Top 6 Modern Cat Wall Shelves And Perches For Any Home Room

Do you want to get cool and fun furniture for your cats such as modern cat shelves?

Then you have come to the right place! Check out our six reviews about the best models that we have found on the online market. We have also made a small buying guide that will help you choose the right model for your cats.

The Summary

Bayka 2 in 1 Wall Shelf For Cats SummaryBayka 2 in 1 Wall Shelf For Cats
Looking for a wall cat shelf that you can use as well? The Bayka set of three shelves gives you the opportunity to choose the purpose.
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Tardo Deluxe Wall Cat Playspace SummaryTardo Deluxe Wall Cat Playspace
If you are in need of a shelf that will serve as a cat bed, make sure you check out Tardo’s transparent unit. It holds up to 28 pounds.
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Fukumaru Cat Climbing Shelves SummaryFukumaru Cat Climbing Shelves
Large cats and medium-sized cats that love to climb to high places will like spending time on the Fukumaru stairs-shelves.
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The Refined Feline Lotus Leaf Shelves SummaryThe Refined Feline Lotus Leaf Shelves
The carpet is easy to remove when you need to clean the cat hair. The Refined Feline manufacturer has created a quality and sturdy cat shelf.
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K&H Cat Window Shelf SummaryK&H Cat Window Shelf
If you have a limited budget, then you may like the K&H shelf for cats. It gets installed onto a window. No tools are required.
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Aveen Cat Wall Lounging Set SummaryAveen Cat Wall Lounging Set
The Aveen’s set for lounging will make cats happy and entertained. It will keep your fur friends occupied and active on a daily basis.
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Top 6 Modern Cat Wall Shelves


Bayka 2 in 1 Wall Shelf For Cats

For You And Your Cat
The Bayka shelves are here both for you and your cat. This is a set of three shelves that you can purchase if you have a climber cat that loves to spend time in high places. Apart from that, you can use the shelves to store your books or other objects as well.

Bayka 2 in 1 Wall Shelf For Cats Review

Simple And Attractive Design
These shelves are a great alternative for modern cat trees. The design is simple. These floating shelves for cats are made with industrial matte metal brackets and solid Paulownia wood. They will match almost any home decor – from minimalist to elegant or rustic.

Mount Shelves As You Wish
The mounting of the Bayka modern cat wall shelves depends on you. You can install these modern cat shelves wherever and however you wish – vertically or horizontally. Use your imagination and give your living room or bedroom a new look.

Bayka 2 in 1 Wall Shelf For Cats

Easy To Mount
The mounting is very simple. Also, you can choose how you are going to assemble the shelves – with the board below or on the top of the brackets. The sizes of the shelves are the following: large shelf measures 16.5 × 6 × 4.8”, the medium one’s size is 14.2 × 6 × 4.8”, and the small one’s dimensions are 11.4 × 6 × 4.8”.

In Short:

  • these shelves are multi-purpose
  • use the shelves for you or your cat’s climbing
  • material is sturdy and natural
  • this is a set of 3 shelves
  • assemble and mount them as you wish


Tardo Deluxe Wall Cat Playspace

Transparent Capsule Design
The Tardo is a transparent bed for cats that gets mounted on the wall. It includes one shelf and a cat bed. It is an ideal space-saving cat tree bed for small apartments or small rooms. It looks nice in larger spaces as well. In blend in nicely with modern home decor.

Tardo Deluxe Wall Cat Playspace

The Quality Acrylic And Wood
This modern cat shelve is made of quality material. This cat bed is made of acrylic and the shelf is built out of natural wood. There are two sizes that you can choose from – large or X-large. The X-large model will hold up to 28 pounds which means that more than one kitten can fit the unit. Such a unit looks attractive and cool next to an artistic cat tree.

Mount one or two Tardo’s modern shelves on the wall and save space. The shelves will come in handy if you don’t want your cats to leave hair everywhere. Also, every cat owner knows that cats love to lounge in high places, and modern cat shelves will surely help if you have a cat or more cats with such a personality.

