Top 6 Duck Aviary All Waterfowl Birds Will Like 2022 Reviews

Are you up for the challenge of finding the best duck aviary out there but you just couldn’t find one?

The challenge ends here if you decide to continue reading this article What this article consists of is reviews of the best aviaries for waterfowl. You can be sure that a wooden, metal, large, or even cheap aviary is waiting for you here somewhere.

The Summary

BEST OF BEST DUCK AVIARY USmmaryTalis Deluxe Large Bird Aviary
Ducks, just like any bird, are easily more to heavy metal poisoning so getting them an aluminum cage whose rust isn’t toxic to them is the best choice.
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BEST METAL DUCK AVIARY SummarA&E Cage Co. Walk-In Aviary
Sometimes you want to focus on the wire safety of an aviary. Lucky for you, the single large door of this aviary is safe because it locks with a key and hasp latch lock.
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BEST OUTDOOR DUCK AVIARY SummaryAivituvin Large Pigeon Aviary
If you’d like, you can use this aviary to pair your pigeons and ducks and make them live together. For the pigeons, you’ll get 6 nesting boxes.
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BEST WOODEN DUCK AVIAR SummaryGutinneen Bird Aviary Outdoor
Although you’ll get to easily walk inside this aviary through the large front doors if you are scared that your ducks might escape you can open up the smaller side entrances.
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BEST CHEAP DUCK AVIARY SUmmaryPawHut Galvanized Metal Aviary
The 54 square feet of space that your ducks will get thanks to the length of 6 ft and width of 9 ft will be enough for you to house a lot of ducks inside.
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BEST LARGE DUCK AVIARY SummaryPolar Aurora Duck And Chicken Aviary
With around 170 square feet of space that this aviary brings to you, you can without a doubt conclude that you’ll get to house a lot of ducks inside.
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Best 6 Duck Aviaries


Talis Deluxe Large Bird Aviary

Construction And Wire Spacing
Ducks really don’t have a preference when it comes to their wire spacing. You can easily go up to 1.5-in wire spacing to feel safe that your ducks won’t be harmed while inside the aviary. It has an all-metal construction and to be precise, it’s an aluminum bird cage.


Safety Of The Metal
Ducks, just like any bird, are easily prone to heavy metal poisoning so it’s important that the meta bits of your aviary or cage, in this case, a duck aviary, are safe for them. Based upon the fact that it’s made with aluminum, you can e sure that it’s safe for them because even if it would rust, the rust bits are safe for ingestion by birds

What You’re Paying For
Since it’s aluminum, you’ll have to be willing to pay a lot for it. It costs over 1000 dollars but you won’t just be paying for the construction material. You’ll also be paying this much because of its size. To be specific, this aviary is 93-in tall and 95-in long and wide.

Talis Large Deluxe Bird Aviary

Shape Plus
It’s equally long and wide due to its shape. The shape in question is a hexagon shape. Aviaries that are shaped like this definitely look nice in backyards and gardens but also provide birds in general with a lot more room to walk around or fly because there’s no difference between the length and width.

In Short:

  • It’s fully aluminum
  • Aluminum oxide is safe for birds
  • Has a hexagonal shape
  • Costs over 1000 dollars
  • It’s 93-in tall and 95-in wide and long


A&E Cage Co. Walk-In Aviary

Metal Difference
This is another metal aviary but there’s a big difference between the first one and this one and that’s the metal used to make it. This aviary is actually an iron bird cage which is probably the most common material used in making both bird cages and aviaries.


Aviary Protection
Iron does rust more easily especially if it’s wrought iron. Nonetheless, you’ll want to make sure that this duck aviary and your ducks are protected from rust. The thing that helps protect it from that is the powder coating finish that’s conveniently also non-toxic to birds.

Interior Entry And Customization
There’s nothing easier in this world than interior customization of this aviary. This is due to its size that will allow you to walk inside it to change things up when you need to. You’ll get to do this through the single large door in the front that locks safely with 2 locks, one requires a key to work.

