Best 6 Interactive Ball Launcher For Dogs Reviewed By Expert

Are you tired of searching for a good, interactive ball launcher for dogs for your pet and you to have proper fun playing?

The end of your search is on the horizon, so continue reading this article and find that one interactive tennis ball launcher that’s just right for you. In it, we will go through the best launchers for small and large dogs, the best automatic, and more others.

The Summary

AFP Automatic Ball Launcher Summary (2)AFP Auto Ball Launcher
This standard tennis ball size fitting machine will make playing fun and educational for your dog and easy for you.
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Hyper Pet Ball Launcher SummaryHyper Pet Ball Launcher
The 200 ft throwing distance and a cool and practical design will make this slingshot great for your highly active pet.
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IDOGMATE Dog Ball Launcher SummaryIdogmate Dog Ball Launcher
With the option of power, this launcher either through a Li-ion battery or an AC adapter you’re dog will have non-stop fun indoor and outdoor.
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JOPETIO Automatic Dog Feeder SummaryJopetio Automatic Tennis Ball Dispenser
The action-reward system will ensure that your dog doesn’t have problems with it when you take it to the next level.
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Chuckit! Ball Launcher SummaryChuckit! Ball Launcher
The different size options that you get to choose from will give you an option to choose the one launcher best suited for you and your dog.
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iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher SummaryiFetch Interactive Ball Launcher
Designed for your small dog to be able to play fetch by himself indoor and outdoor is great for someone with a busy lifestyle
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Best 6 Interactive Ball Launchers For Dogs


Afp Automatic Ball Launcher

Playing By Themselves
This tennis ball shooter for dogs is made to be used in a way where you don’t have to constantly play with your pet, but can be interactive for you to bond with your pet but, make it seem effortless. It’s designed for your dog to be able to put the balls in by himself and in a way that the launcher throws the ball automatically without you having to activate it.

AFP Automatic Ball Launcher

Diferent Plugs For Diferent Countries
You won’t have to worry about your countries electrical standards because this AFP ball launcher comes with an electrical plug that matches your countries standards, but if you choose to use it with batteries, you can but you’ll have to buy 6, C-sized batteries separately.

Distance Option For Activity Level
You can adjust the distance of 10,20 or 30 ft to match your dog’s activity level and age. You’ll do that by pressing on a button located on the launcher as well as a light indicator to show which distance setting is currently in function. It also has instructions that tell you how to use the device correctly for long-lasting use

AFP Automatic Ball Launcher Review

Additional Costs
The balls that you are able to put inside the ball basket are of standard size and you’ll get three of them with this interactive ball launcher for no first time additional costs. it is recommended to only put one ball at a time for best results. a sensor inside will scan every ten seconds for a ball and launch it out once detected

In Short:

  • Your dog can play fetch with himself
  • Comes with electrical plug corresponding to your countries standards
  • Has 3 tennis balls of standard size
  • Fits one ball at a time
  • adjustable throwing distance up to 30 ft


Hyper Pet Ball Launcher

Quality, Tough Material
This interactive ball launcher is made of high-quality steel and it will make sure that this launcher lasts a long time. The simple all-black design will make it appealing to anyone and it makes the launcher look sturdier than it already is. It has a grip handle for you to not bruise your hands using it and for better and stable grip when in use.

Hyper Pet Ball Launcher

Large Throw Distance
It’s able to throw balls up to 200 ft of distance which is quite impressive so if you have a more active dog and the space to use it to its’ full potential, it’s definitely a good choice. It also has a grip handle for you to not bruise your hands using it and for better and stable grip when in use.

Construction And Size
It’s interactive in the sense that you have to shoot the ball out so a lot of the distance that it’s able to travel will be up to you. It won’t take up much space when not in use because of the fact that it has a collapsible construction and it’s small.

Hyper Pet Ball Launcher Review

Different Variety To Choose From
Another thing you don’t have to worry about is ball size. You can fit any tennis ball inside of it and it allows for you to pick up balls hands-free. To make it for fun, you can opt for a 4 ball design that allows you to throw 4 balls at a time so it is a great option for a ball launcher for large dogs.

In Short:

  • Made out of high-quality steel
  • Up to 200 ft of traveling distance
  • Fits any size of ball
  • Small and collapsible for easy storage
  • Has a grip handle for painless and simple handling


Idogmate Dog Ball Launcher

AC Adapter Design
This automatic ball launcher for large dogs is easy to carry around wherever you need to because of the built-in hollow handle on the side of it. The power supply cord is positioned at a 90-degree angle to prevent your dog from accidentally plugging the machine off.

IDOGMATE Dog Ball Launcher

Safe Ball Diameter
The balls used for this interactive ball launcher are 2.5-in in diameter. This ball size makes it safe for your pet to carry inside his mouth. This is only true for large dogs since small dogs can’t fit this size of the ball in their mouth. you’ll get 3 of them with the launcher and they are made out of safe a and organic paste for making the balls so they are safe for you pet

Different Power Options
It gets its’ power either through an AC adapter or 3 Li-ion batteries that are chargeable. Both options are included in the package so you can choose either of the two at any time if you’re using it outdoor or indoors. For the Li-ion batteries, the distance will reduce over time so you should charge it frequently.

IDOGMATE Dog Ball Launcher Review

Remote Controlled
On the launcher, you’ll find buttons for distance settings. You can choose between 5 options: 10-40 ft of throwing distance and a random option to keep it interesting for the dog. It also comes with a remote control to adjust the settings that you can find on the launcher.

In Short:

  • 2 power supply options: AC adapter or 3 Li-ion batteries
  • 3, 2.5-in diameter balls included
  • Change the distance settings through a remote or on the launcher
  • Has a hollow handle for easy transport


Jopetio Automatic Tennis Ball Dispenser

Environmentally Friendly
Environmentally friendly materials used in the making of this interactive ball launcher are great for your pet. Not only that, but you also don’t need to plug it into electricity.

