Best 6 Large Platform Cat Tree For Large Cat Comfort Reviews

Having a hard time finding the best large platform cat tree for your felines?

If you are unsure of which model to buy for your cats, we invite you to read our six reviews and the buying guide. Hopefully, you will find the appropriate model soon!

The Summary

Usikey Wooden Cat Tree 2 Condos SummaryBest Of Best:
Usikey Cat Tree With Large Top
The Usikey tree for two large cats is attractive and nice-looking. It comes with two spacious condos and easy-to-wash covering.
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QLMUSE Multi-Level Large Platforms Tree SummaryBest Tall:
QLMUSE Multi-Level Large Tree
Households with multiple cats of all sizes and breeds will love the QLMUSE tree. It is tall, spacious, multi-level, and includes a condo.
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Fish&Nap Cat Condo Tree SummaryBest Large Top:
Fish&Nap Cat Condo Tree
The top platform of this unit is suitable for cats of larger sizes. The unit is covered in soft material which makes cats feel warm and safe.
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Made4Pets Multi-Level Cat Tower SummaryBest For Kittens:
Made4Pets Multi-Level Cat Tower
This tree is tall, big, and spacious. It holds multiple cats at the same time and provides them with all the fun and comfort they need.
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Yaheetech Soft Warm Tree For Cats SUmmaryBest Carpeted:
Yaheetech Soft Warm Tree For Cats
Yhe Yaheetech tree is entirely covered in soft and cozy material which cats adore. It makes cats feel comfortable and relaxed.
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Feandrea Two-Level Condo Cat Tree SummaryBest Small:
Feandrea Modern Condo Cat Tree
Although it comes in smaller size, the Feandrea tree is sturdy and stable. It can accommodate cats of larger sizes as well. Check it out!
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Top 6 Large Platform Cat Trees Reviewed

Best Of Best: Usikey Cat Tree With Large Top

Modern And Attractive Design
This model has caught our eye immediately. Its almost unique 2-condo design will look nice in any modern household. The wide base includes a ground floor condo and the elevated condo is located on the opposite side from the first one. This condo is supported by a scratching column.

Usikey Wooden Cat Tree 2 Condos Review

Top Quality
The Usikey cat tree framing is made of a high-quality CARB P2 grade environmental board. The inside of cat condos includes soft and warm plush and the scratching columns are covered in natural sisal. The unit is pet-friendly and skin-friendly.

Safe And Cozy
Your cat will feel safe and relaxed inside of these two condos. They can also rest and perch on the large top platform. This large platform cat tree is ideal for large and cuddly cats. The plush material will make them feel warm and comfortable.

Usikey Wooden Cat Tree 2 Condos

Easy To Assemble
The package includes easy-to-follow instructions for quick and easy assembly. One or two adults can do the job. The overall size of the assembled unit is 23.6” L x 15.7’W’ x 27.7” H. This washable cat tree will be easy to maintain and clean with a vacuum and a soft and moist cloth.

In Short:

  • this tree includes two spacious condo
  • the top platform is very large
  • this tree fits cats of all sizes
  • it is made of quality material
  • easy and quick to set up

Best Tall: QLMUSE Multi-Level Large Tree

Comes With Multiple Levels
This 6-layers tree for cats is more than what your multiple cats need. It is a tall and spacious tree that keeps your indoor cats active and occupied. It promotes healthy living. It includes a spacious cat condo. It is ideal for large spaces.

QLMUSE Multi-Level Large Platforms Tree

Includes Large Platforms
There are different large platforms that your cats can rest on. The tree is made for cats of all sizes, breeds, and ages. Shy, senior, or cuddly cats will probably choose to stay inside of a ground-floor condo, while active cats that love heights will prefer the top platforms and perches.

Fun And Entertaining
Cats love to jump, climb, and play. Households with playful cats will adore this large platform cat tree. Apart from multiple levels, the QLMUSE tree includes scratching posts that will satisfy your cat’s natural needs.

