Best 6 Pretty & Nice Looking Cat Trees (Not Ugly) In 2022

If you are in search of nice-looking cat trees, then read our article and learn what more you should know about such units.

We have gathered six models of pretty cat trees and put them in different categories. Learn all about these models before you decide to buy. Don’t forget to check out our buying as well to help you choose the best model of a nice cat tree that will be functional and safe as well.

The Summary

Petmaker Nice Cat Tower SummaryPetmaker Nice Cat Tower
Petmaker’s small pretty cat tower comes with one spacious cat condo, stairs, a hanging toy, and scratching pillars. It is pet-friendly, stable, and safe.
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Feandrea Pretty Cat Tower SummaryFeandrea Pretty Cat Tower
Households with 2 active adult cats will love the pretty cat furniture by Feandrea. Check out their tree and choose the color you like most.
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Made4Pets Nice Tower For Cats SummaryMade4Pets Nice Tower For Cats
The Made4Pets is a wide cat tree that includes two large condos. It is ideal for active cats that love to scratch a lot.
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Petpals Nice Cat Furniture SummaryPetpals Nice Cat Furniture
The Petpals cat tree comes in neutral colors. It looks nice in modern and elegant household and keeps your cats occupied and healthy.
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Catry Scratching Climbing Tree SummaryCatry Scratching Climbing Tree
Catry tree is a small one-cat activity center. It is an affordable unit that keeps your indoor cat active and helps with everyday exercise.
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Pawz Pretty Cat Furniture SummaryPawz Pretty Cat Furniture
Pawz manufacturers have created a firm cat tree that comes with removable carpets and cushions. It is easy to keep the tree clean.
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Best 6 Pretty Cat Trees


Petmaker Nice Cat Tower

Fun Activity Center
Petmaker’s tree for cats is a nice cat tower that will keep your cats occupied and active. The wide base makes it stable and durable. This tree will fit two adult cats and allow them to play as much as they want. Also, it provides them with a soft resting area.

Petmaker Nice Cat Tower Review

Spacious Cat Condo
There is one large cat condo included on the top. There are stairs that lead to the condo. The condo has one entrance door and a small window, so your cat will get to keep an eye on its surrounding. The inside of the condo is soft and warm.

Scratching Posts
There are three large scratching pillars included. If you have cats who like to scratch your furniture, this pretty cat tree will save it from possible damages. The pillars will encourage your cat’s natural instinct and help them with maintaining their nails healthy.

Petmaker Nice Cat Tower

Useful To Know
This nice-looking cat tree comes in brown and white. It is a stable and wide cat tree. For extra stability, place this nice cat tree next to a wall. The overall dimension are 21.5” (L) x 17.5” (W) x 34.5”(H). This tree is recommended for all cats (or kittens) 10 weeks and older.

In Short:

  • comes in brown and white
  • includes three scratching pillars
  • the base is wide and heavy
  • for cats 10 weeks and older
  • includes stairs and a cat condo


Feandrea Pretty Cat Tower

Choose The Color
Feandrea tall cat tree for large cats comes in different colors – light grey/white, smokey grey/white, brown/white, and beige. Choose the color that best looks with your furniture and home decor. This not-ugly cat tree will carry up to 2 adult cats of medium size.

Feandrea Pretty Cat Tower

Multiple Levels
The Feandrea tree is perfect for playful and active cats that like to jump, climb, and stay in high places. This tree has multiple platforms, perches, a cat condo, and a cat basket. Moreover, your pet friends will have various scratching options, instead of scratching your furniture.

Safe And Heavy-Based
The tree we are talking about is another one with a wide base. It makes it stable. This pretty cat tree is firm and, as long as it is used properly, it is completely safe for your cats and won’t overturn. We suggest that you don’t get this tree if you have more than 2 cats.

