15 Best Dog Cameras: Indoor, Outdoor, Treat, Wifi And More

Looking for a dog camera to keep an eye on your unpredictable dog at all times but can’t find or pick one?

You’ll enjoy continuing to read this article if that’s the case since we reviewed nothing but them in it. We didn’t just review any old cameras, we made sure to review the best and to include a camera in various categories to create a more versatile choice base like home cameras, treat dispenser cameras, and plenty of others.

The Summary

Arlo Q Pet Camera SummaryArlo HD Security Camera
You can voice control it with Alexa, it has 2-way audio, motion detectors, and plenty of other things all packed in a small BPA-free plastic housing.
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RVA Camworks Pet Cam SummaryRva Camwork Dog Monitor Camera
You can standardly connect the camera to an android or iOS smartphone but you can also connect it to computers and laptops.
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Feastoria Dog Cam Feeder SummaryFeastoria Auto Pet Feeder
You can either dispense treats into the provided bowl manually through the app or schedule a time when the treats will be dispensed.
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Hanyan Digital Collar CamHanyan Digital Pet Camera
The camera hangs from the provided collar at the front of your dog’s chest so you can always clearly see what they’re doing and where they are.
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RaceTek Wifi Pet Camera SummaryRacetek Wireless Security Camera
For puppies, it’s important to have a camera that’s unreachable and lets you interact with them. This one can be mounted to a wall and has 2-way audio.
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Dogness Dispenser Camera SummaryDogness Automatic Camera Feeder
Along with the speaker in the front comes a microphone so you’ll always know when your dog needs calming down.
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WOpet Cat Camera Treat Dispenser SummaryPetcube Bites Pet Camera
If you can’t calm your dog down with just your voice using its built-in speaker, you can always try tossing them a treat and playing with them.
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TaoCoco 2 in 1 SummaryTaococo Dog Camera
It has a 355-degree pan and 110 tilt meaning it can cover all areas of your home with few blind spots. You can even connect more devices.
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Amiccom Outdoor Security Cam SummaryAmiccom Outdoor Security Camera
With the IP66 water and dustproof certification, you can be sure that it won’t get damaged with outdoor use even in extreme temperatures.
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CleverDog Nanny Camera SummaryClever Dog Camera
Because of its small casing, it will go unnoticed anywhere you put it and you can even mount it to a wall so that it’s unreachable to dogs.
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Tooge Pet Camera SummaryTooge Pet Dog Camera
You can connect multiple cameras on one app to have live view access in more than just one room or corner of your lovely home.
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Vbroad Camera Treat Dispenser SummaryVbroad Smart Pet Camera
The treat dispenser won’t just throw treats at random but you can choose to throw them at various distances to play with your dog while away.
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TBMax 2-Way Pet Camera SummaryTbmax Wireless Security Camera
The built-in mic can detect audio and send you notifications when a sound is alerting. With its speaker you can, of course, calm your dog down.
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Furbo Alexa Pet Camera SummaryFurbo Dog Camera
The camera is also a treat dispenser that works with or without Alexa. The Alexa allows you to voice control it but you can control it via an app as well.
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Zmodo Pet Camera SummaryZmodo Mini Pro
For only around 40 dollars you’ll get 2 cameras and you can buy more to connect them through one app which allows you to control them individually.
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Best 15 Dog Cameras


Arlo HD Security Camera

Camera Quality And Zoom
The camera lens records live video at 1080p HD quality and it even features 8x zoom so you can see clearly every little detail. The recordings can be stored in a cloud for up to 7 days and it offers upgrades as well. It has  BPA plastic lid that’s dishwasher safe.

Arlo Q Pet Camera

View Angle And Communication
This dog video camera offers a 130-degree angle view and even features 2-way so you can communicate with your dog any time. It’ll send notifications to your phone when motion is detected as well. It can be voice-controlled but Amazon Alexa is required. If you’d prefer a pan and tilt type of camera, you can find them in the home camera for pets article.

In Short:

  • Record live 1080p HD quality video
  • Has a 130-degree view field
  • HAs built-in 2-way audio
  • Can detect motion and alert you
  • Offers cloud storage and upgrades
  • Can be voice controlled with Amazon Alexa


Rva Camwork Dog Monitor Camera

Tilt And Pan
The pan of the camera’s head is 355 degrees while its tilt is 90 degrees. You can control this through the app you can download on your android and iOS device. You can learn more about this dog camera for home and others in the home camera for pets article.