QLMUSE Multi-Level Large Platforms Tree Review

Reliable And Stable
The QLMUSE tall cat tree for large cats is made of top-quality engineered wood. It is stable and it cannot break easily. The tree needs to be assembled. All the tools and detailed instructions are provided by the manufacturer.

In Short:

  • a tall and multi-level tree for all cats
  • ideal for cats of all sizes and breeds
  • made of the quality and thick wood
  • a stable and firm tree for your felines
  • includes scratching posts as well

Best Large Top: Fish&Nap Cat Condo Tree

Choose The Color
You can choose between four neutral colors of the Fish&Nap cat tree. This unit comes in grey, beige, coffee, and smokey grey color. Be sure you pick the one that looks best with your home decor.

Fish&Nap Cat Condo Tree Review

Stable And Durable Design
The large platform cat tree by Fish&Nap is well-balanced. It has a heavy base, a perch, a cat basket, a condo, and a large top platform. The unit is not easy to tip over or collapse. Cats can play and jump off of the tree with no problems.

Interactive And Fun
This tree with a cat platform for large cats includes an interactive cat ball toy as well. It hangs from the large platform and allows your cat to stay occupied and have fun. The toy will swing forth and back and keep your cat active.

Fish&Nap Cat Condo Tree

Useful To Know
The size of this cat condo tree house is 30 ” x 13 ” x 35 “. The tree is covered in soft and kin-friendly material. Cats will love to sleep and rest on this tree because it will remind them of their mother’s fur that they used to knead to stimulate milk flow.

In Short:

  • choose between four neutral colors
  • tree is stable and made of durable material
  • it includes a large top platform
  • includes a hanging toy that keeps cats occupied
  • the unit is covered in soft plush

Best For Kittens: Made4Pets Multi-Level Cat Tower

Spacious And Roomy
If you have a small apartment or lack of space, this unit is not right for you. However, if you have enough space at home and own more than two active cats, the Made4Pets large platform cat tree will be a true saver! It will promote a healthy life and keep cats active.

Made4Pets Multi-Level Cat Tower

Multi-Functional Tree
Your cats will have all they need with this tree – a fun and safe playground, and cozy and warm resting space. This tree includes two spacious condos, scratching posts, cat baskets, interactive toys, hammocks, perches, a large top platform.

Safe And Extra-Stable
You don’t have to be afraid that this unit will collapse or break. It is not only well-proportioned with firm pillars, but it also includes a batten-strengthened base which ensures stability. This cat indoor playground will surely last a long time.

Made4Pets Multi-Level Cat Tower Review

Quality And Price
We consider this tree a long-lasting piece of cat furniture. We think that it is worth the price. The price is normal. Taking into account all the content it comes with, we wouldn’t say that this tree is too expensive.

In Short:

  • this tall tree is roomy and wide
  • it is well-proportioned and stable
  • there are multiple platforms included
  • this tree comes with all the fun content
  • it will fit multiple cats at the same time
  • the large platform is on the top

Best Carpeted: Yaheetech Soft Warm Tree For Cats

Soft Material
This tree is made of eco-friendly particleboard and natural sisal. It is entirely covered in soft plush and fabric covering. Cats love to spend time resting and sleeping in warm and soft places. This tree includes a basket, a hammock, a small cat condo, and multiple perches.

Yaheetech Soft Warm Tree For Cats

Size And Holding Weight
The overall dimensions of the Yaheetech large platform cat tree are 29.5” x 30” x 61.5”. This means that the tree will hold cats and kittens of all sizes and ages. Households with up to four cats of medium size will be satisfied with this unit.

Change The Design Yourself
The extended platform in the lower part of this tree can be changed either horizontally or vertically. This platform adds extra stability to the tree and keeps it in one place. You can feel safe about your cats even if more than one cat jumps off of the tree at the time time.

