Best 6 Unique Cat Scratching Posts You Can Choose In 2022

You’re trying to find the best unique cat scratchers?

You can’t decide which one will be best?

We will help you with that. Keep on reading because we found the 6 best unique cat scratching posts on the market, so you can pick the best tree, cardboard, foldable, vertical, and tall. Make sure you read our guide with our tips which will help you with buying.

The Summary

Trixie Scratching Post
The simple design of this cat scratcher will perfectly fit in your interior. It has 2 scratching posts, a hammock, and a hideout for relaxation.
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Pawmona Tree
If you prefer barrel design, this is for your cat. It has 3 levels and it is wrapped with natural sisal for loud scratching.
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Petfusion Scratcher
The horizontal design of this scratcher will fit perfectly in your home. It is made of cardboard which is perfect for scratching a cat’s claws.
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Goopaws Scratcher
Made of durable plush fabric with sisal scratcher that will be durable for a long time. Scratcher can be folded for quick storing.
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Luckitty Scratcher
This cute sat scratcher is construed to look like a coconut tree. There are 2 scratching posts with a hanging hammock and plush perch.
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Feandrea Scratcher
If you have multiple cats and you prefer tall scratcher, this is a great option. It has multiple posts wrapped with natural sisal rope.
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Best 6 Unique Cat Scratching Posts


Trixie Scratching Post

Beige Color
If you’re looking for a scratching post that is stable and functional, and fit well in the interior, this unique cat scratching post is a great choice. This Trixie unique cat scratcher is covered with soft long-haired plush in beautiful beige color that will look great in your home.

Trixie Scratching Post

Natural Sisal
It has 2 posts, that are wrapped with natural sisal perfect for sharpening its claws. This cute cat scratcher measures 19.5 x 14.75 x 23.5 inches, so your pet can easily stretch onto the posts and play around.

Stable Construction
Unique cat scratchers are stable awith metal rim, that will add more support for the cat’s safety. Trixie scratching post is suitable for cats of all ages. For more fun, there is a toy on a string, so your furry pet can play all day long.

Trixie Scratching Post Review

Hammock And Hideout
For relaxation, a cat can use a hammock at the top or hideout space underneath the posts, made of cozy plush for maximum comfort. Place the scratcher wherever you want, we recommend beside a wall.

In Short

  • Covered with plush in beige color
  • 2 posts with natural sisal for scratching
  • Added metal rim for stability
  • Suitable for cats of all ages
  • Hammock with hideout for rest


Pawmona Tree

Barrel Design
This unique cat scratcher is made from durable natural sisal, perfect for cats’ natural instincts to scratch, and sharpening their claws. It is designed to look like a barrel with 3 wholes, to easy access to the beds.

Pawmona Tree

Tall Construction
With a dimension of 36 x 18 inches, this cat barrel scratcher is suitable for cats of all ages, the perfect dimension for easy stretching and playing. Construction is stable and sturdy and wide enough to prevent any wobbling.

Quick Access
There are 3 levels, with 7 inches wide holes, so your pet can easily enter inside. Hideouts are covered with soft plush for comfort. Each level of the unique cat scratching post has toys on a string for more fun.

Pawmona Tree Review

Easy Washing
If your cat loves to observe there is a plush bed on the top of the scratcher, that has high edges for safety. Place the scratcher beside the window, cats love to look outside. You can easily wash the scratcher in the machine.

In Short

  • Barrel design with durable sisal
  • Tall and stable construction
  • 3 levels with covered plush
  • Toys for playing
  • Easy washing in the washing machine


Petfusion Scratcher

Attractive Design
This Petfusion unique cat scratcher has a simple and attractive design in a brown color that will fit in every interior. It measures 34 x 10.5 x 10.5 inches and it is the perfect choice for any cat, big or small.

Petfusion Scratcher

Recycled Material
The unique cat scratching post is made from recycled corrugated cardboard, that will last you a long time. Curve design and a large surface of a scratcher will provide great stretching and scratching, so your pet can have healthy nails. and stay healthy.

Stable Scratcher
Because of the horizontal design, the scratcher is fully stable for the pet’s safety, and it will naturally attract cats. This horizontal cat scratcher is the perfect choice for playing and slipping through.

Petfusion Scratcher Review

Easy Moving
When is time for relaxation, your cat can easily lay on the curved scratcher and have some sleep. Because it is lightweight, you can easily place it wherever you want, and store it when not in the use.

In Short

  • Simple and tractive design in a brown color
  • Perfect dimension for all cats
  • Made of recycled cardboard
  • Curved horizontal scratcher for easy stretching
  • Stable construction, easy for moving


Goopaws Scratcher

Foldable Tower
Goopaws’ unique cat scratcher is made of durable plush fabric and this folding tower is the perfect choice for smaller spaces. It measures 20.3 x 13.8 x 25.5 inches when is unfolded, suitable for cats of all ages and activity levels.