Feandrea Pretty Cat Tower Review

Safe Material
All of the material that is used for designing Feandrea nice-looking cat trees is completely pet-friendly. The tree is constructed out of CARB-certified natural particle boards. It is strengthened with battens at the bottom for extra stability. The pillars are covered in natural sisal rope.

In Short:

  • choose between different colors
  • this tree is perfect for 2 adult cats
  • it is made of safe and sturdy material
  • the tree is stable and heavy-based
  • it includes scratching pillars
  • cats will love to relax inside of a condo


Made4Pets Nice Tower For Cats

A 5-Level Cat Tower
The five levels of the Made4Pets cat tower are enough to fit even up to 4 smaller-sized cats and satisfy their needs to stay active. This pretty cat tree is everything that your cats will need – a fun playground and a warm resting zone.

Made4Pets Nice Tower For Cats Review

The Included Features
The cat tree by Made4Pets is a firm unit that is made of thick CARB-certified natural particle boards. It includes two spacious cat condos with lateral doors and round windows for your cats to keep an eye on their surrounding. There are perches and scratching pillars included too.

Easy To Clean
This unit will need only a simple scrab to stay clean. Use the soft and clean cloth and dust it off from time to time. The cushions and carpets included can be vacuumed and washed and dried as well. This is a washable cat tree that is simple to maintain.

Made4Pets Nice Tower For Cats

User Guide Included
The instruction manual and the user guide with the assembly instructions are included. The setup is fast and very simple. The necessary hardware and tools are included. One or two adults can do the job with no problems.

In Short:

  • 5-level nice-looking cat tree
  • includes two spacious cat condos
  • one of the condos has circular windows
  • it is simple to dust off the unit
  • hardware for the assembly is included


Petpals Nice Cat Furnitur

Elegant And Sophisticated Design
If you have a modern home and are looking for nice cat furniture that will look good with your home decor, then we are pretty sure this unit will catch your eye. It comes in natural tones – light grey and brown. It is of ideal size and will fit in almost any corner of your home.

Petpals Nice Cat Furniture Review

Includes All That Your Cat Needs
This nice cat tree is ideal for two or three adult cats. It comes with all the necessary content for activities and rest. There is one large and spacious condo that includes a cushioned cat bed, a raised perch, and various sisal posts for scratching.

Firm And Strong Material
This tree is well-balanced, heavy-based, and firm. It won’t overturn easily. The materials are non-toxic and the surfaces are smooth. There are no sharp edges that could possibly harm your pet. This sturdy cat tower is beneficial for your cat’s health in every way.

Petpals Nice Cat Furniture

Perks Of Having A Cat Tree
It is useful for households with indoor cats to have a cat tree. These units help to keep your cats active and occupied. It is good for cats’ mental and physical health to climb, climb, and scratch. In households with more cats, cat trees may prevent possible feline conflicts.

In Short:

  • this tree fits up to 3 adult cats
  • it includes perches and a condo
  • there are scratching pillars included
  • Petpals tree comes in neutral colors
  • this unit looks nice in modern homes


Catry Scratching Climbing Tree

For One Active Cat
If you have an active indoor kitten or one adult cat of medium size, then you are going to love this nice-looking cat tree made by Catry. This pretty cat tree will be your cat’s favorite playground. It will keep it active and occupied. This tree provides your cat with a soft private relaxing space.

Catry Scratching Climbing Tree Review

Quality Materials
The Catry tree is another model on our list that is made of premium-quality particleboard material and jute fiber. The scratching posts are made of special paper rope. The unit is pet-friendly and safe in every way. It helps maintaining your cat healthy.

Three Levels
There are three levels that your cat can play on. First, there is the bottom wide base that makes the tree stable. The cat condo is located here. Then, there is the top of the condo that includes a scratching pillar. Lastly, the raised perch is here for your cat to feel confident while keeping an eye on its surrounding area.

Catry Scratching Climbing Tree

Why Buy This Unit?
We suggest that you get this nice cat tree if you have one indoor cat. Cat’s natural instinct of climbing and scratching might damage your furniture and this unit will help both you and your cat feel relaxed. This is an indoor cat playground tree. It is simple to clean. You can vacuum the surface when necessary.

