Best 12 Rat Cage Accessories: Bed, Tube, Cover, Ramp & More

Do you want to customize your rat’s enclosure and buy new rat cage accessories? You’re not sure which ones will be useful and how to choose the best accessories from the market?

By following our tips from the article you can find out all about types of accessories, how to find the best one, and our recommendation for the 3 best hammocks, hideouts, feeding sets, tubes, toys, ladders, wheels, platforms, ramps, and shelf covers as well as litters. 

To find out more about rat accessories so you can pick the best one for your rat’s cage, make sure you continue reading.

The Summary

JWShang Rat Bed summaryJWShang Rat Bed
This warm hammock basket provides the rats with comfort ideal for sleeping or relaxing.
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Vedem Wood House summaryVedem Wood House
Made of natural wood, it’s safe and healthy for rats enabling them to feel safe inside.
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Wontee 2 in 1 Hanging Bottle Auto Dispenser summaryWontee 2 in 1 Hanging Bottle Auto Dispenser
This bottle dispenser ensure easy access thanks to the base made of healthy eco material.
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Niteangel Small Pet Fun Tunnel summaryNiteangel Small Pet Fun Tunnel
Although it’s plastic, this tunnel is durable enough to handle all-day play of a rat pet.
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Kaytee Comfort Wheel summaryKaytee Comfort Wheel
Hanging or standing on the floor of a cage, this wheel is the same effective for rat exercise.
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Rioussi Handmade Glider Toy summaryRioussi Handmade Glider Toy
Colored in rainbow colors, this toy really reminds on jungle ropes. It ensures fun for every rat.
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Hamiledyi Rainbow Bridge Ladders summaryHamiledyi Rainbow Bridge Ladders
Attractive multiple-colored design will attract every rat ensuring them a lot of fun every day.
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Alfie Pet Platform summaryAlfie Pet Platform
It’s an universal platform for rat and other small animal cages. It’s easily attachable to any corner.
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Midwest Homes Cover summaryMidwest Homes Cover
The package includes 3 pieces that come in two colors that change by flipping the sides of a cover.
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Midwest Homes Pets Cover summaryMidwest Homes Pets Cover
This cover made of polyester and available in 2 colors provides comfort for a rat sitting on a shelf.
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Snomel 10 Pack Activity Toys summarySnomel 10 Pack Activity Toys
It’s a package of various toys designed for small animals like rats that will enjoy in play.
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Lixit Corner Litter Box summaryLixit Corner Litter Box
Made of eco plastic, this litter box won’t be dangerous for your pet. It’s designed for any corner.
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What Are Rat Cage Accessories?

Cage accessories for rats include all the types of decorations that are used inside the cage for different purposes. Accessories include feeding and drinking accessories, hammocks, ropes, tubes, wheels, hideouts, ramp and shelf covers, and activity toys. All the accessories have a functional or entertaining purpose.

Do Rats Need Accessories?

Yes, they definitely need to have accessories inside their cage. Your rats will spend a lot of time in their enclosure so adding accessories will make them secure and comfortable. Also, accessories will make their cage much more functional on a daily basis.

Which Safety Features To Consider Before Buying Accessory?

How you can be sure the accessory is safe for use? First thing first, the model needs to be made of non-toxic material which can be added to some of the materials such as paint. Choose an only model with a label BPA-free and 100% natural. The surface of the accessory needs to be smooth. 

If you’re buying a hanging accessory, such as a swing or hammock, the straps need to be double sewed and strong enough so the rat can’t damage it. It is always better to choose the model that has a secure lock system so you can attach it to the wires. Also, make sure the rat can’t get his legs or head stuck in between if there are holes in some part of the accessory.

Accessories That You Need To Avoid

Not all accessories are a good choice for rats and some of them you need to avoid. Those include all the plastic types of accessories, such as balls and bridges as well as accessories that have sharp edges which can easily hurt your rats, such as metal shelves and ladders. Also, avoid all the metal accessories if they are not rust-resistant so you can be sure they will last you for a long time. We don’t recommend buying glass water bottles that can be easily broken and hurt your rat. 

hammocks in an animal cage

Benefits Of Having Accessories In Rat Cage

If you’re not sure why you need to buy cage accessories for your rat, we listed some of the benefits down below. 

Keep Rats Active 

Adding different exercise accessories such as wheels and ladders will keep them active during the day and night which is important for their physical health. Rats are very active pets so it is important to include all the exercises accessories you can, especially if the cage is not that big.

Mental Stimulation

Not that only toys will keep them happier and entertained, accessories will keep them occupied and mental stimulation can increase intelligence. If they’re occupied, they’ll be much less stressed out during the day and live much longer.

Safety Features

Accessories are not only used for entertainment, bus for safety as well. Protect your rat’s sensitive feet by placing a soft ramp cover. Also, by placing a shelf cover with the anti-slip bottom you can be sure your rats can safely use higher shelves.

Easier Daily Routine

By adding food and drink accessories daily routine won’t be challenging anymore. You don’t need to worry anymore if your rat is hungry or thirsty. By adding a feeding bowl and water bottle you can easily fill it up when needed. 

Quick Maintenance

If you want to save your time with cleaning, by adding a litter tray to your rat’s cage you can easily keep the area fresh and quickly clean it when needed. Rats can be easily be trained to use litter if they have a consistent place to toilet.

3 rats

How To Buy Cage Accessories For Rats?

This is your first time buying accessories for your rat’s cage? You’re not sure how to pick a model? After reading the specifications that we listed down below you will easily make a decision. 

