Best 10 Cheap Guinea Pig Cages Of Various Sizes & Designs

Are you low on cash but urgently need a new cage for your guinea so you thought you’d look into some cheap guinea pig cages.

You’re in the right place and all that’s left to do is to continue reading this article where we reviewed only the best and cheapest out of plenty of categories so you’re bound to find something for yourself. A few of the categories reviewed here are big, small, portable cages, and even hutches.

The Summary

Pawhut Run SummaryPawHut Outdoor Triangular House
This is an outdoor cage that has a run and hideout area. It’s 45.5-in long so it’s big but you will pay less than 100 dollars for it.
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PawHut Playpen SummaryPawHut 36 Panel Playpen
If 36, 13.75-in long and wide panels aren’t enough for you to make this playpen big, you can purchase more to make it even bigger.
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Yaheetech Ferret Enclosure SummaryYaheetech Multi Levels Rolling Cage
This cage will save you money but also space since it’s made to be taller and not as nearly wide or long. It’s 52-in tall and has 5 levels.
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Aivituvin Indoor Wooden Ferret Cage SummaryAivituvin Outdoor Hutch
An outdoor hutch like this has to be made durable. This one is with its asphalt roof and fir wood and wire build. Nonetheless, it’s a lot cheaper.
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Rockever Cage SummaryRockever House Habitat
If you’d like to always easily keep an eye on your guinea, with this cage it’s made easy since it has a lampstand and all you need is a lamp.
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Kaytee Cage SummaryKaytee My First Home
Although small, it still manages to fit an elevated area and ramp, bottle, bowl, and even a feeder inside. All of that for only 80 dollars or less.
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Midwest Home For Pets SummaryMidWest Deluxe Homes For Pets
It’s large since it offers around 7.8 square feet of space to a guinea pig but it still only weighs 16 lbs so it’s easy to carry and transport.
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Scurrty Hutch SummaryScurrty Indoor Outdoor Hutch
Because of the wheels and its size, you can use it indoors as well as outdoors due to its wire, wood, and asphalt roof build.
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Midwest Homes Cage SummaryMidWest Homes For Pets
If your kid has a guinea pig and loves the color blue, they’ll love this blue, white, and green cage that will fit well into their rooms.
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Tespo Playpen SummaryTespo Pet Playpen
It costs around 30 dollars and if you want to further customize you can buy more to make it bigger and get the full benefit of the DIY design.
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Best 10 Cheap Guinea Pig Cages


PawHut Outdoor Triangular House

Cage Shape
Typically, cages either have a rectangular or square shape but this one has a triangular shape which makes it one of the more cool guinea pig cages. If that’s not your definition of cool, you can read about others in the article we’ve linked below.

Pawhut Run Review

Cage Areas
This affordable guinea pig cage features a run area, a frame that is made of wood and wire, and a hideout area that’s accessible through an arched entrance hole. Both can be accessed using a door for each. The wire has a low gauge meaning it’s thicker and the whole thing is 45.5-in long, 24.2-in wide, and 20.75-in tall. All of this, for the price of only 80 dollars.

In Short:

  • Has a wooden frame and wire sides
  • Features a hideout and run area
  • It’s 45.5-in long, 24.2-in wide, ad 20.75-in tall
  • Has a low wire gauge
  • Features 1 door for each cage part
  • Has a triangular shape
  • Costs around 80 dollars


PawHut 36 Panel Playpen

No Top And Bottom
Due to the missing top and bottom, this is more of a playpen. It’s made out of 36 wire panels that you’ll easily get to connect with the provided plastic corner connectors. Since they are 4-way connectors, you can customize it however you’d like. It also features a wooden hammer for assembly and some zip ties to tie it securely.

PawHut Playpen Review

Panel Size And Price
Each panel is 13.75-in long and wide. You can buy more of the same brand playpen panels to make this cheap big guinea pig cage even bigger. It costs around 60 dollars but if you were aiming for a cage, you can check out others in the extra-large guinea pig cages article.

In Short:

  • Comes with 36 panels
  • Each panel is 13.75-in wide and long
  • Has 72 corner connectors
  • Features an assembly hammer and zip ties
  • You can make it bigger by buying more
  • It’s completely customizable


Yaheetech Multi Levels Rolling Cage

Tall Cage
The main proportion of this cage is its height. It’s 52-in tall and because of it, it features 4 plastic ramps and small elevated levels so it uses the space provided efficiently. The frame is made with powder-coated metal tubes while its sides are made out of wire. It’s colored white and even features a stand.

