Best 6 Cat Tree With Branches (Limbs) & Leaves 2021 Reviews

Are you in search of a cat tree with branches and leaves?

Such interesting cat trees are not easy to find. In our article, we have listed six models that we find safe, quality, and pet-friendly. We invite you to keep on reading our reviews and learn more from our buying guide.

The Summary

Best Cat Tree With Branches SummaryKitty Mansions Tree
In the center of Kitty Mansions cat tree, there are three elevated perches and a cozy cat condo. This is undoubtedly one of the best forest cat trees.
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Best Limbs Cat Tree With Branches SummaryAnbull Branch Cat Tree
Anbull’s unusual yet modern cat tree is here to keep cats happy and satisfy all of their needs. Check out more interesting details.
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Best Modern Tree Branch Cat Tree SummaryOn2Pets Cat Tree
This cat tree is not only fun, cozy, and interesting but it is also safe and made of high-quality materials. Check it out to see if it is your match!
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Best Big Tree Branch Cat Tree SummaryGo Pet Club Branch Cat Tree
Go Pet Club’s cat tree has it all – numerous levels, perches, scratching posts, and a cat condo. It is certainly a great tree for multiple-cat households.
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Best Tall Cat Tree With Branches SummaryDowntown Branch Cat Tree
In case you have a lack of space at home, or you simply want to get a tall and narrow cat tree, read more about Downtown’s model.
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Best Large Cat Tree With Branches SummaryCozy Furniture Cat Tree
Cozy Furniture’s tree for multiple cats is here to keep cats active, happy, and relaxed. It is entirely carpeted in safe and warm plush material.
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Top 6 Tree Branch Cat Trees


Kitty Mansions Tree

Fun And Tall Tree
This tall and spacious cat tree by Kitty Mansions comes with multiple levels and platforms. Just like many other high-quality units, this tree includes a heavy and wide base. If you have big cats, we advise you to place the tree against the wall. This can prevent the tree from overturning.


Ideal For Play
This cat tree includes elevated perches. Thanks to the scratching pillars included, the tree will stay stable. Besides that, this unit includes an interactive toy. It hangs from the top perch and attracts your cat’s attention.

Comfortable And Warm
Kitty Mansion’s tree is fun and cozy at the same time. It is different from most simple cat trees because of its cool tree branch cat tree design. The soft and warm plush cover invites cats to sleep and relax. It keeps cats safe and makes them feel relaxed too.

Best Cat Tree With Branches

Long-Lasting Construction
The overall quality of this unit is pretty good. The sturdy construction makes sure the tree stays in one place. The measures of this unit are 23-inch l x 23-inch w x 75-inch h. This jungle cat tree is very easy to put together.

In Short:

  • fun, tall, yet comfortable and cozy
  • includes soft and warm plush cover
  • perfect for long nappings
  • sturdy construction keeps it stable
  • accommodates multiple cats


Anbull Branch Cat Tree

Attractive Design
In case you are looking for an unusual cat tree, Anbull’s unit looks like a cat tree made from tree limbs. Unlike other models on this top list, this is not a regular cat tree with branches. It includes a wide base, a ramp, a perh, and a cat condo supported by tree limbs.


Size And Capacity
When it comes to size, the Anbull cat tower measures 40.5H×24.8L×20.4″W. It is a medium cat tree. It will surely fit almost anywhere in your home. This unit will withstand a weight of up to 13.2 pounds with no overturning or wobbling.

Multiple Functions
This is not only a cozy and soft sleeping space for cats but also a fun activity center. This tree is perfect for cats that love to observe the area around them. Besides that, it allows cats to play, climb, and jump for hours if they want to.

Best Limbs Cat Tree With Branches

Safe And Stable
The easy and well-proportioned structure of this unit keeps your cats safe and secure. There is no need to worry since the Anbull’s cat tower is made of sturdy and firm particleboard. This tree is ideal both for your cats’ play and sleep.

In Short:

  • attractive, modern, and unusual design
  • accommodates up to 13.2 at the same time
  • perfect for climbing and playing
  • includes a perch and a house condo
  • sturdy thanks to particleboard construction


On2Pets Cat Tree

Fun And Unique Design
The On2Pets tree looks like a natural branch cat tree. First of all, it is beautifully designed. Households with children especially like this model. Thanks to its interesting fall design, this cat tree will surely catch the eye of every visitor.


Sturdy Material
This tree branch cat tree is certainly one of the sturdiest. The material that the unit is made of is pressed wood, skin-safe carpet, and plastic artificial leaves. Although it may seem, this nice cat tree is made for indoor use. Simple and fast assembly is required.

Dimensions And Capacity
In order to see if this tree fits well enough in your household, you should check its dimensions. The overall measures are 24 x 24 x 60 inches. Also, the tree will accommodate up to 32 pounds at the same time. It is a perfectly safe and pet-friendly unit.

Best Modern Tree Branch Cat Tree

For Active Cats
We consider this cat tree perfect both for households with playful and cuddly cats. The On2Pets unit will keep your cats safe and active. It includes carpeted perches. They are ideal for climbing, jumping, and relaxing.

In Short:

  • a unique, fun, and different design
  • includes real-looking leaves
  • comes with carpeted perches
  • it accommodates up to 32 pounds
  • ideal for indoor use


Go Pet Club Branch Cat Tree

Product Overview
Go Pet Club’s cat tree with branches and leaves is another interesting and safe unit for cat owners and their fur friends. This is a multi-level cat tree. It is a fun and cozy unit that cats simply love. The levels, as well as perches, are carpeted with skin-friendly faux fur material.

