Best 10 Wooden Guinea Pig Cages You Can Buy: Reviews & Guide

Don’t you just love wooden guinea pig cages?

Would you like to get one but don’t know where to look or how to decide on one?

We’ll help you pick out the best and the only thing you need to do is continue reading this article. We’ve reviewed cages made out of different types of wood and for different uses like indoor models, hideouts or houses, enclosures, and more than just those.

The Summary

Petsfit Wooden Hamster Cage SummaryPetsfit Indoor Guinea Hutch
If you’d like to give your guinea pig the most comfortable space to live in this one is perfect for it since it offers it 7.5 square feet of livable space.
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Kaytee Hideout SummaryKaytee Hut Hideout
With no screws or glued parts, this hideaway house is the perfect safe choice for guinea pigs. To top it all off, it blends well inside wooden cages.
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Aivituvin Hutch SummaryAivituvin 47″ Two Story Hutch
It’s expected from a large cage to be heavy. This one weighs around 64 lbs but it’s still easy to move since it sits on 4 lockable wheels.
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Rockever Cage SummaryRockever Small Animal House
It will be easy to inspect and check up on your guinea pig even with bad lighting since it has 2 top doors and a frame for hanging a lamp.
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PawHut Wooden Indoor Elevated Cage SummaryPawHut Wooden Elevated Cage
This enclosure is highly mobile but also stable due to the four wheels it sits on that you can lock to prevent it from moving elsewhere.
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Good Life Hutch SummaryGood Life Two Floors Hutch
You’ll inevitably save money if you have 2 guinea pigs with this cage since it’s 62-in long and can comfortably house 2 outdoors.
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Magshion Cage SummaryMagshion Wooden Cage Run
When it’s not in use, you can save space in your storage room by folding it down. If you’d like to transport it, it’s easy to carry with a rope handle.
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Aivituvin Cage SummaryAivituvin Wooden Hutch And Run
This is a pretty large crate with a bottom run and even a 2nd level area. All of this should be more than the minimum recommended for 3 guinea pigs.
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Birasil Hutch SummaryBirasil 48 Inch Guinea Hutch
Both the run and hutch are covered with a waterproof asphalt roof that will keep your guinea pigs dry no matter the weather.
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Pawhut Run SummaryPawHut Outdoor Triangular
Apart from looking cool with its triangular shape, this shape will also prevent water build-up that might damage the wood in outdoor applications.
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Best 10 Wooden Guinea Pig Cages


Petsfit Indoor Guinea Hutch

Dimensions And Square Footage
When you do a little bit of math with its length of 35.5-in and width of 21-in, it’s easy to conclude that your guinea pig will get around 7.5 square feet of livable space. this is the perfect and recommended size for one guinea pig and if you’d like to learn more and read about other models, you can read the 7.5 square feet guinea pig cage article next.

BEST INDOOR Petsfit Cute Rabbit Hutch

Wood And Wire Build
It’s primarily made with wood and has wire sides. The bottom tray doesn’t feature a wire grid floor so it will be easy on their feet. This wood guinea pig cage features a ramp for 2nd level access that has a hideout below it as well. You can access your guinea pig from the top while it can access the cage using the side ramp door.

In Short:

  • Made with wood and wire
  • HAs a galvanized metal cleaning tray
  • Has a top entrance and a side ramp door
  • it’s 35.5-in long and 21-in wide
  • Has a ramp for elevated area access
  • Comes with a hideout area


Kaytee Hut Hideout

Hideout And Run
If you ever decided to buy a cage with nothing but a run, you’ll still want a hideout area and that’s where this wooden guinea pig house comes into play. For more, you can read the article about other indoor guinea pig houses since they’re not exclusively all wooden.

Kaytee Hideout

No Glue Or Screws
It’s made entirely out of wood and doesn’t have any screw or glue that might harm your guinea pig. It will encourage them to chew on it so it’s something you’ll have to replace often but it only costs around 8 dollars. It has a hole in the front acting as an entry point and the wood used to make it is pine wood.

In Short:

  • Made with pine wood
  • Doesn’t feature any screws or glue
  • Has a hole in the front acting as an entrance
  • Costs around 8 dollars
  • Encourages natural chewing behavior in guinea pigs


Aivituvin 47″ Two Story Hutch

Weight And Size
Although it’s 44-in long, 17-in wide, 40-in tall, and weighs around 64 lbs, you’ll still easily move this large wooden guinea pig cage elsewhere due to the provided bottom wheels that are also lockable. It’s 40-in tall since it also features a second level accessible through a single wide ramp inside.