Location Of Use
You can either attach it to a wall or place it on a flat surface like a table or shelf. It has an SD card slot that you can record up to 64GB worth of storage. It has infrared light or night vision, motion detection, two-way audio, and is also compatible with PCs.

In Short:

  • Compatible with smartphones and PC’s
  • Has night vision and motion detection
  • The head pans 355 degrees and tilts 90 degrees
  • It’s controlled with an app
  • Can be mounted to a wall
  • Has a 64GB SD memory card slot


Feastoria Auto Pet Feeder

Casing Features
The camera’s casing also features a bowl where treats will go to when you want to dispense them or schedule a time of day when it will automatically do it. It works with batteries or it can be plugged in. It connects to wifi and if you ever lose your connection, the dispenser will still fill the bowl with treats at its scheduled time.

Feastoria Dog Cam Feeder Review

Treat Capacity And Camera
Its camera lens record 1080p video and it’s positioned in a way so that you can always see how much food is left in the bowl. The treat compartment capacity is 4L and it even has speakers for easy interactions with your dog. If you’d prefer a manual dog camera treat dispenser, you can always read about other models in the remote dog camera treat dispenser article.

In Short:

  • Has a 4L treat capacity
  • Record 1080p quality videos
  • Feeding time can be scheduled
  • The camera always keeps an eye on the treats left in the bowl
  • Features a speaker for pet to owner interactions


Hanyan Digital Pet Camera

On Dog Location
The camera will be located at the front of your dog’s chest so you can get a clear view of what they see. It comes with a collar, user manual, a USB charging cable, and of course, the pet camera. If you’d prefer a more discreet option you can find others in the dog collar camera post.

Hanyan Pet Collar Cam Review

What It Comes With
The collar is orange and the camera is light so it won’t disturb your dog. It’s waterproof and will still work in environments with high humidity. You can even connect it to a computer and cats can also use it although it might look big on them.

In Short:

  • It’s lightweight
  • Comes with an orange collar
  • Can be placed at the front of your dog’s chest
  • Charges with a USB cable
  • Connects to computers
  • Features a user manual


Racetek Wireless Security Camera

Memory Storage
Although it has an up to 128 GB SD card slot, you can save money by storing everything on the cloud that you will have to pay for though. It has 360-degree rotation, can be mounted to a wall, and features 2-way audio, everything important in a puppy cam.

RaceTek Wifi Pet Camera Review

Camera And Wifi
This puppy camera can record 1080p HD quality videos, features a zoom option, has motion detection, and will alarm you when movement is detected, and multiple users can use the account it connects to through 2.4 GHz wifi. It works both during the day and at night. You can find others if you’d prefer a model with different features in the 2-way pet camera article.

In Short:

  • Has 360-degree rotation
  • Works with 2.4 GHz wifi
  • Records HD quality videos
  • The camera can be zoomed in
  • Has an SD memory card storage
  • You can save videos on a cloud
  • Works at night and during the day


Dogness Automatic Camera Feeder

Front Contents
The speaker on this feeder camera is located in the front just like the camera lens, treat bowl and dispenser. In case you can’t always calm your dog down with your voice, you can throw them a treat. It’s 16.5-in long, 8.66-in wide, and 16-in tall.

Dogness Dispenser Camera

Storage And Dog Communication
It has a large treat storage capacity of 6.5 and works with a power chord or with batteries. It doesn’t only feature a speaker but also a microphone so you can hear your dog. If you’d like to get a dog video camera with a speaker without the treat dispenser, you can read about others in the interactive dog camera article.

In Short:

  • It’s 16.5-in long, 8.66-in wide, and 16-in tall
  • Features a camera, speaker, and microphone
  • can dispense treat into a bowl on the bottom
  • Has a large 6.5 treat storage capacity
  • Can work with batteries or plugged in


Petcube Bites Pet Camera

Treat Throws
The treats it dispenses can be thrown at 3 different distances or you can schedule a treat dispense using the provided app. It can store 1.5 lbs of treats so you won’t run out while you’re away. This dog camera with voice is one of the many 2-way pet cameras so check them all out to make sure you get the best.

Petcube Bites 2 Pet Cam

View Angle And App
This dog watch camera has a 180 wide-angle camera that can record at a 160-degree view. It detects motion and can send notifications to your phone when it’s detected. It features a microphone that has a 4 array meaning the sound coming to you is cristal clear. It can be voice-controlled with Alexa.

