Best 15 Guinea Pig House/Hut Suitable For Every Cage Reviews

Looking to improve how your cage looks and how your guinea pig feels inside with a simple guinea pig hut?

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You can easily fix your problem by continuing to read this article. We’ve made sure to review only the best ones but we also made sure to include a large variety of choices so you’d know all of your available options. This way, you’ll easily decide on your next house and some of the ones we’ve reviewed are hide houses, igloo houses, and even castles.

The Summary

Hamiledyi Cute Hamster Home SummaryHamiledyi Wooden Castle House
It’s a 2 level house, features 5 entrances, and looks like a castle so it can easily up the looks of any cage it’s in. To top it all off, it won’t take up much space.
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Beewarm Hideout SummaryBeewarm Corner Hideaway
It’s a perfect match for cage corners and your guinea pig will feel safe since it’s completely sealed shut due to the fleece curtain entrance.
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alfie house summaryAlfie Pet Ganya House
With the edged ramps that take your guinea pig to the tall 2nd level, your guinea pig can easily teach itself to be less afraid of heights.
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Pulse Brands Hideout SummaryPulse Brands Flexible Hideout
Although it’s fairly big with its 12-in in length and 12-in in width, it’s bendable and flexible so it can fit your cage in multiple ways and still save space.
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Savic Igloo SummarySavic Rody Igloo
It makes sense that these houses are small and have small entrances which makes them difficult to clean but not this one whose top comes off.
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NA PAWSINSIDE  House SummaryN/A PawsInside Hide Hut
The back wall and left side wall are sealed shut so even if you place it in a corner, you won’t be losing any access points.
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Kaytee Hideout SummaryKaytee Wooden Hut Hideout
Sometimes it’s best to go simple. This house is made with safe to chew wood and doesn’t feature screws or glue so it’s completely safe for your pet.
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Pawchie Wooden House For Hamsters SummaryPawchie Wooden Hut
The house is so big that it can be used by two guinea pigs at once. Its top, although not intended for it, can also act as an elevated area.
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Tokihut Castle SummaryTokihut Wooden Castle
The whole thing is large and shaped like a castle. It looks thin but it can hold the weight o up to 10 lbs and guinea pigs usually weigh up to 3 lbs.
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Lixit House SummaryLixit Critter Hollow Home
There’s a bottom inside this home so your guinea pig can feel fully safe when hiding out in this hut that features both a front and back entrance.
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Prevue Hendryx Hideaway SummaryPrevue Hendryx Nature’s Hideaway
Instead of the typical solid wood panel build, this house is made with handwoven grass bits which makes it more durable and safer to chew on.
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Small Pet Castle SummarySmall Pet Select Hideout Castle
Placing this castle anywhere won’t be a problem since it features an entrance in the back and front and also has a left and right side circular window.
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Piggies House SummaryPiggies Choice The Space House
It’s common for corner houses to be made out of fleece but this one is made with pine wood making it a more durable and nicer looking choice.
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Fulue Hideout SummaryFulue 2in1 Hammock Corner House
Made in 2 parts, the bottom is comfortable and made with fleece, while the top cover is made with chew-resistant fabric materials.
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Savic House SummarySavic Cocoon Small Animal House
Although it is an igloo, its top is still slightly concave so that your guinea pig can rest on top and inside this blue house.
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Best 15 Guinea Pig Houses


Hamiledyi Wooden Castle House

 Tower Entrances
There’s plenty of spaces where your guinea pig can crawl into this castle house. It features a tower on both sides, each having two entrance holes and the main entrance is found in the centerpiece. It’s 5.5-in tall, 5.9-in wide, and 4.4-in long so it’s great for one guinea pig.

Hamiledyi Cute Hamster Home Review

Materials Used
It even features a back entrance and it’s made with natural wood that your guinea pig can safely chew on since it doesn’t feature toxic chemicals or paints. If you’d like a little more down-to-earth-looking house, you can read about others in the guinea pig castle article.

In Short:

  • Looks like a castle
  • Has 2 levels
  • Features left and right side tower
  • Features 5 front entrances and one back entrance
  • It’s 5.5-in tall, 5.9-in wide, and 4.4-in long
  • Can be chewed on safely
  • Made with natural wood


Beewarm Corner Hideaway

Soft Materials
Your guinea pig will find a safe place to hide away in this corner hide house since it’s made with soft fabric materials. If you’d prefer to have solid wood or generally a tougher house, you can read about others and find more than just one in the guinea pig hide house article.