Tardo Deluxe Wall Cat Playspace Review

Easy To Install And Clean
This shelf gets easily mounted on the wall. The instructions are provided by the manufacturer. The job is simple and quick. Also, the unit is very easy to clean. Use the clean cloth and wipe the hairs off. If necessary, use pet-friendly detergent.

In Short:

  • this is a transparent cat bed capsule
  • it is made of acrylic and wood
  • the X-Large unit holds up to 28 pounds
  • the installation is quick and simple
  • clean the unit with no hassle


Fukumaru Cat Climbing Shelves

Multi-Level Cat Stairs
Cat stairs that get mounted on the wall is a solution for small apartment with multiple playful cats. Most cats will love to climb high places and perch on the top of your furniture. If you have recognized your cat, then you need to check out more details about the Fukumari multi-level shelf-stairs.

Fukumaru Cat Climbing Shelves Review

Choose The Type
There are two types of Fukumaru modern cat wall shelves. Choose the left-to-right or right-to-left type, depending on your preferences and possibilities. The material that these cat shelves are made of is 100% wood. Each shelf is wrapped in jute rope which is perfect for scratching.

Size And Carrying Weight
The overall dimensions of the shelf-stairs are width- 2.7″, depth- 7.8″ and 8.4″, height- 2.4″, length- 15.7. Since we are talking about natural cat tree stairs, the carrying capacity is high. Each unit will surely hold up to two adult cats of medium to large size.

fukumaru cat stairs

Recommended Installation
It is highly advisable that you install this unit in natural-dense stone, concrete, lightweight concrete, concrete block, or solid brick. Make sure the unit is installed correctly. This will keep it stable and hard to collapse.

In Short:

  • modern wall stairs-shelves
  • easy to install anywhere
  • space-saving and multi-level
  • made of 100% natural wood
  • each stair is wrapped in jute


The Refined Feline Lotus Leaf Shelves

Contoured Design
If you want to get a sophisticated-looking unit for your cats that will look nice with your elegant furniture, the unit by The Refined Feline will make it possible. This unit comes with a contoured design. This is a natural-wood cat tree wall shelf for one cat.

The Refined Feline Lotus Leaf Shelves Review

Removable Carpet
The shelf includes a carpet. It will make your cat will warm and comfortable. The carpet can easily be removed when and if necessary. For example when you need to clean it and remove cat hair or if your cat prefers to lounge on a shelf with no carpet.

Sturdy Material
This shelf is made of a combination of solid wood and bent ply. Such material makes modern cat shelves sturdy and long-lasting. It is one of the best modern cat wall shelves that is made of premium-quality material. It is pet-friendly in every way. The carpet is skin-friendly as well.

The Refined Feline Lotus Leaf Shelves

Combine With Other Furniture
If you like this dark brown shelf unit, note that you can get more similar products from The Refined Feline manufacturer. There are shelves of larger sizes and the same or different colors. Combine more products and expand your cat’s wall playground.

In Short:

  • dark brown and stylish unit
  • fits one adult cat
  • easy to mount on the wall
  • includes a removable carpet
  • this shelf can easily be cleaned
  • combine this shelf with other shelves


K&H Cat Window Shelf

Choose The Print
There are different prints and colors of the K&H modern cat shelves that you can choose from – fleece, Leopard print, Kitty print, and Zebra print. Each one of them is incredibly cute and attractive. Choose according to your preferences and style.

K&H Cat Window Shelf Review

Size And Material
The dimensions of this cool and modern shelf for cats are 15 x 3 x 24.5 inches (LxWxH). In our opinion, this unit is one of the coolest on the market. We like it because it is made of soft and cozy orthopedic foam. The faux cover is easy to wash.

How To Install
You will need to assemble this luxury cat furniture shelf next to a 2-inch wall. The width of the legs is 3/4″. The installation requires no tools. This unit is very easy to install. Just follow the included instructions that were provided by the manufacturer.