In Short:

  • Has a 1.5 lbs treat capacity
  • The camera records data 160-degree view
  • Has a built-in motion detector, mic, and speaker
  • Can dispense treat at 3 distances
  • You can schedule a treat-dispensing time


Taococo Dog Camera

Horizontal And Vertical View
The reason it works great as a dog monitor camera is because of the 355-degree pan and 110 tilt. You can control it using an app and it even features a night mode with clear vision o up to 30 ft away. It comes with screws so it’s unreachable to dogs and intruders if you screw it into your ceiling or mount it to a wall.

TaoCoco 2 in 1

Multiple People Online
You can buy more cameras and connect them all to one app and one account and multiple people can use the app as well. It has 2-way audio, an SD card slot, and records HD quality videos. If you’d prefer a smaller, unnoticeable camera, you can find them in the camera to watch dog article.

In Short:

  • Visible during the night up to 30 ft away
  • Has a 355 pan and a 110-degree tilt
  • HAs a motion detector and two-way audio
  • Features an SD memory card slot
  • Comes with screws for ceiling installment
  • Records HD quality videos
  • One app can control multiple devices and have online multiple people


Amiccom Outdoor Security Camera

Outdoor Use
The recommended location of use for this camera is outdoors since it’s IP66 waterproof and dustproof. It can work in -4F- 122F temperature ranges and can be screwed into a wall. It has a 32 ft range of night vision and can record 1080p resolution videos.

Amiccom Outdoor Security Cam Review

Motion Detection
It can detect motion up to 65 ft away meaning it will detect your dog and an intruder. It connects to home networks wirelessly live streams and allows for video playback all through a phone app. If you’d like a dog security camera that connects to computers, you can always read about others in the outdoor pet camera article.

In Short:

  • It’s IP66 water and dustproof
  • Work in -4F to 122F temperature ranges
  • Has 65ft away motion detection
  • At night, it can record clearly up to 32 ft away
  • Can be screwed into a wall
  • Records 1080p resolution videos


Clever Dog Camera

Stand And Camera Quality
The camera sits on a circular stand a features a tubular shape. It records at a 120-degree wide-angle and features a small casing, unnoticeable to the common eye. It offers day and night HD quality video recording and detects motion, audio, and features a speaker.

CleverDog Nanny Camera

Other Features
It has a USB power adapter, can be mounted to a wall, and even offers cloud storage for unlimited video memory. If you’d like your camera to have a wider field of vision, you can always look up other models reviewed in the indoor dog camera article.

In Short:

  • Records data 120-degree wide-angle
  • Offers HD quality videos at night and during the day
  • HAs a small casing
  • Can be mounted to a wall
  • Features a mic and speaker for two way audio
  • Offers cloud storage
  • Plugs in with a USB power adapter


Tooge Pet Dog Camera

Camera Looks
The camera sits on a stand and has a rounded head that can rotate 350 degrees and vertically 80 degrees. You can control it on your own using the app and when you notice you’re doing something they shouldn’t, you can stop them by speaking to them using the 2-way audio.

TOOGE Indoor Dog Camera review

Memory And Record Modes
It offers nigh visibility up to 32 ft away and sometimes even more with HD quality video. It connects to a 2.4 GHz wifi and can record to an SD memory card where you can review all of the recordings it took. This camera is one of the many available types of wifi dog cameras so check them all out if you want to be sure you got the best.

In Short:

  • Has night visibility up to 32 t away
  • The 350 degrees and 80-degree pan and tilt are app controllable
  • It connects to 2.4 GHz wifi
  • Records HD quality videos
  • Features a mic and speaker for two way audio


Vbroad Smart Pet Camera

Camera Info And Wifi
Since it connects to 2.4 GHz wifi, it’s fully controllable by an app. You can toss treats, take photos, record, talk to your down and listen to them. It records 720p HD quality videos and has a 165-degree view angle. You can play with your dog by throwing treats at various distances.

Vbroad Camera Treat Dispenser

Treat Details
It has a 0.4L treat capacity and functions with dry treats for cats and dogs that have a diameter of up to 0.6-in. If you’d like a treat dispenser that’s compatible with the 5G network, you might find them in the wifi dog treat dispenser article.

In Short:

  • Connects to 2.4 GHz wifi
  • Can throw treat at various distances
  • Has a 165-degree wide recording angle
  • Doesn’t work with 5G network
  • Has a 0.4 L treat capacity
  • The treats can have up to 0.6-in diameter
  • Has a mic and speakerphone
  • You can record videos and take photos


Tbmax Wireless Security Camera

App Info
The app connected with this camera can send you smart notifications whenever motion is detected or a loud sound is produced. It can record FHD 1080p quality videos and it takes photos, records videos, and even has night vision mode. It has a wide pan and tilt of 355 degrees and 155 degrees.

