Best 6 Rat Cages For Two Rats You Can Get In 2021 Reviews

If you are searching for a rat cage for two rats, then you should read our article.

We have made six reviews about the best two-rats cages. Check out all the details about the best of best, 2-tier, tall, fancy, and two other models. Have a look at our buying guide as well. It will help you know which features you should look for in such a rat cage.

The Summary

Ferplast Ferret Cage Multi-Level SummaryFerplast Two Story Rat Cage
If you are in need of a 2 story rat cage, the one by Ferplast could be the right for you. It provides a lot of vertical space for both of your rats.
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Prevue Ferret Outdoor Enclosure SummaryPrevue Earthtone 2 Tier Rat Cage
The Prevue Earthtone is a sturdy wire 2-level rat cage. It stands on four casters and features a convenient storage shelf.
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Yaheetech Cage For 2 Rats SummaryYaheetech Cage For 2 Rats
Your two rats will want to jump, run, and play together every day. The Yaheetech cage makes sure your rats have enough space for all of that.
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QCM Sturdy Rat Enclosure SummaryQCM Cage For Two Rats
Rats like a soft and comfortable environment. The QCM rat enclosure for two rats includes the cozy cushions on each platform.
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Ware Chew-Proof Cage SummaryWare High Rise For Rats
If you own two small rats and want to make their home more interesting, consider getting them an aquarium and add it the Ware high-rise cage.
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Mcage Twin Tower Cage SummaryMcage Twin Tower Cage
The Mcage twin tower is a fun and interesting rat environment for two smaller-sized rats. It lets them enjoy and play as much as they need.
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6 Best Cages For 2 Rats


Ferplast Two Story Rat Cage

Healthy Two-Rat Cage Environment
The Ferplast cage is a sturdy, safe, and fun cage. It is a very large and tall rat cage that easily fits two or even more pet rats. The cage is designed out of non-toxic and eco-friendly materials which makes it one of the most high-quality ones.

ferplast cage for 2 rats

Includes All Your Rats Need
If you are a new rat owner, this cage is all you need. On the other hand, if you are an expert rat owner, you will probably agree that this cage is a very good rat cage for 2 rats. It comes with a water bottle and a food bowl. There are the litter pan, tubes, ramps, platforms, and a hammock.

How To Set It Up?
Even though this cage is pretty tall, the setup is easy and very fast. You will need no additional tools. In the package, you will get the instructions for the assembly. The cage comes with a latching system that will make the assembly even easier.

Ferplast Ferret Cage Multi-Level Review

With Or Without Wheels
The package contains optional rolling casters that you can attach to this cage if you want. Make this freestanding rat cage easily-movable, or simply let it stand in one corner. In case you decide to attach the lockable casters, it will be easier for you to clean the surrounding area.

In Short:

  • safe and fun rat enclosure
  • sturdy and made of non-toxic material
  • optional rolling casters are included
  • the assembly is quick and easy
  • it comes with all that your rats need
  • allows your rats to stay active and rest


Prevue Earthtone 2 Tier Rat Cage

General Product Overview
In case you are looking for a 2 level rat cage that can be used outdoor and indoor, this model might interest you. It is not a small rat cage so you can be sure it will provide a lot of space for two of your medium-sized rats. It measures 31-inch L, 20-1/2-inch W, 40-inch H. It has a 3/8-inch wire spacing.

Prevue Ferret Outdoor Enclosure Review

The Included Activity Accessories
What this cage by Prevue includes are two platforms and two ramps. This will allow your rats to climb, rump, and run up and down the cage. Luckily, even though it doesn’t include additional rat cage decorations, there is enough space for a hanging hammock, exercise wheel, etc.

The Durable And Sturdy Material
It is important that your rat enclosure comes with a chew-proof and long-lasting material. The Prevue cage for 2 rats is a strong and durable wire cage. Its access doors can be securely locked so that you could feel relaxed about your pets’ safety.

Prevue Ferrets Outdoor Enclosure

More Details And Price
This is a cage that stands on rolling casters. The casters are lockable. Once you unlock the cage, you will get to roll it easily and clean the area around it. There is a storage shelf under the cage that helps you store toys or rat food. The price of the cage is medium.

In Short:

  • great for two medium-sized rats
  • includes two platforms and two ramps
  • it stands on 4 lockable wheels
  • easy to maintain clean
  • there is a storage shelf under the cage
  • made of safe and long-lasting metal


Yaheetech Cage For 2 Rats

The Dimension And Design
The Yaheetech tall cage measures 31.9 x 18.3 x 69’’ (WxDxH). This multi-level rat cage is very spacious and allows you to customize it and add a lot of fun rat toys. It includes a storage shelf and it stands on the rolling wheels so it is convenient to move.

Yaheetech Cage For 2 Rats

The Activity Space
Your little fur pets will have a lot of space for their everyday activities. They will get to jump and run to other platforms, and you will get to add them more fun rat toys. We suggest you get your rats hanging hammocks, exercise wheel, and hideouts. Allow them to stay active every day.

The Easy Maintenance
There are double doors on the front of this good rat cage for 2 rats that make the cleaning and maintenance easier. Access the inside of the cage to pat your rats, refill food bowls and water bottles, change the litter, and clean the inside without hassle.

yaheetech cage for 2 rats review

Sturdy And Strong Construction
This Yaheetech rat cage for two rats is made of ultra-strong premium metal wire. The space between the bars is narrow enough for medium-sized rats. The cage is made of an anti-rust and water-resistant surface. This cage is completely pet-friendly.

