Best 6 Wood Shavings For Guinea Pigs In Cages In 2021 Reviews

Do you need to buy perfect wood shavings for guinea pigs?

Keep on reading because you will for sure pick the best one from our list.

We reviewed the 6 best aspen, aromatic, pine, cedar, and small so you can choose the perfect one. Wood shavings are great for odor control so make sure you pick the perfect one depending on recommended features from our guide.

The Summary

Kaytee Shaving SummaryBest Of Best:
Kaytee Shaving
Made from natural cedar wood and it has a natural aroma so make sure you have great ventilation or an open cage for pets.
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Living World Shavings SummaryBest Aspen:
Living World Shavings
These wood shavings are hypoallergenic so it is a perfect choice if your pet has some respiratory sensitivity. Great quality and scent-free.
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Woodchucks Wood ShavingsBest Aromatic:
Woodchucks Wood Shavings
Cedarwood with the aromatic smell is perfect if you want to provide daily freshness in your pet cage and odor control.
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PETSPICK Bedding SummaryBest Pine:
It is made from pine wood fibers to provide great comfort. No added scent or aromatic oils. Eco-friendly and pet safe material.
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Wood Smith Shavings SummaryBest Cedar:
Wood Smith Shavings
If you prefer a natural cedar aroma, these shavings are a great choice. Perfect odor control and absorption, for maximum freshness.
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So Phresh Bedding SummaryBest Small:
So Phresh Bedding
A great option if you have a smaller guinea pig cage. It has no aromatic oils or chemicals, and it is perfect for sensitive pets.
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Best 6 Wood Shavings For Guinea Pigs

Best Of Best: Kaytee Shavings

Red Cedar Wood
It is made from natural red cedar wood that will provide natural-looking habitat. This package has 20.5 L and it expands to 52,4 L so you don’t have to worry about the durability of the wood shavings. The great quality of the shavings will provide a comfortable habitat.

Kaytee Shaving

Odor Control
Wood shavings for guinea pigs are cleaned and filtered so you don’t have to worry about dust reducing and mess inside and outside of the cage. It will help with odor control, so your pet can enjoy a fresh environment and have an enjoyable time.

Kaytee Shaving Review

Natural Aroma
It has a great natural aroma, that will provide freshness in your pet cage. Because of the aroma, make sure you have an open guinea pig cage or some with good air ventilation. Your pets will love this cedarwoodshaving bedding for guinea pigs.

In Short

  • Natural red cedar wood
  • Great quality for maximum comfort
  • Cleaned and filtered for dust reduce
  • Natural aroma for freshness
  • Recommended open or ventilated cage

Best Aspen: Living World Shavings

Natural Aspen Wood

These wood shavings for guinea pigs are made from 100 % natural aspen wood and it is the ideal bedding material for your lovely pet. The package has 41 L so it will last you long if you have a 10.5 square feet guinea pig cage.

Living World Shavings

Hypoallergenic Shavings
Wood shavings are hypoallergenic, so you don’t have to worry about the health of your pet if you’re concern they have some respiratory sensitivities. They will enjoy burrowing, nesting, and resting in this soft and comfortable bedding.

Aspen Bedding

High Absorption
If you’re looking for high absorbent aspen shavings this can be your choice. It can absorb up to 4 times its weight, so it will control odor and keeping your pet environment dry and fresh for maximum comfort. Your pet will for sure have a lot of fun with these shavings.

In Short

  • Made from natural aspen wood
  • Hypoallergenic shavings to provide a healthy environment
  • High absorption up to 4 times of it sweight
  • Soft and comfortable material

Best Aromatic: Woodchucks Wood Shavings

Cedar Wood
It is made from natural cedar wood and you will get the box with a measurement of 13 x 13 x 7 inches full of cedar chips for guinea pigs. This soft and natural material will provide easy pet burrowing as well as making a nest or some privacy when needed.

Woodchucks Wood Shavings Summary

Aromatic Shavings
These aromatic wood shavings for guinea pigs are perfect for some freshness of the pet environment. Make sure your cage has well air ventilation because of the aromatic guinea pig shavings. It is the perfect choice for an outdoor guinea pig hutch.

Woodchucks Wood Shavings Review

Easy Maintenence
It has great absorption so you don’t have to worry about a bad smell in the cage. Your pet will have a dry place and great comfort. Also, you will have no problems with daily routines, such as cleaning and maintenance.

In Short

  • Made from natural cedar wood
  • Soft and natural material for burrowing and nesting
  • Aromatic smell for freshness
  • Recommended to use in open or ventilated cages
  • Great absorption for odor control

Best Pine: PETSPICK Bedding

Smaller Package
These wood shavings for guinea pigs are made from 100 % natural pine wood. It comes in the package of 24 L, and if you have an indoor guinea pig cage for 2 this will last you pretty much long. It is also a great option to try the smaller package of shavings for guinea pigs.


