Top 6 Canary Breeding Cages Made Of Plastic & More Materials

Are you ready to breed your lovely canaries inside one of the best canary breeding cages but are having trouble finding it?

In this article, we won’t just offer you to choose one but a total of 6 that can all be considered the best each in their own regard. We’d definitely recommend you continue reading this article because the cages we reviewed are abundant and different from one another so it’ll be easy to choose one that suits you like plastic, large, double cages, and more.

The Summary

BEST OF BEST CANARY BREEDING CAGE SummaryYaheetech Pack Of 3 Breeding Cages
Although important, the fact that this cage is made out of wrought iron is menial information when compared to the fact that you’ll get three cages.
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BEST PLASTIC CANARY BREEDING CAGE SummaryMcage New Canaries Breeding Cage
The canaries will usually breed in the spring so it’s good that you can easily fold this cage down and store it away when it’s not needed.
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BEST HANGING CANARY BREEDING CAGE SummaryYml 3/8-Inch Canary Breeding Cage
Sometimes simplicity is key and this white wire bird cage is here to prove it. You can try and use the carrying handle to hand the cage as well.
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BEST DOUBLE CANARY BREDING CAGE SummaryPrevue Pet Products F070 Breeding Cage
If you want to rely on the fact that the metal and wire that makes a breeding cage are durable you can opt for this cage that has a wrought iron build.
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BEST CHEAP CANARY BREEDING CAGE SummaryMcage Lot of Breeding Cages
The price of 180 dollars doesn’t really make it fit into the cheap category but what does is that you’ll get a total of 4 breeding cages for the price.
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BEST LARGE CANARY BREEDING CAGE SummaryA&E Cage Co Double Flight/Breeding Cage
The cage is 64-in wide and it’s this wide because apart from functioning as a colony breeding cage, it’s actually a bird flight cage as well.
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Best 6 Canary Breeding Cages


Yaheetech Pack Of 3 Breeding Cages

Parts Build
Two types of breeding cages can be considered classic and this cage is the first one. It’s durable since it features a metal tube frame along with the wire sides. The metal used to make it is wrought iron, which is a common but durable material.


Benefits And Flaws Of Metal
Wrought iron is a metal that has a lower carbon content than regular iron which makes antique wrought iron bird cage high-quality. This property makes it have a higher tensile strength which is just another indicator of its durability. Its flaw is that it rusts fairly easily but it’s nothing that a quality hammered pain finish on this cage can’t prevent.

Canary Separation
It’s really good to be able to rely on the fact that you can separate your canaries when you want to. You will rely on this through the removable center divider. This canary breeding cage also sits on a single stand with 4 lockable wheels and a wire grid and each cage part has its own entrance, 2 cups, and 2 wooden perches.

Yaheetech Pack Of 3 Breeding Cages

Breeding Bits And More
If you’re wondering exactly what makes this cage a canary or parakeet breeding cage, the breeding box door is the one to blame for it. The wire spacing is 0.4-in so it’s completely safe for canaries and other small-sized birds. We saved the best for last and that is to tell you that you’ll get a pack of three stackable bird cages.

In Short:

  • Has a wrought iron construction
  • Sits on a 20.5-in tall stand
  • The wheels on the stand are lockable
  • Has a 0.4-in wire spacing
  • Comes with a center removable divider
  • Each cage part has its own entrance, 2 cups, and perches
  • Gives you 3 stackable cages


Mcage New Canaries Breeding Cage

Where You Can Find Plastic
It would probably be impossible to find a fully plastic bird cage made for breeding birds or canaries in this case, so we had to bend the rules a little when we chose to review this one. The plastic bit that can be found on this cage is actually its deep plastic base. The top is made out of wire.


Storing The Cage
It’s not like canaries or birds breed all the time. The canaries usually breed in the Spring so it’s really good that you’ll be able to rely on storing this cage when you’re not using it. It can easily be folded down so that it doesn’t take up much of your storage space wherever you store it.

Canary Beaks And Cage Wire
You won’t have to worry about your canaries bending the wires of this cage since these birds don’t have strong beaks so housing them in cheaper canary breeding cages should be an easy task. You can even transport the cage due to the wire handle it features on top. The wire spacing on the cage isn’t specified but since it’s designed for canaries it’s safe to assume that it doesn’t go over 0.5-in.

