Best 5 Cockatiel Playground (Gym) For Birds To Have Fun 2021

Is your cockatiel bored with all of his toys so you’re looking to get him or her a cockatiel play gym?

You can continue reading this article cause one out of all the ones we reviewed is found to please your cockatiel and keep him entertained. To make it more interesting for you and so that you’d have a large variety to choose from, we categorized these gyms into categories like wooden, metal, small, and more.

The Summary

The main material used to make this cockatiel gym is pine wood that’s non-toxic to birds. You will still find some metal parts though.
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BEST WOODEN COCKATIEL PLAY GYM SummarySawmong Wooden Bird Play Set
The best thing about this play gym is that it doesn’t act as a stand-alone gym but it can actually make a flat top cage become a play top cage.
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BEST SMAL COCKATIEL PLAY GYM SummaryEchaprey Pet Parrot Playstand
This play gym is primarily small so it makes sense that it only features a perch, a ladder, and 2 clip-on bowls. The bottom is equipped with a cleaning tray.
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BEST JUNGLE COCKATIEL GYM SummaryRockever Parrot Play Ground
This is the largest play gym of them all. It makes sense that it has the most things like 3 perches, 3 ladders, and to top it all off, it features a nesting box.
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BEST METAL COCKATIEL PLAY GYM SummaryBalacoo Parrots Playstand
If you count in that perches act as resting areas, this playground features a total of 6 resting areas. One is a netted rounded box.
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Best 5 Cockatiel Play Gyms


Qbleev Play Stand Gym

Frame Material
Everything that’s on this playground is connected with a wooden frame. The frame is made out of natural pine wood and although pine wood is safe for birds, you have to take into account that it does splint easily so if your bird is a bit aggressive, you might end up with a destroyed gym in days.


Levels And Bottom
This cockatiel playground consists of three levels. Each level can be accessed with a ladder. These levels are actually nothing more than wooden perches. The bottom does feature a wooden stand with legs. Because of this, this gym should be separated from the indoor bird cage you’ll house your bird in.

Assembly Process
You will have to be a bit of a handyman to set up this playground that’s 18.5-in long, 12.6-in wide, and 22-in long. You won’t have to worry about it though since it comes with instructions on how to assemble, screws, and even a single screwdriver. You’ll need nothing more than this to do it.

Qbleev Play Stand Gym

Other Materials
It’s not entirely wooden though. It features a slide-out cleaning tray on the bottom made out of stainless steel, 2 bowls for feeding, and metal bells. As for the other materials, you will get a nesting area as well that’s made out of fleece materials. it can act wonderfully as a hide-out spot for your cockatiel.

In Short:

  • Made out of pine wood
  • Has 3 levels that can be accessed with ladders
  • Features a wooden base with legs
  • Comes with a slide-out cleaning tray
  • Requires assembly with screws and a screwdrivers
  • It’s 18.5-in long, 12.6-i wide, and 22-in long


Sawmong Wooden Bird Play Set

Gym Placement
The first play gym we reviewed was stand-alone and this one is the other type we’ll review and keep on reviewing in the next couple of minutes. If you’re familiar with play top bird cages, this gym can make a regular flat top bird cage become one if you’d like.


Screwing It In
Three fixed parts of this cockatiel play gym will get screwed onto the wire of the cage you’re getting it for. They are three small wooden pillars that each contain something different. You’ll get to screw them onto the cage with 3 winged nuts so it should be easy to do.

Toy Categories
You can separate the toys that come with this bird playground into three categories. The first one are visual toys, the second are tactile toys, and the third are audio toys. Each is meant to keep your cockatiel interested in it for extended periods of time without him getting bored too soon too fast.

Sawmong Wooden Bird Play Set

Wood And Hemp
The wood used to make the frame of the gym is natural wood so it’s safe for birds. The greatest attraction of this whole gym is the rope it comes with. It’s a hemp rope that is anti-scratch material and that will keep your cockatiels claws in check until it runs out since it’s bound to.

In Short:

  • Can act as a play top on a bird cage
  • You can screw it in with winged nuts
  • Features visual, tactile, and audio toys
  • Comes with a hemp rope perch
  • Made out of natural bird safe wood


Echaprey Pet Parrot Playstand

Outside Gym
Gyms like this often function amazingly well on the outside of a cage and somewhere inside your home. If your cockatiel grows to like its play gym, when you let him out to get his or her daily exercise you will often found them resting here. What this will mean for you is easier bird litter cleaning.


Bottom Contents
The bottom of this cockatiel playground features a tray for easy cleaning. It’s made out of stainless steel so it’s highly unlikely that it will get destroyed fast and easily. It has raised edges so that you can easily grab it without touching your birds’ excrements when you take it out for cleaning.

Small Birds Only
This play gym should only be used for cockatiels and other similar-sized birds. Because it’s around 15-in long, 9-in wide, and 16-in tall, it is simply too small to accommodate bigger birds. They won’t be able to handle the small space and could easily knock it down and even destroy it.