Durable Model

No matter if you’re buying a toy, hammock, or cover for the ramp, it is important to pick a durable type of model. What does it mean? The accessory need to be made of sturdy material such as plastic or metal if you’re buying litter or shelf, or polyester and cotton if you’re buying a tube or hammock. We recommend buying accessories from a reliable brand that works with high-quality material such as Pawchie, Savic, Kaytee, Lixit, etc.

Size Of Accessory

The size is one of the most important features you need to consider. For example, you need to choose the cover mat that is suitable for the size of the ramp and shelf, and most of them are only suitable for each manufacturer. When buying a hammock or tunnel, they need to be at least 10 inches large and 5 inches wide. Also, before buying litter make sure to measure the cage so you can be sure it will fit in your cage. Most of the litter measures around 10 inches or less, which is suitable for most of the bigger rat cages.

Maintenance And Cleaning

Some of the models require cleaning such as those made of fabric (hammock, tubes, covers) and litter. Before buying an accessory, check how is the easiest way to clean it. Most fabric models can be washed by hand or placed in the washing machine. Litter needs to be made of plastic so you can quickly wipe out the mess. Also, pick models that are stain-resistant and dust-free for easier maintenance.

Shape And Color

Most of the accessories come in different colors such as bright ones that will make your cage much cooler, or neutral ones that go well with any type of cage. The shape depends on the size of the cage and where you’re planning to place this accessory. For example, a corner litter tray in a triangle shape is much better than a square one. Also, wide shelves are a better choice for taller models than corner ones. 

Best 12 Rat Cage Accessories

Hammock & Beds

What Is Rat Hammock?

The hammock is nothing else than a swinger made of different canvas materials which are attached to the bottom wires so your rat can lay on it or use it for playing. Hammocks are one of the must-haves for rat cages and these animals love using them for different purposes.

Which Are Pros Of Having A Hammock?

Having a hammock in your rat’s cage definitely have benefits. The rat will have more privacy while being in the hammock, especially if there are multiple rats in one cage. You can use free space at the top of the cage and make their enclosure much more fun. Also, hammocks are very comfortable for laying and your rat will enjoy using them.


Cons Having a Rat Hammock

Some hammocks are not suitable for smaller cages because they can take a lot of space, and usually, they’re recommended for multilevel cages. Even if the hammocks have clips, the strings are made of canvas which rats can easily damage and the hammock can fall off. Also, a hammock requires washing in the washing machine.

How To Buy Perfect Rat Hammock?

Hammocks are usually made of fleece or polyester material which needs to be sturdy enough so the rat can’t rip it off. The hammock needs to have metal clips and connectors on elastic bands so you can hang it on the top wires. Make sure that the hammock is approximately 10 inches wide so your rat can easily fit inside it. Most of the metal hooks on hammocks are approximately 1.8 inches wide, so you must check if they can fit thru the wires. You can choose between different colors and pattern that goes well with most of the rat cages.

Best 3 Rat Hammocks & Beds

JWShang Rat Bed

JWShang Rat Bed

This functional basket will fit in every cage. The cushion is made of soft cotton which makes the laying more comfortable. It is removable so you can use it when it’s cold, and remove it when it’s hot outside. The cushion can be easily washed in the washing machine.

The basket is durable and stable for use, and you can easily set it up in a few seconds. Just hang the basket hooks on the wires where you think your rat will have the easiest access. The basket comes in a few different colors to pick from. 

Boao 4 Pieces Guinea Pig Cage Hammock

boao store 4 pieces hammock
For the multiple rats, this set of 4 hammocks is a perfect choice. The hammock comes in different patterns which include leopard, zebra, camel, and the one with white and black dots. 

These attractive models are made in square shape and of fleece-like fabric so the rats can have maximum comfort while relaxing and playing. Hammocks have one side for cold and one for hot weather.

This hanging bed can easily be installed, there are 4 hooks that you attach to top wires. Also, you can easily wash it both machine and hand wash. If you have a smaller cage you can easily replace one with a clean one.

FULUE Rat Cage Accessories Set

FULUE Ferret Rat Hammock
This functional set will definitely catch your attention. It has a galaxy pattern that goes well with all the colors. The set is made of sturdy canvas material and a warm fleece inside for comfort.

The package includes a hammock tent, bunkbed hammock, and multifunctional tunnel tube hammock. You can secure them on wires so your rat can use them for playing, napping and privacy.

Don’t worry about cleaning, all of the accessories can be hand washed or wash it in the washing machine. You only need to remove the hooks and place them at the right temperature.


What Are Hideouts Used For?

Hideouts are multifunctional rat cage equipment used for hiding, playing, and napping. Hideouts are small houses and hide areas with a top cover that allow the rat maximum privacy. Usually, they have one or two doors for easier access. 

Benefits Of Having Rat Hideout

Even if the rats are very playful pets, they love to have privacy while sleeping, so the hideouts are perfect places for that. They can use hideouts to hide their favorite food or treat from other rats. Also, larger hideouts can be used for hiding newborn babies.

rat hideout

Which Are Cons Of Hideouts?

Some of the hideouts are too small for use, especially if your rat is older age and much bigger. Also, if the doors are too small and there are no vents for air circulation, rats will feel uncomfortable being inside. Because most hideouts are lightweight, rats can easily turn them upside down and won’t be able to use them.

How To Buy Best Hideout?

