14 Most Important Dog Health Statistics In 2022

Every year, there are the newest dog health statistics that show the current situation in different areas, and some of the results are very interesting and shocking.

The health of dogs depends on different factors, which include home care, eating and exercise habits as well as genetic predisposition depending on the type of breed. Do you know how many dogs get some sort of disease every year and which breed has the highest risk to have health problems?

In order for pets to be healthy, dog owners spend a lot of money on monthly and annual visits to veterinarians as well as medical care. Do you know what percentage of income goes to veterinarians and medical care? To answer these and other questions about dog health, keep reading the article. We picked the 14 most interesting dog statistics and facts that every owner needs to know.

7 Most Interesting Dog Health Facts
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  • Around 63.4 million Americans have at least one dog as a pet.
  • The most active dogs in the world are in Switzerland.
  • About 77 of 100 dogs had some sort of common disease in 2019.
  • Nearly 60% of dogs are overweight or obese.
  • If your dog is overweight it will probably live shorter.
  • The top 8 breeds have a higher risk of obesity than mixed breeds.
  • About 35,7% of yearly spending will go for veterinary and medical care.

Top 14 Interesting Dog Health Statistics

Around 63.4 million Americans have at least one dog as a pet

According to dog ownership statistics, around 63.4 million Americans have at least one dog at home. The number represents 38,4% of families in America that own a dog as a pet. We can assume that Americans are dog lovers, and have one of the highest percentages of dog ownership.

Source: petpedia.co

2. The most active dogs in the world are in Switzerland

To stay healthy and happy, dogs need to be active, and according to dog walking statistics, most dog owners keep their pets active during the week.

But, Europe has one of the most active dogs in the world. Dogs in Germany, Finland, Ireland, France, Italy, and Great Britain are some of the most active, but on the top list is Switzerland.

Source: fitbark.com

3. According to different researches, many health conditions are predisposed as the result of the size of a specific dog breed

Depending on the size and specific breed, some health conditions are more often in small dogs ten large, and reverse.

For example, the most common health issues that small dogs might have include Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome, Intervertebral Disk, Mitral Valve Disease, Patellar Luxation, Tracheal Collapse, etc.

For bigger dogs, there is a chance they have health issues that include Gastric Torsion, Elbow, and Hip Dysplasia, Osteoarthritis, Bloat, etc.

Source: pawlicy.com

4. About  77 of 100 dogs had some sort of common disease in 2017.

According to dog statistics, in the United States, there have been 3 most common disease cases which included dental disease, overweight or obesity, and otitis externa.

There have been 77 cases of dental disease, 31 overweight and obesity cases, and 16 otitis externa cases. Compared to cats, there have been more reported cases for dogs for all three common diseases.

Prevalence of common health conditions in cats and dogs in the U.S. in 2017

Source: statista.com

5. Nearly 60% of dogs are overweight or obese

According to different statistics that recently came out, the problem with obesity and overweight is a huge problem. Around 60 % of dogs have problems with kilograms.

Not only does that it will make daily walking much more exhausted than normal but obesity and being overweight can also cause a lot of other health problems. Obesity is connected with different diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and can even cause cancer.

Source: pawlicy.com

6. Around 80% of dogs will have signs of dental disease at an early age

When we’re talking about daily pet health routines, most dog owners don’t think about dental hygiene and how it can affect the health of a dog. According to Hill’s Pet Nutrition, around 80% of dogs will have signs of dental disease at an early age, usually by the age of two.

The most common form is a periodontal disease which is known as gum disease that is caused by bacteria. To prevent any oral disease you can use some of the regular dental dog care stuff.

Source: pawlicy.com

7. If your dog is overweight it will probably live shorter

There have been many studies that compare dogs with normal weight and those that are overweight and obese. The statistics say that overweight dogs will have a shorter life according to all health problems that more kilos cause.

For example, Yorkie that has more kilos than an average Yorkie dog will live only 13.7 years, and the average life for this breed is 16.2 Healthy dogs can live around 2 years more if their weight is normal for their size and breed.

Source: petpedia.co

8. The top 8 breeds have a higher risk of obesity than mixed breeds

There are dog breeds that easier gain weight than others, which is mostly connected with their shape, size as well as food, and activity habits.

Different researches put Pugs and Beagles on the top of the list of breeds that will easier gain weight than others. The other 6 breeds include Golden Retriever, English Springer Spaniel, Border Terrier, Labrador Retriever, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and Cocker Spaniel.

Source: petobesityprevention.org

9. Statistics say that 52% of dogs that have osteoarthritis are overweight

The obesity and the overweight problem is constantly in increase and unfortunately can cause a lot of health problems. According to dog obesity statistics, if your dog is obese there is a big chance he will get osteoarthritis.

Normal dog weight will improve the conditions and pain will be easier to manage, as well as the progression of illness that will slow down.

Source: petpedia.co

10. Statistics say that 47% of dogs died because of cancer

Because of different diseases that are most common in some breeds, The Veterinary Society for the Fight Against Cancer has found that around 47% of dogs will die because of some type of cancer.

Some breeds have a shorter lifespan and easier develop different types of cancer, but fortunately, most of the diseases develop in older age.

Source: www.avma.org11

11. Around 6 million dogs will be diagnosed with cancer each year

According to different dog cancer statistics, around 6 million dogs will get some sort of cancer every year. Statistics are not positive and how the number of dogs is still increasing, so it’s the number of sick dogs with different types of cancer which is unfortunately mostly fatal.

6 million dogs are diagnosed with cancer every year

Source: www.avma.org

12. Canine cancer is almost as common as human

There are different studies that confirmed how dogs get cancer at almost the same rates as humans. We know that the number of dogs is lower than the number of humans in the world, so this information is extremely serious and important to know. Fortunately, dogs over the age of 10 are at the most risk to develop cancer.

Source:  www.petinsurance.com

13. From all mammals, dogs have the highest incidence to develop cancer

Some dog statistics say that from all types of animal cancers, the dogs are the most affected mammals that will at some age develop different types of this fatal disease.

But fortunately, there are many researchers and studies which include medical documentation that will help to fight this bad disease.

Source: www.avma.org

14. About 35,7% of yearly spending will go for veterinary and medical care

Having a dog requires additional annual costs such as veterinary and medical care. According to some statistics, the average dog owner spends about 35,7% of all spending each year.

Preventive check-ups are extremely important so your dog can stay healthy, and depending on the breed and health conditions, spending for medical care can go up or down every year.

About 35,7% of yearly spending goes for veterinary and medical care

Source: petpedia.co

To Sum Up

Summarizing all the dog statistics and facts we can conclude that dogs, unfortunately, have many health issues depending on the size, breed, and daily habits. The biggest problem is overweight and obesity which is increases every year. to keep your pet living a long life it is important to make sure he exercise, which includes daily walks as well as the recommended size of their meals. Almost 40% of all income average dog owners spend on veterinary and medical care, but the checkups can sometimes save your dog’s life.

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