Best 10 Indoor Guinea Pig Cages For Every House & Apartment

Can’t find a big or small enough indoor guinea pig cage and you’ve already lost all hope that you’ll find one you like?

If you continue reading this article, you can be sure that you’ll find the one you want. Not only did we review nothing but the best, but we also made sure to provide a large variety of cages for you to learn and read about like playpens, 2 story cages, and even cages for two guinea pigs.

The Summary

Prevue Hendryxs Cocoa & Cream Small Animal Cage SummaryPrevue Hendryx Small Animal Cage
It’s easy to move this durable, chew-proof metal cage around due to the wheels on a stand it sits on. 2 of the wheels are also lockable.
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Aivituvin Indoor Wooden Ferret Cage SummaryAivituvin Wheels Wooden Hutch
Although its roof fir wood and wire build make it great for outdoor use, due to the lockable wheels and finish, it’s also for indoor use.
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AmazonBasics Cage SummaryAmazon Basics Small Animal Cage
You can house one guinea pig on each level or remove the 2nd level shelf to house the guinea pig. The point is, it’s taller so it saves space indoors.
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Rockever Cage SummaryRockever House Habitat
You can have the perfect vision of your guinea pig even in dim lighting if you buy a lamp and attach it to a wooden frame that’s designed for them.
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Krolik Cage SummaryKrolik XXL Rabbit Cage
This cage with a length of 63.8-in and a width of 23.6-in offers the perfect square footage of 10.5 to allow you to house 2 guinea pigs together in it.
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Pulse Brands Hideout SummaryPulse Brands Flexible Hideout
No matter your style or guinea pig cage type, you can blend this house well however you’d like since it’s flexible and bendable.
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Kaytee Cage SummaryKaytee Critter Home
The base of this crate is purple-colored but transparent so you can always keep an eye on your guinea pig, even if it’s not on the 2nd story.
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Allisandro Playpen SummaryAllisandro Small Pet Playpen
With 8 panels, it’s considered a small playpen but you can expand it by getting more. The panels are white and transparent so you can monitor your pet.
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Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation SummaryMidwest Deluxe Critter Nation
The elevated area that makes it a double guinea pig cage is large enough for your pet to comfortably spend time there
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Prevue MultiColor Pet Playpen SummaryPrevue Pet Small Pet Playpen
This colorful playpen can be put away easily when it’s not in use and you can also get a bottom cover for it to keep your floors clean.
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Best 10 Indoor Guinea Pig Cages


Prevue Hendryx Small Animal Cage

Color And Materials
The color of the frame that’s made out of steel tubes is cocoa while the wire sides are colored white. The base, that’s made out of plastic is colored just like the frame and it hangs on the bottom, divided from the cage interior with a wire grid. It sits on a stand that features 4 wheels, 2 of them are lockable.

Prevue Hendryx Cage

Doors And Stories
There’s a door in the front and one on top. The guinea pig cage for inside has a second deck that’s accessible through a ramp. If you don’t think this cage will fit well into your home, you can read about other guinea pig cages on wheels in the article we’ve linked below.

In Short:

  • Has a metal tube frame and wire sides
  • It’s colored cocoa and white
  • Has a top and front door
  • The hanging deep base is plastic
  • Features a wire grid floor
  • Sits on a stand containing 4 wheels, 2 are lockable


Aivituvin Wheels Wooden Hutch

Size And Levels
The cage is comprised out of 2 levels, the bottom level features a cleaning tray, a ramp to access the 2nd level, a single access door, and functions as a run area. It’s 33.1-in long, and 20.1-in long. If you’d like to read more about this and other guinea pig hutch indoor models that are good for both indoor and outdoor use. You can read the outdoor guinea pig hutch article next.


Build Materials
This hutch features wonderful woodwork along with its wire sides. It’s made with fir wood that acts great in outdoor applications. The asphalt roof that is waterproof is also beneficial for outdoor use but, due to the lockable wheels it’s easy to move indoors and the grey-colored finish will help it blend well into most modern homes.

In Short:

  • Made with fir wood and wire
  • Has a waterproof asphalt roof
  • You can use it outdoors
  • Features lockable bottom wheels for easy transport indoors
  • It’s 33.1-in wide and 20.1-in long
  • Has a bottom run are and a top hideout


Amazon Basics Small Animal Cage

2 Levels And Decks
This cage is both a double-decker cage and a 2 level cage. It features 2 ramps to access two elevated areas. Each elevated area is on a different level that is accessible through another ramp. this makes it a tall cage rather than wide or long. It’s 63.4-in tall, 23.2-in wide, and 36-in long.