K&H Cat Window Shelf

For All Cats
This unit will hold cats of all sizes, ages, or breeds. As long as your cat is no heavier than 40 pounds, you can feel safe. If you have a senior cat, we advise you to mount the shelf on a window that is not very high. The price of this unit is very affordable.

In Short:

  • choose between four prints
  • this unit is affordable and quality
  • it is made of orthopedic foam
  • the soft faux cover is easy to clean
  • the shelf will hold up to 40 pounds
  • no tools are required for the installation


Aveen Cat Wall Lounging Set

Four-Piece Set
This is another set for cats that love to climb and scratch a lot. The set includes four units – a cat bridge, a scratching post, a simple one-level cat perch, and a two-level perch that includes another scratching column. All of the pieces must be wall-mounted.

Aveen Cat Wall Lounging Set Review

Eco-Friendly And Safe
The material that these pieces of cat furniture are made of is safe for your cats and for the environment as well. Also, there is no smell or toxic paint that could harm your cats in any way. The Aveen modern cat shelves are made of 100% solid wood boards and recyclable fiber.

Cozy And Functional
Since there is a total of four pieces these modern cat wall shelves, your cat or your multiple cats will not get bored. Each shelf has its own purpose to make your cat feel entertained, relaxed, and safe. The shelves are comfortable and are covered with skin-safe plush that makes cats feel warm and cozy.

Aveen Cat Wall Lounging Set

Promotes Healthy Life
The bridge and cat perches will keep your cats well-rested. Also, if your cats love to stay in high places, they will love to keep an eye on their surrounding. The cat nail file scratching posts will prevent cats from scratching your furniture and keep their claws strong and healthy.

In Short:

  • this is a 4-piece cat furniture set
  • includes perches, a bridge, and scratching posts
  • the set will keep your cats occupied and active
  • the material is eco-friendly and recyclable
  • furniture is covered in safe and warm plush

How To Pick: Modern Cat Wall Shelves

Every cat owner knows that cats love to climb to high places. Indoor cats may not have a lot of opportunities for climbing. Getting your fur friend a wall shelve will satisfy your cat’s natural needs and keep it active and occupied. Cat shelves promote healthy cat living. Not only that, but modern cat shelves are modern and multi-functional furniture for you as well. In order to get your cat the best unit, read our buying guide and buy the model you find most appropriate for your household.

Cat Shelves Are Beneficial – Cats’ natural instinct is to climb, jump, and lounge in high places. Cats love to observe their environment. It makes them feel confident and secure. Cats like to keep an eye on the area that surrounds them. If you have indoor cats and no cat shelves, your fur friends will find an alternative. They may even damage your furniture. This is why getting such a unit is always a good decision.

Ideal Furniture For Small Spaces – If you live in a small apartment and have a lack of space, but want to get your cat a cat tree, you should consider getting cat shelves instead. These units won’t occupy much space. In fact, cat shelves are modern space-saving cat trees that get mounted on the wall.

Different Models And Types – You may choose between solid wood, metal, stainless steel, or any other cat shelf models. Some come shaped like a lotus leaf and others are designed like cat stairs. There are shelves that look like clouds as well. The important thing is that you like the design and that the shelves are made of the quality and durable material.

Sturdy And Easy To Mount – Most models that you will find on the online market are made of premium-quality material. For example, the cat wall shelves that we have listed in our article are all made of sturdy, firm, and fine material. They are simple to assemble and put on the wall. Some come with pre-drilled holes and all tools included.

Get The Right Size – If you are not sure of which size of modern cat wall shelves you should get for your cats, we suggest you get a large one. A bigger size is always better. It will provide your cats with more fun climbing space. Also, consider the number of cats that you have in your household. In the end, check the maximum holding capacity. Not every model will hold the same weight.

To Sum Up

As our top choice, we suggest you consider buying the Aveen Cat Wall Lounging Set of modern cat shelves. We consider this indoor cat playground the healthiest choice for multiple cats. With this set of wall shelves, cats will hardly get bored. However, there is one thing that we would add to this set. It is a cat condo with a hammock. Cats love to sleep in private spaces and we think such a unit will make your set complete.

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