Mcage New Canaries Breeding Cage

Separating Birds
Just like the previous cage we reviewed, this one also comes with a center divider but this one is in fact made out of plastic. You can easily remove it to create a large living space for your canaries. With the divider on, you’ll still get to access both cages since each features its own door. You’ll even get a perch and 2 clear cups for each. You can use this model as a canary or parakeet breeding cage since both breeds are small.

In Short:

  • Made out of wire and plastic
  • The divider and base are plastic
  • It’s suitable for canaries, finches, and even budgies
  • Comes with a carrying handle on top
  • Can be folded down for storage
  • Each cage part has its own entrance, a perch, and 2 cups


Yml 3/8-Inch Canary Breeding Cage

Carrying And Hanging Handle
Although it is definitely not its primary function, the carrying handle on top of this cage makes it a large hanging bird cage. This was made possible due to the item’s weight of around 6 lbs and the fact that the handle features a triangular indent so that it doesn’t slide when it’s hanging either from a stand or ceiling.


Home Blending
It’s easy to make canary breeding cages like this to blend well inside your home. This mostly has something to do with its fully white color but also with its size. The Yml canary finch breeding cage is 24-in wide, 11-in long, and 15-in tall so it can virtually fit almost anywhere.

Perches And Cups
The perches that come with the cage don’t extend all the way to the far right or left end. They are not as long so that your canaries can have more space while inside. Each cage part comes with 2 and you’ll also get 2 clear cups for each that you can place on their designated feeding entrances.

Yml 38-Inch Canary Breeding Cage

Bottom And Wire
The bottom of this cage doesn’t feature a base but only a slide-out cleaning tray. Just above it is a wire grid that will prevent your birds from escaping when you choose to clean the tray. It has a 3/8-in bar spacing which is a lot less than the maximum recommended that’s safe for canaries. Instead of one, you’ll get two breeding box entrances

In Short:

  • Made out of wire
  • Has a white color finish
  • Features a 3/8-in wire spacing
  • Comes with a center removable divider
  • Features a carrying and hanging handle
  • Has 2 breeding box entrances


Prevue Pet Products F070 Breeding Cage

Cage Prices
If you’re reading this, you probably will have already notices that this is the first, somewhat similar to the first cage we reviewed cage. If you see a cage like this, you can definitely expect it to be a bit pricier than the other reviewed cages. This one will cost you around 160 dollars.


Metal And Finish Properties
We’re not surprised that these canary breeding cages cost this much. This cage justifies its price with its wrought-iron build. We did already go over its properties so we’ll keep the info short by saying that it’s durable due to its low carbon content. The finish to protect it from corrosion ad rusting is a hammered paint finish.

Divider And Cage Bits
By now you’ll have probably released that all of these cages have one thing in common and that is that they are all canary double breeding cages. You can rely on dividers to separate mating pairs when it’s needed or when it just doesn’t work out. Each cage part has its own main entrance and comes with 2 perches and feeding cups.

Prevue Pet Products F070 Breeding Cage

Cage Proportions And Wire Spacing
The canary flight cage is 37.5-in long, 18-in wide, and 40.25-in tall. If you want to truly know just how tall the interior is, you’ll have to remove the height of the stand that has lockable wheels and a storage grid. Without the stand, the interior is 20.5-in tall. It also features a canary-safe 0.5-in wire spacing.

In Short:

  • Costs around 160 dollars
  • Made out of wrought iron
  • Has a hammered paint finish
  • Features a 0.5-in wire spacing
  • It’s 37.5-in long, 18-in ide, and 40.25-in tall
  • Sits on a stand with lockable wheels and a storage grid
  • Has a center removable divider


Mcage Lot of Breeding Cages

Cage Design And Price
These types of cages are usually far cheaper than the one mentioned in the first review because they are made simple. You can afford to go simple with canaries since they don’t really have that strong beaks so you won’t have to risk them easily bending the wire. This cheap parakeet cage will cost you around 180 dollars.


