Top 6 Paper Bedding For Guinea Pig:Recycled & Shredded Paper

Are you planning on buying paper bedding for guinea pigs?

Keep on reading because you will for sure find the perfect one from our list.

We reviewed 6 different categories, including the best small, colorful, white, natural, and jumbo so you can choose the best option for your pet. Paper bedding will provide great comfort and maximum freshness so make sure you pick the right one.

The Summary

Small Pet Select Bedding SummaryBest Of Best:
Small Pet Select Bedding
Natural-looking paper bedding without any harmful additives. Great absorption of this soft material will provide freshness, so your pet can have enjoyable habitat.
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Kaytee Paper SummaryBest Small:
Kaytee Paper
A smaller package is perfect if you have one or two guinea pigs. Great paper quality and odor control guaranteed. Safe for your pet.
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PETSPICK Paper SummaryBest Colorful:
If you want to add some colors to your pet cage, this is a great choice.  Soft shredded paper will provide maximum comfort.
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Kaytee Bedding SummaryBest White:
Kaytee Bedding
Soft paper bedding in white color will suit every pet cage. It is dust-free so you don’t have to worry about the pet’s health.
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Small Pet Select Paper SummaryBest Natural:
Small Pet Select Paper
The pure unbleached paper will perfectly imitate natural looking environment. It is odor resistant so it will provide maximum freshness.
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Aspen Bedding SummaryBest Jumbo:
Aspen Bedding
If you’re looking for a large package for a good price, this is a great choice. Soft aspen bedding without any additives.
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Top 6 Paper Bedding For Guinea Pigs

Best Of Best: Small Pet Select Bedding

Unbleached And Safe
It is 100% natural paper bedding for guinea pigs that is safe and made without any harmful additives so you don’t have to worry about your guinea pigs’ health. It is made from unbleached paper that was never printed. Natural-looking will fit perfectly in the cage.

Small Pet Select Bedding

Large Package
It is packed for 178 L so it will last you a long time. The bag will expands 3x in volume from the original packed size, so even if it looks small package you will get pretty much the product. It will be the perfect bottom cover because of its comfortable material, and your furry pets will love this.

Small Pet Select Bedding Review

Super Absorbent
This paper bedding for a guinea pig is super absorbent so you can do quick daily maintenance. It is soft enough to protect your pet sensitive feet and a perfect choice for your multiple guinea pig cage.

In Short

  • Natural paper that is safe for pet
  • Big package for long-lasting
  • Comfortable and soft material for sensitive pet feet
  • Super absorbent for daily cleaning

Best Small: Kaytee Paper

This paper bedding for guinea pigs is made from a natural material that is soft and comfortable for using it. The package has 72 L that will last you a long time. It is dust-free, which is a great feature for your pet’s health as a well cleaner environment.

Kaytee Paper Review

Easy Maintenence
Natural-looking will perfectly fit in every small guinea pig cage. It absorbs 5 times liquid more than its weights, which will provide great odor control, and easy daily maintenance, as well. Clean habitat is all your pet need to be happy and satisfied.

Kaytee Paper

Perfect For Burrowing
This soft and fluffy bedding is perfect for burrowing and making a nest as well. Your pet will have an active and playful time for sure. Also, the price is very good for the quantity. Your lovely guinea pig will enjoy having this bedding in its environment.

In Short

  • A natural material that is dust-free
  • Great quantity for the price
  • Super absorbing for minimum odor
  • Soft and comfortable for your pet feet

Best Colorful: PETSPICK Paper

Food-Grade Paper
It is made from soft food-grade shredded paper, that is super soft for maximum comfort of your pet. The super colorful paper will perfectly fit in every habitat, so if you want to add some colors to your cute guinea pig cage, this is a perfect choice.


Zero Chemicals
The package has 36 L and it is a good quantity that will last you long. It is dust-free and safe for your pet’s health because there are zero chemicals added. Your pet will enjoy burrowing, nesting, and resting as well, in this soft and cozy paper bedding.

PETSPICK Paper Review

Maximum Absorption
Great moisture absorption, up to 6 times its weight, so you don’t need to worry about daily maintenance. It has 14-day odor control, that will keep your pet environment fresh and clean for days. This confetti paper bedding for guinea pigs is a great option.

In Short

  • Soft shredded paper and colorful design
  • Dust and chemicals free for safe pet health
  • Maximum absorption provide less odor
  • Perfect for adding some colors

Best White: Kaytee Bedding

Neutral Color
If you want some neutral color, this can be your choice. This paper bedding for guinea pigs comes in white color and it is made from natural material. The package is 49,2 L and it expands 3 times more than its weight so it will last you a  long time.