Aivituvin 47 Rabbit Hutch

Cleaning And Doors
The bottom tray goes along the whole length and width of the case while the top tray is somewhat smaller since the 2nd story is also smaller. It has 5 doors all located in the front and is made with fir wood and wire. If you’d like an even bigger model, you can read about other extra large guinea pig cages next.

In Short:

  • It’s 44-in long, 17-in wide, and 40-in tall
  • Has 2 stories
  • The 2nd level is accessible through a ramp
  • Has 2 cleaning trays
  • Features 5 entrances
  • Sits on wheels to move this 64 lbs cage easily


Rockever Small Animal House

Top Doors
All of the entrances found on this cage are found on top. There are two of them, one for the hideout and one for the run area. The run area door has a wooden frame and consists of 2 panels connected with hinges. It’s only around 14-in tall so if you’d like a bigger wood guinea pig cage indoor model, you can read the indoor guinea pig enclosure article next.

Rockever Cage

Light Stand
Apart from being around 14-in tall, it’s 26-in long and 24-in wide. It’s grounded and since it’s for indoor use, you’ll find useful the stand that you can use to hang a lamp on it to see your guinea pig. It’s easy to assemble with pre-drilled holes and all of the hardware included with it.

In Short:

  • Has 2 top entrances
  • It’s 14-in tall, 26-in long, and 24-in wide
  • Comes with a lamp frame
  • Made with wood and wire
  • Comes with hardware and predrilled holes for easy assembly


PawHut Wooden Elevated Cage

Elevated Design
Although you won’t have much use of its elevated design to prevent mold build-up since it’s made for indoor use, you will have use of the wheels that elevate it from the ground. You’ll easily get to move this piece anywhere inside your home. If you’d prefer a static model, you can read about others in the indoor guinea pig enclosure article.

PawHut Wooden Indoor Elevated Cage Review

Doors And Proportions
It has a top and side door, the side door also acts as an access ramp to the inside for your guinea pig. The wood guinea pig cage has a hideout and above it an elevated area that can be accessed using a ramp. It only features a slide-out cleaning tray below so no wire grid to hurt your guinea’s feet. Overall, it’s 35.5-in long, 20.75-in wide, and 23.25-in tall.

In Short:

  • Sits on 4 lockable wheels
  • Made for indoor use
  • it’s 35.5-in long, 20.75-in wide, and 23.25-in tall
  • Has a hidden cleaning tray below
  • Has a ramp side door and a top interaction door


Good Life Two Floors Hutch

Locations Of Use
It would be a shame not to get the best benefit of this hutch by using it outdoors. It’s made with fir wood that’s great in outdoor applications, has some chicken wire sides, and even has a waterproof asphalt roof to keep them dry. It’s so large it has 2 cleaning trays on the bottom.

Good Life 62 Rabbit Hutch

Size Specifics
To be specific about its size, it’s 62-in long, 21-in wide, and 37-in tall. It’s that tall measuring the 2nd level that takes up less than half of its overall length. The bottom is a run area more than anything else. This wooden guinea pig hutch can house 2 guinea’s but if you’d prefer a single guinea pig model, find them all in the outdoor guinea pig hutch article.

In Short:

  • Has a waterproof asphalt roof
  • made with fir wood and chicken wire
  • It’s 62-in long, 21-in wide, and 27-in tall
  • Features a run bottom area and a 2nd level hideout
  • Comes with a total of 3 cleaning trays
  • Can house 2 guinea pigs


Magshion Wooden Cage Run

Pine Frame
The pine wood frame and half the top made with pine wood sheets along with the chicken wire sides make it excellent for outdoor use. Every guinea pig deserves some out-of-cage time and this is the perfect choice for that. When it’s not in use, you can even fold it down to save on storage space.

Magshion Cage Review

Folding Design
If you’re traveling, you can carry this wooden guinea pig run easily with the provided rope handle and the metal hook will prevent it from accidentally opening up. Overall, it’s around 45-in long, 41-in wide, and 20-in tall. For smaller or bigger outdoor guinea pig runs, read the article linked below next.

In Short:

  • Made with pine wood and wire
  • Can be folded down ad attached with a metal hook
  • You can carry it using the rope handle
  • It’s 45-in long, 41-in wide, and 20-in tall
  • Features a door on the top


Aivituvin Wooden Hutch And Run

No Floor Bottom
Grounded with no floor and made for outdoor use, there’s not a thing to worry about when it comes to cage bedding. You can put the bedding on the second story that your guinea pigs can access through one of the 2 ramps located on each side of the centered second level.

