Best 10 Tall Cat Tower & Tree Practical For Climbing Reviews

Looking to save some space in your home but still want to give your cat a large tree to play with so you thought you’d get a tall cat tower?

You’re in the right place and all you need to do from this point is continue reading this article and relax since you’ll be reading about more than a few models. Each product we reviewed is different from the other so at least can suit your style. Some of the trees we reviewed are simple, for large cats, fitting for small spaces, and there are plenty of others we haven’t mentioned.

The Summary

SmartCat Wall Door Cat Tree Climber SummarySmartCat Multi-Level Cat Climber
The tower fits on any standard door and can be adjusted with a spring-loaded bracket at the top or bottom. As it is, it’s 82-in tall.
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Cat Craft Floor-To-Ceiling Cheap Cat Tower SummaryCat Craft Three Tier Tree
The tension rod at the top is what makes it stable since it’s supposed to go from the bottom to the top of a ceiling. It has an adjustable height.
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Furhaven Spiral Tower For Cats SummaryFurhaven Tiger Tough Tree
Its height is not the only thing that makes it look elegant. The careful alignment of each platform and post makes it look breathtaking.
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Made4Pets Cat Tree summaryMade4Pets Cat Tree Tower
The condo is fully wooden and has an entrance hole shaped like a cat head so apart from being functional, it’s also cute.
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Aivituvin Weatherproof Cat Tower SummaryAivituvin Outdoor Cat House
The firwood build is reason enough for outdoor use but what also helps is the slanted asphalt roof. You can move it indoors with wheels.
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Go Pet Club Tall Tree For Cats SummaryGo Pet Club 72″ Cat Tree
The condo of this tree has multiple entrances which means that apart from large cats, multiple cats can use it as well.
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There are two types of hammocks on this model: one hangs and can act like a seesaw while the other one has a firm outer frame.
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The corner placement allows you to save space and make it blend better in your home. What also helps with that is its natural cream color.
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S-Lifeeling Climbing Multi-Level Tree SummaryS-Lifeeling Cat Climbing Tower
The tower is 90-in tall but can be up to 112-in tall to fit any ceiling of any home. It’s fully covered with faux fur material and features sisal rope as well.
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Petmaker Cat Play TowerPetmaker Cat Play Tower
At the very top of this tower, you’ll find 2 large beds so more than one cat can get a good view of its surroundings.
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Best 10 Tall Cat Trees


SmartCat Multi-Level Cat Climber

Tree Placement
Since it’s tall, it’s naturally going to save you space but it’s also going to blend well into homes since you can place it on any standard door. It’s 82-in tall and at the top and bottom, it features spring-loaded brackets so you can adjust it to your doors’ height.

SmartCat Wall Door Cat Tree Climber Review

Backwall And Contents
The back wall is placed on the door and it contains shelves that let your cat climb it. This back wall also features a sisal rope front so your cat can scratch at it. It’s made from wood and has 4 platforms in total. For more genius space savers, read the tall narrow cat tree article.

In Short:

  • Made to be attached to doors
  • Has a top and bottom spring-loaded bracket for height adjustment
  • Overall, it’s 82-in tall
  • Made from durable wood
  • The back wall has a sisal rope front
  • Features 4 shelves


Cat Craft Three Tier Tree

Shelves And Base
The three shelves are placed around a rounded post that sits on a square-shaped baseboard. The post is covered with a material that cats can scratch at while the platforms are coated with a soft fabric. At the very top, you’ll find a tension rod for reasons we’ll explain later on.

Cat Craft Floor-To-Ceiling Cheap Cat Tower Review

Top Rod
The rod is what makes it stable since it allows it to extend fully to the roof. The starting height is 7.5 ft but it can go as high as 9 ft. Each platform is 17-in long and around 11-in wide. If you love this simple tall cat tree, you’ll love others reviewed in the simple cat tree article.

In Short:

  • Has 3 shelves placed on a rounded post
  • The post sits on a square baseboard
  • Covered with sisal rope
  • The shelves are covered with soft fabric
  • Has a tension rod
  • The starting height is 7.5 ft but can go up to 9 ft
  • Each shelf is around 17-in long and 11-in wide


Furhaven Tiger Tough Tree

Base And Height
This tree is equipped with enough things to prevent your cat from getting bored but it’s not overcrowded so it does look elegant, ON the baseboard, you’ll find 5 posts of varying heights, a hole box, 3 platforms, and the 4th platform acts as a resting area. Overall, it’s 49.5-in tall, 26-in long, and 19-in wide

Furhaven Spiral Tower For Cats Review

Materials Used
It’s made with a composite wooden board and covered with plush material. It does also feature sisal rope so that your cat can scratch away at some of the posts. It’s made for smaller cats so in case you need a tall cat bed for your big cat, you can find them in the multi-level tree for multiple cats article.