AmazonBasics Cage Review

Removable Level And Frame
The 2nd level shelf is removable as well if you’d like to house your guinea pig on one level only. This inside guinea pig cage has a metal tube frame, sits on 4 wheels, and has wire sides. Both levels are fully accessible through double doors on each. If you’d prefer to have your cage wide and long, you can read the article about extra large indoor guinea pig cages next.

In Short:

  • Has a 2nd level and 2 decks
  • The 2nd level shelf is removable
  • Made with metal tube and wire
  • Features 2 double door entrances
  • It’s 63.4-in tall, 23.2-in wide, and 36-in long
  • Sits on a stand with wheels and a storage shelf


Rockever House Habitat

Grounded Cage
The cage is grounded so it only features doors on top. There’s a wooden hideout top door and a wooden frame and wire sides double door. The double door is made out of 2 panels connected through hinges. It’s 36-in long, 24-in wide, and 14-in tall so it’s great for housing one guinea pig.

Rockever Cage

Inside Cage Visibility
It features a frame where you can attach a lamp if you buy it and for assembly, you’ll get predrilled holes and all hardware included to make it easier. It’s made with solid fir wood and features a wooden bottom. If this is a convenient way for you to house your guinea pig, you can read about other indoor guinea pig enclosures next.

In Short:

  • Made with fir wood and wire
  • Features a hutch entrance and a double run top entrance
  • It’s 36-in long, 24-in wide, and 14-in tall
  • Comes with a frame to attach a lamp
  • Features a wooden bottom


Krolik XXL Rabbit Cage

Cage Square Footage
If you do a little math with its length of 63.8-in and width of 23.6-in you’ll get the square footage of 10.5 which is the recommended size to house 2 guinea pigs. You can learn more about them and read about other models in the indoor guinea pig cages for 2 article.

Krolik Cage

Cage Extras
It comes with a divider, has an elevated area with a hideout below, 2 hay feeders, 2 water bottles, and even a food bowl. It has a wire top featuring a front and top entrance and a 5.5-in deep bottom to prevent the bedding from ending up on your floors.

In Short:

  • it’s 63.8-in wide and 23.6-in tall
  • Has a 55-in deep plastic base
  • Has a wire top with 2 doors
  • Come with a divider
  • Features 2 hay feeders, water bottles, and a single food bowl
  • Has a hideout and elevated area


Pulse Brands Flexible Hideout

Adjustable Shape
As many hideouts, this one also doesn’t feature glue or screws which makes it safe for guinea pigs. It’s shaped like a tuner and its circular paulownia wooden bars are all connected. This type of build makes it bendable and flexible.

Pulse Brands Hideout Review

Chew Safe
Since guinea pigs are cavies, their teeth constantly grow so to wear them down, they chew on things. This hideout is safe for them to chew on since it doesn’t feature paint or chemicals. You can easily find more in the indoor guinea pig house article if this doesn’t suit your taste or style.

In Short:

  • MAde with paulownia wood
  • The circular wood tubes are connected with wire
  • It’s bendable and flexible
  • The wood features no paint or harmful chemicals
  • It’s safe for guinea pigs to chew on


Kaytee Critter Home

Transparent Top And Bottom
If you like vibrant color designs and to get a cute guinea pig cage, this is the one to go for since it has a purple transparent plastic base and a blue transparent top. The second level ramp is curved and the 2nd story isn’t placed too high so that your guinea pig is scared to climb up there.

Kaytee Cage

Cage Accessories
It comes with a food bowl and a water bottle. Apart from the plastic top and base, it features wire sides and a top and front wire entrance. If you’d prefer your 2 story guinea pig cage indoor model with a separated 2nd level, read the article about other 2 level guinea pig cages next.

In Short:

  • Has a purple transparent plastic base
  • The top is transparent and blue colored
  • Has a top and front wire door
  • Features wire sides
  • Comes with a curved ramp to the 2nd story
  • Features a water bottle and a food bowl


Allisandro Small Pet Playpen

Transparent Panels
Great for a minimalist home because of its white transparent panels, you’ll easily get to keep an eye on your guinea pig at all times. If you’d prefer a wire pen or an actual cage, you can read about them and find the one you like in the indoor guinea pig enclosure article.


