Best 6 Flower Cat Trees: Flower Power, Sunflower & Others

Have you been looking for a flower cat tree that will look attractive in your household?

In our article, we have listed the best six models and divided them into different categories. Also, we wrote a small buyer’s guide. The information that we provide in this article will help you choose the best unit for your cats.

The Summary

Yaqeen Flower Cat Tower SummaryYaqeen Flower Cat Tower
Yaqeen’s medium cat tree includes two elevated perches and a roomy cat condo. It is an affordable, nice, and colorful cat tree
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Prevue Flower Power Cat Tree SummaryPrevue Flower Power Cat Tree
This simple cat tree comes with a wide and heavy base that keeps the unit stable. It is well-balanced and supported by scratching columns.
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Catry Sunflower Cat Tree SummaryCatry Sunflower Cat Tree
If your cat likes to scratch a lot and has already damaged your favorite sofa, Catry’s cat tree will help to prevent further scratching from happening.
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Furrytail Scratching Tree For Cats SummaryFurrytail Scratching Tree For Cats
This multi-level cat tree includes a ground floor cat condo, elevated perches, and a teasing toy. It keeps cats active and safe.
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Fukumaru Medium Flower Tree SummaryFukumaru Medium Flower Tree
This 3-perches cat tree by Fukumaru is ideal for households with medium-sized cats that love to climb, groom, and sleep a lot.
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BeiXiaoFen Cactus Flower Scratching Tree SummaryBeiXiaoFen Cactus Flower Scratching Tree
Forget about having damaged furniture. This unit is entirely wrapped in natural sisal rope. It attracts cats and keeps the claws strong.
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Top 6 Flower Cat Trees


Yaqeen Flower Cat Tower

Creative And Colorful
Yaqueen’s cat tree is a colorful and interesting unit. It includes a wide and heavy grass-like base. There is a spacious cat condo included and two flower perches. This cat tree is ideal for small to medium-sized cats. It invites them to climb and scratch.

Yaqeen Flower Cat Tower Review

Roomy Cat Condo
The mushroom-like ground floor cat condo that is included is spacious and cozy. Shy or calm cats with love sleeping and resting inside of it. It keeps cats warm and comfortable. Add a soft cushion if you wish and make your cats feel safe and relaxed.

Two Elevated Perches
Yaqeen’s flower cat tree comes with two elevated perches. They are supported by the columns. The columns are wrapped with an easy-to-scratch material. It is simple for cats to climb or jump to the perches. The top perch includes a hanging toy ball as well.

Yaqeen Flower Cat Tower

Easy To Setup
A simple and quick assembly is required. This cat tree is equipped with instructions for a quick setup. One person can do the job with no problem. This multi-cat tree can hold up to three kittens or two medium-sized adult cats.

In Short:

  • colorful and fun cat tree design
  • includes two elevated perches
  • it comes with a cozy cat condo
  • simple and easy assembly is required
  • the package provides setup instructions


Prevue Flower Power Cat Tree

Three Floors
This cat tree made by Prevue manufacturer has three levels. There is the wide ground floor base, the first-floor large platform, and a top elevated flower-shaped perch. This tree is of smaller size and it will fit into any household, no matter the size.

Prevue Flower Power Cat Tree Review

Cozy Flower Perch
The ultra-soft flower-like top perch will fit cats of almost all sizes. This velvet perch is ideal for cats that love to stay in higher places. The unit is entirely covered with a skin-friendly plush fabric. It keeps cats warm and comfortable.

Jute Posts
Prevue’s flower cat tower includes three scratching posts. They are wrapped in rough jute rope. Their texture attracts cats and makes them want to scratch to maintain the nails strong and healthy. The two hanging balls are included as well.

Prevue Flower Power Cat Tree

Useful Details
The Prevue Flower Power cat tree measures 23 ½” Long, 17 ¾” Wide, and 28 3/8” High. It is a 3-tier cat tree of a smaller size. It will be a saver for small apartments or households with up to three cats at a lack of space.

In Short:

  • this unit has three levels
  • wide baseboard keeps it stable
  • includes a cozy top velvet perch
  • comes with 3 jute posts
  • two dangling balls are included


Catry Sunflower Cat Tree

Sunflower Design
The Catry’s sunflower cat tree is what makes it different, unusual, and interesting. This special cat tree has multiple functions. It has a heavy board base that keeps the unit stable and a sunflower perch. This tree will catch the eye of every visitor.

Catry Sunflower Cat Tree Review

Functional Cat Tree
This tree has a dual function. It will be your cat’s favorite scratching place. The flower can be turned into a scratching post or a cat bed at any time. It provides more climbing and scratching possibilities for your lovely fur friend.

For Active Cats
Multi-cat or active-cat households with a lack of space will love this flower cat tower. The sisal-covered scratching posts will attract your cats’ attention and help them to keep their claws sharp. There is a teasing mouse included too. It keeps cats occupied for hours.

Catry Sunflower Cat Tree

Long-Lasting And Firm
This unusual cat tree is made of MDF, fleece, jute, sisal, and felt. The combination of these materials makes the tree long-lasting and durable. It is a stable, pet-friendly, and skin-friendly unit that cats simply adore.

In Short:

  • interesting sunflower design
  • heavy and stable baseboard
  • sisal and jute scratching post
  • dual function of the cat bed
  • for active cats that love to scratch


Furrytail Scratching Tree For Cats

Unique Design
Furrytail’s flower cat tree includes a ground floor cat condo, a first-floor platform, and two top elevated perches. The tree is well balanced and comes with multiple columns. The columns are wrapped with natural and rough sisal material.

