Best 6 Crazy Hamster Cages On The Market In 2022 Reviews

Have you been trying to find a list of safe, fun, and crazy hamster cages?

Then why don’t you read our article? We have reviewed the best of best, multi-level, 3-level, metal, blue, and cute hamster cage. Read our reviews and the buying guide that will help you choose the best model.

The Summary

Pawhut Hamster Crazy Fun Cage SummaryPawhut Hamster Crazy Fun Cage
The Pawhut is a crazy, fun, and tall hamster cage. It comes fully-equipped and it provides a lot of fun space for your hamster.
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YML Dwarf Cage For Hamsters SummaryYML Dwarf Cage For Hamsters
Getting your hamster a cage with multiple levels will make it happy and occupied. The YML is one of such cages. Check it out!
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Ferplast Circus Hamster Cage SummaryFerplast Fun Cool Hamster Habitat
The Ferplast cage is shaped like a circus. Its design is unique and special. This cage is perfect for one dwarf hamster.
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Midwest Syrian Habitat For Hamsters SummaryMidwest Syrian Habitat For Hamsters
If you are looking for a large cage for Syrian hamsters, you will love the Midwest model. It has 2 levels and a lot of space.
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Habitrail Small Dwarf Hamster Cage SummaryHabitrail Small Dwarf Hamster Cage
The Habitrail habitat for dwarf hamsters is made of non-toxic plastic. This habitat is fully-expandable, fun, and safe.
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Petloft Sturdy Crazy Hamster Cage SummaryPetloft Sturdy Crazy Hamster Cage
This small, safe, and cozy hamster cage can be used as a temporary and portable hamster cage or a permanent dwarf hamster enclosure.
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Top 6 Crazy Hamster Cages


Pawhut Hamster Crazy Fun Cage

Five Fun Levels
Hamsters need to stay active. They love to explore, play, run, and climb. It is important for their physical and mental health. This is why we loved the Pawhut crazy hamster cage. It has five levels and includes all important cage content.

Pawhut Hamster Crazy Fun Cage

Fits Two Hamsters
It is safe to say that the Pawhut habitat is a hamster cage for 2 hamsters. You can fit two hamsters of regular size or two dwarf hamsters. They will have a lot of space for all of their everyday activities – interaction, rest, and play.

The Included Content
The Pawhut cage offers your hamsters all that they will ever need for a happy and occupied life. There are four levels and four ramps. A plastic running wheel is included together with the plastic hideout. There are tubes, a water bottle, and a hamster food dish.

Pawhut Hamster Crazy Fun Cage Review

Safe And Pet-Friendly
The material used is completely safe. The deep plastic base is made of smooth and non-toxic plastic. It is leak-proof and easy to maintain. The upper part is made of chew-proof wires. The space between the wires is narrow. The cage is sturdy and durable.

In Short:

  • the cage comes with five floors
  • includes four platforms and four levels
  • the bottom is leak-proof
  • upper part is made of strong wire
  • the bar spacing is narrow


YML Dwarf Cage For Hamsters

For Small And Dwarf Hamsters
We suggest you get the YML cage if you have small or dwarf hamsters. This line of crazy hamster cages is perfect for them. It includes all the fun cage content and provides a lot of vertical space for hamsters’ everyday activities.

YML Dwarf Cage For Hamsters Review

The Activity Zone
This cage includes two plastic platforms, a slide, a colored play house, an exercise wheel, and two tubes. There is a small plastic bottle included together with a hamster food dish. This fun hamster cage is safe and comfortable.

Easy Access And Maintenance
Whenever you need to access the cage, simply open the top door. Clean the inside of the cage with no hassle and no fear that your hamster will escape the cage. This will help you with refilling the food bowl as well.

YML Dwarf Cage For Hamsters

Useful Details
The YML crazy hamster cage comes in different colors. The colors of the accessories may vary. The cage measures 10 x 10 x 23 inches. It is durable and sturdy. It is completely safe and pet-friendly. The price is affordable and meets every budget.

In Short:

  • ideal for dwarf hamsters
  • includes fun cage content
  • the bottom is leak-proof
  • this cage is pet-friendly and cozy
  • made of durable and safe material


Ferplast Fun Cool Hamster Habitat

Fun And Patented Design
This cool hamster cage by Ferplast looks like a small red circus. The cage uses a thermoplastic roof and base and chew-proof wire mesh. This is a fun and small hamster cage that is ideal for one dwarf hamster.

Ferplast Circus Hamster Cage

What Is Included?
This circus small and crazy hamster cage by Ferplast comes with two plastic platforms and small slides. An exercise wheel that is included will make your hamster stay active. Other than that, there is a hamster hideout and a food dish included too.

How To Put Together?
The indoor cage content must be set up. It is very simple and fun to do it. Use your imagination and customize your hamster cage’s inside. Also, the package comes with fun stickers that you can stick on the outside or inside of this cage.

Ferplast Circus Hamster Cage Review

Made Of High-Quality Material
This cage is completely pet-friendly and safe. Only non-toxic material was used. The cage is safe and secure. The wires are resistant to hamster’s bites. The plastic base is leak-proof. We consider this cage a high-quality one.

