6 Best-rated Narrow Fish Tanks With Tall And Long Designs 

Wishing for a good narrow fish tank, but not sure how to choose?

In this review, I bring you not only the 6 best models on the market but all characteristics you should look for if you want to choose the best one. Learn what should you seek in a good one and pick one from reviews.

The Summary

Best Of Best Narrow Fish Tank
narrow fish tankTetra Aquarium Fish Tank Kit
The aquarium ideal for limited space with resistant glass which is still stable and ready to use thanks to extra equipment, like a mechanical filter.
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Best Long Narrow Fish Tank
long narrowAqueon 10 Gal Black Aquarium
To have an effective fish tank or to build it as a part of the wall, narrow and long fish tank is the right solution, especially with elegant and safe design.
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Best Tall Narrow Fish Tank
tall narrowKoller Products 6-Gallon AquaView
This tall and narrow fish tank with crystal and transparent glass allows you to see fish and scenery from every corner thanks to the round shape.
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Best Round Narrow Fish Tank
round narrowHygger Mini Glass Oblate Fish Bowl
The round and thin fish tank ideal as a decoration on a desk or shelf. It’s special because of the thick and safe glass with a stable base.
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Best Small Narrow Fish Aquarium
small narrowKoller Products PanaView Aquarium
As a gift or for an office desk, this small aquarium is a good choice since it’s easy to maintain and comes with nice decorations.
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Best Saltwater Narrow Fish Tank
saltwater narrowTetra Curved-Front Tank
The curved fish tank doesn’t only have an interesting shape, but extra equipment like LED light makes it spectacular during the night and dark surroundings.
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Best 6 Narrow Fish Tank Models On The Market

Best Of Best Narrow Fish Tank

Tetra Aquarium Fish Tank Kit

Suitable Design 
Not only does this narrow aquarium tank has an elegant design, but it is suitable for all type of shelves and cupboards. The practical dimensions make it completely safe from spilling if you live in a smaller apartment. What is more, it is very lightweight and easy for cleaning and maintenance.

best narrow

Scratch Resistant Glass
The quality material of this 20-gallon glass aquarium guarantees many years of use and this kit is ideal because of the full equipment. First, it comes with quality LED light that assures you good visibility even during the dark. Then, you have a basic filter that keeps water quality on a high level and allows plants to grow. You only need to add fish to finish your aquarium.

In Short:

  • Narrow and lightweight design
  • Quality and resistant glass
  • A lot of additional equipment
  • It has 20 gallons capacity
  • Suitable for both big and small fishes

Best Long Narrow Fish Tank

Aqueon 10 Gal Black Aquarium

Very Simple Design 
This is probably one of the modest aquariums on the list, but the simple design is usually the most effective. Made in narrow and long dimensions, it can be fitted and used in many different projects, such as full wall design. The neutral black bottom of this cheap 10-gallon fish tank is practically unnoticed and blends in any design type.

best long

Quality And Durable 
The glass on the narrow aquarium is quality and durable with invisible silicon edges that makes it safe for both freshwater and marine fishes. Because it doesn’t have a stand, you need to place it on the one. The glass is transparent, but additional light is recommended.

In Short:

  • Very simple and plain design
  • Firm glass construction
  • Silicone edges for protection
  • Doesn’t come with the stand – sold separately
  • The capacity of 10 gallons
  • Neutral black design

Best Tall Narrow Fish Tank

Koller Products 6-Gallon AquaView

Modern And Remarkable Design 
Even though a tall and narrow aquarium sounds boring, this model is something very different. The round shape is ideal for this tall model because you can enjoy the same view from any corner. It has a very stable base and thick glass to be safe for home use.

best tall

Upgraded Equipment 
This cylinder acrylic aquarium comes with upgraded equipment which consists of changeable LED light with multiple colours and a timer to set the light at any time of the day you want. Also, it has a complete filtration system that works quietly. Thick glass is safe for marine fish but provides crystal clean scenery.