In Short:

  • this is a tall 31.9 x 18.3 x 69’’ cage
  • it is multi-level and spacious
  • pet-friendly and made of anti-rust material
  • the cage is ideal for medium-sized rats
  • the cage is safe, sturdy, and durable


QCM Cage For Two Rats

Spacious And Cozy
If you are looking for a comfortable rat enclosure, check out this QCM fancy rat cage. We find it one of the best rat cages for 2 rats that provides your little pets with coziness. It is tall and it measures 14 x 14 x 36 inches. You can expand it to measure even more.

QCM Sturdy Rats Enclosure

The Front Doors
QCM rat cage comes with 2 front doors that allow for quick and easy access to the cage. This is important because you will want to reach out for your rats or simply clean the cage without hassle. The cage is leak-free which helps a lot as well.

Durable, Sturdy, And Quiet
This cage is constructed out of sturdy and durable metal. It comes with platforms that include cozy cushions. The cage is quiet and you will get to relax even if your rats play and rump around. Make your rats happy and add extra rat toys and activity decorations.

QCM Sturdy Rats Enclosure Review

What Comes With The Cage
This cage includes platforms and ramps. There are soft cushions included that you can put on the platforms. They will make your rats feel warm and comfortable. Apart from that, there is a storage shelf at the bottom that you can use to store food.

In Short:

  • includes platforms and ramps
  • comes with soft and cozy cushions
  • the cage has a storage shelf
  • provides a lot of fun space


Ware High Rise For Rats

The Wire Design
This is a high-rise wire rat cage for two rats. It is very simple to set it up. It gets installed on the 10-gallon aquarium. If you want your rats to have an interesting and cool space to live in, we suggest you check out more features about this great enclosure.

Ware Chew-Proof Cage

The Construction
The wires of this cage have a narrow space between them. The cage is not made for small or baby rats. We suggest you get it for your medium-sized rats. The wires are coated in a non-toxic finish. They are non-chew and come with spring locks.

Provide Fun And Active Space
The Ware cage for two pet rats comes with the ramps and platforms. It provides a lot of fun space for all of your pets activities. You can easily attach the hanging hammocks to the cage. The package includes a food dish and a bottle for the water.

Ware Chew-Proof Cage Review

The Affordable Price
This cage is not expensive. Its price is very budget-friendly and affordable for anyone that wants to convert their rat habitat into a cool and fun place. The cage is made of high-quality material. It is long-lasting and very simple to maintain.

In Short:

  • well-ventilated wire rat cage
  • the price is affordable
  • converts rat habitat into a cool one
  • it gets installed onto an aquarium
  • comes with ramps and platforms
  • package includes water bottle and food dish


Mcage Twin Tower Cage

The Cool And Small Design
We suggest getting the Mcage twin tower if you have two small rats. This cage is very interesting and fun. It comes with many levels and a lot of space for your little pet rats to roam and play. It is made of plastics and it is leak-free and non-toxic.

Mcage Twin Tower Cage Review

The Fun Accessories
This cool rat cage includes many rat accessories such as a set of rat ladders, tubes, hideout places, an exercise wheel, etc. It includes a water bottle and a food bowl. It is made of plastics and wires. The space between the bars is ideal for small-sized rats.

Mcage Twin Tower Cage

The Access To The Cage
This cage includes 3 access doors. One on the front, and two on each side of the cage (left and right). The doors will help you clean the inside of the cage easily. You will get to refill the water bottle and food dish with ease. There is a deep tray that you can remove when cleaning.

In Short:

  • the Mcage is a cool and fun cage
  • fits two small rats
  • allows your pet rats to have fun
  • includes ladders, tubes, hideout
  • comes with a food bowl and water bottle
  • the deep tray is easy to clean

How To Pick: Cage For Two Rats

What makes a good rat cage for 2 rats? It is not only about the rat cage size for 2 rats. There are a few more features that your new enclosure should come with. Read on to find out why the cage size for two rats plus the good material, space, and extra accessories are a must when it comes to choosing the best 2-rats enclosure.

The High-Quality Material – The material of the cage is very important. Your rats need to live in a safe and healthy environment. This is why your cage must be made of non-toxic, anti-rust, durable, and sturdy metal, iron, or plastics.

The Cage Size For 2 Rats – When it comes to the design of the cage, the minimum cage size for two rats depends on your rats’ size, of course. You can get a smaller-sized cage if you have dwarf rats or baby rats. On the other hand, we always suggest you get a large-sized and tall rat enclosure because your rats will like to roam around.

Rat Cage Accessories And Toys – Many cages for two or more rats come with the decorations and accessories included. Still, those models that are empty can all be customized. Make sure your pet rat has platforms, ramps or ladders, tubes, tunnels, wheels, and hanging hammocks.

How To Maintain And Move The Cage? – If the cage you are looking to buy stands on rolling casters, it will be easier for you to move it and clean the area around it. But this is not a must. What you need to look for is the large doors that help you access the cage and clean it with no hassle.

Where To Buy Best Rat Cage For 2 Rats? – Almost every pet shop should have great cages. But, if you want to be sure that a cheap rat cage is the best cage for two rats, then check the availability of the above-reviewed models online. We suggest you buy them from a reliable online retailer such as or similar.

To Sum Up

If you want to be sure about getting the best cage for two rats, then we suggest buying the Yaheetech Cage For 2 Rats. We like the fact this is a tall rat cage that has multiple levels and can easily be customized. Check out our article about the best six rat enclosures as well and make sure to choose the right one.

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