Top 3 Hunting Dog Crates For Trucks To Drive Your Pet Easily

Have you been searching through hunting dog crates for trucks so that you can find one for yourself

You don’t have to search any longer because we tried hard to find and bring you reviews of the best ones out there. We know how hard it must be to find a crate that seems to be made just for you so we made sure to review a variety of crates ranging from metal to plastic ones.

The Summary

Best Of Best For Trucks Hunting Kennel SummaryPrimos Hunting Kennel
The crate is roto molded which means that it’s made with one piece of plastic and it has adjustable vents for cold weather and a removable one as well.
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Best Metal For Trucks 2-Door Deep Dog Box SummaryUWS 2-Door Deep Dog Box
You will have plenty of storage space for your other stuff since the crate has a separate compartment for it and you can also store things on top.
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Best Plastic For Trucks Dog Crate SummaryGunner Kennels G1 Dog Crate
Apart from having a roto-molded double wall plastic frame it also has an aluminum steel frame and it is also crash tested.
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Best 3 Hunting Dog Crates For Trucks


Primos Hunting Kennel

One-Piece Plastic Build And Price
This hunting dog crate for truck is made out of plastic but you can be sure that it’s durable enough to sit in the back of your truck. The plastic is roto-molded which means that it’s made using a single piece of plastic. This is definitely one of the cheaper og crates we reviewed here but it still made to be durable.

Best Of Best For Trucks Primos Hunting Kennel

Vent Types
The crate features a vent in the front that also serves the purpose of a door, on the sides and in the back. The back vent can be removed if you want to while the side vent can be adjusted to fit either cold weather conditions or warm weather conditions.

Security Features
This medium plastic dog crate is definitely lighter than most of these crates with its weight of around 37 lbs. This means that transporting it will be easier especially with the carrying handles located on top. You don’t have to worry about the crate slipping or sliding because of the rubber feet on the bottom and because of the option to tie it down through the aluminum tie-down holes.

Best Of Best For Trucks Hunting Kennel

Reversible Door, Cleaning, And Size
The door actually locks with a key but it is a reversible locking door which means that your dog will have multiple entry and exit options. The bottom of the crate also has built-in drain holes so that the crate is kept clean if your dog urinates inside it. You can use the crate to house medium-sized dogs.

In Short:

  • Has adjustable side vent for cold and hot weather
  • The crate is made out of roto-molded plastic
  • Ca house medium-sized dogs
  • Has aluminum tie-down holes
  • The reversible locking door opens in more than one way
  • Has built-in drain on the bottom
  • The rubber feet will prevent sliding
  • It weighs 37 lbs and can be carried with a handle


UWS 2-Door Deep Dog Box

Aluminum Properties
This hunting dog crate for trucks is made out of really thick aluminum that is corrosion resistant so that your dog can be protected at all times and so that the structural integrity of the whole crate isn’t compromised. The top of the crate has tubes that are welded onto the crate so that you can tie down onto it other stuff and cargo that you might have

Best Metal For Trucks UWS 2-Door Deep Dog Box

Door Locking And Handles
The crate features two doors and you can easily lock them with a key. The handles on the door are actually T-handles that will keep them from corroding and make them last longer. The doors also feature ventilation holes so that your dog can feel comfortable even when it’s warm.

Toolbox Description
The toolbox for storage is a story on its own. It is built into the crate ad you can easily access it. It is also made out of thick aluminum and has a lid filled with foam. This feature will prevent the lid from warping or bending. The locking mechanism for the toolbox is made out of stainless steel that won’t corrode and will definitely keep your stuff safe and in place.

Best Metal For Trucks 2-Door Deep Dog Box

Size And Price
The crate also has a divider that you can’t remove that will keep your dog warm during cold weather. The crate is 48-in wide and long and 31.25-in tall so you can house larger dog breeds inside it but make sure the dimensions fit the dimension of your truck before buying as well. The only downfall of this crate is tha you’ll have to spend over $1000 to buy it.

In Short:

  • The thick aluminum steel is corrosion resistant
  • Comes with a non-removable divider
  • Has a compartment for storing your valuables inside safely
  • The top welded tubes create more storage space
  • Can be used to house large dogs
  • The doors have t-handles and lock with a key


Gunner Kennels G1 Dog Crate

Portability Is No Issue
Apart from being a hunting dog crate for trucks, it’s generally an amazing medium dog travel crate. It is a bit heavier with 62 lbs to it but you can still carry with little to no problems using the 2 carrying handles on top.  It is also a crash-tested crate so it’s incredibly safe.

Best Plastic For Trucks Gunner Kennels G1 Dog Crate

Roto-Molded Build
The crate is roto-molded which means that it’s made using a single plastic piece. There’s nothing that need connecting together and that only proves how durable it is. Another thing that it has a double-wall construction that will protect your dog better from UV light and other weather conditions.

Lock, Key, And Chew-Proof Features
The crate has a hexagonal door and only locks with a key so your dog is sure to be kept inside. If you have a dog that suffers from separation anxiety or is overall highly active this crate can stand that behavior since it has stainless-steel chew, protection guards.

Best Plastic For Trucks Dog Crate

Additional Frame
The crate is not only made out of plastic but in fact, it has an aluminum frame that reinforces its construction. you’ll get built-in drainage holes and a plug for it if you happen to travel by car and you don’t want your car floors to get covered with urine. The crate can house medium sized-dogs and some large ones since it’s intermediate.

In Short:

  • Made with roto-molded double wall plastic
  • Has an aluminum frame for reinforced construction
  • has built-in drainage holes and a plug
  • It is crash tested
  • Can house intermediate dogs
  • Can house anxiety-ridden dogs because of the chew guards
  • The hexagonal-shaped door can be locked using a key

How To Pick A Hunting Dog Crate For Trucks

The only downfall of hunting dog crates for trucks is their price so to make sure you’re getting the most out of what you’re paying for you want to look into other abilities and features that make the price worth it. Some crates might be light but durable and crash-tested while others have a lot of storage and are made with quality materials so be sure to check out this helpful guide on how to get the best one.

Typically Used Materials – The most common materials used in the making of these crates are either plastic or aluminum steel. Each comes with its own advantages. A plastic dog crate is definitely going to be lighter than an aluminum one but an aluminum one will most likely be corrosion-resistant so choose according to your needs and wants.

Important Features – You want to make sure that your dog is as safe as he can get with these crates. These are safely locking dog crates because you have to use a key to unlock the door so it’s impossible for your dog to do it. These crates can handle even the toughest abuse even though some of them are made out of plastic.

Price Points – Like we said in the introduction, the prices of the hunting dog crates for trucks are their only downfall. If you want a cheap dog crate then these are not the crates you should be looking into but the cheapest are definitely plastic ones. Some of them are even crash-tested bt all of them are made out of a single piece of plastic which means they are roto-molded.

Fitting It For Your Truck And Dog – You don’t have to just worry about if you’re getting the correct size for your dog to fit inside. You also have to worry about if the crate will fit inside your truck and if it will leave room for storing other items. The way you size the crate according to your dog’s size is to add 4 inches to your dog’s height and length and check if it matches the crate.

To Sum Up

The hunting dog crate for trucks that we think is the best and stands out the most is definitely the Gunner Kennels G1 Dog Crate. It is made out of roto-molded double wall plastic and it even has an aluminum frame, it is crash tested and is overall incredibly durable. If you’re after a crate that’s as durable as these but made specifically for troubled dogs with anxiety then your best bet is to have a look at the article about heavy-duty dog crates for separation anxiety and if you just want a durable crate then you should check out the article about sturdy dog crates.

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