Yaheetech Ferret Enclosure Review

Stand Info
The stand has 4 wheels and a cleaning tray below the wire grid that easily slides out. It features 3 doors so you can easily access all levels on one of the more affordable guinea pig cages for 2. If you’d want to learn more about housing 2 guinea pigs together and how big of a space you need, read the 10.5 square feet guinea pig cage article next.

In Short:

  • It’s 52-in tall
  • Comes with 4 ramps ad 5 elevated surfaces
  • It’s made with powder-coated metal tubes and wire
  • Has 3 entrances
  • Sits on 4 wheels and has a cleaning tray


Aivituvin Outdoor Hutch

Price Justification
When compared to other cages, this hutch doesn’t come cheap with its price of around 200 dollars but compared to others, it is a cheap guinea pig hutch. If you’d like to make sure of that yourself you can read about others in the outdoor guinea pig hutch article.


Wood And Wire Info
It’s made with fir wood, has some chicken wire sides, and features a waterproof asphalt roof. All work together to protect it from outdoor weather elements. It even has a covered 2nd level, a run area, 3 entrances in total, and 2 cleaning trays below each level. It sits on wheels so you can easily move it indoors as well.

In Short:

  • Made with fir wood and wire
  • Has 2 levels, accessible with a ramp
  • Features an asphalt rooftop
  • Sits on wheels for easier moving
  • Has 3 entrances and a cleaning tray below each level


Rockever House Habitat

Grounded Cage
This cage is grounded which is great for guinea pigs who are scared of heights. In case you want to keep our guinea pig visible at all times even in dim lighting, you can attach a lamp to the lamp frame above the wire top. The 2 doors are found on the top but one has 2 panels connected with hinges.

Rockever Cage

Entrances And Areas
The other entrance is for you to check on your guinea pig in its hideout that it can access through a hole in the divider. It requires some assembly but with predrilled holes ad all hardware included, it shouldn’t be too hard. If you’d feel safe having your pet inside these cheap indoor guinea pig cages but want to see if there’s one you’d like better, read the indoor guinea pig enclosure article next.

In Short:

  • Made with wood and wire
  • Has 2 doors on top
  • One door consists of 2 hinged panel
  • It’s grounded
  • Features a stand for a lamp
  • Has a hideout and run area


Kaytee My First Home

Low 2nd Level
Your guinea pig will much appreciate the more space that comes with the 2nd level that isn’t set high since the whole cage is only 19-in tall. It’s 30-in long and 18-in wide as well but still manages to fit a ramp, an elevated area, a bowl, bottle, and feeder inside.

Kaytee Cage

Cage Contents
It consists of a wire top and has a blue plastic bottom base that can detach easily for cleaning. The cheap small guinea pig cage even sits on wheels so it’s easier to transport even though it only weighs around 9 lbs. You’ll pay around 80 dollars for this small guinea pig cage. If you’d like to keep it small but bigger than this, you can find more in the linked article.

In Short:

  • it’s 30-in long, 19-in tall, and 18-in wide
  • Made with a wire top and plastic deep base
  • Comes with a ramp, elevated area, bowl, bottle, and feeder
  • The base can be detached from the top
  • Costs around 80 dollars


MidWest Deluxe Homes For Pets

Square Footage
With its length of around 47-in and width of around 24-in, it’s the perfect cage for housing a single guinea pig since it offers it 7.8 square feet of space. The included things inside are an elevated area, a  hideout below, a bowl, a water bottle, and a hay feeder.

MIdwest Home For Pets Review

Top And Base
This affordable guinea pig cage is made with a wire top and features a plastic base. The base is deep to prevent bedding and mess spills but can be detached for you to clean it easily. You’ll pay less than 100 dollars for this whole thing and its accessories included. It weighs around 16 lbs so it’s an easily portable guinea pig cage. If interested, check out more below.

In Short:

  • It’s around 47-in long and 24-in wide
  • Offers one guinea pig 7.8 square feet of space
  • Has a deep plastic base and a wire top
  • Features an elevated area and hideout below
  • Comes with a water bottle, hay feeder, and bowl


Scurrty Indoor Outdoor Hutch

2nd Story Access
The top level can be accessed using one wide ramp. Below this level, you’ll find more space acting as a run area extending to the left side as well. Both levels feature hidden cleaning trays as well. If you want to learn more about them, you can read about other 2 level guinea pig cages next.

Scurrty Hutch Review

Use Locations
Even with multiple locations of use, its 40.5-in in length, 26-in in width, and 32-in in height, you’ll pay less than 200 dollars for it. The affordable guinea pig cage sits on wheels that are lockable so you can transfer it indoors if you don’t want to use it outdoors. We can’t think of a reason why not since it’s made with a waterproof roof, sturdy wire, and wooden frame.