Yaheetech Soft Warm Tree For Cats Review

Assembly And Maintenance
Simple and fast assembly is required. The step-by-step instructions are included as well as all the tools. One or two adults are required for the setup. This 60-inch cat tree is easy to clean and maintain. Simply vacuum the carpet and get rid of cat hair.

In Short:

  • the tree is entirely carpeted
  • is has multiple levels and perches
  • there is one cat condo included
  • the top platform is large
  • this unit will hold multiple cats

Best Small: Feandrea Modern Condo Cat Tree

Small But Stable
Even though the Feandrea tree is short and small, it is well-balanced and extremely stable. This unit will surely hold up to two cats of large sizes, including the Maine Coon cats as well. The Feandrea comes with a top cat platform for large cats.

Feandrea Two-Level Condo Cat Tree

Two Condos
The Feandrea tree is carpeted, soft, and warm. It is a perfect hiding and resting place for cuddly cats. The two condos are spacious enough and will accommodate one cat each. The ground floor condo is perfect for senior cats as well.

Scratching Posts
There are two scratching pillars included. They are wrapped in natural sisal rope and they attract your cats and invite them to scratch. This will prevent furniture scratching. Sisal is a material of rough texture. Your fur friends will get to maintain their claws healthy and strong.

Feandrea Two-Level Condo Cat Tree Review

Why Buy?
This small carpeted cat tree for large cats is an ideal solution for households with large cats and a lack of space. The Feandrea large platform cat tree will keep your cats busy and occupied. The tree comes in three neutral colors – beige, light grey, and smoky grey.

In Short:

  • small cat tree with two condos
  • the top platform is ideal for large cats
  • it includes two scratching pillars
  • perfect for small apartments
  • safe, warm, cozy, and fun

How To Pick: Large Platform Cat Tree Units

In order to buy the right cat tree with big platforms, we invite you to read our buying guide. Learn which cat trees are suitable for shy or senior cats. On the other hand, make sure you get an appropriate tree for active cats or large cats such as Maine Coons. Quality material, stability, and durability are the most important qualities that every cat tree or tower should include.

Shy Cats Require Small Tree – Households with senior cats or cats with calm or shy personality will be satisfied with a smaller-sized cat tree that includes large platforms. If you have two or more cats and they are close one to another, then they probably like to sleep and cuddle together. By getting them a short cat tree with large platforms, you will make sure there is enough space for at least two of them on the same level.

Get Tall Tree For Climbers – If you are an owner of playful cats that like to climb and scratch, we recommend you to buy a big and tall cat tree that includes multiple large platforms and scratching posts. You should have enough space and an unoccupied corner for such a big unit. In case you have a lack of space, then search for a tall narrow cat tree with large platforms. Such units are space-saving.

Stability And Durability – The trees that are most stable are those made of wood or any other thick and solid material. Wooden trees will not break or collapse easily. Also, well-balanced trees with a wide and heavy base will be fine too. All in all, check if the tree is made of long-lasting material and if necessary, spend a little more and make sure your cats are safe.

Ideal For Maine Coon Cats – Large trees or cat trees with large top platform are perfect for big cats such as Maine Coon. These cats are very social. They are also big and heavy and they require more space than other breeds. So, if you have a Maine Coon at home, a large and big cat tree with a stable base is the one you should look for.

Extra Features And Content – Most large platform cat trees include additional content. For example, there are trees with condos, scratching posts, and teasing toys that attract the cat’s attention by swinging back and forth. Know what your cats love and buy accordingly.

To Sum Up

As our number-one pick, we would choose the Made4Pets Multi-Level large platform cat tree. The reason we liked it is because of its big and tall size. It will fit multiple cats and keep them warm and safe. In case you liked this unit as well, we invite you to check out our article about the best activity cat trees and cat condos with a hammock. You might find more interesting models that could meet your needs.

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