Best 6 Dog Sleeping Crates For Both Puppies & Adult Pets

Is your dog or puppy troubling you at night so you’ve decided it’s time to get a dog sleeping crate?

If so, you’ll want to keep reading this article. If there’s another reason why you’re here, you’re invited too because you might learn something new by reading the useful buying guide for this crate type. The article consists of crate reviews but we picked only the best to review and we’ve made it so that there is a large variety of crates like metal, plastic, and wooden crates. One is bound to fit your dog and you.

The Summary

BEST OF BEST SLEEPING DOG CRATE SummaryPetmate Navigator Pet Carrier
If you’re looking for an incredibly safe crate this is the one to get because it has rounded corners and the two doors can be locked from 5 different points.
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BEST METAL DOG SLEEPING CAGE SummaryiCrate Dog Crate Starter Kit
You might be new to the dog crate experience and this is the crate to set you on the right path since it has everything needed for a starter kit crate.
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With 4 access doors you won’t have problems with crate placement inside your home and if you wanna leave it open, the slide up door won’t get in the way.
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BEST FOLDING DOG CRATE FOR SLEEPING summaryCardinal Gates Sliding Door Pet Crate
Shin injuries and space saving are maximized with this crate that features a double door that slides open and a front one that opens upwards.
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There’s three doors on this crate. The first two are a double door and the third one is a single door. Door panels can be placed in multiple ways.
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The rubberized bottom on this crate minimizes liquid absorption and in turn protect the crate from long lasting and hard to get rid of damage and odors.
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Best 6 Dog Sleeping Crates


Petmate Navigator Pet Carrier

Coating Finish Benefit
To get the most life out of this medium wire dog crate, the manufacturer made sure to coat with an electro finish that’s black. What the finish does is that it makes this crate for dogs to sleep in resistant to rust. This will definitely increase its life span since it won’t damage in case it gets into contact with liquids or humidity.


Ensuring Safety
There are two safety features that are definitely worth mentioning when describing how safe the crate is for dogs and puppies. The first one is that the corners are rounded so that your dog doesn’t accidentally pinch his paws and the other things is that the two access doors can be locked from 5 different points.

Puppy Housing
We mentioned that THIS dog sleeping crate is safe for puppies as well and we did that intentionally. You see, the crate comes with a puppy crate divider that will help you potty train your growing dog by adjusting to your dog’s size as he grows. If you do buy the crate for the puppy, make sure you get it according to his adult size.

Petmate Navigator Pet Carrier

Folding And Cleaning
If you’re one to travel with your dog or you at least wish to, you can use the crate for it because of its weight of 12.7 lbs and foldable design that will make it easy for you to transport the crate. For additional help with ptty training, you’ll get a plastic pan that slides out when you need to clean it.

In Short:

  • The steel wire features a black electro coat finish
  • The finish makes the crate rust-resistant
  • Comes with a divider for potty training puppies
  • The bottom holds a cleaning pan
  • Has two doors that lock from 5 different points
  • Has rounded corners for inside safety


iCrate Dog Crate Starter Kit

Great Starter Crate
You can look at this crate as a great starting point if you and your dog are new to the whole crate thing. For starters, it’s made for you to fully understand what size of dog you can house inside it. This is why it’s sized as a large dog breed crate instead of in inches that make it more complicated to figure out the right crate size to get.


Just Cosy Things
The two things that will create a cosy spot for your dog sot hat he can sleep inside are the fleece bed and the crate’s cover. The cover OF THIS dog sleeping crate will give your dog more privacy while he’s inside while the bed will allow the dog to sleep in a soft environment.

Puppy Starter Kit
In case you have a puppy that you decided to get a dog sleeping cage for you can also get this crate and potty train him with it. You’ll get to do that because it comes with a puppy crate divider that’s adjustable to your dog’s size. Just like the first crate we reviewed, you should get the size that fits the approximate adult size of your dog.