This is your first time buying a hideout for your rat’s cage? It is important to choose a model where your rat can easily fit in. If you have a bigger rat, the hideout needs to be approximately 12 inches large. Hideout needs to have large doors for easier access. It is important there are vents or entrances on both sides so the rat can have enough fresh air inside if he’s using it for sleeping. Also, you can pick a model with or without a bottom. Most hideouts with the bottom are made of plastic which will shorten your time for cleaning and are definitely a great choice. They don’t require assembly and you can immediately place them on the flat surface inside the cage.

Top 3 Hideouts For Rats

Vedem Wood House

Vedem Wood House

This cage rat house is the perfect choice if you need a hideout that your rat can use for privacy. It has a very simple design that goes well with any wire or wooden cage. The wooden house is made of solid wood which is safe for rats if they start chewing it. 

It comes in 2 different sizes for rats of all ages. The house is painted with non-toxic paint for safety and durability. You can easily assemble the house by putting the plates together in one minute. This house is lightweight and can be easily cleaned when needed.

Savic Rody Igloo Hideaway

Savic Rody Igloo Rat and Guinea Pig House

Do you want a functional hideaway for your rat where he can have privacy while sleeping? This Savic hideaway is one of the most popular on the market. It comes in the shape of an igloo and can fit in most 18 inches cages. This enclosure is made of pet-safe material.

Hideout has a large door at the front for access and ventilation holes on each side. Nothing easier than assembling this hideaway, you only need to connect the bottom and top parts. Because of the smooth surface, this hideaway is anti-resistant and can be easily cleaned with a cloth.

Lixit Critter Hollow Home

Lixit Critter Hollow Home

If you’re trying to find accessories that are small and functional, these hideouts are a perfect choice. Made of sturdy plastic hideouts can be easily cleaned with a damp or dry cloth to move the dust. This lightweight model doesn’t require assembly and can be used right away. 

There are doors on both sides so the rat can easily move inside out and have enough air while sleeping or playing inside. Hideaway doesn’t have a bottom so you can place a comfortable cushion or leakproof pad for easier cleaning as well as comfort.

Feeding Set

What Type of Accessories Are Rat Feeders?

Not only activity toys are needed accessories for rats’ cages, but the feeding sets are also important. Feeding sets include water bottles and feeding bowls so you can place the food and water inside the cage and keep your rat healthy. 

Why Is Good Having Feeder?

If you place the food in a feeder your rat won’t be hungry during the day, even if you’re at work. Most important, keeping the rat hydrated is not always possible, so placing the water in a bottle so the rat can drink it whenever he wants makes the pet routine much easier.

drinking bottle attached to animal cage

Cons Of Having Feeding Set

Rats can easily flip the bowl and make a mess around the cage. Also, they tend to chew everything, so they can easily damage the water bottle pipe and make the whole cage wet. Some of the feeding sets can’t be attached to the wires so you can expect to see your rats playing with it. 

Guide To Buy Best Feeding Set

If this is your first time buying a feeding set read which features to consider. First thing, the feeding bowl and water bottle need to be made of non-toxic and rat-safe material. What does that mean? If it’s made of plastic, need to have a BPA label. If there are wooden parts, make sure it is made of 100% natural wood. Pick the feeding set that can be easily installed and doesn’t require assembly if you don’t have tools. Also, pick the bottle which can be easily filled with water and where the pipe won’t leak when the rat is not using it. You can pick a static model that can be placed on a flat surface or pick the one that can be attached to the wires to save space.

Best 3 Feedings Sets For Rats

Wontee 2 in 1 Hanging Bottle Auto Dispenser

drinking bottle attached to animal cage
Do you want to have a feeding bowl and a water bottle in one? This model is a perfect choice. The functional feeder has a rolling ball design which means that the water will not flow until the pet lick it. A water bottle is made of safe renewable plastic material.

Both parts can be easily cleaned when needed with a damp cloth. It has a detachable design so you can quickly connect all the parts. It is a stable and firm model and the bottle won’t shape which allows you to easily put fresh water when needed. 

Depetse 2 pcs No Drip Bottle

depets store 2PCS 8.45 oz No Drip Small Animal Water Bottle
Having a 2 water bottle is an ideal choice for double rats so they don’t fight when both are thirsty. The drinking head is made of stainless steel while the top part is made of pet-safe plastic. Don’t worry about water leaking, this sipper tube has a no-drip mechanism.

Nothing easier to install the tubes, you can attach this screw-on bracket to any cage, and also hang it with a wire that you’ll get in the box. The bottles are transparent so you can see how much water is inside. It can fit around 8.42 oz of water.

Pawchie Rat Feeder

PAWCHIE Hamster Water Bottle
This modern wooden rat feeder is designed as a water dispenser and food bowl, so your rat cat has everything in one place. It is designed not only to save you space but also to easily change the water and food when needed.

The feeder is made of durable material which is coated with non-toxic paint for pet safety as well as to prevent corrosion. The water bottle has a large capacity – 150 ml which will be enough for daily drinking. The mouth of the pipe is made of stainless steel material.


What Are Rat Tubes?

Tubes are all types of long rounded accessories from which rats can crawl through. Those tunnels have 2 openings on both sides which allows them easily move inside and out. Rat tubes can be made of canvas materials or plastic.

Why To Buy Tube?

As we know rats are very active animals and love to play around the cage. Placing the tube inside their cage will give them the opportunity to play hide and seek with other rats as well as to stay healthy and happy. Tubes are multifunctional accessories that can be used as sleeping bags, especially if they’re made of soft material. Also, some of them have expandable designs which allow you to make the tube shorter or longer depending on the size of the cage. 