Aivituvin Cage

Possible Indoor Use
This wood guinea pig cage is 87.8-in long, 20.5-in wide, and 33.7-in tall which is more than enough for you to comfortably house 3 guinea pigs inside. You will get a PVC bottom in case you want to use it indoors, While outdoors, it’ll do fine with an asphalt roof, and fir wood and wire build. If you have that many guinea pigs, you can read about more cages like this in the guinea pig cage for 3 article.

In Short:

  • Made with fir wood and wire
  • Features an asphalt roof
  • Comes with a PVC bottom for indoor use
  • It’s 87.7-in long, 20.5-in wide, and 33.7-in tall
  • Has a 2nd level accessible from the left and right side ramp
  • The run area is as big as the overall cage


Birasil 48 Inch Guinea Hutch

Run Size
The run area of this cage is located on the bottom and is 48-in long and 23-in wide. The cage is also 31.5-in tall so that the 2nd story that your guinea pig can access through a ramp can fit inside. The second level has one door access and features a cleaning tray below.

Birasil Hutch Review

Waterproof Top
The top is made to look like a house rooftop and is a waterproof asphalt roof. This allows you to use it outdoors along with its fir wood and wire build. When calculated, it gives you 10.5 square feet of space which is enough to house 2 guinea pigs. For more cages with this square footage, read the 10.5 square feet guinea pig cage article next.

In Short:

  • Has a bottom run and a top hutch area
  • The top-level is accessed through a single ramp
  • Comes with a cleaning tray and one entrance for the 2nd story
  • It’s 48-in long and 23-in wide
  • Offers 10.5 square feet of space
  • Can house two guinea pigs
  • Has an asphalt roof and is made with fir wood and wire


PawHut Outdoor Triangular

Cage Shape
If you find all of the previously reviewed cages boring, you’ll enjoy this one that has a triangular shape which makes it a pretty cool guinea pig cage. You can read about others in the linked article below. It has a small hideout area accessible through an arched door hole and a small run area. You can access your guinea pig from both areas since both feature one entrance.

Pawhut Run Review

Shape Benefits
Since the wood cage for guinea pigs has a triangular shape, there will be no water build-up on the roof that might damage the fir wood it’s made with. The wire it’s made out of has a lower gauge meaning it’s thicker and more durable. Overall, it’s 45.5-in long, 24.25-in wide, and 20.75-in tall.

In Short:

  • Has a triangular shape
  • Features a fir wood frame
  • The wire sides have a low gauge
  • Has a hideout and run area
  • It’s 45.5-in long, 24.25-in wide, and 20.75-in tall

How To Pick A Wooden Guinea Pig Cage

We’ll talk about more than just the wood of these wooden guinea pig cages but it’s an important part of choosing the best one for yourself. We’ll discuss sizes, the optimal size for one guinea pig, outdoor applications, indoor applications, and plenty of other things all in this buying guide.

Wood Types – The two most commonly used woods in making these cages are fir wood and pine wood. Pinewood is an aromatic wood so it should be processed to eliminate the scent or be covered with a safe for pets finish. It’s always best to choose a wooden cage for guinea pigs for more than one reason but one is that it’s the closest to their natural habitat.

Guinea Pig Behavior – Guinea pigs area cavies meaning their teeth grow nonstop and they’ll munch on things to wear them down. Often, the wood on their cage will be a target to chew on which is just fine and can’t be stopped unless you get them hay to chew on.

Outdoor Wood Choice – Fir wood is definitely a great wood for outdoor applications because it shrinks and expands due to moisture like any other wood, but goes back to its original form. With the addition of pet-safe and weatherproof finishes, it provided a long-lasting outdoor guinea pig housing solution.

Indoor Wood Choice – The thing to think about with indoor wooden guinea pig cages is that they don’t give a lovely wooden scent. Guinea pigs are sensitive animals with sensitive skin and feet so it’s good to have a well-ventilated cage that doesn’t give harsh smells. To avoid this problem completely, you should also think about using bedding that is scent-free and dust-free.

Choosing The Size Based On Guinea Pig Numbers – Guinea pigs are active animals so they need a lot of space to exercise both at night and during the day. One guinea pig should be housed in a cage that offers 7.5 square feet of space, 2 inside 10.5 square feet spaces, and 3 in at least 10.5 but it would be better to get a 13 square feet cage. These numbers won’t be presented so it’s best to grab an online square footage calculator and read it using the length and width of a cage.

To Sum Up

We can’t recommend one wooden guinea pig cage since we don’t know whether you want to have it for indoor use, outdoor use, both, or even how many guinea pigs you want to house inside. Read the buying guide and you should know more than enough to choose the best on your own. If you’d prefer to have your guinea pig housed outdoors or strictly indoors you can read the outdoor guinea pig cage article or the indoor guinea pig cage article next. For reviews of both and more, all in one place, read the guinea pig cages article.

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