Crate Dog Crate Starter Kit

An Easily Cleaned Crate
You won’t even have to get a food and water bowl for your dog since the crate comes with 2 that can be attached to the wire of the crate. You won’t have troubles with cleaning the crate since there is a slide out pan on the bottom made out of plastic where dog dirt will end up.

In Short:

  • Comes with a fleece bed and crate cover for privacy
  • Additionally you’ll get a water and food bowl with it
  • Comes with a divider panel for housing puppies
  • The crate is sized as one to house large dogs
  • Feature a slide out plastic pan for cleaning


Pet Gear 4 Door Steel Crate

2 Material Safety
This small dog sleeping crate is comprised of two materials. one is plastic and one is steel wire. The plastic is heavy duty and blow molded so that the corners of the crate are rounded while the steel wire can be found on the sides and you won’t find any sharp eposed steel edges that might hurt your dog.


Sufficient Doors
If you need a lot of door on your sleeping dog crate, this one should have more than a sufficient amount. It features 4 doors that are 2 side doors, a top door and a large front door that can conveniently be opened by sliding upwards so that it doesn’t get in your way if you leave it open for your dog to it and enter as he pleases.

4 Travel Bonuses
The bottom of the crate is isulated which means that it won’t crack if you subjec it to extreme changes in temperature. Primarily, it’s because you can use it as a travel crate as well since you can collapse it and store it inside its own travel bag or you can drag it using the built-in wheels and handle.

Pet Gear 4 Door Steel Crate

Comfort Bonus
Almost any crate can be a sleeping dog crate but this one might just be slightly better at that since you’ll get a plush bed for the bottom that will keep you small dog much more comfortable while he’s inside and might even make him calmer when you close the crate for him to get his good nights’ rest.

In Short:

  • Use blow molded heavy duty plastic for the frame
  • Has steel wire on the sides
  • Features rounded corners for extra safety
  • Has built-in wheels and a handle for easy dragging
  • Can be collapsed and stored inside a travel bag
  • Features a fleece bed on the bottom
  • Can be used to contain small dogs and dog breeds


Cardinal Gates Sliding Door Pet Crate

A Logical Pattern
It really isn’t a coincidence that this is the third steel wire dog crate that we are reviewing in this article. It’s mainly because they are amazing training cages for dogs and you’ll definitely need one if you want to train your dog to comfortably sleep inside a crate at night.


3 Space Saving Tools
If you need a dog sleeping crate that won’t take up much space inside your home this one is definitely the one suited for the job. Reason number one is that it can be folded down for strong, reason number to is that is that it features sliding doors and reason number three is that it can be placed in a corner because it features two doors.

Door Details
There’s more to the sliding door than just that. It’s actually a double door that locks with sliding bolt locks safely. The other door can be opened upwards so that it rests on the top of this dog sleeping cage. You won’t have to worry about dog opening this door either because of the way it’s placed.

Cardinal Gates Sliding Door Pet Crate

Typical Wire Crate Things
As with any other wire dog crate, the bottom of this one has a plastic cleaning pan as well. You can easily slide it out for cleaning. As for the folding design. you’ll get a handle on top to carry it with more ease when you need to.  The size of the crate makes it so that it can house large dog breeds.

In Short:

  • Built with steel wire
  • Has a double sliding door and a door that opens upwards
  • Can house large dogs and dog breeds
  • Can be cleaned with a pan on the bottom that’s plastic
  • Easily folds down for storage or transport


Unipaws Pet Crate End Table

What’s Chew Proof And What Isn’t
We didn’t mention any chew proof features before because there was no need, the crates can handle it, but with this the mention is a must. It’s made out of wood and has metal bar sides. These metal bars are chew proof and can survive a chewing puppy but the wood certainly can’t


How It Blends Inside Any Home
If you have little space to spare inside your home or you just want a nice looking crate this indoor dog crate furniture will definitely help with both. It’s made to look like a furniture piece and it even functions as one since you can place things on top of it up to 150 lbs.

