Best 5 Automatic Ball Launchers For Large Dogs – Reviewed

Are you reading this because you have found yourself searching for an automatic ball launcher for large dogs?

End your search now by continuing to read this article about exactly that and find the product that best suits your dog’s active lifestyle. We’ll go through a selection of the best products in this field and we have categorized them to further shorten your search like best automatic, electric, interactive, and more.

The Summary

PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher SummaryPetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher
With so many safety sensors and an automatic 15 minute rest period, the PetSafe launcher really puts the word safe in it.
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iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher SummariFetch Interactive Ball Launcher
With a powerful rechargeable, built-in battery and no other powering options, it will make this ball thrower easily usable and transferable.
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IDOGMATE Big Dog Ball Launcher SummaryIDOGMATE Big Dog Ball Launcher
The impressive distance of 50 ft max and quality made rubber balls will make games of fetching more fun than ever before.
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4Pawslife Automatic Dog Feeder
The Food reward system and quiet operation since it doesn’t run on batteries will make it a good option to familiarize your pet with launchers.
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Franklin Pet Supply Ready Set Fetch SummaryFranklin Pet Supply Ready Set Fetch
It offers 25 ft of throwing distance and the 3 throwing angles to choose from will make games of fetching interesting.
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Best 5 Automatic Ball Launchers For Large Dogs


PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher

Throwing Angle
It has an upward throwing trajectory which means that when the ball is thrown, it will be angled but it has 6 more angle choosing settings for a throw that’s not only large in distance but height angle as well. The automatic ball launcher for large dogs can be set using a knob located on the launcher

Setting The Throwing Distance
The throwing distance can be adjusted on the machine using a knob. It has 9 distance options ranging from 8-30 ft so you can use the auto ball thrower indoors and outdoor.

PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher

Built-in Sensors
This self ball thrower for dogs has 2 sensors that come in handy during a game of fetch. Inside the ball launch area, you can find a sensor that’s used to stop the ball launch if your dog gets too close to it. It is dog activated. The other one is a motion sensor that locates people or dogs standing in a 7 ft range from the launcher. All of this ensures the safety of your dog

PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher Review

Additional safety
Another way to ensure safe use of this automatic ball thrower for large dogs is the optional sound that is produced before the ball launch and also a 15-minute rest period to make sure your dog doesn’t get over-exhausted.

Standard Tennis Ball Use
With the launcher, you’ll get 2 tennis balls. The launcher is meant to be used with standard-sized balls which is why is meant to be used by larger dog breeds

In Short:

  • Has 2 sensors for motion detection to ensure safety
  • Can produce sounds to indicate when the ball is about to be launched
  • Has an automatic 15 minute rest period
  • Features 9 distance settings and 6 throw angle settings
  • Made to be used with standard tennis balls


iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher

Electricity-Free Use
This automatic ball launcher for large dogs doesn’t need to be plugged into electricity to be used. It has a built-in, rechargeable battery so you just have to turn it on, no AC adapters needed. Charge it when needed and you’re good to go.

iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher

Balls Used And Performance Warnings
It comes with 3, standard-sized tennis balls that are very durable to fit large dogs. You can fit inside other tennis balls of similar or the same size. Be careful with putting in balls that are either too dirty or too wet because this will largely affect the iFetch for large dogs’ performance.

Launch Distance For Beginner Training
When the automatic ball thrower for large dogs arrives, it will come with a fixed launch distance of 10 ft that is great when you’re training your dog to use it. With a switch, you can unlock other distance options of 20 and 40 ft and a random distance setting.

iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher Review

Dogs Play By Themselves
This electric dog ball thrower is an interactive dog ball launcher in a way that it’s designed for you to be able to teach your dog to play by himself. For that to happen you will be provided with some basic tips for training your dog, but even when you teach this to your dog, he or she should be under constant supervision.

In Short:

  • Fixed training distance option of 10 ft upon receiving the product
  • 3 distance settings and a random distance setting
  • Doesn’t require electricity to be used
  • Has a built-in rechargeable battery
  • 3 standard-sized iFetch balls included in the package


IDOGMATE Big Dog Ball Launcher

Quality Rubber Balls
The ball size prevents your large dog from swallowing the ball which would put him at risk of injury. The material used for making these balls is rubber that is made from organic, food-grade paste which further ensures your dog’s safety. It is made to be used by dogs from 33 lbs and higher.

Mechanism Inside
Inside the interactive ball launcher, where the ball is placed, you’ll find curved wheels to help with wet and dirty balls from getting stuck inside the iDogMate big dog ball launcher. The only balls that could affect performance are balls that are somehow damaged so make sure to check the balls before using them.

IDOGMATE Big Dog Ball Launcher

Impressive Range
The automatic ball thrower for large dogs has an impressive distance range for an auto dog ball launcher. It can shoot balls up to 50 ft of distance and you can choose between 4 more distance settings. You can change the distance using a remote controller or directly on the launcher with a push of a button.

IDOGMATE Big Dog Ball Launcher Review

Battery Life
The automatic ball launcher for large dogs will give you two options of use. Either through an AC Adapter or a rechargeable Li-ion battery that can give you up to 1000 launches when fully charged before having to recharge again.