In Short:

  • Tall and round design
  • Transparent and safe glass
  • Changeable LED light with timer
  • Made of durable plastic material
  • Holds the water capacity of 6 gallons

Best Round Narrow Fish Tank

Hygger Mini Glass Oblate Fish Bowl

Perfect For Smallest Spaces 
Who says you can’t have fish on your desk or in a dorm? This small fish tank has a round shape, but narrow measures make it ideal as a front decoration on desks, shelves, or any other furniture. Thanks to the flat bottom, it is completely stable. Even if you don’t want to have it anymore, it can become a perfect gift.

best round

Easy To Maintain
The thick and transparent glass makes this narrow round fish tank completely safe for use, but lightweight design easy to maintain. Be sure that you have a long neck brush that can reach all corners to clean it through. But in general, this small planted aquarium only has one tree to decorate it and requires minimal cleaning.

In Short:

  • Interesting and decorative shape
  • Features stable bottom
  • Transparent and thick glass
  • Comes with tree decoration
  • Blue glass beads included in the package
  • Fittable for small fish or turtle

Best Small Narrow Fish Aquarium

Koller Products PanaView 5-Gallon Aquarium Kit

Safe And Compact Design
This mini aquarium is ideal as a first model for your kids. It has a very practical narrow design with rounded edges and a lid on the top. It doesn’t only protect from dust but keeps the water safe from spilling. Small size is ideal for bedroom or any other room but is also very easy to clean.

best small

Great Equipment 
It isn’t just a design interesting on this aquarium. It comes with a filter that keeps your plants alive and can keep up to 3 small tropical communities. What is more, this aquarium with filter has a hidden LED light that can change colour and provide you with light for every mood and atmosphere.

In Short:

  • Rounded edges and compact design
  • Easy to clean
  • The LED light in many colours
  • Filter for easy maintenance included in the box
  • Ideal for tabletops and desk surfaces

Best Saltwater Narrow Fish Tank

Tetra Curved-Front Tank

Interesting Design 
Even though this narrow fish aquarium can have only three fishes inside, it has a unique and interesting shape. The back of the aquarium is flat, while the front side is rounded. The base is black and stable, completely invisible when you match it on a standing position.

best saltwater narrow fish tank

Practical Equipment 
Even though this 5-gallon saltwater aquarium comes with basic equipment, you can upgrade it as you wish. Yet, it comes with basic plants and sand ideal for saltwater. What is more, it has a top LED light for marvellous scenery at the night. The tank comes with a basic filter for mechanical filtration.

In Short:

  • Interesting and modern shape
  • Ideal for saltwater fish
  • Top LED light in colours
  • Comes with the filter
  • 5-gallon tanks for saltwater and other fishes

What do You need To Know About Narrow Fish Tank?

Even though choosing the ideal narrow fish tank sounds easy, you don’t need to concentrate on design only. There are different characteristics to think about, so don’t forget to read them before buying one.

Which Narrow Design To Pick? – Narrow designed fish tanks can come in different styles and shapes. The mutual characteristic is to have a narrow profile, but their edges can be sharp or rounded. The design is more important than just fitting well in space. It should be safe if you have kids and suit your needs. Also, check where would you put it. If one side is next to the wall, you can choose a simple square design. But, if you want to make your tank a centrepiece, use round and tall designs. Also, be sure that it has a stable base that can be tightened to the stand.

What Equipment Is Needed? – Like in any other fish tank, a narrow fish aquarium needs quality equipment for fish to live in. Some may come with equipment and it is better to choose them. The main reason is a specific shape requiring specific equipment, such as light or a filter. The main equipment needed is filters and plants. Yet, be sure that you use appropriate plants for a small aquarium and leave enough space for fish to swim.

Check For Quality Glass – Equipment isn’t the only important thing to look for. The quality of glass is very important, and you need to check its quality. First, it is better to be scratch resistant and made of durable glass that is well-sealed. This will prevent marks when you clean it. Then, it should be transparent to enable your good view. In that case, it’s especially practical to have a low iron glass aquarium because they decrease the green and blue tint.

Is The Price Important? – Many wonders if the price is important and can you make a mistake by buying a cheap model. Yes, there are some expensive models, but the price is usually higher with its equipment. So, if you have checked all important parts, like glass and stand, you don’t have to overpay the aquarium just because it has a changeable LED light. The prices of narrow fish tank kits vary from around 50 to 200 dollars.

To Sum Up

Whether you want to buy a narrow fish tank for a small space or because of limited space, we highly recommend Tetra Aquarium Gallon Fish Tank since it’s big enough to place fishes of any breed and it comes with the whole kit. For smaller spaces, we would also recommend a corner filter aquarium or for desk and dorm, the best small cheap fish tank so check these posts and find something appropriate for your living space.

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