Beewarm Hideout Review

Hooking It Up
It’s made out of fleece and features curtains that fully enclose it.  The top is grey colored and features holes where you can pull through tiny hooks to secure it to your cage. It’s 17.5-in long, 12.4-in wide, and equally tall. Nonetheless, it’s space-saving since it can be put in a corner.

In Short:

  • Made out of soft fleece
  • Can be placed in a corner
  • Has curtains as an entrance
  • Can be hooked to a cage on top
  • It’s 17.5-in long, 12.4-in wide, and tall


Alfie Pet Ganya House

Elevated Area Function
This house is a safe way to teach your guinea pig to not fear tall spaces. It has an access ramp and a steps ramp that leads to a covered top area. These ramps are edged for your guinea pig to feel safer climbing up. Below these steps, there’s an area with 4 entrances in total that can act as a hideout.

Alfie House

Corner Placement
It’s angled at 90 degrees so it’s perfect for placing in corners. It’s colored white and blue and is 6.5-in tall, wide, and long. This guinea pig castle house also looks like a castle so if you don’t like its shape but like how it looks, you can find others in the guinea pig castle article.

In Short:

  • It’s angled at 90 degrees
  • Has a steps ramp and a regular ramp
  • Features a roof covered 2nd story
  • Below the steps, you’ll find a hideout area
  • It’s 65-in tall, long, and wide
  • It’s colored white and blue


Pulse Brands Flexible Hideout

Guinea Pig Safe
You won’t find any screws or glue on this hideout. It’s made with circular paulownia wooden bars that are all connected with wires. The natural wood build makes it fit well with multiple bedding options and cages but if not, you can find others that’ll better suit you in the indoor guinea pig house article.

Pulse Brands Hideout Review

Shaping It
The wire that connects each wooden bar will also allow you to shape it however you’d like. It can form a tunnel shape or can act as a simple cover if you stretch it straight. That’s why it’s only important to mention its length of 21-in, and width of around 12-in. It has no toxic paint or chemicals so it’s safe to chew on as well.

In Short:

  • Made with paulownia wood
  • The wooden bars are connected with wires
  • It’s bendable and flexible
  • It’s safe to chew on
  • It’s 21-in long and around 12-in wide


Savic Rody Igloo

House Bottom
When your guinea pig enters this house through an arched hole in the front, it won’t be sitting on the ground but instead, on the flat plastic bottom. This allows you to use it outdoors as well. It has a rounded top and it’s shaped like an igloo. It’s colored green but comes in a blue or pink color as well.

Savic Igloo

Sides And Cleaning
The side features ventilation holes and the top can be taken off so that you can easily clean the inside when it’s needed. If your guinea pig is better with plastic houses, you can read about others in the guinea pig plastic house article or if perhaps you’d like a different colored house.

In Short:

  • Shaped like an igloo
  • Made with two plastic shells
  • HAs a plastic bottom
  • Features a front entrance and side vent holes
  • The top can come off for easy cleaning
  • It’s colored green but comes in a pink and blue color


N/A PawsInside Hide Hut

Play And Hideout House
This house has both a play function and a hideout function because o its two-story build. It features a castle-shaped tower that’s covered, a ramp to access the second level and there you’ll also find an open balcony. The hideout area is below and has 2 entrances, one in the front and one on the side.


Hut Colors
It uses a combination of pink and white colors. A fully grown guinea pig or bigger one might not fit well inside it so if you found some familiarity in this description, you can more than just this 2 story guinea pig house in the guinea pig castle article next.

In Short:

  • Features a pink and blue color
  • It’s shaped like a castle
  • The second level is accessible through a single ramp
  • Has a covered area ad a balcony on top
  • The hideout area features 2 entrances


Kaytee Wooden Hut Hideout

One Entrance
There’s only one area inside that’s accessible through a hole in the front. It’s made with natural pine wood and has no finishes that might harm your guinea pig allowing them to chew on it. This is an indoor guinea pig house so read more if this wooden guinea pig house and others are what you’re looking for.

Kaytee Hideout

Panel Connection
The 5 panels are connected using no glue or screws so there’s nothing that can harm your guinea pig on it. It’s around 8-in long, and wide, and 6-in tall making it perfect for one guinea pig. It’s only natural that it will wear down over time but luckily, it only costs around 10 dollars.

In Short:

  • Made out of pine wood
  • Doesn’t need screws or glue for assembly
  • Guinea pigs can chew on it
  • It’s around 8-in long, wide, and 6-in tall
  • Costs around 10 dollars


Pawchie Wooden Hut

2 Guinea Pig Housing
A good way to figure out whether a house is big is if it can easily house 2 guinea pigs. This one can since it’s 11.7-in wide, 10.8-in long, and 6.8-in tall. If possible, your guinea pigs can also climb on top of the bottom hideout area so that it’s more space-efficient.

