Best 6 Indoor Bird Cages For Large & Small Breeds In 2022

Want to check out all of your options for an indoor bird cage and you really don’t want the type of bird it’s for to be set in stone?

You’ll almost definitely like this article then if you keep on reading. We picked out the best and reviewed them for a large variety of birds like pigeons, parrots, budgies, and a lot more. In the end, we’ve even prepared a buying guide for you so that you can know your way around a bird cage.

The Summary

BEST OF BEST INDOOR BIRD CAGE SummaryPrevue Hendryx Parrot Cage
If you came here looking for a cage that will blend perfectly inside any home you’ll love this cage since it can be placed in any corner.
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BEST PIGEON INDOOR CAGE SUmmaryAivituvin Bird Cage Wooden
It’s not every day that you see a wooden cage with wheels. Everything on it is weather protected so you can also use it outdoors if you’d like.
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BEST LARGE INDOOR BIRD CAGE SummaryPrevue Pet Products Stainless Steel Cage
When we say that this cage is made out of stainless steel we literally mean everything. That includes even the top playground and accessories.
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BEST BUDGIE INDOOR CAGE SummaryYaheetech 59 Rolling Bird Cage
Thanks to the dome top and stand that has curved legs that are also hollow, this cages ook wonderfully antique and it’s bound to fit inside your home well.
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BEST FLIGHT CAGE INDOOR SummaryPawHut 54” Rolling Flight Cage
The 0.5-in wire spacing of this cage and lightweight iron build should be enough for your small birds like budgies to get a few wing flaps in.
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BEST IRON VINTAGE DECORATIVE BIRD CAGE SummaryYaheetech Wrought Iron Rolling
Although large, this cage still manages to fit well inside homes. You’ll get to house larger parrots inside because of the 1-in wire spacing.
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Best 6 Indoor Bird Cages


Prevue Hendryx Parrot Cage

Cage Placement
You seriously can’t go wrong with this cage in terms of how it will look inside your home. The main reason for it is where you can place it. It’s a large corner bird cage that won’t look like an eyesore in your home because of it. It’s shaped like a quarter of a round cake and that’s exactly wh it blends seamlessly into homes.


Stand Contents
This indoor bird cage will allow you to get in order your birds’ accessories due to the grill that can be found on its stand. This is where you’ll get to place all of your bird-related supplies and toys. The stand also features wheels so that you can easily move it wherever you want.

Top And Interior Toys
Although the interior does come with 1 wooden perch and 2 stainless steel bowls that you can place on the feeding entrances, the lack of interior accessories will be compensated for. If you’re wondering how it’s quite simple since the cage features a play top with a perch, 2 bowls, and a ladder.

Prevue Hendryx Corner Parrot Signature Cage

Tough Wire
The cage is 45-in long, 30-in wide, and 69-in tall. You have to take into account the height of the stand though. It has a 7/8-in wire spacing which is not something we see all that often. With this wire spacing and a wire gauge of 9 and 12, it’ll be perfect for strong beaked parrots like African Greys.

In Short:

  • Fits in a corner to blend better
  • Has a 7/8-in wire spacing
  • Made with 9 and 12 gauge wire
  • Sits on a stand with a grill and wheels
  • It’s 45-in long, 30-in wide, and 69-in tall
  • Has a top playground


Aivituvin Bird Cage Wooden

Pigeons Housing In General
If you have pigeons, you know that they can be wonderful pets. Gone are the days when people raised pigeons for racing or other purposes and housed them outside. They don’t litter anymore than other birds do so it’s a great choice to house them in a cage like this.


Use Options
It’s good to have options with everything in life and it stands true for this cage. Due to its solid fir wood build, galvanized wire sides, and a waterproof asphalt roof you’ll get to use it as an outdoor pigeon cage as well. You’ll easily get to move it both inside and out since it stands on wheels.