Kaytee Bedding

Healthy Environment
This super-soft material will perfectly fit in every pet cage. It is dust-free, so you don’t have to worry about pet health as well as the mess around. Your lovely guinea pigs will enjoy burrowing and nesting in this cozy bedding.

Kaytee Bedding Review

Odor Control
It about up to 6 times more liquid than its weight, so you don’t have to worry about odor if you, for example, have covered guinea pig cage. This will also help you with a daily routine such as cleaning, so your pet can enjoy a fresh environment.

In Short

  • Comes in a neutral white color
  • Super soft material for maximum comfort
  • Dust-free for a healthy environment
  • Odor control provide fresh habitat

Best Natural: Small Pet Select Paper

Natural Instinct 
This paper bedding for guinea pigs comes in a package of 56 L, so if you’re looking for some great quantity for a good price, this can be your choice. It comes in natural color to satisfies your pet’s natural instincts. It is 100% safe and natural material.

Small Pet Select Paper

Unblechead For Safety 
This soft and comfortable paper bedding will expand 3 times more in volume than the original package, so it will last you longer than you think. Because it is pure unbleached paper, you don’t need to worry about your pet’s health.

Small Pet Select Paper Review

Super Absorbent
It is a super absorbent material so you don’t have to worry about the odor or freshness of your pet environment. This color will perfectly fit for example in an outdoor guinea pig hutch, so your pet can enjoy playing and burrowing in natural-looking habitat.

In Short

  • Large package for longer use
  • Natural color that imitates natural-looking habitat
  • Soft and comfortable for great comfort
  • Super absorbent for fresh environment

Best Jumbo: Aspen Bedding

Jumbo Quantity
The package includes two 113 L bags of paper bedding, for a very good price, so if you have large guinea pig habitat it is the perfect choice to buy. This aspen bedding will fit perfectly in every guinea pig cage and your pet will love it.

Aspen Bedding Review

No Additives
This paper bedding for guinea pigs is made from 100 % natural material,  without additives so you will be sure that your pet has a long living life. The soft material will provide great comfort when your pet is playing, burrowing, or making a nest.

Aspen Bedding

Clean Environment
It is super absorbent, so you don’t have to worry about odor. Daily routines such as cleaning will be easy for you, so you can provide a fresh and clean environment for your lovely pet. Your guinea pigs will enjoy this soft bedding.

In Short

  • Very large package for a good price
  • Soft aspen bedding without additives
  • Super absorbent to avoid odor
  • Natural-looking for maximum comfort

How To Pick The Best Paper Bedding For Guinea Pigs?

Paper bedding is a very important thing in a pet cage because it includes few features that provide a great and comfortable life for your lovely guinea pigs. If this is your first time buying it, check the features of the type of paper, safety, absorption, and cleaning.

Type Of Paper – Although they are made of natural paper, there are different varieties on the market, so depending on your preferences you can choose the perfect one. If you prefer something natural, choose the white or natural color, if you prefer something with colors, there are some colorful shredded paper for guinea pig bedding, in a combination of few colors on in white color.

Chemical Safe – The health of your pet needs to be a priority, so make sure to check the declaration and important where this paper came from. Also, make sure that there are no harmful chemicals or additives, so you don’t have to worry about your pet’s health. This is a very important feature to keep in mind when picking the perfect paper bedding, that will ensure your lovely pet has a long living life.

Maximum Absorbent – Pets love to have a fresh environment so they can have maximum comfort in their habitat. If guinea pig paper is made from a natural material, has great absorption, up to few times of its weight. So, make sure you check the information on the package so you know how often you need to change it, depending on the number of your pets, as well.

Daily Cleaning – No matter if you have covered or open guinea pig cage, make sure that the recycled paper bedding for guinea pigs is dust-free, which will help you with a daily routine such as cleaning, so there is no much dust inside or outside of the cage. Dust-free features will also help your pet stay in a healthy environment. Also, make sure that you choose the best odor resistant paper bedding.

To Sum Up

The best paper bedding for guinea pigs that I recommend is Small pet select bedding. It is 100% safe natural paper, without any harmful chemicals. It is very soft and comfortable and has maximum absorption that will provide freshness in the pet cage. If you want to put some hideout for even more comfort and privacy of your pet, check this post to find the best wood guinea pig house. Also, if you’re looking for a transparent cage so you can see what your pet is doing, check this post to find the best glass guinea pig cage tank, and pick the perfect one.

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