Best 4 Triple Door Dog Crate Furniture Reviewed By Expert

Have you been struggling while trying to find triple dog crate furniture for your lovely pet?

Not to worry because we’ve done the job for you and found the best ones worth mentioning and reviewing. We’ve even placed them into categories like the best one, furniture style ones and more so just keep reading to find what’s best for you and your dog.

The Summary

Zoovilla Dog Crate SummaryZoovilla Dog Crate
The crate is entirely made out of MDF wood with the exception of hasp latch door locks that are used to lock the double door and the front door.
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Internets Best Decorative Dog Crate SummaryInternet’s Best Decorative Dog Crate
The crate will give you and your dog enough visibility and ventilation since the side panel of this wooden crate are made out of metal wire.
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BIRDROCK HOME Decorative Dog Crate SUmmaryBirdrock Home Decorative Dog Crate
The crate looks nice, has an additional function as an end table or nightstand and it even comes with padded bedding to keep your dog cosy when inside.
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Unipaws Pet Crate End Table SummaryUnipaws Pet Crate End Table
The crate is made for large dogs and to prove that, the doors lock with not one or two but three door locks.
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Best 4 Triple Dog Crate Furniture


Zoovilla Dog Crate

MDF Wood Construction
The crate is made out of MDF wood. This type of wood is made by combining wood fibers with wax and resin to get a firm and durable board of wood that doesn’t split or crack when subjected to changes in temperature and humidity like solid wood does.

Blending Into Your Home
The crate is a white wooden dog crate so it blends really nicely into your home but that’s not the only thing that makes it blend well. Another reason is definitely that it has a wide top that makes it perfect to use as furniture where you can put things like magazines, lamps or anything else you can think of putting on a regular end-table.

Zoovilla Dog Crate

Access To The Crate
As for access to this triple dog crate furniture, you’ll find a double door on the lengthier side of the crate and a single door on the front side. The doors lock with a single hasp latch lock located in the middle of the door.

Zoovilla Dog Crate Review

The Bottom Tray
On the bottom, you’ll find a removable tray that cleans easily if your dog ever litters inside the crate. The tray is hidden so that it doesn’t disturb the elegant look of the crate as a whole. The cover for it has magnets that you can pop to release the tray and take it out to clean.

Dogs Able To Fit Inside
The crate is 30.63-in long, 20.39-in wide, and 23.23-in tall. The dimensions and perhaps even the durability of the crate makes it best for small and medium-sized dogs.

In Short:

  • Made out of MDF wood
  • Can be used as a piece of furniture
  • Made for small and medium-sized dogs
  • Has a double door and a front access door
  • The doors lock with a hasp latch lock


Internet’s Best Decorative Dog Crate

Wood And Metal Wire Construction
Although it is wooden, the crate has some metal wire parts but it’s definitely not an eyesore that pops up in your home like small wire dog crates do. It is colored with a white coating finish and the wire is colored black.

Calm Dog Crate
The wood used to make it is MDF wood. Although MDF wood is durable and has some pros as opposed to solid wood like the fact that it won’t split and crack in different temperatures and humidity, it is not made for dogs that tend to chew on things and their crates.

Internets Best Decorative Dog Crate

Ventilation Windows Quality
The ventilation that this triple dog crate furniture provides can easily match the ventilation and visibility that wire and metal crates provide. All of the side panels have metal wire windows so your dog will be able to see you from any side of the crate.

Internets Best Decorative Dog Crate Review

Crate Features And Additions
The locks on the double door and the front door are hasp latch locks that are made out of satin nickel. The crate also comes with padded bedding to keep your dog comfortable when he’s inside and the top can also be used for placing your things on it just like furniture.

What Type Of Dog Can Use It
As for what dogs it is made for, the crate can house small-sized dog breeds given its dimensions that come at 20.5-in in Width x 30-in in Length, and 22-in in Height. These are the inside dimensions of this triple dog crate furniture.

In Short:

  • Built out of MDF wood
  • The side panels are made out of metal wire
  • Provides good visibility and ventilation inside the crate
  • Made for small dog breeds
  • Comes with padded bedding


Birdrock Home Decorative Dog Crate

Standard MDF Wood Build
Like many other crates of this type, this one is also made out of MDF wood: a wood fiber and wax and resing combined together pieces of wood panels. Not only that but the side panels feature metal wire windows for ventilation.