Size And Wire Spacing
The reason why this indoor pigeon cage will blend well inside a home because won’t take up a large area in your house since it’s taller than it is wide and long. It’s 70.8-in tall and only 26.8-in long and 28.3-in wide. It features a wire spacing of 0.5-in that’s safe for pigeon housing. You could easily go up to 5/8-in with pigeons.

Aivituvin Bird Cage Wooden

Cleaning, Interior, And Access
The bottom of this indoor bird cage does feature a slide-out drawer and a wire grid on top of it for easy cleaning. On the inside, you’ll get a hideout spot, a ladder, perches, and even a wooden feeder. You’ll get to access the inside through two are doors and your birds through a built-in small door.

In Short:

  • Has a fir wood frame and wire sides
  • All parts of it are weatherproof
  • Can be moved easily due to the bottom wheels
  • Has a 0.5-in wire spacing
  • Comes with a hideout, ladder, and perches
  • It’s 70.8-in tall


Prevue Pet Products Stainless Steel Cage

What It’s Made Of
We were absolutely thrilled when we saw that we can review this cage here. We love it ad you’ll love it as well and that’s solely based on the fact that it’s made out of stainless steel. If your bird likes to chew on its cage you won’t have to worry about them damaging its health because of it.


No Metal Poisoning
The most common materials used in making bird cages are iron and wrought iron. They are durable materials but they rust easily and you don’t want that anywhere near your birds’ beak because they can get meta poisoning. With this bird cage, it’s a thing of the past.

Top And Inside Toys
Even the perch on the inside is stainless steel and the two bowls as well that you can place on the feeding entrances. This big indoor bird cage is actually a play top bird cage as well. The playground consists of a perch, a ladder, and two bowls. Everything we mentioned is also made out of stainless steel.

Prevue Pet Products Stainless Steel Cage

Weight, Moving It, And More Info
It does weigh around 80 lbs but you’ll have no problems moving it with the wheels on the bottom that you can also lock. It has a 7/8-in wire spacing so it’s great for larger parrots like cockatoos. If you’re wondering about its size, it’s 31.5-in long, 23.625-in wide, and 61.25-in tall.

In Short:

  • Entirely made out of stainless steel
  • Can house larger parrots safely
  • Has a 7/8-in wire spacing
  • Features a top playground and interior accessories
  • It’s around 31-in long, 23-in wide, and 61-in tall
  • The bottom wheels are lockable
  • Weighs around 80 lbs


Yaheetech 59 Rolling Bird Cage

Partially Round
If you didn’t like how any of these cages we reviewed so far look you might want to stick around and read about this vintage bird cage with stand. Apart from looking antique, it’s also a round cage but not fully round cause that would be dangerous for a bird. Instead, it has a dome top.


Stand Look And Contents
The dome does help with making it look antique but the star of the show is definitely the stand it sits on. it’s a stand with curved and hollow legs. It does have lockable wheels and even a grid for bird accessory storing. You can easily detach this indoor budgie cage from the stand if you’d like.

Door Functions
You’ll find a door in the front for access but also a door on top. The top door on this indoor bird cage is actually a 2-door entrance. You can place one of the two perches that come with the cage on top to create a great rest area for times when your budgie is out and about, getting its daily exercise

Yaheetech 59 Rolling Bird Cage

Cage Dimensions
With cages that have a stand like this, you have to take into account how tall the stand is. With the stand, the cage is 59-in tall and without it, it’s 32.7-in tall. It’s also 20-in long and wide so it’s enough for you to house a budgie or even two budgies inside comfortably. the wire spacing is 0.6-in so it’s still safe for them.

In Short:

  • Has a dome top
  • Sits on an antique stand with wheels
  • HAs a 0.6-in wire spacing
  • Features a 2-door top entrance
  • The cage itself is 32.7-in tall


PawHut 54” Rolling Flight Cage

Who’s It For
Although your bird should exit its cage daily to get proper exercise and to keep mentally healthy if you don’t have the time of the day to do it regularly a fight cage is the one for you. It’s supposed to give your bird enough room to fly around freely and get a few wing flaps in.


