Best 3 Floor Standing Aquariums (Fish Tank) For Any Interior

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Here, we will bring you some of the best models on the market, but also provide you with much useful information about having the right aquarium and how to choose wisely. be sure to read till the end to check all useful tips.

The Summary

Best Of Best Floor Aquarium
best of best floor fish tank summaryBioCube Tanks and Stading Kits
This standing floor aquarium is ideal as a statement piece in any room and provides an excellent view from each side.
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Best Floor To Ceiling Aquarium
best floor to ceiling aquarium summaryAquaVim Glass Half Moon Aquarium
For an elegant and designer solution, choose this modern and practical floor aquarium. Because of its height, it can reach the ceiling.
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Best Acrylic Floor Fish Tank
best glass floor aquarium summaryPenn-Plax Floor Aquarium
This aquarium will provide you best view from each point thanks to its quality and transparent material, but also round shape.
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Best 3 Models Of Floor Aquarium

Best Of Best Floor Aquarium

BioCube Tanks and Stading Kits

Stable Design
As a tall and floor standing aquarium, this model is very stable thanks to its wide base. Made of a black cupboard on the bottom and a simple glass aquarium on the top, it is ideal for any type of interior. Basic cube design easily fits and is very practical for most of the rooms.

best of best floor aquarium

Good View
As a floor aquarium, you could place it anywhere, even in the centre of the room to observe inside. It is one of the largest home aquariums. Thanks to quality glass you can have a good vision during the day and LED light ensures it during the night. LED light changes colour and adapts to both freshwater and saltwater environment.

Additional Equipment
This model has a setup timer to turn on and off the light, but also a mechanical filtration system to keep it cleaner for a longer time. The setup timer has two main daily intervals: 30 minutes sunrise and sunset and 60 minutes moonlight to mimic their natural habitat. All of the equipment you don’t use at the moment you can store in the bottom cupboard.

best of best floor aquarium

Reasonable Price
Thinking of all equipment you can get with this model, it has a reasonable price and ideal is for beginners. Yet, the 32-gallon aquarium is big enough for plenty of different fish. Also, you will get the manufacturer`s warranty in case anything is wrong with the aquarium itself or the equipment.

In Short:

  • black bottom cupboard
  • square glass aquarium
  • resistant glass
  • stable base
  • reasonable price

Best Floor To Ceiling Aquarium

AquaVim Glass Half Moon Aquarium

Abstract Design
The round design of this floor to ceiling fish tank looks very artistic and fits well into any interior style. The best part is the wide base and elegant cupboard in white colour. Because of its shape, it is well-accepted by half-moon aquarium lovers, but it has a flat back side to fit next to the wall well.

Quality Glass
The resistant glass is connected with strong silicone that prevents any type of leaking. It is transparent and ideal for fish observing. Thanks to the unique shape, it provides you 360 degrees of view and checking from any angle. What is more, glass is prone to fingerprints and scratches.


Modern Equipment
Not only this aquarium has a filtration system, but has holes for drain and return pipes. What is more, it is safe because of the overflow tank. Movement may spill the water which damages the floor, but thanks to this tank you can easily save any excess of water.

Professional Fish Tank
Because this fish tank is made of quality material, it has a higher price. Yet, you can keep in freshwater and saltwater fish without fear! Not only it can be used as a professional aquarium, but also has 118 gallons and need an appropriate place to be installed.

In Short:

  • white and elegant design
  • half moon shape
  • holes for in and out the drain
  • Overflow tank

Best Acrylic Floor Fish Tank

Penn-Plax Floor Aquarium

Elegant Design
Thanks to its elegant and stable design, this glass floor tank is ideal as a centrepiece in any room. Since it is simple and in black colour, you can use it in office, living room… Dark surfaces of cupboards and top parts are easy to clean using a damp cloth only.

best glass floor aquarium

360 Degrees View
The quality acrylic allows a whole round view, so you can observe it from any angle. This acrylic cylinder fish tank is equipped with all spare material to help you maintain it: sponge, bio balls, filters… Because of the bottom cupboard, you can keep all those inside and have them in one place.

Remote LED Light
For the spectacular view in the dark and great atmosphere, you can use an LED light that can change colour or set the time of turning on using a remote control. Not only you can change it from the distance but also set the timer for the desired time to turn on.

best glass floor aquarium2

Easy To Use
Not only it is great to watch, this aquarium is equipped with a drain hose, filters and removable top so you can also feed your fish easily. It is simple to use equipment and keep conditions good, but be sure to check water quality regularly to prevent problems.

In Short:

  • remote control LED light
  • drain hose release
  • freshwater or saltwater
  • removable feeding top
  • additional equipment
  • easy to maintain

What Should You Know About Floor Fish Tanks?

Even though there are different types of floor aquariums on the market, you should know a few facts to choose the best one for your needs. Be sure to measure your space well for the aquarium to fit and check what equipment you will need!

Different Types Of Floor Aquariums – There are two main types: one standing on the floor with a low base and one that is in-built on the floor. We have chosen the first model, since in-built needs professional installation and engineering solutions. Since this standing model has a stable base, it is safe to place it in any position in the room.

Effective Design – Not only one pieced design makes floor aquariums interesting, but they usually come in round shape. It allows you to have 360 degrees look inside. To use this feature and make it interesting, you should remove them from the wall and allow walking around them.

In-Built Equipment – Most models have in-built equipment, such as LED lights and filters. It makes using easier, but you need to check it regularly and make sure it works well. Not all models are the same, so be sure that you have all equipment you need and that it is appropriate for the size of a fish tank.

Maintaining And Cleaning – To help you easily clean the tank, these models have a removable top. you should use only appropriate chemicals that won`t harm plants or the pH of water lately. Be sure that you drain all old water and use only purified water when filling it again.

Size And Price – Depending on size and equipment, the price can rise if you want more professional solutions. There are different tank sizes, but all of them have a bottom cupboard where you can keep all additional equipment.

To Sum Up

Among these models of floor aquarium, our recommendation is BioCube Tanks and Standing Kits. This aquarium is ideal for a beginner and has all additional equipment, but importantly, big saving space in the cupboard underneath. Since this type is very effective in the space, we recommend you check some of the luxurious aquarium models. If you are interested in having goldfish only, you can check these fancy goldfish aquarium models.

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