Top 10 Cat Jungle Gym For Your Pet To Play & Have Fun Reviews

Have you decided that it’s time for your cat to exercise more and thought a way to do it would be to get a cat jungle gym?

You can keep on reading this article then since we only reviewed the ones matching this description in it. Apart from making sure to review the best, we also made sure to review different products in different categories so anyone can find a model suitable for them. Some of the categories we reviewed them in are wall, ceiling, outdoor and that’s just the start.

The Summary

BEST OF BEST CAT JUNGLE GYM WALL summaryTinton Life Wall Cat Jungle
The pinewood construction makes it durable while the wall mounting makes it space-saving. It even features a sisal rope scratch post.
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CatastrophiCreationsCatastrophiCreations Cat Activity Center
The mountable wall frames are made with sustainable bamboo wood. The walk areas are fabric, removable, washable, and can hold up to 120 lbs.
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Kitty City Cat Furniture Tree SummaryKitty City Modular Jungle Gym
The whole thing is plastic while things like the bed, condos, and hammocks are made with weather-resistant fabric materials.
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Co-Z Climbing Cat Tree SummaryCo-z 4 In 1 Cat Tower House
It features plenty of closed-off spaces that your cat is able to climb through the PVC frame or scratch at using the sisal rope post.
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Go Pet Club Huge Cat Jungle Gym SUmmaryGo Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture Gym
The top of this 71-in tall cat tree is wonderful since it features an arched ladder top and on top of it a tubular condo.
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Go Pet Club Tunnel Hammock Cat Tower SummaryGo Pet Club 62 Inch Cat Tree
There’s plenty of space for your cat to play here and you can even place it close to corners to make it look better indoors.
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BEST JUNGLE GYM CAT CONDO WITH HAMMOCK summaryCozyCatFurniture Large Cat Tower
There are 2 condos on this gym placed on varying heights so that both a kitten and a large adult cat can access them.
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Kitty City Collapsible Cat Jungle SummaryKitty City Jungle Cat Cub
You can easily collapse the whole thing to store it when you’re not using these 2 condos and a jungle tube cat gym.
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Trixie Malaga Cat Playground SummaryTrixie Pet Products Stairs Tree Gym
The 2 flights of stairs feature 3 ladders that are fully wrapped with sisal rope. To top it all off, it has 5 sisal rope-wrapped posts.
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Go Pet Club Huge Cat TreeGo Pet Club Cat Play Tree
The three tall posts feature lounge areas at their very top so your cat can have the best sit in the house as an observatory.
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Best 10 Cat Gyms


Tinton Life Wall Cat Jungle

Pine Build
The gym is fully made out of pinewood and features a natural pinewood color as well. The things you’ll get upon buying the product are a cat house, 2 shelves, 4 ladders, and even a scratching post. The house is 15.75-in long and every piece can hold around 50 lbs which makes it suitable for large cats.

TinTon Large Fun Cat Wall Playground

Posts And Mounting
The scratch post is covered with sisal hemp rope and you will have to drill holes in your walls to mount it. If you’d prefer to stay away from making holes in your walls. you can read the cat jungle gym wall article for other models with different assembly processes.

In Short:

  • Made with pinewood
  • Mounts to wall using screws
  • Has 2 shelves, 4 ladders, and a scratch post
  • The cat house is 15.75-in long
  • Each piece can hold up to 50 lbs of weight


CatastrophiCreations Cat Activity Center

Mounting Pieces
The pieces that mount to the walls of this gym are made with bamboo wood which is a sustainable material. If you’re not exactly a handyman, apart from written assembly instructions, you’ll get video instructions as well. In case you want to be sure you’re getting the best cat jungle gym wall, read the linked article below for more.

CatastrophiCreations Wall Cat Tree Review

Hammock Floors
The bamboo wood frames hold 11-in wide fabric hammocks. They’re removable, washable, and can hold up to 120 lbs which is more than enough for cats. It also features a sisal rope post that holds up to 65 lbs. Overall, it’s 56-in long, and 69-in tall.

In Short:

  • The mountable frames are made with bamboo wood
  • Features assembly video and text instructions
  • Cats will walk on fabric hammocks
  • The hammocks are removable and washable
  • Hammocks can hold up to 120 lbs
  • The sisal rope post holds up to 65 lbs
  • Overall, it’s 56-in long, 69-in tall, and 11-in wide


Kitty City Modular Jungle Gym

Expandable Frames
Although you’ll have to assemble it on your own. Due to the multiple box frames that connect with 4-way connectors, you can assemble this gym however you want and can even expand on it. Some of the frame sides are thicker and feature sisal rope, it comes with scratchboards, a deep bed, 2 condos, and plenty of cat hammocks.