In Short:

  • Made with wood and sturdy wire
  • Has a waterproof roof
  • Features a 40.5-in long and 26-in wide run area
  • The top-level is accessed using a ramp
  • It’s 32-in tall
  • Costs less than 200 dollars
  • Sits on 4 lockable wheels
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors


MidWest Homes For Pets

Cage Colors
The whole thing consists of a white wire top and a plastic base that’s detachable and colored blue. This affordable guinea pig cage attaches to the top with plastic locking clips. The accessories like the bowl, water bottle, and hay feeder are green while the elevated area and hideout are white as well.

Midwest Homes Cage

Size And Base
You won’t have to worry about the bedding you put inside overflowing because the base is deep. It’s around 30-in long, 18-in wide, and 16-in tall. If you’d like the benefit of a cage looking cute but being a bit bigger, you can read about others in the cute guinea pig cages article.

In Short:

  • It’s around 30-in long, 18-in wide, and 16-in tall
  • Has a plastic deep base and a top wireframe
  • It’s colored with blue, white, and green colors
  • Comes with a ramp, elevated area, and hideout
  • Features a bowl, water bottle, and hay feeder


Tespo Pet Playpen

Cheap And Customizable
With the combination of cheap guinea pig bedding you can put on the bottom, and or getting more to create a top, you won’t spend more than 100 dollars for the things mentioned. One playpen costs around 30 dollars and they’re rarely more expensive than 70 dollars so check out others in the guinea pig outdoor playpen article.

Tespo Playpen

Panels, Color, And Connection
It can be used indoors and outdoors but you should keep the guinea pig monitored at all times nonetheless. It features 12 wire panels, non-slip sticky ats for the panel connectors, and even comes with zip ties. We can’t tell you how big it can be but each panel is 12-in wide, and 15-in tall. It’s black but you can choose to have it colored white, pink, or blue.

In Short:

  • You can buy more to get more panels and make it bigger
  • Comes with 12 panels
  • Costs around 30 dollars
  • Features connector and anti-slip mats
  • Cna be further secured with zip ties
  • Each panel is 12-in wide, and 15-in tall

How To Pick A Cheap Guinea Pig Cage

There’s more to choosing the best cheap guinea pig cage than just getting one for the lowest price. Some might be more expensive than others but they offer more and are long-lasting which, in the long run, makes them cheaper. Other things to consider are size, location of use, and plenty of other things we’ll discuss in detail in this guide.

Price Points – As we said, outdoor guinea pig hutches to be more expensive and you’ll usually pay around 150 dollars for them. Some can climb to cost around 200 dollars but that’s still fairly cheap considering their size and the fact that they usually come with a run area and a 2nd level hutch area.

Cheap Playpens – Playpens are going to be the cheapest but also offer your guinea pig plenty of space to walk around. The great thing about them is that you can customize their shape, get more to make it bigger, and sometimes even use them outdoors. With outdoor use, they shouldn’t be left unattended though.

Cage Categories – We’ve divided these into 2 categories in terms of location of use. You can find indoor and outdoor models and some models can be used both indoors and outdoors. The cheaper out of the two are of course indoor cages since they don’t require special materials for weather protection.

Cage Types – We’ve reviewed fully metal cages, wooden and wire cages, and playpens. A guinea pig should have a run area since it’s a highly active pet both during the day and at night. Nonetheless, they should also get some out-of-cage time every day as well.

Grounded Cages – We’d still recommend you get a grounded cage since it’s going to be cheaper and will guarantee you that your guinea pig will use all of it. The reason is simple. Most guinea pigs are scared of heights so they might not even use the 2nd level if you offer them one with a 2 level guinea pig cage.

One And 2 Guinea Pig Housing – Although it’s more of a reference point, you shouldn’t go that much lower in terms of square footage required for you to house one guinea pig. For one, you’ll need to get a cage with a square footage of around 7.5 square feet and for two, you should get one with a square footage of around 10.5.

To Sum Up

The first reason why we can’t recommend one cheap guinea pig cage is that we don’t know your max budget. The second reason is that they’re all different and have different functions so you should choose one based on your and our guinea pig’s needs. If you don’t care about price that much, after all, you can check out either the guinea pig habitat article or the wooden guinea pig cages article. If you’d like to read reviews about all of the possible guinea pig cages habitats and enclosures whether they’re outdoor or indoor, you can read the guinea pig cages article next.

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