Top 6 Half Moon Aquarium (Fish Tank) Of Many Sizes Reviews

Do you find half moon aquarium attractive?
In this article, we will assure you to buy the best one!
In 6 reviews, you can find some of the best models on the market and all their characteristics. What is more, there are useful tips about choosing the best one and what should you consider when choosing one. Be sure to read till the end to gather all information.

The Summary

Best Of Best Half Moon Aquarium
best of best half moon aquarium summaryAquaVim Glass Half Moon Aquarium
Big enough to steal the attention, this half-moon fish tank is ideal for big spaces and modern interior design with equipment included.
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Best 3 Gallon Half Moon Fish Tank
Best 3 Gallon Half Moon Fish TankGloFish Aquarium Kit
If you want a practical and simple model with half-moon design, but also safe for saltwater fish, you might like this one.
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Best Betta Half Moon Tank
Best Half Moon Beta Tank SummaryFish Bubble Acrylic Wall Mounted Fish Tank
Even though this is a mountable and wall hanging aquarium, it has a modern half-moon design and ideal is as a room garnish.
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Best Planted Half Moon Fish Tank
Best Planted Half Moon Fish Tank SummarySweetsea Hanging Aquarium
Hanging wall aquarium with half moon design makes holding fish as pets very attractive and thick acrylic glass makes it completely safe.
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Best Small Half Moon Fish Tank
Best Small Half Moon Fish Tank SummaryKoller Products AquaView Fish Tank
Small, but efficient, this modern aquarium comes with all equipment you can need as a beginner and makes it easier to maintain it.
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Best Corner Half Moon Aquarium
Best Corner Half Moon Aquarium Summary Tetra ColorFusion Starter Aquarium Kit
As a kit, this is an ideal opportunity for somebody that cherish a half-moon design because it gives you a full view and full equipment at once.
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Best 6 Half Moon Aquarium Models On The Market

Best Of Best Half Moon Aquarium

AquaVim Glass Half Moon Aquarium

Modern Design
Thanks to the half-moon design, this aquarium fits well into different types of interior. The aquarium has a removable top and crystal glass part with a hidden cupboard underneath for additional equipment. It is also a floor aquarium model which works as an independent piece of furniture.

Creative Technologies
Several technologies make using easier. First, there is an overflow box that regulates the water level and prevents flood. Then, you have a piping system for filtration and oxygen improvement. Both help aquarium to keep the appropriate temperature and water quality for both freshwater and saltwater fish.

best of best half moon aquarium

Size And Maintaining
There are two sizes you can choose from, 98 and 118 gallons. Also, there are several colours to choose from and match your interior style. What is more, you can choose from several colours, but black and white are the basic ones. Maintaining is easy thanks to the removable top.

Quality Of Material
Glass is very quality and resistant, so it is possible to keep both saltwater and freshwater fish. It is transparent and provides a view from every side, but is also resistant to scratches. From the inside, it is easy to remove algae. Quality material guarantees long and safe use.

In Short:

  • Massive capacity
  • Quality and resistant glass
  • In-built overflow tank
  • Comes in many colours
  • Easy to clean

Best 3 Gallon Half Moon Fish Tank

GloFish Aquarium Kit

Practical Design
With a practical half-moon design similar to other half moon aquarium models, this aquarium is ideal for modern living rooms, but also child’s rooms because of the no-corner design. Also, it has a stable base and thick glass to keep it safe. This practical design is appropriate for desks and cupboards with overflow stoppers.

Useful Equipment
The 3 gallon half moon fish tank comes with an air pump to regulate air, a filter to remove mechanical particles and LED light that changes colours and allows you to keep a great atmosphere. Bubblers are enlightened with LED light to stress fluorescent plants inside of the aquarium.

Best 3 Gallon Half Moon Fish Tank

Easy To Clean
The glass is easy to clean thanks to the removable top and smaller size. Yet, be sure not to use aggressive chemicals to prevent disorder in the pH of water or damage to the glass structure. Because of quality glass, it is appropriate for saltwater fish and the interior can be easily cleaned from algae.

Price And Size
Because of its affordable price, it is the ideal solution for an amateur. Because of its smaller size, this 3 gallon betta tank can be placed on the desk or other furniture, like a cupboard. There are even 5 sizes, from 3 to 20 gallons, but only the smallest has a half-moon shape, while others have a cubic shape.

In Short:

  • Compact design
  • Easy to clean
  • Reasonable price
  • Changeable LED light
  • Air pump and filtration system

Best Betta Half Moon Tank

Fish Bubble Acrylic Wall Mounted Fish Tank

Innovative Design
This half-moon fish tank is a wall-mounted aquarium with a flat back. It is very lightweight and made to hang from a wall. Thanks to the big hole on the top, you can add fish and water with no fear. What is more, the hole is ideal for feeding fish.

Acrylic Transparent Glass
The thick glass provides you with an excellent view of the fish inside. It is thick and completely safe, but at the same time allows a good image. Also, it is much safer in case it falls or something punches it, so you don`t have to be afraid of falling.

best beta half moon fish tank

Easy To Clean
Since this betta fish wall tank is very lightweight, you can easily take it off the wall and clean it whole. For cleaning, empty the aquarium from fish or plants and wash it from the inside to remove algae and outside to remove dust. For everyday shine, you can use a damp cloth to remove dust.

Not Much Equipment
There is not much equipment you can have with this tank, so you don’t need a cupboard to save it. But, it is only suitable for one beta fish with a decorative plant. To get a better effect, it is recommended to buy more items and sort them on the wall. Also, it is ideal for offices or public places.