In Short:

  • shaped like a small circus
  • made of safe and toxic-free material
  • customize this cage’s inside
  • package includes fun stickers
  • ideal for one dwarf hamster
  • has two levels


Midwest Syrian Habitat For Hamsters

A Two-Story Cage
This is a two-story enclosure by Midwest. It is large, tall, and spacious. It fits two or more hamsters and even fits two Syrian hamsters. This cage is made of safe metal and non-chew wires. Each floor has a large opening for easier access.

Midwest Syrian Habitat For Hamsters

The Sturdy Design
This MidWest crazy hamster cage is long-lasting and strong. It stands on four rolling casters. It includes one storage shelf on the bottom. You can use to store food or hamster toys. The inside of the cage is sturdy and the cage is quiet.

The Spacious Inside
MidWest cage for hamsters and Syrian hamsters includes strong platforms and ramps. The ramps are safe for hamsters’ tiny paws. You can add more hamster cage decorations such as a running wheel, tubes, or hammocks to make your hamster feel happier.

Midwest Syrian Habitat For Hamsters Review

Size, Setup, And Cleaning
This cage’s dimensions are 36″L x 24″W x 63″H. The cage is heavy-based. The assembly is quick and simple. The instructions are provided within the user guide. The maintenance and cleaning is simple. This cage is odor-free.

In Short:

  • sturdy and heavy-based cage
  • ideal for two hamsters or Syrian hamsters
  • this is a two-story hamster cage
  • it is spacious, tall, and large
  • the cage stands on four rolling casters
  • simple to set up and maintain


Habitrail Small Dwarf Hamster Cage

The Unique And Cool Design
The Habitrail hamster habitat is ideal for small hamsters and dwarf hamsters. It is made of translucent blue and transparent plastic. It comes with smooth surfaces. There are no sharp edges. This crazy hamster cage is safe and secure.

Habitrail Small Dwarf Hamster Cage Review

Compatible With Other Habitats
If you wish, you can connect the Habitrail enclosure with other Habitrail cages and habitats. Use the tubes and tunnels and create an even larger hamster play zone. This is an escape-proof hamster cage that provides endless hours of entertainment.

Habitrail Small Dwarf Hamster Cage

Pet-Friendly And Secure
The manufacturers have designed this habitat with the help of professionals. They tried to re-create hamsters’ natural habitat. This habitat is completely adapted to all of the hamsters’ needs and it encourages their natural instincts.

In Short:

  • affordable and convenient hamster habitat
  • made of safe and smooth plastic
  • the cage is secure and durable
  • it can be connected to other habitats
  • it is adapted to hamsters’ natural needs
  • fun, crazy, and cool design


Petloft Sturdy Crazy Hamster Cage

A 2 In 1 Cage
The Petloft manufacturers have created a small 2 in 1 hamster enclosure. This cage for hamsters can be used as a permanent habitat and as a portable hamster cage. There is a handle on the top that makes the carrying easier.

Petloft Sturdy Crazy Hamster Cage Review

Strong And Long-Lasting Design
Getting a safe and secure hamster cage is very important. Your new cage should be sturdy and durable. Just like the Petflost crazy hamster cage. This habitat will make your hamster feel comfortable and relaxed.

Choose The Color
This fun and cool hamster cage comes in two different colors. Choose between the blue or the yellow one. The cage includes all fun hamster cage accessories and activity content. Make your hamster happy and let it stay occupied.

Petloft Sturdy Crazy Hamster Cage

What Comes With The Cage?
This hamster carrier cage includes a small plastic living castle that will serve as a resting zone and a hideout. There are the water bottle and a food bowl. This cage has a running wheel, a play tube, and a small slide. The cost of this cage is very affordable.

In Short:

  • Petfloft hamster cage is sturdy and small
  • it is fun, safe, and pet-friendly
  • the cage includes essential content
  • this hamster cage’s cost is affordable
  • the cage will last you a long time

How To Pick: Crazy Hamster Cages

Before you buy a crazy hamster cage, read our buying guide. We have listed a few features that every hamster cage needs to come with. Keep on reading to find out more about the safety, material, size, play zone, and more. Make sure you always buy a hamster cage that was made from a manufacturer you trust.

The Quality Material – The best hamster cages are made of non-toxic and bite-resistant material. For example, an ideal hamster habitat has a deep and leak-proof base and wire top. It needs to be pet-friendly and safe in every way-

Safety And Security – Apart from the high-quality material, your new habitat for hamsters needs to have narrow space between the bars. The content inside of the cage must have no sharp edges, and the access doors need to have to possibility of being secured.

Space And Play Area – Getting your hamster a cage that has no enough space for its everyday activities is never a good idea. Your hamster needs to have a cool activity zone that will keep it occupied and healthy. If your cage comes empty, customize it on your own. Get toys, accessories, hamster litter box, and food dish.

Sturdiness And Durability – Make sure the manufacturer guarantees the cage’s long life. You wouldn’t want to buy a new hamster cage too soon. This is why search for a strong and sturdy hamster enclosure that will last you a long time and won’t break easily.

Where To Buy? – We suggest you check out the models of cages that we have reviewed online. We considered the listed cages safe and of good quality. The best is that you can do is order them from a reliable online retail website.

To Sum Up

We find that the best crazy hamster cage is the Pawhut Hamster Crazy Fun Cage and the reason for that is its tall and large space. This multi-level hamster cage fits two hamsters and provides them with a great playing area. It is an easy-to-clean hamster cage that will make your little fur friends feel happy and safe.

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