4 Best 7.5 Square Feet Guinea Pig Cages Reviewed By Expert

Do you need a new 7.5 square feet guinea pig cage?

You’re not sure which one will be best for your lovely pet?

We reviewed 4 different models, so keep on reading to find the best indoor, outdoor, deluxe, and much more and pick the best one from the list!

The Summary

BEST OF BEST 7.5 SQUARE FEET CAGEYaheetech Sturdy Hamster Enclosure SUmmary
Yaheetech Cage
This sturdy rounded frame cage is the perfect choice if you’re looking for spacious space. It has 4 rolling wheels for easy moving.
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BEST INDOOR 7.5 SQUARE FEET CAGEAivituvin Hamster Cage Summary
Aivituvin Cage
A combination of acrylic and wood will perfectly fit in your interior. The cage has a spacious space with an access ramp to the levels.
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BEST 2 LEVELS 7.5 SQUARE FEET CAGEPetsfit Wooden Hamster Cage Summary
Petsfit Cage
This functional cage has 2 levels and it is made of wood with sturdy wires. It has a large elevated area with a hideout underneath.
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BEST DELUXE 7.5 SQUARE FEET CAGEMidwest Deluxe Critter Nation Summary
Midwest Cage
If you’re looking for a deluxe cage for your lovely pet, this is a perfect choice. It has a large interior with an elevated platform.
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6 Best 7.5 Square Feet Guinea Pig Cages


Yaheetech Cage

Metal Frame
This sturdy 7.5 square feet cage is made from a powder-coated metal frame with sturdy wires that are tight enough so your pet can’t escape outside or stuck in between. A rounded frame is a perfect design for owner and pet protection.

Yaheetech Sturdy Hamster Enclosure

Multi-level Design
Cage measures 25.2 x 17.13 x 36.81 inches that will be enough for your lovely pet to have easy moving and playing in a new habitat. This guinea pig cage of 7.5 square feet has 3 wire platforms with an access ramp for climbing.

Safety Latches
When you need to have access to this portable guinea pig cage, there are 2 front doors, that are wide enough so you can quickly do your pet’s daily routine. Doors have latches for full protection.

Yaheetech Cage

Clean Habitat
For clean habitat, there is a metal grate so your pet doesn’t stand on its droppings. The slide-out tray at the bottom of the cage can be removed for easier cleaning. 4 rolling wheels will provide quick and easy moving.

In Short

  • Made of a sturdy metal frame with wires
  • Spacious space for easy moving and comfort
  • 3 platforms with access ramp for easier climbing
  • The sliding tray provides easier cleaning
  • 4 rolling wheels for quick-moving


Aivituvin Cage

Wooden Frame
7.5 square feet guinea pig cage is made of a wooden frame and acrylic front windows so you can easily see your lovely pet. For great air circulation, there are side and top wire mesh.

Aivituvin Hamsters Cage Review

Great Comfort
With a measurement of 39 x 19.68 x 24.2 inches your pet will have great comfort in this guinea pig cage of 7.5 square feet. The cage has 3 levels, with a non.-slip access ramp to the platforms. 

Quick Access
For easier access, there is an openable top roof. Also, you can open the front window so your pet can explore while you’re doing daily maintenance. Doors are lockable so your pet can’t escape outside.

Aivituvin Cage

Easy Moving
To save you time and energy there is a bottom tray with a sliding system, so you can wipe out the mess quickly. This multi-level guinea pig cage is easily portable, so you can find the perfect spot in your interior.

In Short

  • Made from a wooden frame and acrylic windows
  • The wire mesh provides great air circulation
  • Great comfort with a multi-level design
  • Quick access from the roof and the front doors
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance


Petsfit Cage

Sturdy Wires
If you’re looking for a 2 level guinea pig cage, this can be your choice. It is made from natural solid wood and a sturdy wire mesh system that will protect your pet and have long durability.

Petsfit Wooden Hamster Cage Review

Elevated Area
This cage measures 35.5 x 21 x 21 inches so your lovely pet can have fun and easy moving around this 7.5 square feet cage. There is a large elevated platform that is a perfect feeding area. Underneath, your pet can hide and have privacy.

Quick Access
The top roof can be fully opened, so you can feed and play with your pet anytime you want. The bottom door ramp provides quick moving in and out. The lock door system will provide safety.

Petsfit Wooden Hamster Cage

Easy Setup
When it is time for cleaning, pull out the bottom tray and wipe out the mess. Lightweight construction is perfect for easy moving. You will have no problems with assembly, there are pre-drilled holes for quick setup.

In Short

  • Solid wood with sturdy wires for safety
  • Spacious space with an elevated platform
  • Fully opened top roof for quick access
  • Easy cleaning with sliding tray
  • Lightweight for quick transport


Midwest Cage

Modern Design
If you’re searching for a deluxe guinea pig cage for your lovely pet, this is a great option. it is made of a sturdy frame with tight wires for safety. Modern black design will perfectly fit in your interior.

Midwest Deluxe Cage

Large Habitat
This 7.5 square feet guinea pig cage measures 36 x 24 x 39 inches, so your pet can have a large playground and maximum comfort in a new habitat. It has an access ramp to the elevated platform. The ramp has a softcover for the pet’s comfort.

Daily Maintenence
Large front doors will provide quick access when you need to do a daily pet routine, such as feeding or changing the water. The lock system will make sure your pet can’t escape outside of this guinea pig cage of 7.5 square feet.

Midwest Deluxe Cage Review

Additional Shelf
When you need to clean the mess, use the water and soap and wipe out the mess on the platform and on the bottom, as well. There is an additional shelf, so you can store the food. Use wheels with brakes for easy moving.

In Short

  • Modern design with metal frame for durability
  • Large interior for easy moving and playing
  • Softcover ramp to the elevated area
  • Additional shelf for storing the accessories and food
  • Wheels with brakes for easy moving

How To Pick The Best 7.5 Square Feet Guinea Pig Cage?

If you’re buying your first cage for your lovely pet, and you’re not sure which one will be the best option, keep on reading our guide. We summarized some important features that will help you with that, so your pet can have the best new habitat.

Spacious Space – If you’re not sure which measurement of the cage will be the best option, we recommend to pick the cage that is around 30 x 36 inches. Guinea pig is an active animal so you need to provide enough space for easy moving and comfort, as well. With enough comfort in a large guinea pig habitat, your pet will stay healthy and happy.

Sturdy Construction – One of the most important things that you need to keep in mind is the safety of your lovely pet. Make sure to check what kind of material the cage is made from. We recommend picking the metal frame for longer durability. If you prefer wooden cages, make sure it is made from solid wood and painted with protected paint.

Easy Access – So you can do your daily pet routine, the 7.5 square feet cage needs to have multiple doors for easy access. Doors need to be large enough so you can reach every corner. We recommend picking the cage that has both, top and front doors. Also, make sure that the doors have safety latches, so your pet can’t escape easily.

Functional Interior – Because you’re picking the guinea pig cage of 7.5 square feet for your lovely pet, it is important that the interior is functional, so he can have enjoyable habitat. If your pet is active, pick a cage with a multi-level design. If you prefer a simple design, pick the cage with an elevated platform, perfect for the feeding area. There are also customizable cages that are very functional, as well.

To Sum Up

From 4 different categories, Yaheetech Cage is the best 7.5 square feet guinea pig cage in our opinion. It has a sturdy frame, spacious space, and easy moving wheels. If you prefer cages that have a plastic bottom base, make sure to check our post and pick the best plastic guinea pig cage for your pet. Also, if you’re looking for a cage for transport, pick the best guinea pig travel cage on the market.

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