Kitty City Cat Furniture Tree

Other Extras
For cat enrichment, it even features hanging jingle balls that provide visual and audio stimulation as well. It’s hard to say just how big it is but each box frame is 17.75-in long, wide, and 17.25-in tall. If you’d prefer a closed outdoor cat jungle gym, you can read the weatherproof cat tree article next.

In Short:

  • Features multiple box frames
  • Comes with 4-way connectors
  • You can expand it and DIY assemble it
  • Each box fame is 17.75-in wide, long, and 17.25-in tall
  • Comes with hammocks, cat condos, a bed, and sisal rope posts
  • Features more than a few jingle hanging balls


Co-z 4 In 1 Cat Tower House

PVC Frame
The tube frame of this product is made with PVC plastic. The covered areas like the condos and hammock are all made with oxford cloth that attaches to the said PVC frame. The frame tubes come together with ABC plastic connectors and there’s even a post wrapped with sisal rope on one of the tubes.

Co-Z Climbing Cat Tree

Weight And Weight Capacity
There’s plenty of ventilation holes and entrances to the closed-off areas of this 5.4 lbs gym. The PVC frames can hold up to 17.6 lbs so even though this makes it suitable for larger cats, we’d recommend it for kittens due to its small size. If you trust plastic as a material and want your cat climbing gym to be made with it, check out other reviewed products in the plastic cat tree article.

In Short:

  • Has a PVC tube frame
  • Features ABC connectors
  • Has 2 condos and a hammock made with oxford cloth
  • Weighs 5.4 lbs
  • The frames can hold up to 17.6 lbs
  • Comes with a sisal rope wrapped post


Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture Gym

Top Details
There’s something different about this tree and it’s most likely its arched top that is actually stairs and sitting on top of it is a tubular cat condo. Hanging from it you’ll find a hammock and it features 2 platforms on the left and right sides as well. If you’d prefer cat gyms for large cats in different designs, you can read the forest jungle cat gym article for more.

Go Pet Club Huge Cat Jungle Gym

Frame And Other Contents
It’s made with a wooden frame, features 4 sisal rope wrapped posts, the ladder is wrapped with it as well though. It has another condo, a 2nd level, and 2 more platforms. The posts are wrapped with fake liana leaves and it’s fully carpeted brown and black. It’s 38-in long, 19.25-in wide, and 71-in tall.

In Short:

  • Made with durable wood
  • Has an arched ladder top and condo on top of it
  • Its ladder and 4 posts are sisal rope wrapped
  • It’s 38-in long, 19.25-in wide, and 71-in tall
  • Has 2 condos, a hammock, and 4 platforms
  • The posts are wrapped with decorative liana leaves


Go Pet Club 62 Inch Cat Tree

Rest And Play Areas
Rest areas are usta s important as play areas and with this gym, you’ll get plenty of both. It features a condo, a tubular rest, a top platform lounge area, and 2 hammocks. As play features, it has 2 sisal rope posts, a sisal rope ladder, and 2 huge platforms.

Go Pet Club Multi-Cat Cat Tree Review

Gym Proportions
It even comes with a hanging rope toy and overall, it’s 27-in long, 38-in wide, and 62-in tall. The frame is made with engineered wood and it’s carpeted with soft plush. In case you want to check out other options for your indoor cat gym, you read the indoor cat playground article next.

In Short:

  • HAs plenty of rest and play areas
  • Features a condo, 2 hammocks, and lounge platform
  • Comes with a tubular platform
  • It’s made with engineered wood and plush carpeted
  • It’s 27-in long, 38-in wide, and 62-in tall
  • Comes with 2 sisal rope posts and a ladder


CozyCatFurniture Large Cat Tower

Dark Brown Carpets
Only a few of its details are carpeted with black soft plush while the rest is dark brown. This adds to the jungle gym feel of the tree and what also helps are the artificial lianas wrapped around some of its posts covered with brown sisal rope as well. It can be used by multiple cats.

CozyCat Furniture XL Forest Tree

Gym Features
It features a large and a small condo, 2 hammocks, lounge platforms, and more climbing platforms than we can count. The 46-in long and 25-in wide base can truly give you an idea of how big this 78-in tall tree is. If you want to downsize a bit, read the unusual cat trees article for more.

In Short:

  • HAs a 46-in long and 25-in wide base
  • HAs 2 condos, hammocks, and lounge platforms
  • Features multiple sisal rope posts
  • It’s carpeted with brown and black soft plush
  • It’s 78-in tall
  • It features a ladder and other climb platforms


Kitty City Jungle Cat Cube

Gym Build
Cats love crawling into small and tight spaces, it’s a well-known fact and this, 2 cubes and one tunnel gym will please their need for that to the fullest. The cubes are condos connected with a tunnel. The cubes feature 3 entrances and you’ll get one fleece pad for the inside.

Kitty City Collapsible Cat Jungle Review

Gym Storage
It’s fully collapsible and will collapse in case your cat climbs on it but it’s still safe since it’s fairly low. You can make sure you get the best product for the best possible price if you read the indoor cat playground article where you’ll find more detailed reviews of plenty of models.

