Best 5 Extra Tall & Tall Dog Crates To Choose In 2022 Review

Is your dog big so you have the need to buy a tall dog crate to fit his size well?

Not to worry because we reviewed the best ones we could find and categorized them to make it easier for you to find the crate that’s perfect for the situation you’re in. Here, you’ll find crates that are made out of wood, plastic, heavy-duty steel and so much more so definitely continue reading because you are sure to find something for yourself

The Summary

MidWest Homes For Pets SummaryMidWest Homes For Pets
The crate is so large it can easily house dogs like Great Danes and if not for the L bar, the side would start bending inward but luckily that’s not the case.
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Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate SummaryCasual Home Wooden Pet Crate
The solid wood build might not give your dog the best visibility but it definitely makes the crate chew resistant and it also blends well into your household.
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Homey Pet 43 inch Stackable Cage SummaryHomey Pet 43 inch Stackable Cage
You can stack up to two crates of the same type and for access, you’ll get top access and a side access door but also a feeding door.
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Polar Aurora Pet Dog Cage SummaryPolar Aurora Pet Dog Cage
Each heavy-duty steel bar on this crate is welded to ensure that the crate is durable and for movement, you’ll get caster wheels.
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IRIS USA Wire Open Pet Pen SummaryIRIS USA Wire Open Pet Pen
The door locks with a positive lock so it is certain that your dog will be kept safely inside unless he jumps out since the crate has an open top.
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Best 5 Tall Dog Crates


MidWest Homes For Pets

Preventing Inward Bending
Since the side panels of this crate are so tall, measuring at 45 inches, if not for the L-shaped bar on top of the crate that is patent-pending, the sides would be in danger of bending inward but luckily, with this crate, that’s not the case.

MidWest Homes For Pets

2 People assembly And Crate Strength
It needs two people to assemble it but when it’s done, you can be sure that you’re getting a durable and long-lasting crate since it has 4 dropping pins on each corner to ensure that the sides are stable and well connected.

6 Locks, 2 Doors
It has two access points for your pet to access the crate and for you to access him. Each door can be locked safely with 3 heavy-duty slide bolt locks so you can be sure that your dog won’t escape the crate if he ever tries it. On the bottom, you’ll find located an ABS plastic tray that you can take out to clean if need be.

MidWest Homes For Pets Review

Dogs It Can Contain
This tall dog crate is extra tall meaning that it can easily house even the largest of dog breeds. These include great Danes, Dogas, and other dogs of similar height, length, and weight.

In Short:

  • Made for extra-large dog breeds like Great Danes
  • Has two doors that each lock with 2 slide bolt locks
  • Needs two people for the assembly
  • Has L bars on top to prevent the sides room from bending inwards


Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate

Complete Solid Wood Build
The whole crate except for the lock is built out of solid wood. Solid wood, unlike wood polymers like medium density fibreboard or ecoFlex that are typically used to make these types of crates, is chew resistant which means that it will endure a perhaps chewing puppy or a dog that is not used to crates and needs to be crate trained.

Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate

Visibility Windows
The fact that this crate is a tall dog crate with the side panels being 30-in high and can also function as an end table makes it an XL dog crate furniture. There are no metal wire pieces so visibility might not be as good as with crates that have wire side panels.

Door Lock And Escaping The Crate
It has a double door in the front for access to the crate and it locks with a single hasp latch lock. The lock is unreachable to your pet so unless your dog can break the entrance solely with his body strength, there’s no way he could unlock the door by himself.

Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate Review

Dogs It can House
Apart from the side panels being 30-in high, the crate is also 31.5-in long and 44.5-in wide. This makes it great to be used by large dog breeds like German shepherds. To double confirm that, the weight limit is 90 lbs.

In Short:

  • Built out of solid wood
  • The solid wood can survive chewing coming from the dog
  • Can contain dogs weighing up to 90 lbs
  • Also functions as a piece of furniture


Homey Pet 43 inch Stackable Cage

Stackable Construction
This crate is not only 36-in tall but you can also stack 2 of the same type. This makes it a stackable dog crate. When two crates are stacked, you will get a tall construction of 5’8”. When you buy the crate, you will only get one so any other crates have to be bought separately.

Homey Pet 43 inch Stackable Cage

Crate Weight And Moving It
The crate’s approximate weight is 60 lbs so it would be difficult to move around if you ever needed to but it has caster wheels that you can install on the bottom of it so that you can move it with ease if you ever need to. They can also be locked so that your dog can safely live inside.

Bottom Features Of The Crate
On the bottom, you’ll find a gridded floor that doesn’t bend even if there’s a weight of 150 lbs pressuring it. Below the grided floor, there is a removable, durable, and firm tray that comes out easily for cleaning if your dog ever litters inside the crate.