A&E Cage Company Walk-In Aviary

Birds Safe On The Inside
If the first aviary we reviewed was made for larger birds then this aviary is designed for smaller birds. Of course, ducks can be housed in both since they mostly move around on the ground and rarely fly. If you plan on housing other birds inside this aviary you can use it as a parakeet aviary because of the 0.5-in wire spacing.

In Short:

  • Made with iron
  • Has a bird non-toxic powder coating finish
  • You can easily walk inside it
  • The single entrance locks with 2 locks, one requires a key
  • Has a 0.5-in wire spacing


Aivituvin Large Pigeon Aviary

Bird Combining
If you’d like, you can house ducks with other bird species easily. With this aviary, you’ll get to pair them with pigeons. If you were to get it to house only pigeons you’d get to house up to 15 birds inside, but due to the square footage of around 16, you can house around 3 ducks inside, depending on their size.


Wood Outdoor Use Quality
The wood that’s used to make this duck aviary is one of the reasons why it’s a good choice to place this aviary for pigeons outdoors. The wood in question is fir wood that acts well when it gets into contact with moisture. It does shrink and expand like any other wood but always gets back to its original size.

Finish And Top
The paint finish makes this aviary look somewhat modern since it’s a grey finish. It’s eco-friendly and non-toxic to birds as well. The roof on top is an asphalt roof meaning that it’s waterproof. It will offer your birds and ducks plenty of shade from the sun and protection from direct rain.

Aivituvin Large Pigeon Aviary

Front And Back
Unless you’re taller than 68.6-in, you won’t even have to duck(get it) to enter the inside of this aviary easily. You’ll get to enter through the large front door. In the back, you’ll find slide-out cleaning trays and access doors to the 6 nesting boxes found on the inside.

In Short:

  • Made out of fir wood
  • Has an eco-friendly, bird-safe finish
  • Features 6 small nesting boxes
  • It’s 68.6-in tall
  • You can easily walk inside it
  • Designed to be used outdoors


Gutinneen Bird Aviary Outdoor

Colors Used For Finish
On first ook there aren’t that many differences between the aviary reviewed before, and this one but right off the bat, you’ll notice that this one is not fully gray. Some parts of it are gray while others make it a large white bird cage. The painting finish is completely safe for animals.


Bird Combos
Just like with the previous duck aviary, you don’t have to just use it to house ducks. We do encourage you to use it for pigeons as well because otherwise, it wouldn’t really make sense that it has 6 nesting boxes in the back. These boxes are separated from one another and are easily accessed from the back.

How Much Space Ducks Need
Ducks rarely fly so you must give them the ground space needed where they can comfortably walk. This aviary will get your ducks around 17 square feet where they can freely walk around. Per duck pair, you’ll need around 10 so the extra 7 allow you to house more. This all depends on the size of the duck.

Gutineen Outdoor 68 Aviary

Door Safety
If you want to enter the inside of this waterfowl aviary, you can do it through the large door located in the front. This might make you risk your ducks escaping if you’re not careful. That’s why you’ll get two additional side entrances that are smaller and don’t fully extend to the ground.

In Short:

  • Painted with safe white and grey finish
  • Can house ducks and pigeons
  • Features 6 bird nesting boxes
  • Has a large front walk-in entrance
  • Features smaller entrances on the two sides
  • Gives you 17 square feet of ground space


PawHut Galvanized Metal Aviary

Low Price, Good Quality
Although you could probably go even cheaper than this aviary, you have to realize that aviaries are so there are a lot more materials going into their production. If you also want them to be safe you really can’t expect to pay under 250 dollars for one. This one costs around 300 dollars.


Full Metal Protection
This duck aviary is actually made as a chicken coop primarily but it has all the important design details of a bird aviary. It’s entirely made out of metal or to be specific galvanized metal and wire. The galvanization process makes this aviary resistant to corrosion and rusting.

