6 Most Interesting Black Cat Adoption Statistics In 2022

The black cat in many cultures means bad luck but that is, fortunately, myth and the newest black cat adoption rate are showing interesting statistics.

Even if the black cats are very mysterious and seem like they’re not that friendly, statistics show they’re as same as cats with other coat colors. There are many black cats n shelters and interesting facts show the high percentage of cats that enter the animal shelters every year. Do you know how many black cats enter shelters while waiting for adoption?

As the cat adoption rate increase thru the year, the adoption of black cats also shows positive results. In our article, you can find the most interesting adoption statistics and facts so keep on reading.

3 Black Cat Adoption Facts
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  • Around 33% of all cats that enter shelters are black ones.
  • About 31% of adopted cats are black cats.
  • The average black cat spends 26.25 days in a shelter.

6 Black Cat Adoption Statistics

1. Around 33% of all cats that enter shelters are black ones

Studies from different animal shelters in the United States show that around 33% of cats that enter in are black cats. We can assume it is mostly because of belief they bring some kind of bad luck.

Comparing it to cats with other coat colors, around 30% of grey cats enter animal shelters, and in the third place are white cats which are around 28%.

Source: nationaltoday.com

2. Black cats are the least adopted cats

Every day, thousands of cats enter animal shelters all over the world, but fortunately, many of them get adopted in a short time. According to the statistics from an animal shelter in the UK, United States, and other bigger countries, black cats are the hardest color to find forever homes.

Source: nationaltoday.com

3. Around 65% more black cats were taken from 2007.

According to animal charity Blue Cross data, from 2007. till 2013. there was a rise of 65% more black cats that were taken for adoption. Because the number of black cats is reduced thru the year, it also reduces the number of euthanizations.

Source: nationaltoday.com

4. Around 31% of adopted cats are black cats

It is a myth that a black cat brings bad luck and fortunately, many owners don’t care which color cat is. According to data from ASPCA, and the review of 14 regions in the United States, from 300,000 adoptions 31% was a cat in black color. About 20% were grey cats and 18% brown ones.

Most people think that black cats bring bad luck but cat statistics show that it is only a misconception and many black cats are adopted. According to statistics, around 31% of black cats and kittens are adopted every year.

Unfortunately, they have a much higher euthanasia rate than cats in other colors. Black color is a dominant color in genes which results in a large number of black cats in shelters.

The most adopted cats with different coat colors according to stats from ASPCA

Source: petpedia.co

5. People think that black cats are less friendly and more aggressive

In 2019. there was a study that included 101 participants, mostly women that showed why humans don’t adopt black cats. The main reason was that they think black cats are less friendly and more aggressive.

Also, they think they cannot read the emotions of black pets. Some of the participants think they’re more aggressive and less adaptable than another color cat.

Source: psychologytoday.com

6. The average black cat spends 26.25 days in a shelter

In 2016., a group of Canadian researchers found that when it comes to adopting cats, the coat color is the second-most important factor. To find out how many days average black cats spend in the shelter before adoption, it was made a study in Colorado included more than 15,000 cats.

All cats were prepared for adoption, and the result shows that the average black cat will spend 26.25 days in an animal shelter before finding a new family. Comparing it to other cats in different colors, they will spend 24.01 days before adoption. We can assume that black cats take at least 2 days longer to get adopted than other cats.

Source: ctpost.com

To Sum Up

Comparing black cat adoption statistics, we can conclude that black cats aren’t favorite cats for adoption, and they spend more time in animal shelters before they found their forever home. Even if many people still think that black cats bring bad luck, the number of adopted black cats is increasing every year The main reason why people prefer to adopt cats with other coat colors is believed they’re more friendly and less aggressive than black ones, but that isn’t scientific proved.

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