Best 10 Cat Camera To Spy On Your Kitty Or Big Cat Anywhere

Looking to spice up your kitty monitoring game when you’re away from home with a cat cam?

Can’t seem to find a suitable model for you or your cat?

All of that can change if you continue reading this article where we tried our best to review only the best ones out there. Apart from that, we made sure to review a variety of products in different categories with different properties and functions like cat home cameras, treat dispensers, and more.

The Summary

Tenvis Indoor Pet Camera SummaryTenvis Pet Camera
You can cover all corners of your house with this camera so you’ll always know where your cat is and what it’s doing due to the big pan and tilt.
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TT-Createch Mini Spy Camera SummaryTt-Createch Spy Camera
There is no fear that your cat will destroy this camera since it’s 0.87-in wide, long, and tall and will go unnoticed on any collar your cat might have.
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Pawbo Wifi HD Camera SummaryPawbo Life Pet Camera
If you want to make sure your kitten isn’t boring, purchasing this camera with the red laser and treats that will entertain it is the best option.
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AIIYME Cat Camera With Interactive LaserAiiyme Pet Security Camera
If you’d like to keep your big cat entertained, you can do it by remote controlling the red laser pointer and you can even talk to it with the 2-way audio.
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Arlo Q Pet Camera SummaryArlo Wired Security Cam
You can connect more cameras to one app and you can mount them all to a wall so that the camera is unreachable to your cat.
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Furbo Alexa Pet Camera SummaryFurbo Dog Camera
It works best with treats that have a 0.4-in diameter and seeing as cat treats tend to be small, it’s perfect for them and it can hold up to 100 treats.
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VSTARCAM Wireless Laser Cat CameraVstarcam Cat Camera
You can truly interact with your cat whilst playing with the laser via an app since you can also talk to them using the microphone and speaker.
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Zmodo Pet Camera SummaryZmodo Mini Pro Camera
You can connect more cameras on one app to get a better view of your whole house. What’s even better is that one camera only costs around 30 dollars.
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Skymee Owl Robot SummarySkymee Owl Robot Camera
You can cruise with this camera around your house, play with your cat and reward it for good behavior by dispensing treats all the while recording.
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Ring Floodlight Pet Camera SummaryRing Floodlight Camera
When mounted to a wall correctly, it has a motion detection range of 30 ft, which includes the detection of cats and humans as well.
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Best 10 Cat Cameras


Tenvis Pet Camera

Camera Info
Since cats are nocturnal creatures, it’s important to have a camera that works at night. With infrared light, it has a view range of 32ft during the night. During the day, it records crystal clear 1080p HD quality videos. It has a pan of 355 degrees and a tilt of 120 degrees.

Tenvis Indoor Pet Camera Review

Placement Options
This pet camera for cats fits on a flat surface or be attached to a ceiling so that it’s unreachable to your cat. You can use its 2-way audio feature to talk to your cat and it even has motion detection sensors. If you’d prefer a camera with play features, you can read about other indoor cameras for pets next.

In Short:

  • Can see up to 32 ft away during the night
  • Record 1080p quality videos
  • Has 2-way audio
  • features motion detections sensors
  • Sends notifications when motion is detected
  • Can be hooked on a ceiling
  • Has a 355-degree pan and 120-degree tilt


Tt-Createch Spy Camera

Small Size
Your cat won’t even notice that it’s wearing this camera that has a cube shape and it’s 0.87-in big in all dimensions. If you’d like to learn more about this and others and see why you’d even need one, you can read about others in the pet camera collar article.

TT-Createch Mini Spy Camera Review

Casing Features
This cat nanny cam records 30 frames per second and paired with the 1080p HD camera quality, you’ll get to see clearly where your cat is. It has a 150-degree wide recording angle, records at night, Has a memory card slot, connects through wifi, and has a USB charging port.

In Short:

  • Has a cube shape
  • It’s 0.87-in wide long and tall
  • Records at 30 frames per second
  • Charges with a USB
  • Has a memory card slot
  • Connects through wifi
  • Records 1080p quality videos and has a 150-degree view


Pawbo Life Pet Camera

Play Features
The best way to calm and entertain kittens is to play with them. That’s why this camera features a treat dispenser and a red light laser to play with your cat. The laser is controlled manually through an app and you can also throw a treat from there. You can talk to your cat and listen to it as well.