Pawchie House Review

Hut Assembly
You can assemble it with no screws or glue since its panels are inlaid. It has one entrance and 2 windows on the sides for proper ventilation. If this big guinea pig house is still too small for you, you can read about others in the indoor guinea pig house article.

In Short:

  • Has inlaid panels
  • Features on entrance and two doors
  • The top can be used as an elevated area
  • It’s 11.7-in wide, 10.8-in long, and 6.8-in tall
  • Two guinea pigs can use it
  • Has no glue or screws


Tokihut Wooden Castle

Weight Limit
Although it looks thin, it can hold the weight of a medium-sized rabbit that usually weighs around 6-10 lbs while an adult guinea pig can weigh up to 2.5 lbs so it’s certain to hold its weight with no problems. It is shaped like a castle which is one factor included in why it’s a cool guinea pig house.

Tokihut Castle Review

Shape And Areas
It has two towers, a centered elevated area, and entrances on the left, right, and in the front. It’s 14-in tall, and before it’s assembled, the setup parts are 34-in long. It doesn’t need tools for assembly and it’s made with plywood that’s untreated so it’s safe for guinea pigs to chew on. If you’d prefer thicker-built houses, you can read about other guinea pig castles.

In Short:

  • Can hold the weight of up to 10 lbs
  • made with thin plywood
  • It’s 14-in tall
  • The setup components are 34-in tall
  • Doesn’t require tools for assembly
  • It can be safely chewed on


Lixit Critter Hollow Home

Hut Color
Cute is subjective and this cute guinea pig house is colored pink so in case it’s not what you find cute, you can read about others to truly find the one that you think of as cute in the guinea pig plastic house article. There’s plenty of colors to choose from in it.

Lixit House Review

Top And Build
It has a curved and rounded top, features no bottom, and is made with plastic. It does come in green color as well and it’s 13-in long, 12-in wide, and 5-in tall so it’s great for your guineapig to snuggle up inside it tightly. The entrance is found in the front and is circular.

In Short:

  • HAs a curved top and is rounded
  • It’s 13-in long, 12-in wide, and 5-in tall
  • Has no bottom
  • Has a circular entrance hole
  • It’s colored pink but can be colored green as well
  • Made out of plastic


Prevue Hendryx Nature’s Hideaway

Woven Grass Build
No matter the house, a guinea pig will chew on it since their teeth constantly grow and they need to wear them down to keep healthy. Instead of wooden panels, this edible guinea pig house is made with woven grass so it will last longer than your average solid wood panel house.

Prevue Hendryx Hideaway

Entrances And Windows
It features 2 holes as entrances, o in the front and one on the side that has a 3-in diameter and allows air to flow through freely. It’s 11-in long, 6-in wide, and 9-in tall. If you feel like you can’t fit it inside your home, you can look at other edible house options in the guinea pig hide house article linked below.

In Short:

  • Made with handwoven grass
  • It has an extended lifetime when chewed on
  • Features a front and side entrance hole
  • The entrances have a 3-in diameter
  • It’s 11-in long, 6-in wide, and 9-in tall


Small Pet Select Hideout Castle

Simple Construction
The best way to describe this castle is simple since it only features one hideout space and doesn’t have the 2nd level. If you’d like a more intricate design or a 2 level castle, you can find more in the guinea pig castle article. They’re even colored differently than this natural wood castle.

Small Pet Castle Review

Shape And Entry Points
It’s shaped like a square but looks like a castle due to the 90 degree angled wooden bits placed on top of all corners. It has 2 side circular vent windows and an entrance in the front and back. It’s made with untreated pine wood and is 12.5-in wide and long and 12-in tall.

In Short:

  • Has a square shape
  • it’s 12.5-in long and wide and 12-in tall
  • Made with untreated pine wood
  • Has windows on the left and right side
  • Has an entrance in the back and the front


Piggies Choice The Space House

Pine Wood Corner House
The top of this house is wider and angled to fit corners while its bottom is rounded in the front but also angled in the back to fit corners well. It’s made with pine wood colored naturally but its top is purple colored. It has one entrance in the front that’s arched and the whole thing is 12-in long and wide and 5-in tall.

Piggies House

Wide Top Function
Guinea pigs love to jump so the extra space with the wider top will give them to confidence to do so. It is painted but the pain is non-toxic so your guinea pig can chew on it. If you’d prefer a cozier guinea pig corner house option, you’ll be sure to find them in the article about guinea pig hide houses.

