Best 6 Wood Guinea Pig Houses & Hideaways To Buy Reviews

Do you need a perfect wood guinea pig house for your pet’s cage?

This post will help you to pick the best one for its needs.

Keep reading because we reviewed the best indoor, 2 levels, outdoor, large, and cute so you can choose the one that will suit your lovely pet the best. Wooden guinea pig hideout is great for playing, as well as pet privacy,  so make sure you choose the perfect one.

The Summary

Kaytee Guinea Pig House
Simple and functional house is perfect choice for playing and comfort as well. Design that will fit in every cage.
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Piggies Guinea Pig House
House has a smooth roof in a purple color that will fit great in your pet cage. A great choice for a corner hideout.
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Trixie Guinea Pig House
If you have an active pet, this is a great choice for the cage. With 2 levels your pet will have playful and enjoyable time.
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BLSMU Guinea Pig House
Functional house with a bark roof that will protect your pet. This simple hideout is perfect choice for outdoor cages.
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Sumind Guinea Pig Hideout
Bendable wood sticks so you can change the shape depending on your pet’s needs. Great large space for comfort and rest.
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Omem Guinea Pig House
Simple design and great comfort for your pet’s privacy. Large roof is perfect for climbing and playing, as welll as feeding area.
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Best 6 Wood Guinea Pig Houses


Kaytee Guinea Pig House

Pine Wood
This wood guinea pig house is made from quality pine timber. It has a natural and classic design that is made of solid wood so it will have long durability. It is sturdy so you don’t have to worry about safety. Perfect for chewing instincts, as well as pet privacy and making a nest.

Kaytee House

Quick Access
It measures 8.62 x 13.87 x 10.5 inches so your pet can have comfort when is using this wood guinea pig hide house for some privacy. It has front open doors and a small open window so he can have better look outside of this wooden hideout.

Kaytee House Review

Fully Assembled
Because of the small measurement, you can place it wherever you want in your pet cage. You can put some small bed inside to provide extra comfort for your lovely pet. It is fully assembled so your guinea pig can use it right away and enjoy it.

In Short

  • Quality pine wood for durability
  • Natural and simple design with quick access
  • Small and comfortable for pet privacy
  • Fully assembled for quick use


Piggies Guinea Pig House

Paulownia Wood
Wood guinea pig house is made from untreated paulownia wood and painted with non-toxic paint in a pretty purple color that will add some fun to your pet cage. This type of wood is very light but strong so you don’t have to worry about durability.

Piggies House

Corner Shape
House measures 12 x 12 x 7 inches for good comfort of your pet when need some privacy and rest. It has front access doors with a size of  5.5 x 5.5 so your pet can easily entrance inside of it. It has a corner shape so it will perfectly fit in every indoor guinea pig house.

Piggies House Review

Easy Cleaning
If your pet love jumping on the roof and carry on, this is a perfect wood house for him. Shiny and smooth top roof is very easy for cleaning. Add some cozy bottom covers so your pet can have comfortable rest. Your pet will love this cute woodenguinea pig hidey housedesign.

In Short

  • Made of quality paulownia wood
  • Top roof in purple color
  • Corner shape that will fit every cage
  • Smooth top for easy cleaning


Trixie Guinea Pig House

Fun Tower
House measures 9.06 x 8.19 x 8.19 inches and it is a great choice if you have a playful and active pet. It is made from natural wood that is perfect for pet chewing. This fun wood tower will fit in every cage pet, as well as guinea pig run.

Trixie House

Wood Ramp
This wood guinea pig house has 2 levels. There are 2 side entrances as well as an access wood ramp for easier climbing. Side acrylic pan will provide easy observing whenever you want. The top rim will prevent that the sawdust is thrown out.

Trixie House Review

Playful Tower
Unique design and playful tower for climbing and burrowing is all your pet need to be active in its environment. Because it is not covered, it is recommended to use it indoors. House is already assembled so you can immediately put it in the cage.

In Short

  • A good measurement for enough comfort
  • 2 levels with access ramp
  • Great for climbing and burrowing
  • Acrylic pan for observing
  • Recommended to use it indoor


BLSMU Guinea Pig House

Raw Wood
It is built from high-quality raw wood that will provide pet security because of the natural sense. It has no chemicals or additives, so you don’t have to worry about your pet’s health. This creative design will suit perfectly your pet cage.