TBMax 2-Way Pet Camera

Night Vision And People Online
On top of all of the things mentioned, it records at night with a clear view range o up to 32 ft. It can have multiple people online so if you can’t calm your dog down using its 2-way audio feature, another person might. You can learn more about this 2-way dog camera and even cat cameras in the 2 way pet camera article.

In Short:

  • The head moves 355 degrees pan and 155 degrees tilt
  • Can have multiple people online
  • Features night vision mode with a 32 ft range
  • Records FHD quality videos
  • Sends smart notifications about detected motion and sound


Furbo Dog Camera

Alexa And No Alexa Use
The camera works with and without Alexa but the benefit of having it used as an Alexa dog camera is that you can voice control it. Without, it’s controlled via an app that allows you to communicate with your dog, toss treats, take photos, and record and save videos.

Furbo Alexa Pet Camera Review

Sensors And Communication
It has a barking sensor and will send notifications to your phone when it’s detected. Then, you can calm your dog down by talking to them or throwing them a treat and playing with them in that manner. It works at night and records 1080p quality videos. If you decided that you want an Alexa dog camera, you can find more picks in the home camera for pets article.

In Short:

  • Can be voice-controlled using Alexa
  • Functions without Alexa
  • Can take photos and record videos
  • It can send barking alerts to your phone
  • Records at night and during the day 1080 p quality videos


Zmodo Mini Pro

Package Deal
If you buy this camera you’ll get two for only around 40 dollars. You can connect multiple cameras on one app to have a clear vision of multiple rooms inside your home. It will detect motion even outside its field of vision which is 130 degrees and you can adjust the night vision mode sensitivity.

Zmodo Pet Camera Review

Advanced Motion Detection
The app will send you notifications when motion is detected and the AI tech recognizes human and pet movement. It can record 1080p HD quality videos and even features built-in 2-way audio. This is one of the best cheap cameras for pets but you can find one better suited for you in the camera to watch dog at home article.

In Short:

  • Comes in a pack of 2
  • Multiple cameras can be connected through one app
  • Detects motion outside its 130-degree view range
  • The AI recognizes human and pet movement
  • Has 2-way audio built-in
  • Records at a 1080p HD quality

How To Pick A Dog Camera

Since there is a wide offer of the cameras to watch your dog, it’s best to familiarize yourself with them all. In this buying guide, you have all the information so you can be sure you’re buying the best model for your dog so keep reading!

Dog Camera App – An app is the essential part of any wifi dog camera since, through it, you control the camera, treat dispenser, microphone, and speaker. Many cameras also have motion and sound detection and can even send notifications on your smartphone when there’s something worth checking out. If you’d prefer a PC connection camera, some models connect to them as well.

Wifi And Alexa Connection – All of the reviewed models unfortunately don’t connect to 5G wifi. You’ll probably need to look for newer models of the same brands since 5G has just started and is growing rapidly. What you can do with Alexa is voice control the camera and often, the treat dispenser but you can still use them without it by using the app.

Helping Your Dog Calm Down – There are multiple ways to calm your dog down when you’re away. One way is to search for a camera with 2-way audio meaning they have a built-in microphone and speaker and another is to get a wifi dog treat dispenser. Both features can be controlled via an app.

Treat Cameras – You would think that all dogs are treat motivated but some just aren’t. For the ones that are, a good option is to get a treat dispenser that also features a camera and 2-way audio most commonly. It’s even better if they can throw treats at various distances. Some can have scheduled meal times or when you’re away and you need to feed your dog.

Pan And Tilt – If you’d like to get a better view of your home you should focus on getting a camera with a pan and tilt. These cameras have controllable heads and what the pan and tilt mean is that you can move the head horizontally and vertically. Treat dispenser cameras don’t have that option.

To Sum Up

If you made it through to here, you will have realized by now that every dog camera is different and it’s just a matter of your dog’s behavior, their, and your needs that will prevail when picking out a model and type so we won’t recommend one to you today. If you’re interested in reading about treat cameras for both cats and dogs, you can read the pet camera treat article and if you have a puppy that you’d like to monitor, you can read about puppy cameras next. If you’d prefer to see all of your options, you can always read the pet cameras article next.

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