Echaprey Pet Parrot Playstand

What It Consists Of
It consists of a frame, a single perch, and one ladder so it’s really simple in terms of contents. You will also get 2 stainless steel bowls that you can clip onto the perch. you won’t have difficulties assembling it, the only problem might be that it doesn’t come with instructions on how to do it. Since it’s small and it’s easily portable we’d advise you to use it along with a cockatiel travel cage.

In Short:

  • It’s made only for small birds
  • Made up of a perch, ladder, and bowls
  • Has a stainless steel bottom cleaning tray
  • Easy to assemble but comes with no instructions
  • It’s 15-in long, 9-in wide, and 16-in tall


Rockever Parrot Play Ground

Size And Contents Abundance
If you want to get the best of both worlds you’ll probably choose this gym out of all the other ones. It’s the most abundant with contents and it is definitely the largest out of all. It’s 19.2-in long, 14.1-in wide, and 25.1-in tall. If you’re wondering why you should want a play gym like this a good answer would be that birds do get bored easily with their toys.


Nesting Box Info
The most amazing thing about it is that it comes with a cockatiel breeding box. Although we don’t know how you’d use it as an actual breeding box since this is a play gym meant to be used outside and away from any bird cage that you might have. The nesting box can still act as a hideout area though.

Predrilled Holes
To keep the feet of your cockatiel happy, the main perch of this cockatiel jungle gym has a texture of quartz sanded perch. This perch can be put onto one of the predrilled holes this cockatiel play gym has. The rest of the holes will make it easy for you to assembly the rest of this playground.

Rockever Parrot Play Ground

Leveled Contents
It has three levels. The lowest point is where the cleaning tray is located. It features 3 ladders, two are used for climbing and one is a hanging ladder. It also features 3 perches, one we’ve already mentioned, and at the top is the previously mentioned testing box that comes with its own small perch and back access area.

In Short:

  • Made with natural solid wood
  • It’s 19.2-in long, 14.1-in wide, and 25.1-in tall
  • Comes with a nesting box
  • It has predrilled holes for easy assembly
  • Comes with 3 perches and 3 ladders
  • The bottom has a cleaning tray


Balacoo Parrots Playstand

What’s Metal And What’s Wooden
When we say that this is a metal play gym we only mean that parts of it are made out of metal while the main material used to make it is actually wood. The wood used to make it is not specified but what we do know is that it will come to you odorless and it’s also safe for birds.


Rest Areas
This cockatiel playground features two resting spots but not perches. One is a flat wooden circled board and one is a knitted rounded hole for resting. Apart from these resting areas, it’s also equipped with 2 long wooden perches that make up the main frame and two smaller ones.

Toys It Comes With
Apart from having resting areas and even feeding bowls that you can clip onto any perch, it is also equipped with visual toys and tactile toys. The visual toy resembles a chain that’s colored with pink, blue, green, yellow, and orange colors. Tactile toys include the hanging toy and a hanging ladder.

Balacoo Parrots Playstand

Assembly And Use
You will have to assemble thy playground when you get it but it should be easy to do so since it’s pretty obvious how you should do it. It’s made to be used outside of a cage but you don’t have to limit yourself and use it only along with a cockatiel cage. You can easily use it for small parakeet cages and other similar-sized birds and their cages.

In Short:

  • Made out of odorless bird-safe wood
  • You’ll have to assemble it
  • Comes with visual and tactile toys
  • Has 2 resting areas, one is netted
  • Features a total of 4 perches
  • Comes with a hanging swing toy and hanging ladder

How To Pick A Cockatiel Play Gym

If you have a cockatiel, chances are you need a cockatiel play gym. These birds are highly active and get bored easily with toys so offering them a play gym that they’ll love and cherish when they’re getting their daily exercise is important. To pick the best one, make sure you continue reading this buying guide.

Types Of Toys – We were able to divide the toys that each of these play gyms come with into three categories. The first category are visual toys, the second are auditory toys, and the third is tactile toy. Getting a play gym that has all three would be best since it will stimulate your cockatiel the most.

Gym Locations – Although gyms are always meant to be used outside a cage their locations of placement can vary. If you want to save space you can choose to get a play gym that can be placed on top of a flat top bird cage. If you want it somewhere else, any other gym will do.

Materials Commonly Used – All of these gyms are made out of wood but they do feature some important functioning details that are made out of metal. The metal bits are a cleaning tray and bowls. They’re usually made out of stainless steel so you can be sure that they won’t get damaged easily.

What To Look For – If you can’t find a cockatiel playground that’s specifically made for cockatiels you can always look for gyms that are made for parakeets, finches, canaries, and other similar-sized birds. The important thing is that it’s made for smaller birds even though cockatiels won’t have problems having a bigger playground.

To Sum Up

It’s hard to decern what’s bad and what’s good so it’s really hard for us to pick out the best cockatiel play gym. We decided to go with the largest and the one that has the most things to play with and that’s the Rockever Parrot Play Ground. If you need some cockatiel cages we’d advise you to read the article about large cockatiel cages or cockatiel travel cages next.

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