Best 6 Indoor Guinea Pig Cages For 2 Guinea Pigs Reviewed

Are you searching for the best indoor guinea pig cages for 2 fuzzies?

Check our post to find the perfect one for your lovely pets. We reviewed the best wooden, on wheels, with 2 levels, with wires and plastic, so you can pick the best option for your guinea pigs.

The Summary

AmazonBasics Guinea Pig Cage
A simple black design with a large living space is the perfect indoor choice. Your guinea pigs will enjoy a new environment.
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Aivituvin Guinea Pig Cage
Large run space is all your pets need for an active and happy life. This wooden cage is a great choice for indoor use.
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Kaytee Guinea Pig Cage
If you prefer 2 platforms for the maximum comfort of your pets, this can be your choice. Easy for movement and cleaning.
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PawHut Guinea Pig Cage
Wireframe cage that can be customized depending on your preferences. Large living space for maximum comfort for your pet.
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SongMics Guinea Pig Cage
Simple design with wireframe and water-resistant bottom for easy maintenance. A great choice for your pets.
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Krolik XXL Guinea Pig Cage
It has a separate area for maximum privacy, so if you prefer that feature, check this lovely cage.It will perfectly fit in every home.
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Best 6 Indoor Guinea Pig Cage For 2 Pets Reviews


AmazonBasics Guinea Pig Cage

Large Space
The indoor guinea pig cages for 2 is made fully black, and it is constructed with a metal wireframe and canvas bottom base. With a measurement of 47.64 x 13.98 x 24.21 inches, this indoor guinea pig cage for 2 will provide enough space for an active and fun life for your lovely pets.

AmazonBasics Cage

Cage Divider
It has a divider so your lovely pets can be separated for making a nest, privacy when there is an injury, or whatever needed. It has doors for access so you can easily put it open or close. AAt the corner of one side is a small platform for the feeding area.

Cage Entrance
It has side doors for access to the wire guinea pig cage, so you can do daily maintain quickly. Also, you can remove the top roof if you want to have full access. Don’t worry about the safety of your pet, sturdy construction with a tight space bar between wires will prevent escaping and injury.

AmazonBasics Cage Review

No Tools Required
Because of the canvas bottom that has a textural surface, your pet’s legs will be safe. Also, cleaning is very easy, you can quickly rinse it with water and soap. Cage is easy to assemble, there are no tools required, it will be ready for use in just a few minutes.

In Short

  • Large space for maximum comfort
  • Divider for the privacy of your pet
  • Removable roof for maximum access
  • Canvas bottom for the safety of your pet
  • Easy set up in few minutes


Aivituvin Guinea Pig Cage

Large And Spacious
Constructed with solid wood and wire mesh, this outdoor guinea pig hutch with a measurement of 87.8 x 20.5 x 33.7 inches is a great choice if you looking for large indoor guinea pig cages for 2. Your pets will have so much fun in this spacious environment.

Aivituvin Cage

Elevated Area
It has a large run space at the bottom for maximum comfort and the activity of your guinea pigs. There are two high-quality ramps on each side of the elevated hutch. The hutch is the perfect place for some privacy and the rest of your lovely pets.

Multiple Doors
There are multiple doors on the front side of the cage, which included front hutch doors, so you will have no worries about quick access inside. All doors have high-quality latches, so you will have no worries about possible pet escaping.

Aivituvin CageReview

Easy Cleaning
At the bottom of the hutch, there is a tray with a slide-out system, so you can easily clean it and provide maximum hygiene to your pets. Also, because of the multiple door access, you can easily clean every corner of the cage so your pets can have a clean environment.

In Short

  • Wood construction with wire mesh
  • Spacious space for maximum comfort
  • Elevated hutch for pets privacy
  • Multiple door access provides easy cleaning
  • Slide-out tray for daily maintain


Kaytee Guinea Pig Cage

Metal Wireframe
The indoor guinea pig cages for 2 is made of a metal wireframe with a deep blue plastic base is a great choice for your lovely pets. It has tight bar space wires, so your pets can’t be stuck in between, or even escape outside. With a measurement of 48 x 24 x 24 inches, this is a great indoor guinea pig cage for 2.

Kaytee Cage

Platforms And Ramps
Because of the deep bottom base that is made of quality plastic, your pets can have privacy when sleeping or resting. There are 2 large platforms on each side of the cage, with access ramps, so your pets can have separated areas for eating and drinking, as well as better comfort.

Daily Maintain
There are multiple doors for easy access, on the side of the cage, as well as at the top roof. So, you will have no problems with daily cleaning. The bottom base is removable, so you can easily wipe it out because of the plastic material, and it will be quickly ready for use.

Kaytee Cage Review

Included Features
Because of the 6 wheels, the rolling guinea pig cage is very easy or moving and transport, as well as store when you’re not using it. Quick setup in only a few minutes. All features such as 2 ramps, 2 shelves, a food bowl, and a rolling caster are included in the package.

In Short

  • A wireframe will deep blastic bottom
  • 2 Platforms with access ramps for maximum comfort
  • Multiple access for daily maintain
  • Rolling wheels for easy movement
  • Included features in the package


PawHut Guinea Pig Cage

Customized Panels
This indoor guinea pig cages for 2 is fully made of a metal wireframe, with a mesh system for the maximum safety of your pet. It has plastic connectors that are connecting each panel to provide stability of the construction. Panels can be customized according to your preferences.