BEST BIG WITH BRANCHES Go Pet Club Branch Cat Tree

Beautiful Design
This cat tower with artificial leaves comes in beige and brown. It includes a spacious ground-floor cat condo. Multiple scratching pillars support the levels and perches. The overall size of the unit is  28″W x 23.5″L x61″H. This is another multi-cat tree.

Quality Material
When it comes to stability and durability, you can feel safe. The tree does not wobble nor shake when cats jump off of it. The unit is made of pressed wood and skin-friendly carpeting. It is a truly quality tree for your lovely pets.

Best Big Tree Branch Cat Tree

Simple To Put Up
Just like other cat trees on this list, you will need to put the unit together. But don’t worry because the assembly process is simple and pretty quick. The instructions are included. They are easy to follow and help you put the tree up in no time.

In Short:

  • beautiful beige and brown design
  • includes multiple levels and perches
  • comes with a skin-friendly covering
  • it is easy to put the tree up
  • stable, durable, and long-lasting


Downtown Branch Cat Tree

Perfect For Climbers
Downtown’s tall tree is slightly different from other models on this list. First of all, it has a floor-to-ceiling design and keeps active cats satisfied. Moreover, it is durable and sturdy from the inside and cozy and soft from the outside.

BEST TALL WITH BRANCHES Downtown Branch Cat Tree

Space-Saving Tree
Households with a lack of space or playful cats will love this cat tree. Its tall design allows you to save space. At the same time, it provides your cats with a lot of vertical space ideal for climbing and scratching. This space-saving cat tree is multi-functional, tall, and narrow.

Secure And Safe
Thanks to its special design, you can attach the tree to the ceiling. This will add extra stability. Moreover, it will make you feel safe as well because Downtown’s tree branch cat tree is stable and hard to overturn. You should also know that the tree will hold up to three cats.

Best Tall Cat Tree With Branches

Affordable Price
This tree is great for many reasons and one of them is surely the affordable price. If you have a limited budget but really need a quality and durable tree, you should consider getting this unit. Check this tree out for more details and read customer reviews.

In Short:

  • a great tree for climbers
  • a perfect unit for scratchers
  • interesting tall and narrow design
  • multi-functional and space-saving
  • attach it to the ceiling for stability


Cozy Furniture Cat Tree

Forest Design
The Cozy Cat Furniture tree is another interesting unit that reminds us of a jungle or forest cat tree. It comes in green and brown and includes artificial leaves too. It can be a nice addition to households with enough space. The overall dimensions are 75” H x 23” W x 23” D.


For All Cats
If you live in a household with more than two cats, then this tree may be good for you. It is ideal for multiple cats and it provides them with enough space for all of their activities. Whether you have playful or cuddly cats, this unit will make sure your fur friends feel satisfied.

Three Elevated Perches
Most cats love to climb to high places and observe the area around them. Cozy Furniture’s cat tree with branches is one of those models that allow cats to lounge on elevated perches and look around. Besides that, there are multiple scratching posts included. They help cats to climb.

Best Large Cat Tree With Branches

Warm And Soft
This is not only a well-balanced and sturdy cat tree for cat’s activities but it is also cozy relaxing space. The soft and warm plush material makes cats feel comfortable. You probably know that cats love such a material. It is because it reminds them of their mother’s fur.

In Short:

  • large and sturdy cat tree
  • includes all fun and cozy content
  • covered in soft plush material
  • keeps cats active and cozy
  • includes three elevated perches

How To Pick: Cat Tree With Branches

Tree branch cat trees are fun and unusual. They are different from other cat trees. As a result, they are adored by children and look nice in creative households. Some units look like cat trees made with real branches so it may feel like you have a real wood cat tree at home. However, apart from the cool and amusing design, you should look for a tree that will meet all of your cats’ needs. In the following paragraphs, you will learn how to buy the most appropriate cat tree for your lovely fur friends.

Cool And Unique Design – Cat trees with leaves and branches are amusing, fun, and attractive for households with kids. They look slightly different than other cat tree models. If you like a forest theme, then getting a jungle gym for cats will make you happy. Also, cats love to hide behind artificial leaves and branches too.

Fun And Amusing Play Area – Branch cat trees are here to keep your indoor cats entertained. There isn’t a large variety of such units available on the online market. The models that we have reviewed in our article include posts, perches, condos, interactive toys, and more. For this reason, your cats will get to play, stay active, and healthy.

Ideal For Long Nappings – Most of the cat trees include some of the following: cozy perches, cat condos, hammocks, baskets, or the combination of all the listed. Cats are big sleepers. They spend most of the time napping and relaxing. This is why it is important to get a unit that will keep your cats safe, warm, cozy, and well-rested.

Buy An Appropriate Unit – If you have one cat at home, then a small or medium cat tree will be fine. It will satisfy your cat’s sleeping and scratching needs. If your cat is active, consider getting a taller-version. On the other hand, if you have more than two indoor cats, keep them active and get them a multi-level cat tree with an elaborate design. It will help to reduce fine conflicts as well.

Extras Cat Tree Features – Some units will include more than one condo, perches, platforms, etc. Be sure to get a tree branch cat tree with scratching posts because they will keep your cat’s claws healthy and sharp. Other than that, interactive toys are a big plus as well. They may keep your cat occupied for hours. Also, they can help to meet your cat’s daily exercise needs.

To Sum Up

All things considered, there is one cat tree with branches that we liked most. It is the On2Pets Cat Tree. The reason why we think you should get it is its overall quality and durability. It is an indoor cat tree that can accommodate multiple cats. Its interesting and attractive design makes it seem like an artistic cat tree. Households with children will particularly enjoy having this unit at home.

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