Cons Of Having Tube

Some of the tubes can be only attached to the top wires and the rats can easily fall down. Also, some tubes are made of thin material, which can be easily damaged as we know the rats love to chew everything. If the tube is not wide enough the rat can easily get stuck in. 

Guide For New Rat Tube

Before buying a new rat tube it is important to check some specifications. Make sure you choose the type that is sturdy and rat-safe.  Most of the tubes are made of canvas such as polyester, fleece, or plastic material. Make sure that the tube is wide enough, it needs to be at least 5 inches in width so the rat can easily move inside and out. Maintenance s very important, pick a model that can be cleaned with a cloth or placed in the washing machine. 

3 Best Rat Tubes

Niteangel Small Pet Fun Tunnel

Niteangel Small Pet Fun Tunnel

Satisfy the rat’s natural instinct by adding this tunnel inside their habitat. You can pick between a variety of colors and combine them with the style of your cage. Place this tunnel on the bottom of the cage or a wider platform.

Rat tube has an expandable design that allows using it in smaller and bigger cages. Don’t worry about cleaning it is made of stain-resistant plastic which can be easily washed with a damp cloth if it gets messy.

Kaytee Super Play Tunnel 

Kaytee Super Play Tunnel Hanging Tube

You’re having a wire cage and need a hanging tube so the rats can play and have a nap? This Kaytee model comes in 3 different colors which will match with any cage. The tunnel is suitable for smaller and bigger cages.

Using the tube is easy, you only need to hang it on top wires using four straps. The tunnel has openings on both sides for easier moving, as well as an opening in the middle so the rats can have great air circulation.


WOLEDOE Ferret Tunnel Hanging Hammock Bed
This soft plush tunnel will keep your rat warm while resting inside and his feet will be safe while walking through it. The tunnel can easily fit in most of the cages with a wire top, no matter if you have one level or multilevel model.

This long tube tunnel has three circular outlets, two on both sides for easier moving and one in the middle which will give more opportunity for rats to sneak out. Nothing easier to install this tube by using sturdy hooks. Hooks need to be removed before the washing tube.


How To Describe Wheels For Rats?

The wheel is the spinner that is used for running. The wheel is the main exercise type of accessory that helps the rats stay active and healthy. 

Pros Having Rat Wheel

Rats are hyperactive creatures so to keep them entertained, buy a wheel they will love to use during the day and night. Wheels are a great choice if you don’t have a too big cage so the rat can move around, by using the wheel he will still stay in good shape. 

small animal exercise wheel

Cons Of Having Wheel

If you buy tons of other accessories, maybe the wheel won’t be that interesting to the rats. Some of the wheels are too small and most of the rats can’t use them properly. Also, wheels can be very loud, especially if they’re made of plastic which can disturb you while you’re sleeping.

Pick Perfect Wheel For Rats

You’re not sure which wheel is the best choice? Follow these tips. The wheels need to be made of sturdy plastic or wooden material which won’t break easily. Make sure there are no small parts that rats can easily swallow. You can pick a model with a base or one with attach system which will take less space in a cage. Most of the bases have the heigh-adjust option. The width of the wheel needs to be approximately 10 inches so your rat can fit inside and use it properly. The bigger the wheel, the better. We recommend picking a wheel with a silent system so you can’t hear when the rat is running. 

Top 3 Wheel For Rat

Kaytee Comfort Wheel

Kaytee Comfort Wheel
Provide your rat with great exercise decoration inside the new habitat. This plastic wheel comes in 3 different colors which will easily fit in every cage. It is specially designed for quiet spinning so you don’t have to worry about loud noises while you’re sleeping.

The wheel has a metal stand that allows you to place it on every flat surface. To keep this weel running quite, it is recommended to put vegetable oil on the hub. An anti-slip surface provides maximum safety while the rat is using the wheel.

Tesion Exercise Wheel

tesion Small Animal Play Toy
The multifunctional wooden wheel can not only be used for exercises but also as chew toys that rats Adore. This will offer great rat teeth grinding effect. 

The running wheel is made of high-quality material which is nontoxic for rat safety. A wide wooden base will provide stability. It is completely noiseless so the rat won’t disturb you while using it.

Niteangel Hamster Exercise Wheel

Niteangel Silent Hamster Exercise Wheel
A high-quality wheel for rats has a dual-bearing mechanism that includes noiseless running so the family members don’t get disturbed while the rat is exercising. This wheel will encourage rats to practice and stay healthy. 

Transparent design allows you to check your rat while he is running as well as to clean it easily when the dust came inside. This model has a sturdy bottom base for stability which allows you to put it on a platform or lid.

Rat Ropes

What Is Rope For Rat Used For?

Ropes are multifunctional types of accessories that can be used for climbing, playing as well as observing, and napping. Ropes are great activity toys to have in a rat cage.

Benefits Of Having Rope

Ropes can really affect your rat’s physical and mental health. By climbing the roped your rat will stay active and healthy, which will also affect mental stimulation. Ropes allow your rats to climb easier on different levels and reach every corner of the cage as they’re in the air. Ropes are a great choice if you want to add new activity toys but don’t have enough space at the bottom surface. 


Cons Of Rat Rope

If your rat is climbing on a rope that is attached to the top of the tall cage, it can be dangerous if the rat fell down on the floor. Also, ropes are constantly wobbling and are not stable, so if the rats get into a fight, the rope can easily flip around and cause accidents.