Goopaws Scratcher

Angled Strether
The unique cat scratching post has an angled sisal pad design, so your cat can easily sharpen claws and have healthy nails. There are 2 hanging pom balls, that will attract your cat’s attention for playing with them.

Washable Hammock
For relaxation and better observation, there is a soft plush hammock at the top of the scratcher, that is removable and washable. When the cat jumps in the hammock, it will remain firm, so you don’t need to worry about the pet’s safety.

Goopaws Scratcher Review

Hideout Area
At the bottom of the angled cat scratcher, there is a hideout with 7 inches wide hole, so your cat can easily enter inside and have some privacy while sleeping. It can be stored quickly when not in the use.

In Short

  • Durable plush fabric for comfort
  • Angled scratching post made of sisal
  • Hanging pom bolls for playing
  • Removable and washable hammock
  • Foldable design for easy storing


Luckitty Scratcher

Cute Design
If you’re looking for a cute and unique cat scratcher, this is a perfect choice. It is designed to look like a coconut tree, which imitates a cat’s natural outdoor environment. There is a large bottom covered with plush, that will provide stability.

Luckitty Scratcher

Jute Scratcher
There are 2 scratching posts, wrapper with natural jute, that are pet-friendly. Plush leaves imitate coconut trees on one post. Posts are perfect for stretching, scratching, and climbing, so your pet can stay healthy and happy.

Hanging Hammock
When your cat wants to observe its habitat or have some rest, it can jump onto the plush perch at the top of the unique cat scratching post. Posts are connected with a hanging hammock, the perfect place for sleeping, and relaxation.

Luckitty Scratcher Review

Stable Design
This modern cat scratcher measures 16.61 x 13.62 x 7.01 inches and it can easily fit in every interior. Don’t worry about the possibility of wobbling, the constructions wide enough to be stable and safe for your cat.

In Short 

  • Designed to look like a coconut tree
  • 2 scratching posts wrapped with jute
  • Plush area for resting
  • Connected posts with hanging hammock
  • Perfect fit in every interior


Feandrea Scratcher

High Construction
If you prefer tall unique cat scratchers and you have multiple pets, this is a perfect choice. Sat tree measures 23.6 x 21.6 x 67 inches and it is covered with plus in beige color that will look great in your interior.

Feandrea Scratcher

Sturdy And Stable
A cat tree is constructed with particleboard and it is strengthened with battens for maximum stability, so you don’t have to worry about wobbling and pet’s safety. You can place the scratcher beside the wall for maximum safety.

Multiple Posts
There are multiple scratching posts, wrapped with natural sisal, so your pet can enjoy loud scratching and relief the stress while stretching. At the bottom, there is a sisal cat scratcher ramp so your cat’s cat scratches its claws in any direction.

Feandrea Scratcher Review

Perches And Condos
Hanging pom balls will provide even more fun while playing. There are 2 condos for relaxation, and 3 plush perches, so your pet can have a look around the house. You can place a scratcher beside the window, so cats can have a look outside, as well.

In Short

  • Tall design covered with beige plush
  • Constructed with particleboard and battens for stability
  • Scratching post wrapper with sisal rope
  • 2 condos and 3 perches for relaxation
  • Pom balls for more playing

How To Pick The Best Unique Cat Scratching Post?

Finding the unique cat scratching post for your furry pet can be difficult, but we research important features that you need to keep in mind while buying. Keep on reading to find out important tips.

Stable Construction – One of the most important things you need to keep in mind while buying the scratcher is that it is stable enough to prevent wobbling or injury of your cat if it falls. If the post is unstable, the cat won’t use it, so make sure that it is strengthened with battens, metal rim, or particleboard, so you don’t have to worry about the cat’s safety.

Type Of The Material – No matter which type of the rather you prefer, you need to make sure your pet will love it and use it. There are different materials such as jute, sisal, cardboard, and much more, so pick the one that your pet is used to it. Make sure that the material is durable and safe for your pet’s claws.

Scratcher Size – Besides the type of the material, one of the most important features, when you’re picking the unique cat scratchers, is the height of posts. Height is very important because cats love to fully stretch to stay healthy, and use the scratcher for climbing and playing as well. For an average cat, scratching posts need to be about 24 inches tall.

Additional Features – Depending on your cats’ preferences, pick the scratcher that will be the best option for them. If your cats are active pick the one with multiple levels, if you have a small one, pick the small cat scratching post. Make sure there is a plush perch or hammock for relaxation. Also, we recommend picking the one with hanging toys and balls for fun.

To Sum Up

From 6 different models that we reviewed, the best unique cat scratcher is the Trixie scratcher. It has a simple design with 2 scratching posts wrapped with sisal. There is also a cozy plush hammock and hideout for relaxation. If you want to check wooden scratches, read this post and pick the best wood scratching post for your cat. Also, if you want to put it on a wall check this post and choose the best cat wall scratcher.

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