In Short:

  • this is an indoor cat tree
  • it comes in brown and white colors
  • the tree is perfect for one cat
  • it includes a condo and scratching pillars
  • the base is wide and heavy


Pawz Pretty Cat Furniture

Beneficial For Cats
Any cat tree that is made of high-quality materials will be beneficial for cats’ health. The one we are talking about is perfect for two adult cats. It will provide your cats with all they need – an activity playground and a private resting area.

Pawz Pretty Cat Furniture Review

Smooth And Sleek Design
This nice cat tree will be a great addition to your home. It comes with a modern and sleek design. The clean and smooth surfaces make it look elegant. Pawz’ nice cat tower is well-balanced and heavy-based. It is incredibly stable and comes with a security strap so you can anchor it to the wall.

Spacious And Fun
The size of the Pawz not-ugly cat tree is 19 x 18 x 6 inches. This pretty cat tree provides just enough space for two cats. Your cats will get to climb this tree and jump on it. Moreover, there are two scratching pillars covered in sisal that will help maintain their nails healthy.

Pawz Pretty Cat Furniture

Cozy Private Space
There are two large cat condos. Each cat will have a private space for relaxing. The inside of the condos include cushions. The perches and platforms come with removable mats and carpets. You can use this tree as an all-wood cat tree no carpet.

In Short:

  • this tree is sleek and elegant
  • it comes with removable carpets
  • there are two large cat condos
  • ideal for 2 adult cats
  • this unit is simple to dust off

How To Pick: Nice-Looking Cat Trees

It is normal to look for a cat tree that will fit nicely into your home. You will probably go with the color of the cat tree that looks good with your furniture or wall color. But even if you do want to buy a not-ugly cat tree, the nice appearance shouldn’t be the only character to prevail. You must be sure your new nice cat tree is safe, stable, and completely pet-friendly. Keep on reading to learn more.

The Nice-Looking Design – Yes, the pretty appearance of your new cat tree does matter. It is a big plus if your cat furniture looks nice with your shelves, closets, sofas, or the color of your walls. There are so many wonderful and multi-functional cat trees on the market – the modern ones, the fun and interesting ones, and the ones that come with a simple design, or the rustic cat trees.

Cat Tree’s Size – You must be wondering what is the right size of a cat tower for your cat. Well, this mostly depends on your cat’s size, abilities, and personality. Some cats are very active. They like to climb and sit in high places. These kinds of cats will love tall trees. On the other hand, the lazy, cuddly, or older cats will probably prefer a smaller-sized cat tower.

Capacity And Stability – If you have only one cat at home, you will find a pretty cat tree very easily. Most cat trees will fit one cat of almost any size. Choose between the wooden tree, the one that is made of particleboard or MDF. However, if you have more than one cat and if your cats are very playful, consider getting them a wooden, sturdy, and stable cat tree. Always check the tree’s carrying capacity.

Safe And Durable Material – Households with one cat will be satisfied with a particleboard tree. But, if you have two or more cats, then we always suggest you go with a wooden or metal tree. You will want to feel relaxed about your cats’ safety. The important thing is that the material is pet-friendly and made of safe and non-toxic material.

Extras And Price – You will often find that nice cat trees already include hanging toys, hammocks, baskets, condos, scratching posts or pillars, and perches. Choose the right tree according to your cat’s personality. You will mostly spend from 60 to 200 dollars on such units, depending on the design, material, and extra features.

To Sum Up

You will easily find a nice cat tree anywhere, but getting a not-ugly cat tree is not always enough. Be sure that your new unit is functional, safe, and pet-friendly. Among the six models we have reviewed, we liked the Pawz Pretty Cat Furniture most. It is a medium cat tree that fits 2 adult cats and includes all that need. If you want to check out similar models, see our article about the best natural wood cat trees.

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