In Short:

  • Features 2 cube condos and a tunnel
  • The cubes have 3 entrances
  • Comes with a fleece pad
  • It’s fully collapsible for storage
  • Not meant for cats to climb it


Trixie Pet Products Stairs Tree Gym

Ladder Location And Use
There are 2 sets of stairs each featuring 3 ladders wrapped with sisal rope. The bottom one is used to access one of the 2 condos while the second one is used to access the highest point platform. Overall, it’s 43-in tall, 28-in wide, and 18-in long.

Trixie Malaga Cat Playground

Posts, Condos, And Other Things
It’s fully wrapped with black soft plush fabric and in between the condos, you’ll find a hammock. Each condo has 2 entrances and sits on 2 sisal rope posts. One has a sisal rope-wrapped post rising from it as well. You can make sure that you’re getting the best one for you by reading the indoor cat playground article next.

In Short:

  • Has 2, 2 entrance hole condos
  • Carpeted with black soft plush
  • Has 2 sisal rope wrapped stairs
  • Features 5 sisal rope wrapped posts
  • It’s 43-in tall, 28-in wide, and 18-in long


Go Pet Club Cat Play Tree

Gym Design
Apart from being a jungle gym due to its contents, it’s also a jungle gym because it looks like one. The faux fur carpets are mainly dark brown, resembling earth colors and the posts are wrapped with faux liana leaves. In case you want to check out how other huge cat jungle gyms stand out visually, you can read the forest jungle cat tree article next.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree

Gym Carpet
There are three posts in total, all are partially covered with sisal and partially with faux fur. It features a condo near the bottom, 4 platforms, and 3 lounging platforms at the very top. Its frame is made with compressed wood and it’s 42-in wide, 34-in long, and 67-in tall.

In Short:

  • Has a compressed wood frame
  • It’s colored brown and black
  • Features faux fur carpets
  • Has 3 sisal rope posts, decorated with faux liana leaves
  • It’s 42-in wide, 34-in long, and 67-in tall
  • Has 4 platforms, 3 lounge platforms, and one condo

How To Pick A Cat Jungle Gym

To truly get the best cat gym, we decided it was best to familiarize you with all the equipment that a jungle gym usually has so that you can decide on one. Apart from that, we’ll discuss how to easily recognize one, why they’re important, and many other things all in this buying guide that will, in the end, help you pick the best one.

Exercise Importance – We all know that cats need exercise but there’s one specific cat type that probably needs it the most. These cats are indoor housed ones. Sometimes, depending on where you live, you won’t get to let your cat out of the house to run around outdoors. Besides, some owners tend to avoid it for personal reasons so a cat gym is always a good option in those cases.

Tree Buying Benefits – If you have a cat that perhaps likes to scratch at furniture and destroy it as a consequence, you’ll fully enjoy the benefits of a cat gym. This is especially true if the gym features sisal rope posts. It’s a natural material any cat will love scratching at to wear down their claws.

Getting Cats Acostumed To Trees – It’s unrealistic to think that your cat will start using the gym right when you first buy it. You want your cat to associate the tree with something great and familiar so two ways to go around that is to offer the cat treats placed on the various levels of the gym or perhaps to get a toy that they particularly like and place it on the gym as well.

Rest Importance – Rest is just as important as exercise is and since cats spend most of their days resting it’s always good to provide them with a bed or a lounge area. A hammock will work as well while a condo is made to serve as your cat’s safe hideaway for whatever reason.

Exercise Areas – The first thing you want to make sure the tree has is sisal rope posts. Some cat gyms don’t have them but they’re easy to install DIY. Most have them though so it’s nothing to worry about. Make sure that there are plenty of platforms your cat can climb on and it’s always good to make sure they have some toys like hanging ball toys, rope toys, etc.

Why Do Cats Like Gyms – Your cat will love its gym especially if it’s a tall narrow cat tree since that gives them the opportunity to check out their surroundings at the tallest point in the house. A good placement for these gyms would be close to corners that overlook the whole room and near windows.

To Sum Up

It’s easy to pick out a cat gym if you know your cat by heart. Make sure you take your time to familiarize your cat with it and to place it in a place where your cat will have the best view and you’ll get the most out of any gym you choose. If you’d prefer to stick to cat trees of different heights, read the tall cat tower article or the small cat tree article. If you’d prefer to check out all models and types included, you can read the cat tree article.

Portia has a Bachelor’s degree in Management and experience in freelance writing. She’s an animal enthusiast who volunteered in an animal shelter where she has gained the knowledge and experience she uses while writing educational articles and reviewing pet products. After 6 years of work in management, she has joined the Petovly team and became an experienced writer. Spending about 50 hours per week on researching and discovering, she is always up to date with pet trends.