Guide To Shop Rope For Rat

The rope needs to be made of sturdy material like cotton so the rats can’t easily rip it off. Make sure that the rope is a suitable size for your rat, depending on how much of them you have. It needs to be approximately 7 inches long. You can pick between a single rope or rope net depending on your preferences. The rope needs to have 2 hooks on both sides if it’s a single rope, and 4 of them if you’re buying a net. Make sure they‘re made of metal so you can secure them to the wires and not easy to get rust.

Best 2 Ropes For Rats

Rioussi Handmade Glider Toy

Rioussi Handmade Glider Toy
Add this colorful rope to your rat cage so he can climb on it and have fun. These ropes are 100% hand-crafted and you can be sure they will last you for a long time. Ropes are made of rat-safe material.

In the package, you will get 4 ropes which you can attach to the wires by using hooks. Hoks are made of durable material and won’t break easily. You can place all 4 of them next to each other or put separate them and attach ropes on different levels.

Weewooday 2 Pieces Rope

Weewooday 2 Pieces Bird Rope
These ropes come in yellow/green and blue/red color combinations and you will get 2 of them in the package. They will look amazing in every wire rat cage. The simple design provides easy daily use.

Ropes are made of sturdy and durable cotton material so you can be sure they won’t easily fade or fray. In every corner is a stainless hook and they won’t easily get rust. Rops can be installed in a minute on every top wire mesh.


What Type Of Accessories Are Rat Ladders?

Ladders are accessories used for climbing up and down as well as other activities such as playing. Ladders come in different shapes, colors, and sizes and are suitable for every rat cage.

Why To Buy Ladder?

If you’re having a cage with 2, 3, or multiple levels, ladders that provide easier climbing on platforms, so they don’t need to use a ramp all the time. Rats love to explore around the cage and having a ladder inside their enclosure helps them stay more active. Also, ladders are a great choice if you’re having multiple rats, there will be less fighting.

ladder for rat cage

Cons Of Rat Ladder

Ladders can easily break if the rat starts chewing them because most of them are made of wood. Also, they can easily fall off if they’re not secure to the wires. 

Which Ladders To Pick?

Ladders need to be made of non-toxic, strong, durable, and corrosion-resistant material for rat safety. You can pick static or those with a flexible system that allows you to change the shape of it depending on how big is your cage. The approximate size of the ladder needs to be 12 to 15 inches. Ladders need to have metal hooks on both sides so you can attach them to the wires. You can choose a classic wooden ladder or colorful ones to make your cage much cooler.

Top 3 Cage Ladders

Hamiledyi Rainbow Bridge Ladders

Hamiledyi Rainbow Bridge Ladders

Rainbow ladders will easily get attention and make the cage much cooler. These ladders are made of non-toxic material so you can be sure they’re safe for use. Also, they are corrosion-resistant for durability. Don’t worry if the rats start chewing it, they love grinding teeth.

Hand the bridges across the cage, there are screws on both sides which can easily attach between wires. Your rat will enjoy using it for walking, running, and exercising. This bendable model you can use as a bridge or divider, as well.

Ruitong Natural Apple Ladder

ruitong Natural Apple Wooden ladder
You’re into naturally looking ladders? This ladder will absolutely look amazing in every wooden or another type of rat cage. This model is made to look like stairs so your rat can use it for going up and down, jumping, and playing around. 

The ladder is made of natural wood so your rat can chew it without worries. Nothing easier than installing it on the side, and you can adjust it to which height you want, depending on the size of the cage. The ladder can be easily clean with a dry cloth.

Prevue BPV384-12 Ladder

Prevue Pet Products BPV384 ladder
Provide rats easier moving from one level to another by installing this ladder inside the cage. Because of the simple wooden design, you can place this ladder inside every wooden or even wire or plastic cage. 

Ladders are easy to install, you only need to attach the hooks on the top to the wires. Make sure the ladders are not wobbling so the rat can easily use them. Don’t worry about cleaning, it is simple and easy. You will only need a dry clot to move the dust. 


What Are Cage Platforms?

Platforms are shelves that can be used in most cages for rats. Platforms are especially recommended for taller cages that have a lot of free space that rats can’t use. 

Why Having A Platform Is A Good Idea?

Platforms can be used for different things such as feeding areas, privacy, and sleeping area. If you’re having multiple rats, having a platform will prevent fighting. Platforms allow your rat to stay active during the day and observe around. 

platform for small animal cage

Cons Of Platforms

Platforms can be made of very slippery material so if there is a fight, the rat can accidentally fall off from it. Having multiple platforms take more time to clean the cage as well as require pads and additional accessories like ramps. 

Guide For Buying A Platform

When buying a platform for your cage, make sure to measure it so you can be sure it can fit inside. The platform needs to be made of sturdy, non-toxic material so you can be sure your rat can safely use it. You can choose wooden, metal, or plastic platforms. Also, you can pick a corner one or square model. Safety is the most important, so make sure to check if the material is non-slippery, as well as the attached screws and hinges, which can hold the shelf in one place. Most of the platforms come in a neutral color. Pick the platform that is stain-resistant for easier cleaning. 

Best 3 Platforms For Rat Cage

Alfie Pet Platform

Alfie Pet Platform
So your rat can have a resting place, install this small and functional platform to its cage. This beige platform is made for the corners so it won’t take much space in the cage. The neutral color goes well with all cage colors and won’t be that noticeable.

Because it is made of sturdy material you don’t have to worry about safety. You can attach this platform higher or lower depending on the type and size of the cage. When you need to clean it, just use a damp cloth and wipe ut the mess.

Midwest Playpen Shelf

Midwest Playpen Shelf
This Midwest shelf will perfectly fit in larger Midwest cages so your rat can have more space for relaxing and playing. The sturdy shelf is made of strong steel so you can be sure about durability. Black color goes well with any wire cage.