JOPETIO Automatic Dog FedderTennis Ball Dispenser

Food Reward System
It’s great for teaching your dog to play fetch with a launcher because it awards your dog for placing the ball inside the machine by slowly distributing food awards when he succeeds. It has 2 trays for releasing the food on them so that your dog doesn’t eat the reward from the floor.

Teaching Device
Keep in mind that this is not really a ball launcher. It’s made to teach your pet action-reward system and to keep him amused when you’re not playing with him. It’s also good for teaching your dog to not eat his food too fast by distributing small amounts of food every time he successfully places the ball inside

JOPETIO Automatic Dog FedderTennis Ball Dispenser Review

Start To A Ball Launcher
It’s a great start to an actual launcher because it’s similar in construction to a launcher. It’s easy to clean and the food can be put inside of it easily through a hole on top of it which can be closed with a lid.

In Short:

  • Not an actual ball launcher
  • Teaches your dog to play with a launcher
  • Has a built-in food reward system
  • Rewards your dog with food after successful ball placing in the machine
  • No electricity needed


Chuckit! Ball Launcher

Multiple Size Options
It comes in multiple sizes so you can choose one that will best suit your needs. with a longer one, you’ll get greater throwing distance so if your dog is highly active and you don’t want to struggle even less with throwing the ball with it, that would be a good option for you, but if just want to store it easier take a smaller one. You won’t sacrifice much of throwing distance either.

Chuckit! Ball Launcher

Ball Material
The ball that you get with the launcher is a rubber ball that is able to bounce high. The color of the ball provides high visibility for the owner and the dog in case it gets lost in the grass or wherever. The launcher is also compatible with tennis balls of standard size.

Multifunctional Toy
This interactive ball launcher for dogs can be used not only on solid ground but in the water as well so you can train your dog to go in the water by fetching the ball that’s in a body of water.

Chuckit! Ball Launcher Review

Easy Ball Pickup
It’s made out of plastic material that is flexible to give you more moton speed to get a greater throwing distance. Another cool feature of this launcher is that you don’t have to pick up the ball by yourself. The ball launcher is designed to make the ball pick up easily without having the need to bend over to get the ball

In Short:

  • Multiple sizes available
  • Compatible with most sizes of tennis balls
  • Comes with rubber, high bouncing ball
  • Made out of plastic
  • Allows for hands-free ball pickup


iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher

Angled Ball Placing Basket
The angled basket to place the balls for launch is made for your dog to stand behind the launch hole so when teaching, encourage them to stand behind it.

iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher

Set Up And Training Instructions
The launcher is made to provide safety when your dog plays on his own. Set up and training instructions that come with it will help you with that by taking you step by step on how to train your dog to play with the iFetch interactive ball launcher by themselves.

Optional Indoor/Outdoor Use
The 3 different distance settings of 10,20, and 30 ft by pressing a button on the machine are good for using it indoor as well as the AC adapter that you can plug in for it to run without batteries. You can also choose for the launcher to randomly choose between the provided distances.

iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher Review

Good Small Dog Breeds Option
The balls that you can fit into the launcher are 1.6-in in diameter which means that the ball launcher is made to be used by smaller dog breeds. The size of the ball is made to fit into the small dog’s mouth without being too small for the dog to accidentally choke

In Short:

  • Throw distance up to 30 ft with included random distance setting
  • Built for smaller dog breeds
  • Designed for your dog to play by himself
  • Includes training instruction

How To Pick An Interactive Dog Ball Thrower

Interactive means that two things are influencing each other so in this sense interactive would mean that either your pet and you are interacting or your pet and the ball thrower are. It’s important to interact with your pet because it bonds you and your dog and you could use the time to teach them how to properly play and behave. This is why it’s important to have an interactive ball launcher that will help teach your pet.

Functional For The Owner – The product that you’re getting has to be well suited for you as well as your pet. There’s a wide variety of different products so for each one you’ll have to make sure of different things that make it suitable for you as well like a grip handle if you’re getting a slingshot or remote control for you to be able to control a ball launcher from a distance. To put it simply, it has to be owner friendly as well

Constant Supervision Required – Although most of the ball throwers have to include you for your pet to play with them there are some that allow for your pet to play along with them, that doesn’t mean that you can just leave your pet alone. They have to be properly trained to play with the toy because these toys, although durable, aren’t invincible so constant supervision is advised.

Choking hazards – the balls that come with these products are non-toxic and safe for the pet, but you’ll have to know your pet and how he behaves with toys to know if they are safe for them since manufacturers don’t guarantee that the balls won’t break or that your dog won’t chew threw them and possibly swallow a piece that could choke them.

Outdoor Option – If you have a highly active dog, you should consider getting a product that’s fit for outdoor use as well. Some of these products that are for manual use can throw balls up to 200 ft away. Others are made of durable materials that can withstand outdoor weather conditions. Not only that but they also have a battery option when you don’t have an electric socket to plug it in.

To Sum Up

Today, you can get a lot of cool interactive ball launchers for dogs and a range of varieties to suit your dog breed best. With that said The best launcher that I would recommend is theHyper Pet Ball Launcherdue to its ability to throw the ball up to 200 ft away, great design and function properties that make it owner friendly as well, and the fact that you can throw pretty much any type of ball with it. Now, if you’re busy with work and only have a small amount of time to interact with your pet you should read this article about the best automatic ball throwers for dogs for hours of fun and exercise and if you’re more olf fashioned and just want a stick for your dog check out this post about dog ball thrower sticks, and get one suited to your dog’s needs.

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