In Short:

  • Wall-mounted model
  • Lightweight and well-sealed
  • Suitable for one beta fish
  • Thick acrylic glass
  • Can be cleaned the whole
  • Decorative wall element

Best Planted Half Moon Fish Tank

Sweetsea Hanging Aquarium

Practical And Fun
Even though this looks like a small aquarium, it has a great design for keeping one fish and making your kids happy. Since it is wall-mounted, it doesn’t use any space and is out of their reach. The back is flat and has a hole for a screw to hold it upon. For its installation, you will only need a screwdriver!

best wall half moon aquarium

Many Uses
Not only it can be used as an aquarium, but you can keep live plants in water. Mount it on the wall in the house or on your terrace to have interesting decoration. What is more, you can use a combination of both a fish and a plant and make it look more interesting!

No Additional Equipment
Since there is no additional equipment with it, you don’t need to pay more money for maintaining it. Also, it requires periodical and simple cleaning. The best cleaning is done when you put it down and empty fish or plants.

Best Planted Half Moon Fish Tank

Reasonable Price
Because it has a low price, it can be ideal as a multi-purpose gift! For it, you will get a 1-gallon small planted fish tank that is very durable and decorative, so it leaves you room for buying more and combining them for the best decoration.

In Short:

  • Compact And Functional Design
  • Ideal for one fish or plants
  • Decorative purpose
  • No equipment
  • Creative gift

Best Small Half Moon Fish Tank

Koller Products AquaView Fish Tank

Fun Design
The rounded front side and flatten back give this aquarium a fun design, but the smaller size makes it ideal to hold on desk, cupboard or shelves. It is a great experience for kids because you can watch inside from any angle and notice even more than with the regular model. What is more, you don`t have sharp and dangerous edges!

best small half noom fish tank

Ultimate LED Light
Changeable LED light makes it more fun to use since you can choose from many colours. It is possible to match the colour that is the best for fish but also to create a splendid atmosphere. The aquarium also has a filtration system as in-built equipment. The filtration system uses a slow process to remove organic particles and leaves water clean and full of oxygen to reduce the need for cleaning.

Easy To Use And Clean
Since it has a removable top, you can easily clean this small half moon fish tank to the bottom. When clear, acrylic plastic provides the best view and many think it is made of glass, but not. To be completely safe, the silicone holds all ends together.

best small half moon aquarium

Affordable Price
It is well-known that looking at the aquarium has to relieve effect, but thanks to the cheap price, you can easily take a few more! It is proven that watching the aquarium such as this tetra 3 gallon tank is stress relief, so in that way, you invest in yourself.

In Short:

  • Small and fun design
  • txIdeal for desk and cupboard
  • Changeable LED light
  • In-built filtration system
  • Ideal for saltwater fish
  • Easy to clean

Best Corner Half Moon Aquarium

Tetra ColorFusion Starter Aquarium Kit

Good Position In House
Thanks to the flat bottom, this half-moon aquarium ideally fits in the corner. The compact design with a stable base makes it ideal for any part of the house. The best part is compact size, so you won`t notice it daily and it won`t use too much of your space.

Best Corner Half Moon Aquarium

Quality View
Thanks to the widescreen, you have a great overview of the situation inside. What is more, acrylic material is quality and transparent to assure good vision in any position. The 180 degrees view allows you to check the situation from every corner and makes observing more interesting.

Upgraded Lights
Not only this aquarium has LED lights, but they are built in an air balloon curtain which assures a better effect. The pump blows bubbles in the middle and creates an interesting curtain, but you can choose from 5 lights and make a better view. The pump is connected with a filter which removes all particles and clarifies the water.

Best Corner Half Moon Aquarium

Ideal For Kids
Since this aesthetic fish tank has no sharp angles and is small in size, it is ideal as a present for kids. What is more, it comes with all necessary equipment and a moveable top for them to easily feed fish.

In Short:

  • Fits in corners
  • Air bubble curtain
  • Colourful LED lights
  • Removable top
  • Safe for kids
  • Stable base
  • Quality glass

How To Choose The Best Half Moon Aquarium

Half-moon aquarium is a very fun choice because it has a unique and different shape, but also because it is safer for kids to have. If you aren`t sure yet, we bring you some additional advice to help you decide!
Different Models– Even though the same characteristic is to have a half-moon first side, there are different types of these aquariums. Most of them have a stable base to stand on a desk or cupboard, but some wall-mounted models can be very decorative, too. Both standing and hanging models are ideal for kids since they don’t have angles and are usually smaller in size.

Must-Have Quality Glass– The glass is the most important part of the aquarium, so check that your has the quality and resistant glass. If you want to use exotic fish, be sure that the glass support saltwater, like on saltwater safe aquariums.

Check Additional Equipment– Since those aquariums have a specific shape, they should have other equipment installed. Then, you won’t need to spend additional money on it and avoid any problems with finding the right equipment. Before buying, check what additional equipment it has and is it enough for the fish you want to have.

Where To Keep It– Since the half-moon fish tank has a stable base, you can keep it wherever you want. Many have a fun LED light with changeable colours, so it can be a centrepiece of your living room and office. As they can be multi-purpose and have a wide vision range, you can use them for growing interesting plants.

Size And Price– Depending on the size and material it is made of, a half-moon tank for fish can vary in price. However, it usually has a lower price than other models and is ideal for beginners and as a gift.

To Sum Up

As there are many models of half-moon aquariums on the market, it is hard to pick only one, but our recommendation is AquaVim Glass Half Moon Aquarium. This model hasn’t only a great shape, but is made of quality material and provides a great view in the aquarium. If you are interested in similar models, you can check for a hanging aquarium. If you are interested in models for your kids, check desk aquarium models.

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