Aviary And Flight Cage Difference
There’s a difference between this indoor flight cage and aviaries although they might sometimes be confused as the same. Aviaries are far larger and can be a sufficient way for your bird to get its exercise. They’re mostly outdoor parrot aviaries but some can be used indoors as well. Flight cages, like this one, are wide but not as long. This one’s 31.25-in wide and 20.5-in long.

Weight And Height
It’s made with iron but its benefit is its small weight. The whole cage weighs 40 lbs but that’s not the only reason why it will be easy to move. You’ll get to move it easily because it sits on wheels that aren’t lockable. They don’t take away much from its height though since they’re 7.5-in tall while the cage is 46.5-in tall.

PawHut 54” Rolling Flight Cage

Toys And Bird It Can House
It features a 0.5-in wire spacing so you can safely use this indoor bird cage as a finch flight cage or budgie cage. Basically, it can house any small-sized bird. You will get a bottle feeder with it 4 water and food cups that you can place on their own entrances and 2 wooden perches.

In Short:

  • Made with light iron
  • Weighs 40 lbs
  • Sits on wheels for easy movement
  • The cage is 46.5-in tall
  • Has a 0.5-in wire spacing
  • Comes with 4 cups and 2 wooden perches


Yaheetech Wrought Iron Rolling

Curved Top
Although large bird cages easily become obstructions inside your home which defeats the purpose of a decorative bird cage you can still get one and have it look nice inside your home. With this cage, the vintage look is achieved with the top that’s curved on the left and right sides.


Iron Details
This is a wrought vintage iron bird cage. This is the most typical metal used in making bird cages. It’s nothing more than a low carbon metal but the problem is that it rust more easily. The solution to this problem on this indoor bird cage particularly is through welding and through a waterproof finish

Clean Around The Cage Area
Bird cage seed guards tend to look ugly on bird cages but they are very useful since they will keep the surrounding floor area of your indoor parrot cage clean. Luckily, this seed guard is placed almost at the bottom of this vintage decorative bird cage so it will look nice and function properly.

Yaheetech Wrought Iron Rolling

Why The Large Size
The reason why this is a large antique bird cage is that it’s made to house large birds like African grey or large cockatoos and macaws. We were able to come to this conclusion by looking at the wire spacing of 1-in. This makes the cage comfortable for birds to climb but safe so that they don’t bull their head through the spacing.

In Short:

  • Made with wrought iron
  • Has welded metal bits
  • Features a waterproof finish
  • Has a 1-in wire spacing
  • Comes with a seed guard

How To Pick An Indoor Bird Cage

Although finding an indoor bird cage might seem like an easy task, many things can go wrong by simply choosing a certain cage. That’s why we’d recommend you continue reading this buying guide where we’ll go through all things necessary for you to get the right cage

Big Bird Cages – With big bird cages the first thing you want to make sure of is that the wire is strong. You’ll check that by looking at the wire gauge. Bir birds have stronger beaks and would find it easy to bend the wire of a cage that’s supposed to house smaller birds.

Small Bird Cages – You can’t really go wrong with small bird cages. You don’t have to worry about the size since you can never go too big but what you might want to worry about is the wire spacing. Make sure that the wire spacing is not too wide since it could cause some serious harm to any bird.

Metal Safety – Since almost all of these indoor bird cages are made out of metal you must know some of the possible risks of getting one. Your bird can easily suffer metal poisoning if the cage is not adequately coated with a powder coat finish. This stands true for most iron and wrought iron cages and not so much for stainless steel cages.

More Than Just A Cage – If you’re busy and don’t have enough time for them, you should purchase a flight bird cage. This cage type is very wide which means that your bird will get some exercise by residing in one.

To Sum Up

You just can’t go wrong with the Prevue Pet Products Stainless Steel Cage and that’s why we’d recommend it as the best indoor bird cage. We based our recommendation on safety since it’s entirely made out of stainless steel and that includes the accessories too. If you’d like to check out more flight cages we’d advise you to read the article about extra large flight cages and if you want to check out aviaries you can always read the article about outdoor parrot aviaries.

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