Best 6 Cute Guinea Pig Cages For Your Pet Reviewed By Expert

You decided that you want to check out cute guinea pig cages for your pet?

You’re not sure which one to pick?

We reviewed 6 different models with the best features, so keep on reading to find out which one will be perfect for your guinea pig.

The Summary

Pawhut Cage
If you’re looking for a cage that has a functional and large habitat, this multilevel cage with rolling wheels is for your guinea pig.
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Coziwow Hutch
If you have multiple guinea pigs, this large hutch is the perfect option. It is made of a wooden frame with an asphalt roof.
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Prevue Cage
Cage with a rounded metal frame and plastic base in beautiful light green color. Perfect for one guinea pig, easy for moving and transport.
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Midwest Cage
Perfect cage for smaller spaces. Made of wireframe with a deep plastic base. It has an elevated area for better looking outside.
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Petsfit Hutch
If you prefer a modern design, this cute cage will be a great choice for your pets. Large living space with elevated hutch.
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Lovupet Hutch
This cute cage will be perfect for your backyard. It has a large living space and 2 levels for easy moving and playing.
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Best 6 Cute Guinea Pig Cages


Pawhut Cage

Wireframe And Plastic Base
This cute guinea pig cage is constructed with a wireframe and a plastic base in a pink and white color combination. It has a tight wire mesh that will provide safety and durability. It has rolling wheels for easy movement.

Pawhut Cage Review

Spacious Space
With a measurement of 32 x 20.75 x 43.25 inches, this pink guinea pig cage will be the perfect choice if you have 1-2 pets, so they can have enough comfort for playing and easy moving.

Plastic Platforms
Cage has 3 platforms and access ramps so your guinea pig can easily climb on it. Platforms are perfect places for the feeding areas, they are made of plastic so you can easily clean the mess.

Pawhut Cage

Quick Access
When you want to access inside, there are multiple lockable front doors, as well as the top roof door. The bottom ramp will provide quick moving in and out. The bottom sliding tray is perfect for easy cleaning.

In Short

  • Wireframe with the plastic bottom in pink and white
  • Spacious space for 1-2 pets
  • 3 platforms with access ramps
  • Multiple doors with lock system
  • Easy moving with wheels


Coziwow Hutch

Eco-friendly Paint
If you need to buy a cage with a large guinea pig habitat, this is a perfect choice for your pet. Hutch is made from natural wood and painted in a combination of red-orange and white color, with non-toxic paint.


Large Run Area
This cute guinea pig cage has a large living space with a measurement of 61 X23.6 X36 inches, which is perfect if you have 2-3 guinea pigs. There is a spacious run with an elevated hutch that has an anti-slip access ramp for climbing.

Quick Entrance
Hutch has multiple doors for quick access when you need to do a daily pet routine, such as changing the food or refill the water. Doors have a lock system so your pet can’t escape outside.

COZIWOW Cage Review

Quick And Easy Cleaning
When you need to clean the run area you can separate it from the hutch and clean the mess at the bottom. There is a sliding tray for the hutch for quick cleaning. This sturdy construction with wire mesh will protect your pets from predators.

In Short

  • Naural wood with eco-friendly paint
  • Extra-large living space for multiple pets
  • Easy access with multiple doors with safety locks
  • A quick cleaning with detachable run area
  • Safe from predators


Prevue Cage

Light Green Color
If you planning on having an easy portable cage for your pet, this Prevue one is for you. It has a rounded metal frame in beautiful light green color, with a deep plastic bottom base. It is painted with a non-toxic finish.

Prevue Cage

Easy Moving
This cute guinea pig cage measures 29 x 19 x 31 inches that will be perfect for one pet. It has spacious space for easy moving. You can place the feeding bowl at the corner and attach a water bottle to the wires so you can refill it any time.

Clean Habitat
The top roof can be fully opened, so you can have easy access inside of this portable guinea pig cage. Wire mesh at the bottom of the cage will make sure your pet doesn’t stand on its dropping, so he can always have clean feet.

Prevue Cage Review

Safe Space
A deep plastic base can be slide out, so you can clean it with soap and water. For easy moving there are rolling wheels with brakes, to make sure the cage stays in place. Wire mesh system will provide safety.

In Short

  • Rounded metal frame in light green color
  • Spacious space for one guinea pig
  • Easy access from an openable rooftop
  • Mesh bottom with deep plastic base for easy cleaning
  • Wheels with brakes for moving and transport


Midwest Cage

Blue Bottom Base
A small guinea pig cage is always a great opinion if you don’t have much space in your interior. This Midwest cage is made from a sturdy wireframe with a deep plastic base in blue color.