Pawbo Wifi HD Camera Review

Camera Abilities
You can zoom in to better see what your cat is doing. The camera records 720p quality videos at a 130-degree angle. You can also zoom in 4x times to better see what the cat is doing. If you’d prefer this kitten cam was something else, you can read about others in the cat camera treat dispenser article.

In Short:

  • Has a treat dispenser
  • Features a manually controlled red laser
  • Can record 720p HD videos at a 130-degree wide angle
  • Has 4x digital zoom
  • You can talk and listen to your cat


Aiiyme Pet Security Camera

Casing Shape And Record Range
The camera has a round head and a circular stand. In the front, you’ll find a lens that records 1080p videos and below it, you’ll find a red laser. You can control the camera with a pan of 355 degrees and a tilt of 120 degrees. It can also record clearly at night with its 39ft range.

AIIYME Cat Camera With Interactive Laser

Lens And Cat Interaction
The lens has a 160-degree wide-angle and everything, even the 2-way audio features are controlled via an app. You just have to connect it to your 2.44 GHz wifi and you’re all set. If you’d like to entertain your cat with a camera, you can read the article about cat cameras with lasers.

In Short:

  • Has a rounded head and a stand
  • Has 120-degree tilt and 355-degree pan
  • The less record at a 160-degree wide-angle
  • Connects to 2.4 GHz wifi
  • Has 2-way audio
  • Features a red laser pointer
  • At night, it records with a visibility of up to 39 ft away


Arlo Wired Security Cam

Wall Mounting
If your cat gets curious and loves to knock things off flat surfaces, you can rely on this camera to prevent that since you can attach it to a wall. It works with an app but you can connect it to Amazon Alexa to voice control its features like if you have more than one camera, it can show you a specific camera location.

Arlo Q Pet Camera

Casing And Main Features
It connects to home wifi up to 300 ft away, it has a durable BPA-free casing and the camera records sharp 1080p quality videos. It features 2-way audio, night vision, motion detection and offers cloud storage. If you had different cat cameras for a home in mind, you can read about others in the home camera for pets article.

In Short:

  • Can be hooked on a wall
  • Records sharp 1080p HD quality videos
  • The casing is durable and BPA free
  • Features 2-way audio and motion detection sensors
  • Can record at night
  • Offers cloud storage
  • Connects to Amazon Alexa


Furbo Dog Camera

Treat Dispenser Info
The top bamboo cover can be removed since that’s where you’ll put the treats. It works best with treats with a 0.4-i diameter and can fill up with over 100 treats so you never run out of them. You can learn more about this and other cat camera treat dispensers in the linked article below.

Furbo PEt Camera Review

Video Quality
It live streams 1080p FHD videos at a 160-degree wide-angle and a 4x zoom for both the day and night. It detects people, pets, and features 2-way audio as well. You can throw the cat a treat manually or schedule a time of day when the treat will be tossed.

In Short:

  • Has a bamboo treat storage cover
  • Works best with 0.4-in diameter treats
  • Can hold up to 100 treats at a time
  • The camera record FHD 1080p videos
  • Has a 160-degree wide view angle
  • feature 4 times zoom
  • Works at night and has motion detectors
  • Features 2-way audio


Vstarcam Cat Camera

Housing Shape And Connection
Its head is circular but it can be placed on flat surfaces because of the bottom casing. In the front, it features a laser, infrared light for night vision, and a camera lens that can record 1080p quality videos. It can connect to wifi and be controlled via an app but it doesn’t work with 5G network.

VSTARCAM Wireless Laser Cat Camera

Rotating Head
The head rotates 355 degrees horizontally and 120 degrees vertically. You can play your cat music, talk to them, and the app will send you notifications when motion is detected. It’s a cat camera with a laser that’s remote-controlled so if you’d prefer an automatic one, you can find them in the article linked below.

In Short:

  • Has a 355-degree pan and 120-degree tilt
  • Can live stream, 1080p HD quality videos
  • Work with 2.4 GHz wifi
  • Has night vision and a laser in the front
  • The laser can be remote controlled
  • Has a microphone and speaker


Zmodo Mini Pro Camera

More Cameras, Better View
You can get a clear vision of all the rooms in your house by purchasing more cameras and connecting them all through one app and account. It has a 26 ft vision range during the night and has a 130-degree view angle, live streaming 1080p HD quality videos. All of this and more for only around 30 dollars.

