Best 10 Corner Cat Trees That Fit Any Angle Of Your House

Are you trying to save space with a cat tree but couldn’t manage to do it so far and are now searching for a corner cat tree to do it?

You’re in the right place then and we suggest you keep on reading this article because of the fact that we reviewed nothing but the best that fit the description here. We went beyond just reviewing any corner tree and made sure to include a variety of products matching different categories like tall trees, condos, furniture, houses, and a lot more.

The Summary

BEST CORNER 60 INCH CAT TREE summaryGo Pet Club Busy Box Cat Tree
There are t2 mentally stimulating toys on this tree that already features a condo and platforms which is great for cats to not get bored.
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BEST MODERN CAT TREE BASKET summaryBenjamas Shop Tall Cat Tower
The tree is 7ft tall which is more than the usually recommended height of 5-6 ft for a tall cat tower made for larger and skilled cats.
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BEST CORNER CAT TREE BASKET summarySuperjare Fully Equipped Cat Tree
The condo is 9.8-in tall and as long and wide as the base. It has 2 entrances which allow you to use this tree as a multi-cat tree.
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Sauder Natural Sphere Cat Tree 774747 SummarySauder Natural Sphere Cat Tower
Below the wicker-made condo sphere, you’ll find a storage platform that’s carpeted for cats. It has a three-legged stand, one is covered with sisal rope.
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BestPet Leopard Condo Cat Tree SummaryBestPet Cat Tree Scratcher House
You’ll get a condo and a high lounge area so your cat can feel safe and keep a good eye on its surroundings, lounging on the comfortable plush carpeted tree.
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BEST CARPET ADULT CAT TREE summaryPrestige Cat Trees Cat Tower
The perches feature raised edges so cats can use them as beds. They’re positioned on different heights and are big enough for the largest of cats.
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BEST CHEAP 7 FOOT CAT TREE summaryGo Pet Club Cat Tree
There are 2 condos on this tree, one is larger than the other and the height of 7ft also makes it well suitable for use by larger cats.
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BEST CORNER BIG CAT CONDO summaryRabbitgoo Adjustable Base Cat Tower
The hammock of this tree is a deep basket that cats can enjoy being in since its depth can remind cats of tight places they love to crawl into.
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Catry Big Cat Perch Tower Cat Tree SummaryCatry Cozy Cat Tree
The 2 condos, one partially covered and one open, are easy to clean exactly because of that. It’s 50-in tall so it’s safe for kittens to climb it.
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BEST CORNER 7 FT CAT TREE summaryLovepet 80 Inch Solid Tree For Cats
Being 80-in tall and having 3 posts covered with sisal rope, your cats will have no problems climbing this tree. To top it all off, it has 8 platforms in total.
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Best 10 Corner Cat Trees


Go Pet Club Busy Box Cat Tree

Mental Stimulation

Cats love and need mental stimulation to prevent boredom and weight gain and the busy box platform with a hollow inside and cat balls inside is the perfect choice for providing them with just that. It has 3 additional platforms, one acts as a bed, and features a cat condo.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree

Toys And Carpet

It has multiple hanging ball toys and a tree branch-shaped ball toy as well. It’s fully carpeted with faux fur and also features 6 posts fully covered with sisal rope. The base shape that looks like 1/4 of a circle is what makes it a corner tree. It’s a 60-inch cat tree in terms of height and you can check out more like this in the linked article below.

In Short:

  • Fully covered with faux fur carpets
  • Features a mentally stimulating busy box platform
  • Has 4 platforms in total, one is a bed
  • It’s 60-in tall
  • Features a cat condo
  • Has multiple hanging ball toys and a branch ball toy


Benjamas Shop Tall Cat Tower

Carpet Pattern

Tree frames are tougher and more durable if made with a type of wood and this one is using e1 particleboard. It has a kick when it comes to its aesthetic since the polyester wool cloth carpets that fully cover it feature a lovely black paw pattern. If you’d prefer a more serious-looking tall corner cat tree, check out the cat basket tree article next.


Biggest Dimension

It truly is endless fun with its height of 80-in that allows for placement of 8 platforms, a cat condo in the middle, and a hammock basket. Two of the platforms feature raised edges and act as lounging areas. Overall, it’s 22.8-in long and wide.

In Short:

  • Made with E1 particleboard
  • Covered with polyester wool cloth
  • It’s 80-in tall and 22.8-in wide and long
  • Has a cat condo, 8 platforms, and a hammock basket
  • The polyester carpets have a paw pattern


Superjare Fully Equipped Cat Tree

Condo Size

The spacious cat condo is elevated from the ground due to the 3 posts covered with sisal rope it sits on. It’s spacious, 9.8-in tall and has a front and top entrance. Below it you0’ll find a raised bed platform and above it a hammock basket, and 2 more platforms, one acting as a bed as well.