Furrytail Scratching Tree For Cats

Multiple Purposes
Your lovely cats will adore staying on this medium cat tree. It is going to be their new favorite playing zone and sleeping space at the same time. The unit keeps cats active and promotes healthy behavior. It invites them to scratch, climb, and jump.

Comfortable And Safe
This tree is almost entirely covered in ultra-soft and smooth velvet fabric. It is skin-friendly and keeps cats warm and cozy. The cat condo is spacious. It includes one large front entrance and a top opening that your cats will use as a second entrance or a window.

Furrytail Scratching Tree For Cats Review

Size And Capacity
The tree’s overall size is about L x W x H: 19x19x44 inch. It will fit into any household. Place it in an unoccupied corner or under the window. The tree’s capacity is up to three medium-sized cats. This tree keeps cats safe and it is hard to overturn.

In Short:

  • unique and interesting design
  • this tree is of medium size
  • includes a ground floor cat condo
  • there are two elevated perches
  • the tree will hold up to 3 cats


Fukumaru Medium Flower Tree

For Scratchers
Fukumaru’s cat tree includes two large columns that are wrapped in sisal rope. If you want to prevent your cats from damaging your favorite furniture, then think getting a cat tree with scratching posts is the best solution.

Fukumaru Medium Flower Tree

For Three Cats
This flower cat tower is perfect for owners of two or three cats. It includes elevated and perches. Two of them are flower-shaped, and the third one looks like a leaf. The tree is stable and its baseboard is heavy. It prevents wobbling and tipping over.

The Measures
The overall dimensions of the Fukumaru flower-shaped cat tree are 19.7” (L) 15.7” (W) 43.3” (H). The tree comes in white and green colors. This is sort of like an artistic cat tree. It will look attractive in modern and stylish households.

Fukumaru Medium Flower Tree Review

The Installation
This flower cat tree by Fukumaru gets assembled in less than 10 minutes. It is a no-tool installation. The screws are included as well as the step-by-step instructions. One adult person will put the pieces together easily and in no time.

In Short:

  • ideal cat tree for up to three cats
  • there are three perches included
  • comes in green and white colors
  • includes scratching posts
  • put the pieces together in 10 minutes


BeiXiaoFen Cactus Flower Scratching Tree

Saves Your Furniture
Cats are big scratchers. They scratch for many different reasons. Not only to sharpen their claws but also to stretch after waking up from a nap. Another reason is to mark their territory and live their scent. If your cats don’t have an adequate scratching post, they will soon find an alternative.

BeiXiaoFen Cactus Flower Scratching Tree Review

Eco-Friendly Material
BeiXiaoFen’s flower tree for cats is entirely covered with eco-friendly sisal rope material. Its rough texture attracts cats and makes them want to scratch this tree and not your furniture. This unit is durable and it will help your cats to climb and jump the tree as well.

Promotes Healthy Behavior
It is hard to make your indoor cats stop scratching your furniture. It is their natural instinct. However, this cat nail file scratching post tree is here to help. It is not only a scratching tree but also a unit to play and rest on.

BeiXiaoFen Cactus Flower Scratching Tree Summary

Stable And Affordable
This tree is stable and well-proportioned. It is not easy to overturn. Cats can climb it and jump off of it without problems. This cactus flower cat tree measures 9.06″ x 9.06″ x 13.39″. It is small and fits everywhere. Its cost is pretty affordable too.

In Short:

  • keeps your furniture undamaged
  • encourages natural instincts
  • stable and eco-friendly unit
  • ideal for scratching and climbing
  • it measures 9.06″ x 9.06″ x 13.39″

How To Pick: Flower Cat Tree

In order to pick the best flower cat tree for your lovely cats, follow our tips. Make sure you like the design. You probably want your new unit to match your home decor. Apart from that, know how big of a cat tree your cat needs. Ensure the quality is fine and get a tree that includes scratching posts.

Interesting Design – Flower-shaped cat trees are unique, cool, and fun. Households with children will particularly like to have such a unit at home. Cat trees with flower perches or beds are creative and multi-functional. They are pleasing to the eye, and keep your indoor cats happy, active, and occupied at the same time.

Size And Capacity – You might have one cuddly cat at home, or you an owner of multiple and active cats. Before buying a cat tree, make sure you know what your cats love. Short cat trees will be perfect for one or two senior cats or those with calm personalities. However, make sure that you get a medium or large cat tree if your cats love to play, run, jump, and scratch a lot. Also, don’t forget to check the tree’s maximum holding weight.

The Tree’s Quality – Another thing that you should always take into consideration is the quality of the material that the tree is made from. In our opinion, natural and solid wood cat trees are the best and most durable. However, units made of particleboard, veneer, and MDF are fine as well. As long as you are using your cat tree properly, it should last.

Scratching Posts – Most flower cat towers and trees will include scratching posts and boards. It is important that your cat has a special place to scratch. This will not only help to maintain their claws healthy and strong, but it will safe your furniture from scratches.

Extra Features – Apart from the posts and perches, your new flower cat tree may come with a condo, multiple levels, and interactive toys. If your cats are social and love to play, get them a cat tree with a hanging ball that swings back and forth. It will help to keep your indoor cats safe, active, and occupied for hours.

To Sum Up

In the end, we liked the Furrytail Scratching flower cat tree the most. It comes with a big cat condo that is ideal for sleeping and resting. Apart from that, the unit is ideal for playing, jumping, and climbing too. Check out our article about the cat condo tree houses and find more similar models.

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