Midwest Homes Cage

Elevated Area
With a measurement of 30.3 x 18.5 x 16.5 inches, you can easily fit your pet in this cute guinea pig cage. There is an elevated area with a hideout underneath. The elevated platform is perfect for the feeding area.

Detachable Bottom
There are large front doors for quick access, to save you time with feeding. The plastic base can be detached, so you can easily clean it with soap and water, and it will quickly be ready for use.

Midwest Homes Cage Review

Included Accessories
Becuase of its small dimension, you can place it wherever you want. It is perfect for moving and storing. With the package, you will get a hay feeder, feeding bowl, and water bottle.

In Short

  • Sturdy wireframe with deep plastic base
  • An elevated area with a hideout underneath
  • Large front doors for easy access
  • Detachable bottom base when you need to clean
  • Easy for moving and storing


Petsfit Hutch

Modern Design
This cute guinea pig cage is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a modern design for your pet. It is designed to look like a house, with a balcony and a window. Hutch is made of natural wood and painted in turquoise eco-friendly paint.


Spacious Habitat
The hutch measures 42.5 x 30 x 46 inches, so you can easily fit 2 guinea pigs. This spacious space with 2 levels has an access ramp to the elevated hutch, where you can put cute guinea pig beds for comfort.

Openable Roof
2 level guinea pig cage has multiple doors that will provide quick access for daily maintenance. Also, a roof can be fully opened, so you can check your pet while he is in a hutch.

Petsfit Cage Review

Indoor Or Outdoor
So your pets can have enough fresh air, there is a wire mesh that will provide air circulation. Sliding trays on both levels will help you with daily cleaning. Hutch is for both, indoor or outdoor use because it has weather protection.

In Short

  •  Modern design in turquoise color
  • Large habitat for 2 guinea pigs
  • Elevated hutch with an access ramp
  • Quick access from the front and the top
  • For indoor or outdoor use


Lovupet Hutch

Wooden Frame
If you love colors this cute guinea pig cage will be perfect for your garden or backyard. It is made from a solid wood frame with sturdy wires that will provide great air circulation. It comes in a blue and pink color to choose from.

Lovupet Cage Blue

Large Environment
This outdoor guinea pig hutch measures 48 x 20 x 40 inches, and it is a great choice if you have 2 guinea pigs. It has a large living space for easy moving and playing, and there is an access ramp to the elevated hutch for a pet’s privacy.

Easy Feeding
When you need to refill food and water, use the multiple doors. You can also have access from the openable rooftop. There is a large hay feeder so you can put some fresh hay for your guinea pigs.

Lovupet Cage Blue Review

Sliding Trays
Large bottom trays will help you with cleaning, so your pet can always have fresh habitat. Place the cage wherever you want, it has an asphalt roof so you don’t have to worry about the weather, your pets will be safe.

In Short

  • Wood frame with sturdy wire mesh
  • Large living space for 2 pets
  • Access ramp to the elevated area
  • Easy feeding and daily maintenance
  • Bottom trays with sliding system

How To Pick The Best Cute Guinea Pig Cage?

If you decided that you want to buy a cute cage for your pet, but you’re not sure which one, we will help you with that. Keep on reading and you will find out about important features that you need to keep in mind while buying.

Large Habitat – The most important feature while picking the cage is the size of the living space, so your pet can easily move around and have maximum comfort. For one guinea pig choose a cage around 30 x 36 inches. If you have 2 pets, pick the 30 x 50 guinea pig cage. The more living space, the better for an active and happy life of your pets.

Design Of The Cage – Depending on your preferences pick the best design for your guinea pig. There are different colors, shapes, and types of material that the cage is made from. We recommend firstly pick the shape and the type of the material, whether you will use it indoor or outdoor. Choose the colors that will perfectly fit your environment.

Quick Access – So you can do your daily pet routine, pick the cage that has multiple front doors that are large enough so you can reach every corner of the cage. We recommend choosing the cute guinea pig houses with an openable roof if the cage has an elevated hutch. This feature will help you with maintenance and feeding.

Easy Cleaning – So your pets can enjoy in cute guinea pig cage, make sure you pick the one that can be easily cleaned. Sliding trays are the perfect option for that, you can easily wipe out the mess and it is quickly ready for use. If the cage has a plastic bottom, detach the base and clean it with soap and water.

To Sum Up

Cute guinea pig houses are always a perfect choice for your pets. From 6 different models, the best cute guinea pig cage in our opinion is the Pawhut cage. It has a sturdy construction and a larger living space with multiple platforms. The pink and white color combination is a perfect choice for your interior. If you want to check which are the best wire cages on the market, make sure you read our post because we found the best wire guinea pig cages. If you want to pick the tall cage, read this post, and find out about the best tall guinea pig cages.

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