BIRDROCK HOME Decorative Dog Crate

Double Function
Not only can you use the crate as a crate but it can serve you well as a nice piece of furniture like an end table or a nightstand. This will save you space, make your home seem more elegant and the crate sill go unnoticed and won’t pop off too much.

Access Points And Other Features
It has 2 access points but three doors. One door is located on the front of the crate and there’s a double door on the side. they lock with brass hasp latch locks. You also get padded bedding with the crate so that your dog can be even cosier when he’s inside this triple dog crate furniture.

BIRDROCK HOME Decorative Dog Crate Review

Inside Dimensions
There’s approximately a 2-inch difference when comparing the inside and outside dimensions of the crate. The inside of the crate is wide, 32-in long, and 26-in tall. These make it great to be used by small dog breeds.

In Short:

  • Made out of metal wire and MDF wood
  • Additionally, you get a 2.75-in padded bedding
  • Has 2 access point and three doors
  • Serves well as a piece of furniture as well


Unipaws Pet Crate End Table

Chew-Proof Parts
The metal wire except on this crate will survive a chewing dog or puppy. Note that the wood won’t but when you think about how and where the wooden parts are positioned the dog might not even be able to reach to chew on those.

Unipaws Pet Crate End Table

Triple Locks
This triple dog crate furniture is an absolute winner when it comes to keeping your dog safe inside. The reason for it is because it has not one or two, but three types of locks used to lock the double door and the front access door.

Bottom Waterproof Bedding
You will also get a waterproof cushion bed that fits inside this crate well and it will be easy to take out for cleaning because of the double door. Good airflow and visibility is provided because of the metal wire that is positioned along the sides of the crate.

Unipaws Pet Crate End Table Review

Measures And Dogs That Fit Inside
The crate measures 26.6-in in length, 37.8-in in Width 31.3-in in Height. This means it’s made for large dogs and dog breeds like german shepherds but keep in mind that the dogs’ weight should not go over 90 lbs.

In Short:

  • Materials used to make it are wood and metal wire
  • The metal wire can endure chewing coming from the dog
  • It’s made for large dogs up to 90 lbs
  • Comes with a waterproof cushion bed

How To Pick A Triple Dog Crate Furniture

Since triple dog crate furniture is both furniture and a crate there are more things to consider before buying these because you have to look out for if it’s a good enough crate as it is furniture. Some things you should focus on are what materials are used to make the crate, are they durable as in will they survive chewing and not get damaged, and many more things so continue reading to get yourself familiar with these crates and their standard specifications.

Large Triple Door Crates – If you came here looking for a triple door crate for your large dog, unfortunately, you won’t find one since furniture style crates are usually made for smaller dog breeds. You can find large and XL dog crate furniture but it definitely won’t be as pleasing to the eye and it will rarely if ever have triple door access.

Chew Proof Crates – These crates are primarily decorative crates meaning that they might look nice and fit well into your household but they definitely won’t be as good of crates when it comes to their durability if the dog chews on things a lot as unbreakable dog crates will be.

Crate Training – For your dog to use these crates they should definitely be crate trained because they lack some things that training cages for dogs have like dividers, plastic pullout tray although you might find them in some crates

End Table Function – More often than not, wooden crates will have a furniture function as well and they are pretty good in being that. The main problem is how good it is for your dog so you should scrap the furniture thing and focus more on what it’s made out of, can it survive a chewing dog and what dog breeds can be inside the crate.

To Sum Up

It’s quite easy to decide on a winner and what the best triple dog crate furniture is. The short answer is that it’s the Unipaws Pet Crate End Table. The long answer includes the reasons why and they as follows: it comes with 3 types of locks, the wire on the crate can endure chewing all while being pleasant to the eye and functioning beautifully as a  piece of furniture. If you’re still interested in this type of crate minus the triple door and you want to have a bigger one for your large dog we suggest you read the article about XL dog crate furniture. If you’re completely on the other side of things and want a sturdy and durable crate we suggest you read the article about sturdy dog crates.

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