Zmodo Pet Camera Review

Motion Detection And 2-Way Audio
You can customize in which areas the motion detection sensor works and it also features a built-in speaker and mic for 2-way communication. If you’d prefer a single live cat camera for all your needs, you can read about different ones in the wifi pet camera article.

In Short:

  • Has a 26 ft night vision range
  • LIve streams 1080p quality videos
  • You can connect multiple cameras to one account
  • Costs around 30 dollars
  • HAs a 130-degree view angle
  • Has adjustable motion detector range
  • Features 2-way audio


Skymee Owl Robot Camera

Looks And Features
The device looks like an owl. Its two eyes act as cameras and the beak is there for decorative purposes. It features wheels on the left and right sides and can cruise your house by you controlling it manually via the app. It can zoom in 4 times, records 1080p quality videos,

Skymee Owl Robot

Battery Life
It can also work if you turn on touch mode and it also dispenses treats. It features 2-way audio and can work fully charged for up to 8 hours of non-stop use. If you love this interactive cat nanny cam but would like to review all of your options, you can find others in the interactive pet camera article.

In Short:

  • Has 2 cameras
  • Looks like an owl
  • Features 2 wheels and can be touch controlled or remote controlled
  • Can work up to 8 hours fully charged
  • Features 4x zoom and record 1080p quality videos
  • Has a treat dispenser ability
  • Has 2-way audio


Ring Floodlight Camera

Devices It Works With
If you connect the camera to your Alexa, you can get smart notifications when motion is detected. You can also voice control it to activate its 2-way audio feature. It connects to PCs, tablets, and smartphones. If you’d like the one that doesn’t work with Alexa, you can read about other outdoor cat cameras in the outdoor pet camera article.

Ring Floodlight Pet Camera Review

Outdoor Works
It has 2 overhead lights and even features a manually activated alarm. It can detect motion up to 30 ft away and features night mode. It works from temperatures of -22 degrees Fahrenheit to a maximum of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a 140-degree horizontal field o view and a 78-degree vertical field of view.

In Short:

  • Can connect to Alexa
  • Can work with tablets, PCs, and phones
  • Detects motion up to 30 ft away
  • Has 2 LED overhead lights
  • It’s weather-resistant
  • Has nigh vision mode
  • Features a remote alarm

How To Pick A Cat Camera

There’s a cat camera for everyone. It’s just a matter of looking in all the right places and being familiar with the possibilities of each camera. You’ll learn about their abilities and about cat behavior in general all in this easy-to-read buying guide that will help you decide on one on your own.

Is Two-Way Audio Necessary – The two-way audio feature means that the camera has a microphone and speaker allowing you to hear and talk back to your cat via an app. Whether or not you need one depends on your cat. Are they clingy or are they independent and you need to be physically present for them to stop what they’re doing. If you don’t know, don’t worry, all of the reviewed models are 2-way pet cameras.

View Angle – If you’d like to keep an eye on your cat in one room, we advise you to get a camera with a pan and tilt meaning that their head can move horizontally and vertically to a large degree. If you’d prefer to have all areas of your house covered, focus on getting more than one camera that can all be controlled with the same app and one account.

Playing With Cats – If treats motivate your cat, you’ll benefit a lot from having a cat camera treat dispenser. You can even get models with red lasers that are usually remote-controlled to keep them active and so that they meet their daily exercise needs.

Laser Camera Warnings – If you do purchase a camera with a laser, you should be careful with how you control the laser. You should never shoot the laser while the cat is looking at it and it’s best if you’d project it onto a surface close to the camera like a wall or a floor.

Camera Important Features – Cats are nocturnal creatures. They sleep mostly during the day and play at night. Some cameras have a night vision mode that works due to the infrared lights. They typically have a view range of 32 ft. You might benefit from zoom features in that case.

To Sum Up

If you’ve read most of the reviews, you will have realized by now that each cat camera serves a different purpose due to the feature and ability variety. For that reason, we won’t recommend one but we will say this: Think about what motivates your cat and what areas of your house you need to be covered. If you’d prefer to read about dog cameras or treat cameras, you can do it in the pet camera treat article or the dog camera article. If you’d like to read brief reviews of all the possible camera varieties, you can do that by reading the post on the best pet cameras.

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