Playing By Himself
The basket in which you place balls is wide and large enough for your dog to effortlessly place the ball inside by himself so if you teach him how to use it properly he can play fetch without your help.

In Short:

  • Up to 50 ft of throwing distance
  • Works through an AC Adapter or a strong Li-ion battery
  • Designed to make playing fetch easy when the dog is alone
  • Has a mechanism that lets through wet and dirty balls


4Pawslife Automatic Dog Feeder

Food Reward System
The way this tennis ball launcher works is that your pet gets rewarded with food when he drops the ball into the ball dropping area. After that, the ball will be released again to repeat the process. It’s a great way to introduce your dog to launchers.

4Pawslife Automatic Dog Feeder

For Food Motivated Dogs
It doesn’t have a set throwing distance so if you’re looking to get an automatic ball launcher for large dogs to provide your dog with exercise, this is not the thing for you. It’s made to reward your dog with food. It’s good for dogs that are most motivated by food.

Operation And Electricity
This automatic ball thrower for large dogs does not use electricity to work which in turn also makes it silent in operation. It’s also made from environmentally friendly materials so if you want to care for the planet by providing your dog with this toy, you sure can.

4Pawslife Automatic Dog Feeder Review

Holes Function
On the machine, you’ll find located 5 holes. On top, a large hole for placing a tennis ball of standard size in and a compartment for placing food inside. On the bottom sides, there are 2 more holes from which the food comes out a large hole from which the balls come out. The food will land on plastic trays that go with the machine.

In Short:

  • Not really a launcher, but does shoot the ball a certain distance
  • Rewards your dog with food when the ball is placed correctly
  • Doesn’t run on electricity
  • Doesn’t have a set distance
  • Made from environmentally friendly materials


Franklin Pet Supply Ready Set Fetch

Balls And Their Placement
The automatic ball launcher for large dogs has a large and deep basket for ball placing that makes it easy for you to place more than one ball in but it’s advised to put in one ball at a time. Another thing to note when placing the ball inside the automatic ball launcher is that the ball shouldn’t be too dirty or wet seeing as it will affect performance

Franklin Pet Supply Ready Set Fetch

Construction And Use
The automatic ball thrower for large dogs made of a durable, polypropylene plastic and it comes already assembled. All you have to do is plug it in and start playing. If you’re interested in using it outside, you’d have to place 8, D-sized batteries that you don’t get with the launcher.

Angled Throw And Max Distance
It can shoot the ball from 10 to 25 ft away and this adjustable with a turning now located on the machine. Another thing that affects launch and you can adjust is the launch angle that you can set to 3 different levels by pulling out the legs that are located on the front bottom of this auto ball launcher for large dogs.

Franklin Pet Supply Ready Set Fetch ReviewFranklin Pet Supply Ready Set Fetch Review

Launch Sound
A safety measure that is implemented into this launcher is the sound that the launcher produces before the launch which warns you and your pet about it. This feature can be turned off though

In Short:

  •  Produces a sound before launch that can be turned off
  • shoots the ball up to 25 ft away
  • Has legs on the bottom for adjustable angle
  • Works with any brand of standard tennis balls

How To Pick Automatic Ball Launcher For Large Dogs

Large dogs have their own special need. They are usually more active and they need proper exercise and the proper tools for it. Getting an automatic ball thrower for large dogs will make your life a bit easier, but you certainly don’t want to buy something that won’t do your dog good so here are a few things to consider before buying.

Owner Supervision – With most of these automatic ball launcher for large dogs, you can safely teach your dog how to play by themselves. That doesn’t mean that you can just leave your dog unsupervised. Even the best of them still recommend that you keep an eye on your dog so try to find an option that is safer for the dog to use but with your supervision.

Dogs’ Activity – Larger dog breeds are usually more active and need a lot of exercises so buying a machine that can only provide you with 25 ft of throwing distance isn’t exactly going to make your dog or you happy. Aim for a larger throwing distance up to at least 40 ft.

Pointless Indoor Use – There is no point in getting a launcher that will be able to operate indoor. Not because of the large throwing distance, that can always be adjusted, but because of the dogs’ size. If you have a spacious home this wouldn’t be much of a problem, but either way, dogs get excited to play fetch and might make a mess out of your home.

Ball Durability And Size – The balls that come with the launchers are of standard 2.5-in size for a tennis ball and are made of better quality materials. They can be non-abrasive, made out of specials types of rubber, etc. Now, this might make you want to get these balls, but they all have warnings that if your dog’s a heavy chewer you should supervise them nonetheless so any tennis ball will do just fine.

To Sum Up

Providing your dog with sufficient exercise and playtime might sometimes be a hard task, but these automatic ball throwers make it a bit easier and the best one to do exactly that is definitely the IDOGMATE Big Dog Ball Launcher. With a range of up to 50 ft,  a rechargeable battery to last you up to 1000 launches, and a design to make it easier for your dog to play with it himself it’s the perfect companion to the dogs’ active and your busy lifestyle. Now if you have a small dog and these aren’t for you, we made an article about small dog ball launchers for you to read and if automatic isn’t exactly a thing for you then check out this post about ball throwers for large dogs and find the one for you.

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