In Short:

  • It’s 49.5-in tall, 26-in long, and 19-in wide
  • Doesn’t look overcrowded
  • HAs 6 posts, some covered with sisal rope
  • Made with composite particleboard and covered with plush
  • Features a play interaction box
  • Has 4 platforms, one is a rest area


Made4Pets Cat Tree Tower

Tree Build
The tree is made using a few materials that make it look exquisite all together. It’s made using CARB-certified boards, plush fabric, and sisal rope. The baseboard, shelves, and the cat condo are completely wooden while the 6 posts are covered with sisal rope.

Made4Pets Cat Tree review

Features Of The Tree
It features a hanging rope toy, a plus hammock, plush carpets, and a hanging ball toy. In the back, you’ll find a safety strap that allows you to hook it to a wall to make it more stable. The tall cat condo is found on the lower levels of this 66-in tall skinny cat tree so make sure you check out others for other models.

In Short:

  • Made using CARB-certified boards
  • Features a plush hammock and carpets
  • Has 6 posts covered with sisal rope
  • The cat condo is all wooden
  • It’s 66-in tall
  • Comes with a hanging rope and ball toy
  • Can be secured to a wall


Aivituvin Outdoor Cat House

Outdoor Wood Choice
Firwood is a great wood for outdoor use since it can go back to its original shape when exposed to moisture. The top of this tall cat house is slanted and covered with an asphalt roof so that it’s protected from different weather conditions and water build-up. If you want to make sure you get the best possible one, we suggest you read the weatherproof cat tree article next.

Aivituvin Weatherproof Cat Tower Review

Sides And Doors
It’s covered with wire sides and features two large, mainly wire entrances in the front. These doors also feature a smaller built-in entrance. The top of this house features a cat condo, there are shelves and the whole tree sits on wheels so you can move it indoors if you’d like. It’s 31.5-in long, 31.5-in wide, and 70.9-in tall.

In Short:

  • Made with firwood and wire
  • Has a slanted asphalt rooftop
  • Sits on 4 wheels
  • The 2 large front entrances feature built-in smaller entrances
  • It’s 31.5-in long, equally wide, and 70.9-in tall
  • Features a cat condo at the top


Go Pet Club 72″ Cat Tree

Height And Perches
Apart from being amazingly tall with its 72-in in height, it’s also filled with a lot of cat fun content. It has four posts partially covered with sisal rope, 2 additional levels, and 3 perches sitting on top of the posts. It even comes with a condo that has 2 entrance holes.

Go Pet Club 63 Cat Tree

Material Used
It’s made with compressed wood and that includes the stand and it’s fully covered with faux fur carpets. It features 2 ladders and a mouse toy as well. The bottom of the tree is 18-in wide and 12.5-in long. If you’d like to stay away from carpet-covered products, read about others in the tall cat tree for large cats article.

In Short:

  • Covered fully with faux fur carpets
  • Made with compressed wood
  • It’s 72-int all
  • Features a cat condo with 2 entrance holes
  • Has 3 perches, 2 ladders, and 4 sisal rope covered posts
  • Comes with a mouse toy
  • The base is 18-in wide, and 12.5-in long


BestPet Medium Cat Tree

Materials Featured
There are three materials on this tower that are worth mentioning since they take up most of its build. These materials are engineered wood used for the base and frame, sisal rope found on teach of the 4 posts, and faux fur that’s used as a carpet to cover the whole thing.


Total Dimensions
In total, it’s 71.65-in tall, 23.62-in wide, and 21.65-in long so it’s not only tall but big. The hammock is located in the middle and to the side but it also comes with a tubular rest area, a condo, ladder, and an additional hanging hammock that your cat can swing in. If you’d prefer a different type of tall cat tree with a hammock, you can read the cat condo with hammock article for more.

In Short:

  • Can be mounted on a wall
  • It’s 11-in wide, 52-in long, 45-in tall
  • Comes with mounting instructions
  • The wooden frame is made with bamboo wood
  • Features fabric hammocks that are hemmed
  • The hammocks can be washed


Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo

Tree Placement
Although it’s 47-in tall, it’s still considered a tall tree with plenty of extras and features. Apart from being a space saves in the height department, it’s also a space save since you can place it in corners. This is due to the rounded front and a back that has a 90-degree angle corner. You can learn more about this tall corner cat tree and others in the cat condo house article.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo House

Wood And Carpet
It’s made with compressed wood so it’s stable and cats can easily climb it and grip it since it’s covered with faux fur. It features 3 posts partially covered with sisal rope and a ladder that’s also partially covered with it. it has one large cat condo, a top bed, perch, and a 2nd level platform. It also includes a hanging rope and mouse toy.