PawHut Cage

Spacious Space
With a measurement of 57.5 x 28.75 x 28.75 inches, this is a great indoor guinea pig cage for 2, because it will provide spacious space for your lovely pets. You can adjust the shape of the cage depending on your pet’s needs, so they can have maximum comfort.

Active Environment
You can add some fun features to make their environment much more active and playful, such as toys, tunnels, and much more. Because of the wire mesh system, you can easily attach some feeding and drinking stuff, that will help you with daily maintenance.

PawHut Cage Review

Easy Access
This 2 tier indoor guinea pig cage has easy access from the open-top roof and doors on the side, so you will have no problems with cleaning. To protect your pet’s feet, put some leak-proof covers at the bottom of the cage, that will provide comfort and easy maintenance.

In Short

  • Metal frame cage with the mesh system
  • Panel connectors for maximum stability
  • Large living space that can be customized with panels
  • Easy access from the top roof and side doors
  • Easy to assemble, the package includes a wooden mallet


SongMics Guinea Pig Cage

Wire Frame With Connectors
White metal construction with plastic connectors will provide maximum stability of the indoor guinea pig cages for 2. At the bottom of the cage, there is a matt fabric that is water-resistant, which can be quickly attached to the wireframe. Your pets will love this comfortable environment.

SongMics Cage

Great Comfort
This indoor guinea pig cage for 2, with 48.4 x 24.8 x 24  inches will provide great comfort to your pets, and also enough space for an active and healthy life. Wire mesh system will provide enough air circulation, so your lovely pets can enjoy in fresh habitat.

Removable Bottom
For easy access inside of the cage, there are 2 side doors, that can act as a ramp, so your pets can go exploring outside. You can do daily maintenance because of the water-resistant bottom that can be easily removed for cleaning, and ready for use in a few minutes.

SongMics Cage Review

Easy Setup
The indoor guinea pig pen is easy for moving and transport, because of its non-slip mats that will prevent scratches on the floor. There will be no problems with setup, you will get all the features inside of the package, with an included rubber mallet for assembly and zip ties for maximum stability.

In Short

  • Wireframe with plastic connectors for stability
  • Spacious space for great comfort
  • Removable water-resistant bottom
  • Easy movement with non-slip mats
  • Included rubber mallet for assembly


Krolik XXL Guinea Pig Cage

Great Comfort
This indoor guinea pig cages for 2 measures 63.8 x 23.62 x 19.68 inches and it is a great indoor guinea pig cage for 2. It is constructed with a metal wire frame and plastic base in white and burgundy color combination. With this large living space, your pets will have great comfort in their habitat.

Krolik Cage

Functional Space
Living space is very functional, because of the separated spaces. It is separated with a wire extension, that will provide privacy for your pet when making a nest. On the other side of the cage is a platform with an access ramp and a private space underneath.

Removable Base
The plastic guinea pig cage has large front doors for easy access inside, so it will save your time with daily maintenance. Because the bottom base is attached to the wireframe, it can be easily removed for cleaning. Use soap and water to clean the mess, so your pet can enjoy in clean habitat.

Krolik Cage Review

Free Accessories
It is easily portable when you need it, as well as easily stored when not in the use. Quick setup in just a few minutes. With the package, you will get all features that include 2 water bottles, 2 hay feeders, an eating bowl, and an elevated platform.

In Short

  • Large living space for great comfort
  • Separated areas for maximum privacy
  • Front doors for quick access inside
  • Removable base for easy cleaning
  • Included features for eating and drinking

How To Pick Best Indoor Guinea Pig Cages For 2?

When picking a cage for indoor use you need to keep in mind some important features. Things like cage construction, size of the living space, and safety are some of the features that will provide great comfort in your pet’s environment.

Cage Construction – Sturdy construction is one of the most important features when choosing the perfect cage for your pet. If you’re choosing the cage with a wireframe, make sure about the quality, as well as the space bar between wires, that need to be tight enough to prevent escape. Wooden cages, need to be made from solid wood, to prevent easily breaking, and plastic cages need to be made of thicker material.

Living Space – Guinea pigs are active pets, so they need to have enough comfort for their needs such as resting, sleeping, eating, and playing. The more space, the better. Usually, 2 guinea pigs need to have a minimum of 7.5 square feet of space in cage, but it is preferred about 10.5 square feet. The cage that you will pick needs to have a size of a minimum of 30 x 50 inches, so don’t go under that.

Separated Areas – To provide maximum comfort for your pets, choose the cage that has separated areas. It refers to areas that are separated with some kind of extension, so your pet can make a nest, or have privacy when is sick or injured. Also, separated drinking and feeding areas. Many of the cages have included double accessories, so pick one with these features.

Quick Access And Functionality – When picking indoor guinea pig cages for 2 make sure that it has multiple doors for easy access. It is a very important feature because you will need to do daily maintenance like cleaning or changing water. The easiest way to do quick maintain is the cage with removable or sliding bottom, so it can be ready for use in a few minutes.

To Sum Up

The best indoor guinea pig cage for 2 that I recommend is the AmazonBasics cage. It has a sturdy construction and water-resistant bottom base. Your pets will have great comfort in this large cage. If you want more levels in the cage, check this post to find the best multi-level guinea pigs cage. Also, if you want that your pets can have easy access outside, check this post to choose the best open guinea pig cage.

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