In Short:

  • Has a wider top
  • Made with pine wood
  • The top is colored purple
  • The finish is non-toxic to animal
  • It’s 12-in long and wide, and 5-in tall
  • HAs one entrance in the front


Fulue 2in1 Hammock Corner House

2 Part Build
This hideout is sealed shut from all sides but still allows your guinea pig to easily access the inside since the front features curtains. It’s made up of 2 pieces,  A top canvas cover and curtain, and a soft fleece bottom. The bottom can be attached with velcros while the top can be attached with hooks you can loop on the top holes.

Fulue Hideout Review

Materials Used
The canvas it’s made out partially is fairly sturdy and even chew-resistant. It’s 9.5-in deep, 17-in wide, and 12-in tall so it’s pretty spacious. Although this guinea pig fleece house is most certainly unique, you can always read about other models and generally sturdier options in the guinea pig hide house article.

In Short:

  • Made with 2 pieces
  • The bottom piece has a comfy fleece bottom
  • The top is a cover and hideout curtain
  • The canvas it0s made out of is chew-resistant
  • IT’s 9.5-in deep, 17-in wide, and 12-in tall


Savic Cocoon Small Animal House

Concave Top Use
Although it is shaped like an igloo, its top is concave ever so slightly to create a platform where your guinea pig can hang out. It’s sized as extra large and its length of 13-in, a width of 10-in, and height of 6-in prooves it. It’s made out of plastic and is colored blue but can also be green.

Savic House

Holes And Entries
The front is where the entrance hole is located while in the back, there are small holes that will properly ventilate its interior. It doesn’t have a bottom so you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to clean this guinea pig igloo house. You can learn more about them in the article we’ve linked below.

In Short:

  • Made out of plastic
  • It’s colored blue
  • it’s 13-in long, 10-in wide, and 6-in tall
  • Has a front entrance and back ven holes
  • The top is concave creating a platform
  • Doesn’t feature a bottom

How To Pick A Guinea Pig House

A guinea pig hut can play an important role in the day-to-day life of your guinea pig so it’s important to know what you’re buying, why it’s good or bad, and it’s generally good to know what should be your focus points when purchasing one. For that and other information, you can continue reading this buying guide.

New Guinea Pig Behavior – A guinea pig that you’ve just settled into their new forever home will commonly look for cover. One such cover is a hide house. It’s their instinct to do so since they’re fairly timid animals and run away for cover if they feel endangered. The process of your guinea pig settling in should take a few weeks or months.

Other Important Cage Parts – With the first thing mentioned, it’s easy to realize why guinea pigs need these houses but when they’re in the hiding process, it’s important to keep the hay you have fresh, have your chosen bedding in, and constantly keep fresh water out for them. Since they’re active both day and night, it will be fairly common for them to sneak out during the night to fulfill these needs.

Building Guinea Pig Confidence – You should talk a lot to your guinea pig when they’re in hiding and don’t feel as safe as you’d like them to just yet. It’s also a great idea to give them treats whilst doing so because it builds confidence and strengthens the bond between the two of you. When they’re in hiding, you shouldn’t interact with them all that much by stroking them, holding them ad picking them up.

House Materials – A Guinea pig house should be made with natural materials and you should also focus on giving them a non-toxic paints house and one that doesn’t feature screws or glue. This considers wooden houses which are more common but you can also choose to get fleece and soft fabric material hideouts and houses, plastic hideouts and houses, or even grass hideouts. The choice is really up to you.

Play Houses – Your guinea pig is more likely to use the hideout area of the house you get but you can get ones with 2nd levels which are a great confidence builder if your guinea pig is afraid of heights. Often, a 2 level guinea pig cage is convenient but is a point of fear for them so preparing them for that climb using the ramp of a house is a great starting point.

House Sizes – The size of your single guinea pig cage should be at least 7.5 square feet and although there is such thing as too small of a house for guinea pigs, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll get one just like that. What you should think about is how you’re going to save space even by having a hideout inside your cage. The way to do it is with corner houses or houses angled at a 90-degree angle that fit there.

To Sum Up

Depending on what you want your guinea pig house to look like inside your cage, how big your cage is, and what you want to achieve with the house, you should choose one on your own accordingly. These are an important part of a guinea pig’s life so make sure you get one, especially if you are a recent guinea pig owner. If you’re missing a cage, you can always read the article about outdoor guinea pig cages or indoor guinea pig cages. If you’d prefer to read about all of the guinea pig cage types and check out the best ones in each category, the article about guinea pig cages might satisfy you.

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