Homey Pet 43 inch Stackable Cage Review

Access And Dogs It’s Suitable For
The doors are located on the side of the crate and the top for full crate access. There’s also a feeding door for you to feed your pet without risking him possibly getting out. This is also the reason why it’s not suitable for small dogs but instead, for large dogs up to 90 lbs.

In Short:

  • Suitable for dogs weighing up to 90 lbs
  • Has a gridded floor and a bottom tray below it
  • Stands on lockable caster wheels
  • 2 crates can be stacked on one another


Polar Aurora Pet Dog Cage

Chew Resistant Frame
The crate is made out of heavy-duty steel. Every bar is welded to really ensure you that the crate is durable, sturdy, and long-lasting even with dogs that are highly aggressive or tend to chew on things more than others.

Polar Aurora Pet Dog Cage

Double Lock System
The side door that is here for you and your dog to gain access to the crate can be locked with 2, double hasp latch locks. The top can also be opened for you to access your pet without him trying and succeeding to escape.

Easy Crate Cleaning
Located on the bottom you’ll find two removable poles that make the cage even stronger. the bottom also has gridded flooring and just below it, there is a removable tray that will easily can any litter, hair, food, or liquids. this will ensure that the crate is clean and easy to clean.

Polar Aurora Pet Dog Cage Review

Crate Mobility
On the bottom, you’ll also find located caster wheels that have a 360-degree flexible rotation and will serve well if you’re moving the crate somewhere else. It is a 36-in tall dog crate so it can easily house large dogs and dog breeds like German shepherds for example.

In Short:

  • Built of heavy-duty steel
  • You’ll get access from the top and side of the crate
  • The doors lock with 2 double hasp latch locks
  • Fit for use by large dogs
  • Sits on 4 caster wheels for easy movement of the crate


IRIS USA Wire Open Pet Pen

Open Top Access
The crate doesn’t have a closed top so it might be best to consider it a playpen or a training cage for dogs. The frame and bottom are made out of plastic but the frame is intended to look like wood while the side panels are made out of white epoxy coated wire.

IRIS USA Wire Open Pet Pen

Positive Lock Sliding Door
There’s single door access to this tall dog crate and it locks with a positive lock system. The door also doesn’t open like a traditional door but instead, it slides open.

Firm Plastic Tray
The bottom plastic tray is molded to fit the edges of the crate perfectly. this will keep the tray from sliding or moving and it will also keep the frame undamaged and your floors as well. You can easily take it off to clean since the crate weighs 40 lbs.

IRIS USA Wire Open Pet Pen Review

Tall Build
You can get the same crate but a bit shorter than this one as well. The difference is only the height. This one though has a height of 35-in, a length of 47.24-in, and a width of

In Short:

  •  Has an open top
  • Frame and bottom are made out of plastic
  • The side panels are made from epoxy coated metal wire
  • Suitable for large dogs

How To Pick A Tall Dog Crate

Except for being tall dog crates, they have to be made sturdy and lock well since they are usually made to be used by large and extra-large dog breeds so thinking about that, along with why the crate is sturdy and what are some of the differences between kennels and them is something you should concern yourself with before deciding to buy.

Tall Equals Large – In most cases, tall crates that go above 30-in in height will be made for large and extra-large dog breeds. There will be times when a crate will purposely have larger sides but they are intended to be used by large dogs.

Measuring Your Dog – except for tallness, the factor that also comes into play when picking a tall crate for your dog is the length. the way you measure your dog is by measuring his height from the floor to the top of his head and from his nose to his rear. You should add 3-4 inches to both of those and if it’s equal or a bit higher when comparing it to the crate you’ve found one.

Crate Sturdiness – Since they are made for large dog breeds, your dog should be crate trained and of course, the crate still has to be sturdy. For getting the best out of these two factors, we suggest getting an XL wire dog crate or an XL metal dog crate.

Tall Dog Crate VS Kennel – You could easily confuse a tall dog crate for a kennel since kennels are also large and tall but the one things that separate them from one another is the fact that kennels are made to be used outdoor so they will have some additions to them that enable them to withstand different weather conditions and a kennel will most likely not fit into your house because they are so large that they can have inside them dog crates.

To Sum Up

Not every tall dog crate can beat the strength and durability of the MidWest Homes For Pets. It has a patent-pending L bar on top to prevent the side from bending inward, it is large enough to fit inside extra large dogs and the fact that you need two people two assemble speaks for itself when talking about how tall and large it is. If you came here looking for a wooden tall dog crate, we suggest your read the article about XL wooden dog crates and if you’re more concerned about your crate being sturdy enough, definitely read the article about sturdy dog crates.

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