Adaptable Door Panels
There are three doors in total on this dog sleeping crate. The first and second door are actually a double door located on the side and the third door is located in the front. When you’re assembling the crate, you can choose to place these door panels in more than one way.

Unipaws Pet Crate End Table

Why It’s Here
The reason why this crate is here is because it comes with a crate bed. It is a waterproof bed that can easily be washed and that might even protect the bottom of the crate from getting into contact with dog urine that might be troubling since it is a wooden crate.

In Short:

  • Made out of wood and metal
  • The metal side bars are chew proof
  • The bottom comes with a waterproof and washable bed
  • Has a 150 lbs weight limit for the furniture style top
  • Features a double door and a single door
  • The door panels can be placed in multiple ways


BarkWood Pet Crate End Table

Non Liquid Abrobent Bottom
Since teaching your dog to sleep inside a crate is a matter of him being able to hold his pee in and it teaches him that, you might find this crate to be quite useful when you’re still getting there since is has a rubberized bottom that will minimize liquid and odor absorption meaning the crate won’t be damaged.


Reliable Materials And Build
This particular dog sleeping crate is made out of solid wood. Solid wood is known to be the more sturdier option when choosing indoor dog crate furniture to get because it’s chew-resistant. The panels of the crate are connected with mortise and tenon joints that are the most reliable option when it comes to furniture since they are the most hefty.

Wooden Crate Equals Furniture
Most wooden dog crates are furniture pieces as well and this crate is no exception. It’s because of it’s wider top and wood built that this is true. You can count on the fact that the crate can hold a lot of stuff on top in terms of how heavy the stuff actually is.

BarkWood Large Pet Crate Review

Swing Door Ability
It features a different door design. it is a swing door but it’s able to open fully and get attached to the side of the crate. It’s made this way so that it doesn’t bother you or your dgo whe you leave the crate open. Your dog can be a medium sized one to fit comfortably inside it.

In Short:

  • Made with solid wood
  • Can act as a furiture piece
  • The panels are connected with moritse and tenon joints
  • Has a rubberized bottom for minimized liquids absorption
  • The single door open fully and can be attached to the side

How To Pick A Dog Sleeping Crate

Practically any crate can be a dog sleeping crate but not every crate will be good for it. Some make it easier and some make it harder, the important thing to know is what are these things that make a difference between great and just good because you want to be getting the best for your dog.

No Place For Soft Crates – You definitely won’t find a soft travel dog crates here and that’s mainly because a sleeping dog crate should be a sturdy dog crate so that you do’t have worry about whether or not your dog will tear apart the crate during night time. These crates require from you to constantly supervise your dog which defeats the purpose of a sleeping dog crate.

What Constitues As One – Most crates for sleeping are made out of steel wire or they at least have steel wire parts. That’s because it’s a reliable and durable material that can survive chewing and abuse. Some do it better than others so if you want to get a durable wire crate, look for ones that have a heavier steel gauge.

Helpful Features – As we’ve said, any dog crate except for soft ones can be a dog sleeping crate. What might help make let’s say a wooden dog crate one is puppy crate bedding. Some crates come with their own bed so you won’t have to spend more than you already did on buying a separate bed.

Required Training – Getting your dog used to sleeping in a crate is a skill that’s acquired. You’ll need to train your dog to do it. You should start training your dog when he’s still a puppy. That’s why it’s good to get a crate that features a divider panel.

To Sum Up

The dog sleeping crate that we see as the one that we just have to recommend is the iCrate Dog Crate Starter Kit. It’s got everything needed to give your dog privacy and comfort since it comes with a cover and a bed and it’s made out of steel wire so you know it’s durable. If you need more assistance with potty and crate training then you might find that the article about puppy pads in crate is worth a read and if you already have a grown up and calm dog so that you can afford a pretty crate you might want to have a look at the article about modern dog crate furniture.

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