Can You Put Male And Female Betta Fish In The Same Tank?

Can you put a male and female betta together?

What are the characteristics of male and female betta fish

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Here you could learn if two betta fishes could live in the same aquarium, also you will learn more about them and what you need if you want to get them.


Everything You Need To Know About Male And Female Betta Fish

1.Can You Put Male And Female Betta Together?

Male and females of this species differ in many things. Although in some cases coexistence of males and females would be possible, it usually does not work best. They are advised not to be together in the aquarium unless you have a barrier or you are not a professional who can monitor changes in the behavior of these fish. Male and females have different characteristics, so they act differently on different conditions. They can easily get stressed if they don’t like coexisting with another species of fish, so be careful when putting two different bettas in the same aquarium. It can often happen that the male abuses and chases the female, she then needs some hiding place so that she can hide from him.

2.How Do You Introduce A Female Betta To A Male?

If you do decide to connect a male and a female, then you should do it slowly, and introduce one fish to another so that they do not experience stress. You can mate them for mating, but be careful because the male can often attack the female. For males and females of this species, you need 40 gallons of water, and even more. Make sure there are lots of decorations in the gallon and places where the fish can hide if bullying occurs. But the best option is to use a tank divider if you have a male and a female of this species. If you are not trained enough, do not put the male and female in the same tank. It can very easily happen that a male kills a female if you put them in the same aquarium without gradually getting to know them. Also, it is not enough to just get to know them, you need to monitor their behavior to be able to recognize the potential danger.

3.Is It Better To Get Male Or Female Betta Fish?

If you have to opt for one betta, the decision will depend on what kind of fish you want. If you want a fish with large feathers, colorful and elegant that will look beautiful in your aquarium, then the male betta is a better choice. If you want a smaller fish, calmer and more colorful then the female betta fish is for you. Of course, males can be more aggressive and dangerous in coexistence with other fish, so keep that in mind as well. They can often seriously injure and even kill other fish to show territoriality. Females are calmer and will often hide under plants or near rocks. Be careful when choosing fish to coexist with a male betta. A couple of species suit him, and the rest could be in danger if you put them in a shared aquarium. Make sure the aquarium is large enough so you can enjoy exploring the aquarium.

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4.How You Know If Your Betta Fish Are Happy?

To know if your fish is happy in the aquarium, and if something doesn’t suit them, you need to follow the signs it shows. Fish can often experience stress, and you need to heal it quickly so as not to cause more serious health problems. Jean of the way you can see that your fish is happy is if it has strong, vibrant colors. This species can change color, shades, so you can tell from them if they are happy or something is bothering them. Also, the way they swim reveals how they feel. If they are actively swimming, and have smooth swimming movements, it means that the fish is happy and playful. But if the fish is constantly in one place and slowed down, it is possible that she has experienced stress, suffered some injury, or is ill. You can also follow how the fish eats, if she immediately comes for food and eats it, then she is healthy and happy. But if your fish doesn’t eat regularly, it can be a sign of health problems.

5.What You Need In The Tank For Male And Female Betta

The most important thing is to make sure the aquarium is big enough, depending on how many fish you have. For two fish you will need an aquarium of 10 gallons of water. It is the same as with two female bettas in a 10-gallon tank. Fish love to swim, and explore and have their own space. Also, these fish will enjoy it if they have a hiding place in the water, and plants around them. You will often be able to see them crawling around rocks, into hiding places to get some peace. For an aquarium, you need a filter to keep their water clean. These fish easily get stressed if their water is not cleaned for a long time or if the temperature they are used to drops. You need to have a thermometer in the aquarium so that you always know whether to reduce or increase the temperature of the aquarium. Activated charcoal is one of the more useful things that come in handy for keeping the aquarium clean. It needs to be changed every two to four weeks and your aquarium will always be clean and free of bad bacteria.

6.Physical Differences in Appearance

The difference between males and females is visible by a lot of characteristics. You will easily distinguish them. While males are larger, with strong colors, females often have dull colors. This is also one of the reasons why people often buy more males than females. Males do not have stripes on the body, while females develop them in suitable conditions, most often during mating. Also, females have short fur, but males have long, flowing finnage. Males are larger than females and have slender bodies. Females are also slender, but they are also smaller than males. You can also distinguish a male and a female by an egg spot. Of course, you can only find an egg spot in females, and it is located near the lower fin. In terms of behavior, females are much calmer than males. Males are more aggressive and will often fight other fish.

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7.Common Diseases Betta Fish Have

Males and females of this species can often be the target of various diseases. These fish will most often get sick from the bad bacteria that stay in the aquarium if you don’t clean it regularly. They usually get a rash or fin disease that can spread further to other fish. Therefore, you must check your fish and their health condition often. If you notice a rash on a fish, separate it from the others and give it antibiotics. Antibiotics are put in the aquarium, but then you have to stop using activated charcoal because it will clean antibiotics from the water. Stress is one of the worst things that can happen to your fish. It is difficult to detect immediately and can cause more serious problems later. Make sure they always have everything they need, so the fish will be calm and stress-free.

8.How Do You Know If Your Male And Female Bettas Are Fighting?

When you observe your fish daily you will be able to find obvious signs if they are not suffering and if they are fighting. Females will most likely constantly run away from males, hiding under grass, rocks, or in hiding. Males, on the other hand, will hunt and harass them. Males are very territorial and will not enjoy sharing the aquarium with other fish. They will often fight, and can seriously injure another fish. The attack most often occurs when the male flutters the female, and after that, the fight can last up to 15 minutes. Try to eliminate them in time if you see that the situation is not calming down. 

9.What Are Suitable Tank Mates For Betta Fish

You have to be careful which fish you put in coexistence with a betta. Females will get along well with calmer fish, withdrawn, and do not like to fight. Females can fight at the beginning of dating to establish a leader. Guppies and corydoras catfish have so far proved to be the best for coexistence with Betta females. Kuhli Loaches are best friends for male bette. They will collect food that betta will not eat. Malaysian Trumpet Snails and Cory Catfish are also good choices for coexistence for males of this species. Be careful on the first encounter as a fight can easily ensue. For example, two female betta fish could live together, but with a male, it is not a good option.

To Sum Up

Here you could learn if you can put a male and female betta together. Although sometimes a male and female can live peacefully in a shared aquarium, this is not recommended. Males are often aggressive, like to fight for territory, and could thus seriously injure a female of this species. You can put them in a shared aquarium, but then it is advisable to use a partition. Also, be careful during the first meeting and do not meet them abruptly. For more information about the fish tanks, read these posts about the best starter aquarium kits, or choose the unique betta fish tank for your home.

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