCool Smart Pet Camera
Check out why this smart DoogCool budget-friendly camera for pets has such a high number of satisfied users.
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Festnight Robot Pet Camera SummaryFestnight Robot Pet Camera
Use the Festnight robot to play with your pet and take care of it while you are away. Customize it through the app.
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CuteDigi Interactive Laser Cam SummaryCuteDigi Interactive Laser Cam
The CuteDigi camera will make your indoor pet stay active even when it is home alone and you are not able to play with it until later.
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Skymee Owl Robot SummarySkymee Owl Robot Treat Toss
Don’t leave your pet hungry. Toss it a treat remotely and make it catch the treat. Use the app to entertain your pet while you are away.
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6 Best Interactive Pet Camera


PetChatz HDX Two-Way Talk Pet Cam

PetChatz Product Overview
The PetChatz camera is a great interactive dog camera for remote interaction with your pet. It comes with a small camera for your pet to see you and FHD image resolution. Connect the device to your wifi and operate it with the free app. Use all of the features remotely.

PetChatz HDX Interactive Pet Cam

The Remote Interaction
Every pet owner knows that good communication between the pet and the owner is important. This device allows you to remotely interact with your pet when you are not at home. It is different from other models because apart from you seeing your pet from your app, your pet will get to see you too.

Safe Design
You will agree that our pets are like our babies. We must be careful and take care of them constantly. This is why we felt the need to review the PetChatzs design. It is small, can be wall-mounted, and it has no sharp edges or corners. Also, there are no cords, so your pet won’t be able to chew on them.

PetChatz HDX Interactive Pet Cam Review

More Interactive Functions
This great pet interactive camera has a small treat dispenser. Toss your pet its favorite snack. Also, there are a few brain games included. There is the optional DOGTV streaming to entertain your pets while you are away.

In Short:

  • one of the best interactive pet cameras on the market
  • made of high-quality materials
  • safe design
  • no cords
  • treat-tossing dispenser
  • brain games included
  • DOGTV entertainment


Petcube Play 2 Pet Cam

Connect It To Your Wifi
The Petcube 1080p camera will easily connect to your 2.4G Hz wifi and function 24/7. As long as your camera is connected, you will be able to check on your pet through a live video streaming, day or night. The camera comes with a 3x zoom and a 138° wide-angle view.

Petcube Play 2 Pet Cam

How To Use
You will use this interactive pet camera through the app. First, you will plug it in and connect it to your wifi. Then, you will download the app to your Android or iOS and pair the camera with the app. Simply follow the instructions and you will get to use this cam in no time.

The Interactive Features
The app allows you to operate the wifi dog camera. Interact with your pet remotely. Call it, talk to it, and get to hear it meow or bark you back. Then, there is the Alexa voice assistant feature too that you can send voice commands to. There is a laser game included that both your dog and your cat will love.

Petcube Play 2 Pet Cam Review

Why Get This Device?
If you are away often and need to leave your pet alone at home, this device is here to help. You can simply check on it from time to time to see if everything is fine. This is an incredibly useful device for people whose pet has health problems or for the first-time pet owners. If you have a baby pet at home, you will love also love this pet camera.

In Short:

  • great for first-time pet owners
  • ideal for baby pet owners
  • comes with a high-quality camera
  • operate it through the app
  • interact with your pet remotely
  • let it play a laser game
  • optional Alexa voice-assistant


DoogCool Smart Pet Camera

DoogCool Laser Pet Cam
This great camera for your pet comes with standard features and interactive games. It is a long-lasting unit that won’t get broken if your pet accidentally knocks it over while playing. Let your pet feel entertained and less lonely when you are not there.

DoogCool Smart Pet Camera Review

The Interactive Games
First of all, this is a laser-game camera-toy. It is a great game for your pet. Your cats and dogs will simply love this laser game and it will help them pass time. Additionally, there are bells and whistles included too. Try it and you won’t be sorry!

The High-Quality Camera
This dog and cat camera with laser comes with a 1080p full HD camera. Its high image resolution and the 360° panoramic view will make you feel safe all the time It comes with the 155° tilt and a 120° wide-angle. There is the night vision mode too so your pet will be safe at all times.

DoogCool Smart Pet Camera

Warning Tips
Mount this interactive pet camera laser-toy above the level of your pet’s eyes. It may harm its sight if it gets pointed to the eyes. Make sure your pets don’t play too much with the laser. Avoid mounting or placing this camera next to the heaters. Use only indoor.

In Short:

  • durable device that doesn’t break
  • bells, whistles, and laser game included
  • camera provides with a clear vision
  • ideal to use for entertaining your pets when you are away
  • night vision mode
  • affordable price


Festnight Robot Pet Camera

About Festinight Interactive Pet Camera
This great two-way pet camera is a robot to interact with your pets and entertain them, and a camera to check on them at the same time. It connects to your wifi and you can use the app to check on your pet in real-time. You will get all the important information about your pet and your home.