BLSMU Hamster House Review

Bark Roof
With a measurement of 9.1 x 5.9 x 7.5 inches this wood guinea pig house is the perfect place for playing, hiding, and rest of your pet. It has a large front entrance and rounded side window so there is enough air circulation. Bark on the roof will provide protection.

BLSMU House Review

Simple Design
This house is so simple and cute and your pet will love spending time inside of it. Because of the protected roof, you can use it in an outdoor guinea pig hutch, that will perfectly fit with the whole wood design. You can easily wipe the surface so it looks new.

In Short

  • High-quality raw wood
  • Large entrance with window for air circulation
  • Simple and modern design
  • Protected bark roof
  • Easy cleaning with towel


Sumind Guinea Pig Hideout

Wood Sticks
This wood guinea pig house is made of bendable wood sticks. It is non-toxic so you don’t have to worry about pet safety. With the natural sense, your pet will enjoy spending time under this bridge as well as playing at the top. Great for pet chewing because of soft material.

Sumind Hideout

Adjustable Shape
With a measurement of 17 x 28 inches, it is a great choice if you want to provide maximum comfort for your pet when need to have rest and some privacy. The shape and the height can be changed, depending on your pet’s needs, so you can adjust it whenever you want.

Sumind Hideout Review

Soft Material
Because of the soft sticks, your pet sensitive feet will be protected when playing and climbing. This wood hideout will fit in every, indoor, outdoor, or open guinea pig cage, and provide so much fun for your lovely pet.

In Short

  • Bendable wood sticks made of soft material
  • Adjustable shape for great comfort
  • Great for climbing and playing
  • Fits in every pet cage


Omem Guinea Pig House

Simple Design
Constructed from natural wood so it is safe for your lovely pet. It has a simple design with a soft surface that is great for your pet’s comfort. This wood guinea pig house is a perfect choice if you’re looking for something lightweight, and functional.

Omem House

Large Access
With a measurement of 16.1 x 9.8 x 8 inches, your pet will perfectly fit inside, so he can play or have some privacy and rest. Also, this is great for making a nest and you can put some wood shavings for guinea pigs for more comfort. It has large doors and a small window at the front

Omem House Review

Easy Movement
Because of the large flat roof, your pet can be active with climbing and playing. Because of the simple design, this wood guinea pig hideout will fit perfectly in every cage and provide fun in its environment. It is lightweight so it can be moved wherever your pet needs.

 In Short

  • Natural wood and simple design
  • Great comfort for privacy and playing
  • Large access doors for observing
  • Flat roof for climbing
  • Lightweight construction provides easy moving

How To Pick Best Wood Guinea Pig House?

One of the most important features inside of the guinea pig wooden hideaways is space for playing and privacy, so make sure you pick the perfect one. Pick the one that suits them best depending on cage fitting, type of material, design, and much more.

Fitting – Whether you have a small or large cage, make sure that this wood house will fit inside and be functional for use. There are different kinds of shapes and sizes, and you will know what is best for your lovely pet, depending on its needs. It is important that it is lightweight so you can move it around the habitat when you for example need to clean the mess.

Type Of Material – Even if it is made of wood, there are different kinds and qualities, so make sure you choose the one that will have long durability. Usually, some of the wood houses are painted with non-toxic paint, which is harmless for your pet. But, if you don’t prefer chemicals, choose the one that is natural and raw. Also, if you’re planning to use it outside, make sure that it has some kind of protection.

Design And Price – Depending on your preferences, as well as financial possibilities, choose the perfect wood guinea pig house that will look great in your pet cage. There are so many shapes, like 2 levels, adjustable, with colors, and much more. Also, keep in mind that modern guinea pig cages with high-quality designs are more expensive than ones that are simple and don’t have many features.

Additional Features – Wooden guinea pig hideout is mainly made for some pet rest and privacy, but also it can be very functional and useful for some daily routines. It can be used for playing and climbing, as well as a place for making a nest. Hideouts are perfect for pet chewing, because of the natural sense. You can put some comfortable beds inside of it, to provide extra comfiness.

To Sum Up

The best wood guinea pig house that I recommend is the Kaytee house. It has a simple and functional design, lightweight construction so you can move it around the cage. Great space for comfort and pet privacy. If you want to provide active life for your pet check this post to find the best multi-level guinea pig cage. Also, if you want something high, check this post to pick the best tall guinea pig cages.

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