Top Cover
With garden and backyard aviaries, you want to make sure that your ducks and other birds are protected from outdoor weather conditions. In this case, we’re specifically talking about rain and the sun. The cover on top that’s both UV and water-resistant will help you achieve this.

PawHut Galvanized Metal Aviary

Proportions In Feet
It’s so large that you can easily measure its size in feet. It’s 6 ft long, 9 ft wide, and 6.5 ft tall. The height is really not something you should focus on since ducks will have more use of the 54 square feet of ground space. You’ll also get to easily walk inside it through the large front door.

In Short:

  • Built out of galvanized metal and wire
  • Gives ducks around 54 square feet of walking space
  • You can walk inside it easily since it 6.5 ft tall
  • Has a water and UV resistant cover
  • Costs around 300 dollars


Polar Aurora Duck And Chicken Aviary

Square Footage
If you thought that all the other aviaries we reviewed so far were large, wait until you hear about the size of this aviary. In total, you’ll get around 170 square feet of space where around 15 ducks will easily get to roam free safely and securely since it is an aviary and that’s the whole point of aviaries.


Actual Proportions
If you’re worried that this duck aviary might not fit inside your backyard or garden you’ll find useful the information that it’s 9.2 ft long, 18.4 ft wide, and 6.4 ft tall. Due to its height, you seriously won’t have a problem entering it through the large door found on the front.

Cover And Materials
One-third of this aviary features a cover so that your ducks can be kept in the shade and so that they’re protected from direct rain. The frame is galvanized so that it doesn’t rust or corrode while the wire bits of the aviary are actually PVC coated to remain safe and durable.

Polar Aurora Duck And Chicken Aviary

Assembly Difficulty Level
We don’t usually mention how you’re going to assemble aviaries but since this one is so large it might pose a problem to some. You’ll definitely need more people to assemble it but luckily, the frame of each side of this aviary can easily be connected because it’s a quick-connect frame.

In Short:

  • Has a galvanized metal frame
  • The wire is PVC coated
  • 1/3 of the aviary has water and UV-resistant cover
  • Gives your ducks around 170 square feet of space
  • You can easily enter it through the large door in the front
  • It’s 6.5 ft tall

How To Pick A Duck Aviary

You might easily think that a duck aviary should be extremely different than an aviary for tropical birds like parrots, but really it’s really not all that different. You might have trouble finding ones made specifically for ducks so to make that easier, we gathered all the necessary information for you to make the right call in this buying guide.

The Only Suitable Use – You won’t get to choose between indoor and outdoor aviaries for ducks because they do need a lot of space to roam around freely. That’s why all of these aviaries are designed for outdoor use. An indoor aviary would simply be too small for them.

Figuring Out The Size – When we tell you that ducks need a lot of space to roam freely we truly mean it. This is because ducks mostly dwell on the ground and rarely fly. The easiest starting point is to see if you can walk inside the aviary. If you can do it comfortably you’ve probably got the right size of the aviary

Ducks Space Requirements – It’s good to also start with the knowledge that ducks need at least 10 square feet of space. This means that one duck needs this many. It’s good to then take the length and width to calculate how much space each aviary gives you. After that, it’s easy to decide how many ducks can be housed inside.

Bird House Combos – What you can also do with a duck aviary is to get one that can house other birds as well. Chickens and pigeons for instance go well with ducks. Chickens can be seen as one duck while pigeons will allow you to house more ducks and pigeons since they are birds that fly.

To Sum Up

Although we’d usually go with the largest, we’ve decided that we should focus on safety when recommending a duck aviary to you and that is the Talis Deluxe Large Bird Aviary. It’s safe for ducks solely because it’s made out of aluminum. Aluminum doesn’t rust and even if it does, the aluminum oxide is not toxic to any bird. If you want to check out more aviaries for birds that move around on the ground you should definitely check out the article about either pheasant aviaries or quail aviaries.

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