Pen Contents
This cheap guinea pig cage consists of 8 panels, expandable if you buy more panels or another pack of 8 panels. They feature 20 connectors and 20 zip ties. It won’t slip or slide since you can put anti-slip mats on each connector. It’s easy to assemble and even comes with a wooden hammer for assembly.

In Short:

  • Consists of 8 transparent white panels
  • Features 2 connectors and anti-slip mats
  • Comes with 20 zip ties
  • You can buy more to expand it inside and change its shape
  • Features a wooden mallet for easy assembly


Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation

Elevated Area Size
The elevated plastic area on this cage is much larger than what we’re used to seeing so it’s certain your guinea pig will love to spend time there as well. It’s accessible through a ramp while the bottom of the cage is covered with a plastic cleaning tray. You can easily take it off since it has a double front entrance.

midwest deluxe

Stand And Interior Bottom
The cage sits on a stand with wheels, 2 of which can be locked. It also has a storage grid for you to easily store guinea pig related accessories and supplies. It has a metal tube frame and wire sides. If you’d like to know more about this double guinea pig cage indoor model and others, you can read the double guinea pig cage article next.

In Short:

  • made out of metal tubes and wire
  • Has a ramp and a large elevated area
  • Sits on a stand with 4 wheels, 2 are lockable
  • Has a storage grid on the stand
  • Features a plastic tray on the interior bottom
  • HAs a double front entrance


Prevue Pet Small Pet Playpen

Folding Design
If you’d like a safe environment for your guinea pig to play indoors but also outdoors, you can get a playpen that’s easily foldable like this one is. It has an octagonal shape, and naturally, it’s made out of 8 wire panels. You can check out others if you’d like in the outdoor guinea pig playpen article.

Prevue Pet Playpen

Panel Colors And Bottom
Each of the panels is colored a different color. It uses blue, green, yellow and red. It doesn’t feature a canvas bottom but you can purchase one specifically made for this guinea pig indoor playpen. You can also combine more pens of the same model to crate a larger area than the 4 square feet provided with one.

In Short:

  • Made out of 8 wire panels
  • the panels are colored green, blue, yellow, and red
  • Offers around 4 square feet of space
  • The canvas bottom is available for separate purchase
  • Can be combined with more of the same model

How To Pick An Indoor Guinea Pig Cage

Which indoor guinea pig cage you’ll pick out really depends on the size of the cage, the available space you have to get one, how many guinea pigs you have, your budget, and whether or not you’d like a portable or even outdoor option as well. We’ll discuss them in detail in this buying guide so you can easily pick the best one for yourself.

Metal Cages – Metal cages are the most obvious choice for indoor guinea pig habitats since they’re most likely chew proof or resistant, and can fit well into modern homes. They might be heavy so it’s got that you can rely on the wheels they feature to move it easily from one place to the other.

Wooden Cages – If you’re looking at a wooden cage, there’s a higher chance that it’s going to be made for outdoor use. In this case, you should consider its size to see if it will fit inside. A good way to save space with these is to get a 2 story cage that’s taller and not as wide or long. If you’d prefer to use it both indoor and outdoor, you can always check if it features wheels on the bottom to move it easily.

Ventilated Cages – With indoor guinea pig cages, a problem that might occur is that it isn’t properly ventilated. ventilation is always important but it’s even more important if the bedding you’re using is scented since guinea pigs have small respiratory systems and sensitive skin so they can easily become ill and develop all sorts of skin infections and illnesses.

Appropriate Cage Size For Guinea Pigs – Depending on the number of guinea pigs you want to house indoors, you should get the appropriate cage size. One guinea pig should be housed in a cage with no less than 7.5 square feet of space while 2 should be housed in one with at least 10.5 square feet of space.

Playpen Use – A playpen is a good and safer way to get your guinea pig some out-of-cage time which is really important if you want to keep your guinea pig healthy both physically and mentally, as well as to prevent them from getting bored. When they do get bored, they tend to be loud, shriek, or even hiss like a cat. Even with a playpen, depending on your guinea pig, you should give them out-of-cage time altogether.

To Sum Up

The indoor guinea pig cage you’ll choose, as we’ve previously mentioned is solely based on your desires, wishes, housing abilities, and your guinea pig needs, and general behavior so we won’t recommend one this time. If you’d like to read about outdoor options next check out the outdoor guinea pig cage article and if you’re on a budget, you can read the post about cheap guinea pig cages next. For reviews of the best types in every possible cage category, read the guinea pig cages article next.

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