Top 5 Large Hanging Bird Cages For Indoor & Outdoor Use 2021

Do you wish your bird cage could look amazing and be comfortable enough in terms of size for your bird so you set out to find a large hanging bird cage?

You can easily find the one you’ll love right here in this article. For you to do that, you’ll have to keep reading this article where we prepared reviews of our fine collection of bird cages that fit the type. You’ll even get to read about different types of cages like cages for parakeets, cockatiels, or even cages with a stand.

The Summary

BEST COCKATIEL LARGE HANGING BIRD CAGE USmmaryPrevue Pet Products Lincoln Bird Cage
If you typically don’t like to have bird cage seed guards on your cage because they don’t really look nice you’ll love this one that is made out of acrylic material.
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BEST-PARAKEET-BIG-HANGING-BIRD-CAGE-USmmaryPrevue Hendryx Shanghai Bird Cage
This is a type of cage that looks nice, functions well, but still manages to be cheap. IT’s made out of metal wire on top and a plastic bottom base.
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Thanks to the 2 handles on top, you’ll easily get to hang or carry this cage anywhere. Its useful feature is a 2-door top entrance for resting.
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The stand of this cage is detachable so you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to hang it. It has 4 wheels for easy moving and a storage shelf.
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BEST WHITE VINTAGE DECORATIVE BIRD CAGE SummaryPrevue Pet Products Round Roof Cage
Luckily, the only round bit of this cage is its top so it’s still safe for birds. It’s one of the cheaper cages since it has a wire top and a plastic base.
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Best 5 Large Hanging Bird Cages


Prevue Pet Products Lincoln Bird Cage

Bird Safety
Although the difference is small, cockatiels can thrive in larger cages much better than parakeets can. When we talk about size, we actually mean the wire spacing that is not much larger for cockatiels. The difference is only around 0.025-in but it still makes a big difference when it comes to your birds’ safety.


Cage Design
The cage is actually made to look like a house. This is a bird cage house because its top is shaped like a roof house top. In fact, the whole design of the cage makes it look like a house, not just the top. On top, you’ll find a wire handle that will help you hang the cage.

Invisible Seed Guard
If you’re not usually a fan of seed guards on bird cages just because they don’t look nice, you’ll love that this cage actually features a bird cage seed guard acrylic model. These are not angled so that don’t disrupt the shape of this large hanging bird cage because they go into the corner brackets of the cage.

Prevue Pet Products Lincoln Bird Cage

 True Size
You do have to bend the rules a little bit when talking about big hanging bird cages for one simple reason. It’s really rare to find a truly large cage for birds that you can hang anywhere you’d like. This is true for two reasons: One is that they are often fully round cages and two is that large cages can’t be hung.

In Short:

  • Shaped like a house
  • Has a 5/8-in wire spacing
  • Comes with an acrylic seed guard
  • Can house one cockatiel
  • Features a metal handle on top for hanging


Prevue Hendryx Shanghai Bird Cage

How It Looks
The best way to describe how this cage looks is to say that it resembles a Chinese castle or temple. This is due to its 2 roof house tops. One expands from the bottom one in the center and has a roof house top on its own with the roof edges stepping out from the edges of the cage.


Material Construction
This type of cage is probably one of the cheaper parakeet cages you’ll find. They usually have a metal wire top and come with a bottom base that’s made out of plastic. The bottom acts as somewhat of a seed guard as well. You’ll get a cleaning tray on the bottom that you can slide out easily for cleaning.

4 Entrances
There are 4 entrances located in the front of this large hanging bird cage. The two centered one can be used for your bird to access the cage and for you to access it whenever you need to. The other 2 entrances are much smaller and function as entrances for feeding.

Prevue Hendryx Shanghai Bird Cage

Cage Contents
The cage comes with 2 perches, cups, and one swing that you can hang on top to let your bird play a bit. The feeding cups can be placed on the feeding entrances that we mentioned earlier. It’s a cage for parakeets because of the 7/16-in wire spacing or to be more precise, a 0.4375-in wire spacing.

In Short:

  • Made out of metal wire and plastic
  • Has a 0.4375-in wire spacing
  • Comes with a cleaning drawer on the bottom
  • Features 2 perches, cups, and a swing toy
  • It’s shaped like a Chinese temple or castle


Go2buy Large Birdcage

Precautions Due To Size
This type of cage is the largest cage you’ll find that you can actually hang. You will have to make sure that it’s light enough and this one is with only 13 lbs of weight and you’ll also have to make sure that the handle for hanging is centered. This one isn’t but features 2 handles.


Other Handle Functions
The hanging bit is not the only function of this cages’ handles. You can actually use these two handles to carry the cage with ease whenever you need to move it elsewhere. You can also say that they help the cage function as a parakeet bird cage with stand.

Entrance Location And Function
When you have your bird exercising and playing outside of this cage you can create a fun and useful play and rest area on top if you place a perch between the 2 doors on top. Additionally, you’ll get two large entrances that you’ll find in the front. These will either help you access the cage or your birds.