Dark Grey Color And Size

It’s engineered wood frame is fully covered with dark grey plush carpets and the base that’s square-shaped is 17.7-in wide and long. It’s 46.4-in tall and can house multiple cats or large cats. This cat corner condo isn’t the only one this big so if you’d like to check out others, we advise you to read the cat basket tree article.

In Short:

  • Made with engineered wood
  • Covered with dark grey plush carpets
  • The condo is 9.8-in tall and has 2 entrances
  • Features 3 platforms, 2 are beds
  • The base is 17.7-in long and wide
  • Overall it’s 46.4-in tall


Sauder Natural Sphere Cat Tower

Stand Details

The three-legged stand of this furniture piece is covered with sisal rope so that your cat can easily climb it and access the sphere-shaped condo on top made with wicker. On the bottom, there is a carpet-covered wooden storage platform and above it, a hanging ball toy.

Sauder Natural Sphere Cat Tree 774747 Review

Height And Condo Inside

The stand is made with wood veneers colored with an espresso color. It’s 43.7-in tall, 19.8-in long, and 21.6-in wide. The inside of the condo can be equipped with a cushion that’s machine washable. If this is not your idea of corner cat furniture, you can read the stylish cat tree article for more like this.

In Short:

  • Sits on a three-legged stand colored espresso
  • The stan is made with wood veneers
  • Features a sisal rope covered leg
  • Has a storage carpet-covered platform
  • The top sphere is a condo and made with wicker
  • It’s 43.7-in tall, 19.8-in long, and 21.6-in wide
  • Comes with a washable cushion


BestPet Cat Tree Scratcher House

Posts Sisal Rope Coverage

The three posts that rise from the baseboard are completely covered with sisal rope and feature their natural color. Any other accessory features a leopard print design. If you’d prefer to stay away from that type of corner cat house design, you can read the amazing cat trees article next.

BestPet Leopard Condo Cat Tree Review

Number Of Features

It has a total of 5 platforms, 2 out of the 5 are located in front of the cat condo that features 2 entrance holes. The top platform is a perch and lounge area. The base is 18.11-in wide and long, and at its highest point, it’s 59.45-in tall. The leopard print carpets are made with plush material.

In Short:

  • The baseboard is 18.11-in wide and long
  • Has 3 tall sisal rope covered posts
  • Has 5 platforms, 2 sitting in front of the cat condo
  • The condo has 2 entrance holes
  • It’s 59.45-in tall
  • The plush carpets feature a leopard print design


Prestige Cat Trees Cat Tower

Corner Posts

Each corner of the square baseboard has a post rising from it, only one, however, is partially covered with sisal rope. Other than that, it’s fully covered with plush carpets and the frame is made using solid wood. It has a total of 4 perches that act as cat beds and features a triangular platform.

Prestige Cat Tree

Large Perches

It’s 24-in long and wide and 65-in tall. The biggest perch is 20-in long and wide which means that a large cat such as a Maine coon can easily enjoy the benefits of this corner cat perch. For more trees like this one with different designs, check out the adult cat tower article linked below.

In Short:

  • Has 4 posts rising from each corner of the base
  • The base is 24-in long and wide
  • Has 4 cat perches and a triangle platform
  • Covered with grey plush carpets
  • Made with a solid wood frame
  • It’s 65-in tall
  • One post is partially covered with sisal rope


Go Pet Club Cat Tree

7Ft Height

The height of 80-in is reason enough for this tree to be a corner cat tree for large cats. Measured in ft, it’s 7 ft tall and is sure to provide a lot of u to any cat. For more trees that are equally as tall but with different features, read the 7 ft cat tree article linked below.


Color And Extras

It’s fully beige meaning that the sisal rope posts are barely noticeable and blend well with the rest of the tree. It has 2 condos, one is larger, a hammock basket, 2 beds, 6 additional platforms, and a rope toy for playtime. It’s made with engineered wood and it’s 30-in long and 45-in wide.

In Short:

  • Fully colored beige
  • Has 3 sisal rope posts
  • Has 2 condos, one larger than the other
  • Comes with 6 platforms, 2 beds, and a hammock basket
  • Has a hanging rope toy
  • Covered with plush carpets and made with engineered wood


Rabbitgoo Adjustable Base Cat Tower

Adjustable Base

The product comes as 2 separate trees connected only with the top plush bed. It has 2 bases and one base is adjustable and can spin 180 degrees to make the whole tree look different. Instructions on how to assemble it are included and feature pictures for even easier assembly.