Festnight Robot Pet Camera Review

Festnight Functions
The robot can go forward and backward. It can turn left or right. It can turn trimming. It has a gravity sense mode. It features the 720p high-quality camera with a 360-degree camera angle. It will help you feel safer about your favorite fur friend.

Store The Media
You will probably notice how your pet makes fun movements and it will be interesting for you to capture some moments. You can easily take pictures and make short video clips. They will automatically save into your app’s album.

Festnight Robot Pet Camera

Last Details
The gravity sensing works in a way that when you wave your smartphone, the robot will move in the same direction. The robot comes with laugh sounds that can be changed in the app’s settings. The user manual comes included to teach you how to use this device properly.

In Short:

  • entertain your pet while you are away
  • let it play with a robot
  • the robot features different laughing sounds
  • use the app to operate the robot
  • snap pictures or record vides
  • store the media in the app’s album


CuteDigi Interactive Laser Cam

Two-Way Audio Interaction
Connect this CuteDigi interactive pet camera to your wifi and download the app. Whenever you need to leave your pet home alone, you will be able to call it and train it to respond. You can tell it hello or the words of love. Also, you can use this device during the night if you need to check on your baby pet.

CuteDigi Interactive Laser Cam

Use The App
The app will help you operate this camera laser-toy. You will pair it with your indoor pet camera and get live stream the videos from your home. Call your pet, talk to it, snap pictures, record videos. Store the data and share it with your other family members.

The Laser Game
Tease your pet and let it stay active. Make it entertain while you are away. Use the laser game to make their day more fun while you away. Just make sure the laser doesn’t point your pet’s eyes, so install this camera for pets below their eye level.

CuteDigi Interactive Laser Cam Review

Get Alerted Instantly
This camera comes with a sensor that will detect unusual motions. Thanks to the fact that the camera is connected to the wifi, you will get alerted via the app if something strange happens in your home. Enter the app and check the recorded video to control if everything is fine at home.

In Short:

  • download the free app
  • use ti for operating the camera
  • check on your pet at any time and from anywhere
  • let your pet play a laser game
  • get alerted if the sensor detects a strange motion


Skymee Owl Robot Treat Toss

3 In 1 
The Skymee owl interactive pet camera and robot is three things at the same time – a clear vision camera, an interactive two-way audio toy, and a treat-tossing dispenser. If your pet likes such devices and it is not afraid of them, read on and find out more.

Skymee Owl Robot

The Camera’s Features
This Skymee robot includes a 1080p full HD camera. It comes with a 4x zomes and a clear night vision mode to check on your pet even in the dark. The high-quality images and videos will make you feel safe 24/7. Should something unusual happen, the camera will track it and alert you.

Toss Your Pet A Treat
Reward your pet with a delicious snack. Fill the wifi treat dispenser with its favorite dry snacks. The robot will lure your pet and it will curiously get close to it and let it stay active while it waits for the treat. Make your pet happy and entertained even when you are away.

Skymee Owl Robot Review

Last Few Characteristics
The two-way audio will make your pet hear your voice of comfort if you notice it is sad, lonely, or anxious. The robot comes with the PIR detection and TF recording. It will monitor your home all day and night and you will be able to enter the video history to check if everything was fine at home.

In Short:

  • 3 in 1 camera-robot
  • comes with interactive games
  • features a 2-way audio
  • can toss a treat to your pet
  • PIR detection to make you feel safe
  • operate it with the app

How To Pick: Interactive Pet Camera

Sometimes we don’t have enough time to spend with our pets. We must leave them home alone too. Every good pet owner knows how important it is for your dog or cat to know you are there for them. This means interaction, petting, cuddling, and playing games. Don’t let a device do all the job. But, let it help you and make you feel safe while you are away. Check out the camera features, interactive games, and other important functions such a device should come with.

Clear Camera Vision – Stay safe 24/7 and let the camera track your pet’s motions and keep your home safe. A good image resolution camera will provide a clear day and night vision. This means that you will get to notice how your pet is feeling and call it on the camera if you feel the need.

Two-Way Audio – A good device comes with a built-in speaker and microphone. Some devices include a small display too that show allows your pet to see you too. Communicate with your cat or dog and make it feel safe and less lonely.

Interactive Games – Apart from interacting with your pet by calling it and saying it hello, you can play a game with it remotely. Check out which games your favorite device comes with. Does your pet prefer the laser games, brain games, or bells and whistles?

Treat-Tossing And Food Dispenser – This feature is one of the favorite ones both for the owner and for the pet. If you are often away, your pet might feel hungry. Toss it a treat remotely and make it happier. You will also feel better knowing that your fur friend feels fine.

Extra Feature – There are some extra features that you might want to consider. For example, would you like to have the option of using a voice assistant? Maybe you would feel safe knowing that there is a motion detector included within the device. Also, you might want to get a device that is safe and comes with no cord or sharp angles.

To Sum Up

To conclude, we would like to mention the device we find the best. It is the PetChatz HDX Interactive Pet Cam. We like it because the pet can see you, and you can it too. It also includes great additional features. If you want to see more interesting models, don’t miss our post about the home cameras for pets. Also, a good wireless pet camera will do the job too.

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