Go2buy Large Birdcage

Toy And Accessory Abundance
There are numerous accessories that come with this large hanging bird cage. The number of accessories mostly has to do something with the cage size. These included accessories are 3 wooden perches, 4 food and water cups that you can place on the feeding entrances, and even a swing for playing.

In Short:

  • Features 2 handles for hanging or carrying
  • Has a 2-door entrance on the top
  • Made to house parakeets
  • Comes with 3 perches, 4 cups, and a swing
  • The front features 2 large access doors


Yjjt Bird House Pole Cage

Multiple Ways Of Use
We absolutely love the top and bottom contents of this cage because they allow you to use it in multiple ways. They also give you the choice of having it look visually different inside your home. These things are the hanging handle, of course, and a stand that the cage sits on.


More Stand Info
This wouldn’t really be a big hanging bird cage if you couldn’t detach its stand from it. The stand also features wheels on the bottom for you to easily move it when you need to and a storage shelf. The self is actually sort of like a basket so you won’t have to worry about your bird supplies falling.

Thorough Cage Cleaning
It’s somewhat of a similar cage in terms of material construction to the cage we reviewed before it. It features a metal iron wire on top and a deep plastic bottom base below. The base holds itself to the top of the cage with locking clips made out of plastic. You can separate this large hanging bird cage when you want to clean it with more attention to detail.

Yjjt Bird House Pole Cage

Doors And Toys
In the front, you’ll find all the doors that can be found on this indoor bird cage. Four out of six are much smaller entrances that will allow you to place 4 cups on them for replacing food and water. The other 2 are used as cage entrances. Additionally, the cage comes with 3 perches and a swing.

In Short:

  • Has an iron wire top and a plastic bottom
  • Comes with a detachable stand
  • Has 4 feeding entrances and cups
  • Comes with 3 perches and a swing
  • The stand has a storage shelf and wheels


Prevue Pet Products Round Roof Cage

Round Bits
This is actually a round cage but it’s only round because of its top. We want to avoid reviewing fully round cages because they just aren’t good for your birds’ health both mentally and physically. Thanks to the round top it’s easy to think of this cage as a vintage decorative bird cage.


Cage Materials
Cages such as this large hanging bird cage are known to be one of the cheaper cages out there. This one is specifically a cheap parakeet cage. This is since the wire bit of this cage has a 0.5-in spacing. It’s not fully made out of wire but instead, it has a deep plastic base.

2 Uses
You can use this cage in multiple ways. You can either use it as a parakeet travel cage or you can use it as a hanging bird cage. This is all true thanks to the handle on top that’s made out of wire. It’s got a little indentation so that it doesn’t move around as much if you hang it.

Prevue Pet Products Round Roof Cage

Accessory Abundance
Your bird definitely won’t be bored with what the cage comes with because there’s a lot of accessories. It comes with the standard 2 perches and 2 plastic cups but it also comes with a cuttlebone for your birds’ claws, a mineral treat, a ladder made out of wood, and more toys.

In Short:

  • Comes with basic accessories like cups and perches
  • Additionally comes with a lot of toys for birds
  • Has a round top
  • Can be hung or carried for transport
  • Has a 0.5-in wire spacing

How To Pick A Large Hanging Bird Cage

To get the best large hanging bird cage for your pets we believe that it’s important to know which options you have and what these cages generally have in common. After reading this simple guide on how to buy one, you’ll easily get to decide on a perfect cage for you and your bird.

Defining Large – Large can mean several things especially when it comes to bird cages for small, medium, and large birds. Hanging cages are usually incredibly small so anything above the minimum small bird or small parakeet cage size can be considered large.

Size Problems – There are some larger cages here, so if you’re confused about our previous statement these cages don’t really work as hanging cages. They definitely can but the handles on top are mostly used just for easy carrying. This is especially true if the cage doesn’t come with a stand.

Birds To House Inside – There are two bird types that you can house inside these cages. The first type includes small birds like parakeets and the second are the slightly bigger birds like cockatiels. Bigger birds would require a far more durable and larger cage than any of the ones reviewed here. Another good indicator of which birds the cage can house is the wire spacing. Small birds thrive in cages up to 0.6-in and medium birds go a bit above that.

Additional Requirements – You’ll have to hang the large hanging bird cage somewhere in your house and that’s where stands for these cages come into play. They are usually tall and curved. On top, they have a loop that will allow you to hang them there. You can also hang them on your ceiling if you have a hook for it.

To Sum Up

A large hanging bird cage can make a wonderful addition to your home so we had to choose the Yjjt Bird House Pole Cage as the one we’d recommend. This is because you can hang it but you can also have it sit on a stand it comes with and it’s even large enough to house 2 birds. If you’d like to up the visual game of these cages we’d recommend you read the article about vintage hanging bird cages or if you want them to only come with a stand, the article about vintage bird cages with stand.

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