What It Features

It has plenty of posts and 3 are covered with sisal rope. Its frame is made with particleboard and the 2 entrance hole condo, bed, basket hammock, and platform are all carpeted with grey plush. It’s around 19.6-in long, 17.7-in wide, and 38.1-in tall. If you want keep the tree simple, read the big cat condo article next.

In Short:

  • Made with particleboard
  • Covered with plush grey carpets
  • Has a double entrance condo
  • Has a bed and a basket hammock
  • Made with 2 bases that are adjustable for different designs
  • Overall, it’s 19.6-in long, 17.7-in wide, and 38.1-in tall


Catry Cozy Cat Tree

Platform Beds

There are 2 concave platforms at the highest points of the tree. One is partially covered and they’re made to give your kitten a sense of security when lying around. The reason it’s made for kittens is due to the 50-in in height which makes it safe for them. 2ft would be ideal but this helps prevent another buy in the future.

Catry Big Cat Perch Tower Cat Tree

Color And Toys

It has 3 posts covered with brown sisal rope. it has 2 platforms and a couple of hanging toys for mental cat stimulation. It’s fully carpeted using plush material. The base corners are rounded and it’s 19-in long and wide. For adult cat trees, you can read the cat activity tree article next.

In Short:

  • Has 2 concave platforms that are easy to clean
  • HAs 3 sisal rope posts
  • Features 2 platforms and 2 hanging ball toys
  • It’s 19-in wide and long base corners are rounded
  • It’s 50-in tall


Lovepet 80 Inch Solid Tree For Cats

High Points And Features
The highest point of this tree is a lounge area and it’s 80-in tall. You’ll get one more and 6 additional platforms. It has 2 condos that are different in size ad it even comes with a basket hammock. Your cat can access all parts from the platforms or via sisal rope posts. There are 3 of them.


Base Size And Build
The front of the baseboard isn’t curved like a circle but still makes it a true corner cage. It’s 38-in long, and 28-in wide. It’s made with flakeboards and they’re covered with soft plush that’s black. For more info on this and other similar models, you can read the 7 ft cat tree article.

In Short:

  • Made with flakeboard
  • Covered with soft plush carpets
  • It’s 80-in tall, 38-in long, and 28-in wide
  • Has 3 posts covered with sisal rope
  • Comes with a hammock basket ad 2 lounge areas
  • Features 2 condos, one bigger than the other

How To Pick A Corner Cat Tree

It’s easy to think that any tree can be a corner cat tree but if you’re nitpicky like us then you’ll know that this just isn’t true for every tree. We’ll talk about the benefits of these trees, how to recognize one, type possibilities, and general cat tree things all in this useful and simple buying guide

Recognizing A Corner Tree By Base – The first dead giveaway of a corner is the baseboard located at the very bottom. If the base is shaped like 1/4 of a circle you’ll know that it’s the best corner tree you can get. These trees will also save you the most space and look the most elegant in your home.

Tree Recognition By Back– You could get away with having a tree with a square-shaped base if other perimeters are satisfied. The back of the tree which means that it’s the side that’s going to be leaning against the wall should be clear of any platforms, condos, and perches that step away from the perimeter of the base. If that’s the case, the tree won’t perfectly fit into corners.

Main Benefit – The number one benefit of these trees is that they elegantly fit into homes and save space. Furthermore, if you can blend their color to your furniture or wall colors it’s even better. With these, you can truly splurge on height as even a tall cat tree like this won’t take up that much space.

Location Benefit – If you’re still debating which corner you want to put the tree in, we might help you with what cat’s usually love. Cats are territorial creatures and a tree is their safe haven where they’re able to monitor their surrounding. A corner placement already gives the best view of the room their in but try to pick out corners away from doors and perhaps closer to windows to fully satisfy your cat.

Tree Heights – The most common factor that determines tree height which is the most noticeable thing on any cat tree is cat age. If you have a kitten you should aim for a smaller tree of 2ft. You can go higher than that but just don’t go overboard, a fully grown large cat is going to benefit the most from a 5-6 ft tall tree although there are taller trees as well. The point is to create a surface that’s taller than anything your cat can climb.

Different Price Angles – It’s a well-known fact that cat trees of any kind aren’t exactly affordable cat trees but we don’t see that much of a problem with it since it’s better to splurge a bit more on a costly tree than it is to have to buy new furniture since your cat has destroyed it.

To Sum Up

We can’t possibly recommend just one corner cat tree to anyone unless we knew their housing situation, buying capabilities, cat age, size, and behavior. If you’ve read the buying guide, it’ll be easy for you to decide on one. In case you’ve read it and decided that you’d prefer a different type of cat tree altogether, you can read the affordable cat trees article or the tall cat trees article next. In case you want to be an expert in cat trees and know about every possible type out there, be sure to read the cat trees article next.

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