In Short:

  • it’s 47-in tall
  • Has a rounded front and 90 degrees back base and shape
  • Made with compressed wood
  • it’s covered with faux fur and sisal rope
  • Has 3 posts, a condo, bed, ladder, and a perch
  • it’s 32-in long and 25-in wide
  • Features a hanging rope and mouse toy


S-Lifeeling Cat Climbing Tower

Base And Height
The base of this product is probably the widest thing on it and it serves to keep it stable. It’s 10.6-in wide and 17-in long. It’s 113-in tall and is made to go from the bottom to the ceiling. If your ceiling is lower, it has a spring bracket that helps it adjust to varying ceiling heights. It can go as low as 90-in.

S-Lifeeling Climbing Multi-Level Tree Review

Material Coverage
It’s fully covered with carpets but you can DIY the post and put sisal rope on it if you wish to. It has 3 levels and each level is 21.6-in long so a big cat can use it as well. For more tall narrow cat trees, be sure to read the extra tall cat tree article next.

In Short:

  • The base is 10.6-in wide and 17-in long
  • It’s 113-in tall
  • Made to go from the bottom to the ceiling
  • The height can be adjusted ad can go as low as 90-in
  • Fully covered with carpets
  • Has 3 levels, each is 21.6-in long


Petmaker Cat Play Tower

Materials Coverage
Since it’s 6ft tall or 71.5-in tall, it’s easy to conclude that it’s a tower made for adult cats. Its base is made with durable wood but it’s fully carpeted so your cat can grip it and climb it with no problems. The carpet is a plush material and it also has 9 posts that feature sisal rope.

Petmaker Cat Tree

Additions And Other Dimensions
The very top of 2 sisal posts feature a bed each and on the 3rd level, you’ll find a cat condo. It’s colored ivory and its base makes it 23.5-in wide. It also comes with a play rope but if you’d like your 6-foot tall cat tower to have even more extras, read the 6ft cat tree article next.

In Short:

  • It’s 71.5-in tall and has a 23.5-in wide base
  • Fully made with durable wood
  • Covered with ivory-colored plush carpet
  • Has 9 sisal rope posts
  • Features a cat condo and a play rope
  • Has 2 cat beds positioned at the very top

How To Pick A Tall Cat Tower

To pick out the best tall cat tower, there are a few things to reconsider and investigate further. The things that will determine your tower’s height will be your cat’s age, size, and there are plenty of other things to think about that aren’t even related to tower height. We’ll discuss everything that needs to be discussed in this simple buying guide.

What Is Tall And What’s Not – If your cat loves climbing on sofas, kitchen counters, and other high areas, you might consider getting one. The tree or tower should be taller than both which comes at around 45 inches at the very least. You can go taller than that but that will be determined by your cat’s age.

Why Cats Love High Areas – A high point where your cat is going to rest gives them the advantage to have a better view of their surroundings. They’re territorial animals so it’s only logical that they’ll want the best place in the house to check out what’s going on.

Tree Height Recommendation According To Age – If you have a kitten at home and want to get a tall tree for it, we advise you not to go over two ft at least until the cat is fully grown. Since they are expensive, this is not going to be an option all the time but there are some affordable cat trees out there that will ease the transition money-wise.

Tower Stability – If you’re worried about the tower’s stability, you don’t have to be. Many grounded towers can be attached to a wall from the back to become stable and the tallest of trees are usually gonna be mounted to a door, wall, or they can have an adjustable height and extend from the bottom to the top of the ceiling.

Tall Tree Advantages – Probably the biggest advantage of a tall tree is going to be that they’re space-saving. They’re commonly really narrow and can help your home in terms of aesthetics. The narrow trees are only going to feature perches but it’s not that uncommon to see them featuring sisal ropes for scratching.

To Sum Up

With so many options out there, it’s hard to pick just one tall cat tree to recommend so we won’t do it since the one we recommend might not even be the one that’s suitable for your cat, home, and budget. If the contents of most of these trees didn’t satisfy you, you can read the best-rated cat condos article or the post on the best cat trees for large cats. If you want to learn more about cat trees and different types of them, make sure you read the post with the widest offer of the cat trees you can purchase.

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