Steel hooks on each side allow you to quickly install the shelf. You can place it higher or lower depending on how you customize rats’ habitat. For more comfort, you can add a pillow or pad on top of the shelf. Clean it easily with a dry or damp cloth.

Alfie Pet Ladder Platform

Alfie Pet Ladder Platform
Do you want to have both, a platform and ladder for your rat cage? With this model it is possible. This functional model comes in a few different colors so you can pick the one that suits your cage design the best. 

The platform is suitable only for the corners and requires assembly with a power drill or screwdriver. Don’t worry, you will need a minute to set it up. Because it is made of stain-resistant materials you don’t have to worry about odor. Use The damp or dry cloth to clean the mess.

Ramp Cover

What Type Of Accessories Ir Ramp Cover?

Ramp covers are actually liners used to cover rams that are connected to the platforms. Each manufacturer has a cover that is suitable for their type of cage, but some of them can be used on similar models.

Benefits Of Having Ramp Cover

The main benefit of having a cover for the ramp is that your rats will have maximum comfort while walking on it. Some of the ramps, like wire ones are very uncomfortable and can easily hurt your rat feet. Also, having a rat cover will prevent any sliding. 

cover for ramps in a rat cage

Why Covers Are Not a Good Choice?

Because most of the ramp covers are made of fabric, they request washing by hand or in the washing machine at least once a month. Also, the rats can be easily ripped off the material if it’s too thin.

Choose Best Ramp Cover For Cage

Before buying a rap cover make sure it is suitable for the size of the ramp. Covers can be only used inside of the cage, and are not suitable for exit ramps. You can choose the model that covers only the ramp but there are also some models which connect both, ramp and platform. We recommend picking a soft fleece material that will provide the best comfort. Choose the colorful model to make your cage fancier or the neutral one that can fit in every cage. We don’t recommend ramps in light color because they will quickly look very dirty. Also, we recommend picking a model with 2 sides, which will prolong the time between cleaning.

Top 3 Ramp Covers

Midwest Homes Cover

Midwest Homes Cover
If you’re having a Midwest cage that doesn’t have covers for the ramps, you will definitely adore these ones. This 3-pack ramp cover comes in a blue and purple color combination. A soft surface will protect your rats’ feet when he is climbing on the shelves.

Just place the ramp inside the covers and your rats can use it right away. Unfortunately, you can’t use the ramp covers on exit ramps. Don’t worry about maintenance, clean them in a washing machine and they will be dry in a short time. 

Kavee Cage Liner

kavee Ramp Cover
To cover both, ramp and platform, this Ksavee model is the perfect choice for all C&C cages. You can pick between multiple colors and patterns which will look amazing in your rat’s cage. This soft cage liner will protect your rat’s feet when he is climbing on the platform and provide comfortable sleeping.

The fleece mat is hypoallergenic and dust-free so you can be sure your rat won’t have health issues while sleeping on it. Just place the mat on the top and remove it when needed. The reusable mat can be easily clean in the washing machine at 30 degrees, it will dry quickly.

Midwest Homes Ramp Covers

MidWest Homes for Pets Designer Ferret NationCritter Nation Ramp Covers
These cool ramp covers have a geometric print in white and grey color combination which fits well in any white, black or colorful cage. It is made of sturdy polyester material which will provide comfort while your rats are climbing up on the shelf. 

Because you will get 3 ramp covers in the package you can cover all of the ramps in a multi-level cage. Ram covers slide over metal ramps and can be easily removed when you need to clean them. Use the washing machine to clean the covers, they will be dry in a short time.

Shelf Cover

What Is Cover For Shelf?

A shelf cover is a pad that you place on the shelf which is used to provide comfort while your rat is using it. It is a very functional accessory that many of the rat owners decide to buy.

Pros Of Having Shelf Cover

Do you want to keep your rat comfortable while he’s sleeping? Do you want to keep him warm? Shelf covers are especially recommended for models with metal shelves, which have a very cold surface that is not good in wintertime. Shelf covers prevent rats from sliding if the surface is slippery. 

shelf cover

Cons Of Shelf Cover

Some of the covers don’t have secure straps which you can attach on the shelf or underneath, so it is possible that it will slide on from the shelf. You will need to wash the cover as they’re made of fabric which easily gets dirty from time to time. 

How To Buy a Perfect Shelf Cover?

If this is your first time buying a cover for the shelves, follow our tips. The cover needs to be suitable for the ramp, not too small and not too big, so we recommend checking the dimension before buying it. Covers are made of fabric that needs to be rat-safe, sturdy, and durable enough to last you for a long time.  We recommend picking a cover with anti-slip bottom for maximum safety. Most of the cover can be washed in the washing machine, but before buying check this information. You can choose between simple black models or colorful ones. 

Best Shelf Cover

Midwest Homes Pets Cover

Midwest Homes Pets Cover
Do you want to provide your rat comfortable sleeping on the shelf? It is possible with this ultra-soft cover made of polyester. This color combination will definitely be made your cool cage even much cooler. Shelf cover can be used on both sides and combined with ramp covers in the same color. 

Nothing easier than installing this cover on the hanging shelf. Don’t worry about dust when the cover gets stains from the rat, it can be easily clean in every washing machine. After washing it, the cover will dry quickly so you can place it again in the cage. We are sure your rat will love sleeping on this comfortable cover.


What Type Of Toys Are Rat Toys?