Fresh Natural Scent
These soft pine wood shavings are made from wood fibers that will provide comfortable rest and making a nest as well. If you prefer a fresh natural scent without added scents and aromatic oils, try these wood shavings, your pet will love it.

PETSPICK Bedding Review

Perfect For Absorption
Because it is dust-free, your lovely pet will enjoy a clean and healthy environment, and it will also help you with daily cleaning. Kiln-dried pine shavings for guinea pigs are perfect for absorbing moisture so you will have no worries about odor.

In Short

  • Natural pine wood fibers
  • Fresh natural scent without added aromatic oils
  • Perfect for smaller cages
  • Dust-free for a safe and clean environment
  • Kiln-dried pine for perfect absorbing

Best Cedar: Wood Smith Shavings

Natural Cedar Aroma
Wood shavings for guinea pigs are made from natural western red cedar and it will perfectly fit in every pet cage. If you prefer a natural cedar aroma, it is great wood shaving bedding for guinea pigs. Soft and comfortable material will provide easy burrowing and nesting as well.

Wood Smith Shavings

No Additives
There are no chemicals or additives so your pet can have a safe and healthy environment and you don’t have to be in worry. If you have a >7.5 square feet guinea pig cage this package will last you long. You can easily do daily maintenance when needed.

Wood Smith Shavings Review

Keeping Moisture
It is great for keeping the moisture in, so your pet can enjoy a clean and dry environment. Also, this is an important feature so there are no smelly odors that will help you with daily cleaning or changing the shavings.

In Short

  • Natural pine wood aroma
  • Soft material for comfortable habitat
  • No chemicals or additives for safety
  • Great for keeping moisture and dry environment
  • Odor control for freshness

Best Small: So Phresh Bedding

Natural Aspen Wood 
It is made from natural aspen wood that will provide a natural scent and your pet will have natural instincts for burrowing and nesting. The package has 8.1 L and it is the perfect choice if you have a small guinea pig cage and you want to have a great quantity for the price.

So Phresh Bedding

Without Scent 
These wood shavings for guinea pigs are without scent and aromatic oils, that will provide a healthy and safe environment for your lovely pet. Also, it is dust-free,  so you don’t have to worry if your pet has respiratory problems.

So Phresh Bedding Review

 Great Absorption
It has great absorption, that will provide dry and clean pet habitat. Also, because of the odor control, your pet will stay in a fresh environment, and you will also be less worry about the possible bad smell if the cage is in your house.

In Short

  • Natural aspen wood for natural-looking habitat
  • Perfect for smaller cages or houses
  • Without the scent of aromatic oils
  • Odor control and great absorption
  • Dust-free for pet health and safe

How To Pick Best Wood Shavings For Guinea Pigs?

If you want to provide a comfortable and practical environment for your lovely pet, make sure you pick the perfect wood shavings. There are some important features to keep in mind when you’re choosing the best one, such as wood type, natural material without chemicals, great absorption, and quantity for the price.

Wood Type – There are different types of wood shavings on the market, and you need to choose the best one, depending on your preferences. Some of them have a stronger smell, some of them don’t. There are pine, cedar, aspen, and much more. Check the information about aroma so you pick the perfect one. No matter which type of wood you choose, your pet will love the natural scent.

Natural And Safe – Make sure that it is 100% natural wood,  so your pet can enjoy it and have natural-looking habitat. It is also important there are no added chemicals that can be harmful to your pet health. Also, if your pet has respiratory sensitivity, it is recommended to pick the hypoallergenic type. If your pet is k with aroma wood, make sure your cage has good ventilation.

Fluid Absorption – Wood shavings for guinea pigs have great absorption so you don’t have to worry about a clean and dry pet environment. Check the information on the package to be sure how much you need to put and how often you need to change it. It is great for odor control, so your pet can always have fresh habitat and be comfortable in it.

Quantity And Price – Some of the important features are definitely great quantity for the price. Also, make sure about the measurement of the cage so you know how many liters you need to buy for a good price. For example, if you have large guinea pig habitat, it is the best option to buy jumbo wood shavings because they pay off the most. If you first want to try if this is the perfect type for your pet, you can buy a smaller package.

To Sum Up

The best wood shavings for guinea pigs that I recommend is the Kaytee Shavings. It is made from natural red cedarwood, and it is cleaned sn filtered so you don’t worry about dust. If you want to be sure about odor control check this post to find the best bedding for guinea pig odor control and choose the best one. Also, if you want to check some bedding made of paper, read this post and pick the perfect paper bedding for guinea pigs.

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