Cage Numbers
If you don’t really understand why this breeding cage costs that much it might make a little more sense when we tell you that you’ll actually get 4 separate canary breeding cages. You will be saving space with them because you can stack them on top of one another as well.

Door Locations
What we mean by simple is that the top of the cage is entirely made out of wire and the bottom is made out of plastic. The plastic bit, in this case, is a slide-out cleaning tray. All of the doors that this cage has can be found in the front, including the main entrance and 2 feeding entrances.

Mcage Lot of Breeding Cages

Finish And Spacing
Each cage has a 3/8-in wire spacing so you seriously don’t have to worry about your canaries sticking their head through the wire or getting their wings caught on these spacings. The wire is coated with an epoxy finish so that the cage can stay safe for canaries and other small birds that fit inside.

In Short:

  • Has a wire boy and plastic bottom
  • The wire has an epoxy finish
  • Has a 3/8-in wire spacing
  • Has the main entrance and 2 feeding entrances in the front
  • You’ll get 4 stackable cages
  • Costs around 180 dollars


A&E Cage Co Double Flight/Breeding Cage

What It Is
When we say this cage is large we mean that it’s so large that it can be considered an extra large flight cage cause that’s what it is. Flight cages are mainly used to provide your bird with a safe place to get some of their exercises if you don’t have that much time to spend with them.


Breeding Box Doors
The reason why this cage can function as a canary breeding cage is because of the doors on the top sides. These doors can hold a breeding box that is necessary if you’re planning on breeding canaries or any other small-sized birds. You’ll find one on the left side and one on the right.

Colony Breeding
Large cages like this are usually used for colony-breeding birds. Colony breeding is nothing more than a process of breeding multiple birds at once, at their own will about what partner they’re going to choose. It’s mostly wide since it’s 64-in wide and it’s also 21-in long and overall 65-in tall.

A&E Cage Co Double FlightBreeding Cage

Stand, Finish, And Wire Spacing
It sits on a long stand with 6 wheels and a storage gird so that’s why it’s so tall overall. Just like any other breeding cage, it features a center divider that you can easily remove when you want to or need to. it has a 0.5-in wire spacing and is coated with a bird-safe, powder coat finish.

In Short:

  • Acts as an extra-large flight cage
  • Has 2 nesting box doors
  • Good for colony breeding
  • Has a 0.5-in wire spacing
  • The powder coat finish is bird-safe
  • Sits on a stand with 6 wheels and a wire grid
  • It’s 64-in wide, 65-in tall, and 21-in long

How To Pick A Canary Breeding Cage

Before you get yourself into canary breeding cages, you will have to know a bit more about canaries as birds, their cage needs, types of breeding, and a lot more. Make sure you continue reading this buying guide to never get it wrong when picking out a breeding cage.

Two Cage Types – As far as the cages we were able to review here go, there are two types of breeding cages. The first type is made out of metal tubes and wire and is a bit more durable while the second type is made a bit more simple with a full wire body and a plastic bottom. The second type is, of course, cheaper.

Single Pair VS Colony Breeding – These are the two types of breeding for canaries and other birds. The type you’ll choose depends on your expertise mostly. For colony breeding, you’ll need a flock of birds and you’ll need an appropriately sized cage for it as well. The way to go in this cage is to get a double flight cage that has a nesting box door or doors.

Divider Use – If you want to set out on an adventure to find your own breeding cage you’ll first want to make sure that the cage features a removable divider. Dividers are a good option if for whatever reason you need to separate the bird pairs you’re trying to breed.

Canary Cage Safety – The canaries are small birds just like budgies and finches so if you’re having difficulties finding a canar4y breeding cage made specifically for them, you can lock for cages made for these birds. All of these birds are going to be safest in a cage with a wire spacing of put o 0.5-in.

To Sum Up

Sometimes it’ best to stick to what you know so we decided that it is better we recommend the Yaheetech Pack Of 3 Breeding Cages out of all these canary breeding cages. It’s made with wrought iron, features a canary safe, 0.5-in wire spacing, and it even comes in a lot of 3 cages that are all stackable. If you want to check out more breeding cages for different birds, we advise you to read the article about either bird breeding cages or parakeet breeding box.

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