Toys for rats are nothing else than activity toys that are used to entertain, stimulate and keep your rats active during the day and night. Most rat toys are made of natural materials such as wood, so the rats can chew them safely. 

Pros Having Rat Toys

Rats are known to be very active and curious creatures so adding toys inside their enclosure will keep them entertained. Different types of activity toys help not only with psychical but mental health, as well. Also, toys will help him with stress, they’ll be much happier playing when you’re away.

Cons Of Having Toys

If you’re having multiple rats, then it’s a higher possibility they will start fighting because of one toy. Also, toys made of wood can be easily damaged and you’ll need to buy new ones in a short time. Because of that is not recommended to place all of the toys inside, rather rotate them.

toys for rat pets

Pick Best Toys For Rats

Before buying toys for your rat’s cage, check if they’re made of non-toxic and rat-safe material such as wood, cotton, seesaw, rattan, etc. If you have a big rat cage, we recommend getting a pack of 7 or 10 toys so rats can have an entertaining enclosure. 

Choose different types of toys, such as swing, ball roller, molar string, etc which can be used in different areas. Make sure there are no small parts that rats can easily swallow. Toys need to be sculpted with smooth edges so the chewing and playing are safe. You can pick either neutral toys or colorful ones that will make your cage look much cooler

Best 3 Rat Toys

Snomel 10 Pack Activity Toys

Snomel 10 pack Activity Toys
It is never enough toys for rats as they’re very active and playful pets and this 10 pack set will definitely keep them entertained during the day and night. Because the activity toys are made of natural materials such as water grass, wood wine, and applewood they can be chewed safely. 

This pack includes a dumbbell, rattan ball, Moral string, molar block with rope, pine ball, and other activity toys which will definitely affect your rat’s mental and physical health in the best way. You can customize the cage by using these toys and placing them wherever you want. 

Nobleza 7 Pack Toys

Nobleza rat cage toys
Do you want to add colorful toys inside your rat’s cage? This Nobleza pack is a perfect choice. Each pet rat toy is made of natural wood without any chemical treatments. Besides that, toys are sculpted to guarantee a smooth edge for safe playing and chewing. 

In the package, you will get different activity toys such as a swing, bridge, ratan ball string seesaw, bell roller, and other toys that will keep your rat entertained the whole time. Toys are bite-resistant. Place bridge on the flat surface, attach the swing to the wire top and customize the whole rat’s enclosure.

Zudzuw Chew Toy Set

ZUDZUW 10PCS animal cage toys
Nothing better than having a wooden toy set so your rats can have fun during the day. These toys are made of natural applewood, and they are non-toxic so you can be secure about safety. They are safe to chew and can help with rat teeth. 

You will get different types of rat toys in the package, actually 10 of them such as pine cone, apple stick ring, swing, rattan ball, molar string, and other ones. Add some toys on the wide shelf, attach them to the wire, or place them at the bottom.

Litter Tray

What Is Litter Tray?

The litter tray is a box that is made to use as a toilet so the cage stays clean and fresh. Litter boxes need to be placed where rats usually toilet so he can easily get trained to use them.

Why To Buy Litter Tray?

There are many benefits of having a litter box or a tray and the main one is definitely easier maintenance. You will need only clean the small box whether than a large tray or whole bottom cage area which will definitely save you time. Also, by having a litter tray there will be less odor in the cage which will help you keep the enclosure as well as your house or apartment fresh. 

litter box for rats

Cons Of Litter Box

Some of the litter boxes don’t have a secure lock system so the rats can easily flip them and make a mess. Also, they’re usually made of plastic, and we know how rats love to chew everything so it is possible they will damage it quickly. 

Pick Best Litter Tray On The Market

Before buying a litter tray read the measurement so you know it can fit in the cage. You can choose a corner or simple plastic tray which can fit anywhere. Some models have a net bottom panel with a pull-out tray which allows you easily clean the mess without pulling out the whole litter. Make sure to pick a model that is made of non-toxic, sturdy plastic. We recommend a litter tray with a screw-lock system, which can be secure to the bars. 

3 Top Litter Trays

Lixit Corner Litter Box

Lixit Corner Litter Box
This litter in bright blue color will keep your rat’s cage clean and save you time with maintenance. It comes in triangle space so it can fit in the corner of your rat’s cage. You only need to place it in the area which is most frequently used by your rats.

Litter doesn’t require any assembly you just need to place it on a flat surface and fill the pan with hay. Because it is made of non-toxic plastic you can quickly clean it by using suitable soap and water. Because of the small measurement, this litter won’t take much space in the cage.

Calpalmy Litter Box

CALPALMY Rabbit Litter Box
If you’re looking for a large litter box that can be easily cleaned the Calpalmy model is a perfect choice. The neutral color goes well with every cage design and color combination. This litter box is suitable for most of the cages, except small ones. 

You don’t need to take the whole potty box out, this innovative drawer design will save you time with daily maintenance. The plastic box has a net bottom and a bottom tray with a pull-out system. This box needs to be securely attached between bars and it has a screw-type lock.

Ruby Home Triangle Litter Box

RUBYHOME Triangle Potty Trainer Corner Litter Bedding Box
This model is specially designed to fit in all of the rat cages and save your time with daily maintenance.  Triangle shape allows you to place this litter in one of the 4 corners in the cage. The litter is made of sturdy, non-toxic plastic which is stain-resistant to prevent odor. 

Wire floor panel will keep the mess away from your rat and keep it down below. When you need to clean it just remove the top part and use soap and water. Don’t worry about safety, this model has a lock to keep the litter in place without the possibility of pulling or twisting. 

How To Set Accessories For The Cage?

Not all the accessories require setup but some of them like shelves, ramps, hammocks require to be assembled which can be done in 5 minutes. Most of them have hooks or screws which need to be attached to the wires. 

Do You Need Tools?

You will only need a screwdriver or power drill for some types of accessories like litter and shelves which don’t have hooks to be attached to the wires. Other accessories have a detached system or only come in one piece so you can automatically place them inside the cage.

Customize The Enclosure

You’re not sure how to make the rat environment functional by adding new accessories? Or how to fill free space? If you’re buying toys and activity accessories make sure to place them on a flat, easily accessible area so your rat can use them on a daily basis. Adjust the ramp and the shelves depending on the length of ladders and the width of the cage.  

The ramp needs to touch the bottom surface or platform so your rat can easily move up and down. To fill in free space in the top area, add a hammock, ropes, and swings. So your rat has enough space for moving place the litter in the corner. Place the feeding bowl on the platform if it doesn’t have to attach the system, and add a water bottle next to it. Use the hooks and attach the toys on the different sides so all the rats can play with ti. Wheels need to be on a flat and stable surface such as bottom surface or wide platform. The best area for a hideout is a corner of the cage. 

Can You Make Home-made Accessories?

Many rat owners decide to make homemade accessories that can be really cheap but functional for use. Read our recommendations on how to make some of the useful accessories for a rat’s cage.

Hammock – Hammock is one of the easiest accessories you can make. Use home material or buy pre-cut rectangles in the nearest store. The material needs to be made of linen or fleece such as a scarf. On both sides of the hammock make straps and secure them to the wires. Hammock need to be super tight for maximum safety. For larger hammocks buy pre-cut rectangles which can support more rats at once. 

Hideout – Nothing easier than making a hideout for your rat, and you won’t’ need to spend any money. You can make a hideout from all cardboard tubes or cardboard boxes such as tissue boxes. Carboard need to be free from ink and glue for safety. You will need to frequently replace them as they’re easy to destroy. To provide maximum comfort, place some old cotton t-shirt or bedding. 

Food And Drink Accessories – Place any type of sturdy plastic feeding bowl which you can find in a kitchen department. Make sure it is not more than 5 inches wide so it can fit in the corner or bottom shelf.Making a water bottle is a little bit complicated and requires buying material. If you’re still interested in making it, follow the instructions from the video:

Tube – To make a hanging tube for your rat’s cage you will need a cardboard bottle or large soda tube, hot glue, fabric, scissors, and a few metal hooks or clips. Cut the front and back part of the bottle or tube, glue the fabric on it, and cut the horizontal excess of fabric. The extra vertical fabric needs to be glued on the shorter end of the tube and you can pull the remaining fabric thru the tube. Cut two slipped into the tube, and glue in 2 hooks or clips. Connect the rest of the hoops and attach them to the top wires.

Rope – Most importantly is to have a 100% natural cotton rope and string without any preservatives, inks, and other chemicals. Separate the cotton 3 strings and made a knot on one side of the rope. Start making a braid and finish with the knot on another side. Connect the rope on the opposite wire sides. 

Ladders – You can either make a rope ladder or a classic model. To make a rope ladder you will need a popsicle stick or small wooden sticks. Glue each popsicle stick to the other one and place the 2 rope strings in between. Both sides of the rope need to be clipped so you can attach this ladder to the wires. Cut the small parts of wooden and make sure that the surface is smooth, use 2 longer sticks for the sides and glue them with hot glue. Add hooks on the top and secure them to the wires.


Ramp And Shelf Cover – If you’re having metal or wire mesh ramps and shelves, you can make a soft cover by using fabric you can find at home. If the ramp and shelf are not too wide you can use old socks and just pull them on so your rat’s feet can be protected. Also, you can use a winter cap for wider ramps and platforms. Also, you can cut out the piece of the old bathroom pad and place it on the shelf or ramp. Most of them have an anti-slip bottom which will provide maxim safety. 

Toys – There are different varieties of free or cheap DIY toys for rats. You can make cardboard toys by using a cardboard toilet tube, paper towels, and tissues for shredding. Make a nutball from the paper and almonds or hazelnuts in their shells. Use a small plastic ball with holes and add some veggies and treats inside. You can use a cardboard box and make holes on the top, place some treats inside the box, and et the rats trying to figure out hove to get them out.

What Makes DIY Accessories Better Option Than Store Ones?

There are a few main reasons why homemade rat accessories are a much better option than buying the ones in the store. The first one is definitely the price. You can make most of the cage accessories for free, only using the stuff you already have at home and planning to throw it away. The second reason is flexibility. If you notice your rat loves some toys, you can repeatedly make new ones rather than spend extra money on the accessories she won’t use.

The third reason is own preference. Homemade accessories can be made according to your rat needs, as well as the shape and capacity of the cage. Accessories such as toys that are designed for your rat are far more likely to get engagement than ones bought in the store. The last reason includes destructibility. Wooden parts of the accessories rats tend to chew and they got easily damaged, which can be frustrated if you pay it expensive. By using the material you have at home you won’t be stressed out if rats break something.

To Sum Up

Accessories in a rat cage can be very functional and useful for rats and their owners. You can entertain your rats by buying toys, hammocks, or wheels or make the cage much more functional by having a ramp and platforms covers as well as a litter tray. Having a accessories in rat’s cage will have a positive effect on a rat’s mental and physical health. If you don’t want to buy accessories, most of them you can do on your own for free with the things you have at your house.

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