Top 6 Small Cat Scratching Post To Purchase In 2022 Reviews

You’re searching for the best small cat scratching post?

There are so many options, and you can’t decide which one to pick?

You are at the right place. Keep on reading, because we found the 6 best models on the market, so you can choose the best one for your cat.

The Summary

Go Pets Scratcher
Functional and simple scratcher in green color is made of durable cardboard. It has 2 holes for playing and exploring. Easy moving and storing.
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Akarden Scratcher
If your cat prefers vertical stretching and scratching, this is a great option. It has a sturdy base with carpet and sisal post.
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Catry Scratcher
This modern scratcher has a stable and large base, and post wrapped with sisal. A cozy bed at the top is perfect for resting.
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Rumuuke Scratcher
Scratcher is covered with soft felt in a grey color. Sisal post is perfect for loud scratching. There are 2 fluffy balls for playing.
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4Claws Scratcher
This inclined surface is perfect for easy scratching and stretching uphill or downhill. Cat scratcher is made of durable cardboard that is fully recycled.
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PetFusion Store
Triangle scratchers are always a great option for indoor use. This stable construction will provide easy scratching and stretching.
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Top 6 Small Cat Scratching Posts


Go Pets Scratcher

Cardboard Surface
If you need a small but functional cat scratcher, this Go pets one is perfect. It is made from corrugated cardboard it is extra thick and it will last you a long time. Includes catnip, to attract your cat for using it.

Go Pets Scratcher

Cute Design
This cat corrugated scratcher measures 17 x 8.5 x 8 inches, and it is the perfect dimensions if you have a small cat or kittens. At the side of this scratcher, cardboard is in vibrant green color, for a more esthetic look.

Comfortable Incline
A comfortable natural incline is perfect for easy stretching so your cat can stay healthy and active. This horizontal type of scratcher is a great choice for a pet’s safety, you don’t need to worry about injuries.

Go Pets Scratcher Review

Easy Moving
Place this small cat scratcher wherever your pet love to scratch, it is lightweight and easy for moving. For more fun playing and exploring, there are 2 holes so you can put some fluffy toys inside.

In Short

  • Made of corrugated cardboard for durability
  • Small measurements, perfect for kittens
  • Comfortable incline for easy stretching
  • Holes for playing and exploring
  • Catnip included with the package


Akarden Scratcher

Carpet Cover
If you’re looking for a vertical cat scratcher, this Akarden one is a great option. It has a sturdy bottom base, made of heavy chipboard, and covered with carpet. It is stable and sturdy for the pet’s safety.

Akarden Scratcher

Tall Scratcher
Because of the white and grey color combination, it will perfectly fit in every interior. The small cat scratching post has 20.5 inches tall scratching post, so your cat can fully stretch and have enjoyable scratching.

2 Materials
This small cat scratcher combines 2 material, sisal, and carpet, so your cat can decide which one to use, depending on what she is used to scratch before. You don’t have to worry anymore about damaging the furniture.

Akarden Scratcher Review

Quick Storing
Place this cat scratcher wherever your cat prefers. For more fun, there is a fluffy ball, which cats love to play with. You can easily store it when not use, there are only 3 steps to disassemble.

In Short

  • Sturdy chipboard base for stability
  • Covered with carpet in grey color
  • A tall scratching post with sisal and carpet
  • Fluffy ball for playing
  • Easy storing and assemble


Catry Scratcher

Felt And Plush
This small cat scratching post is covered with soft felt and plush fabrics, a perfect fit in every interior. The bottom base is large and stable, so you don’t have to worry about the pet’s safety when she’s scratching the post.

Catry Scratcher

Sisal Post
With the measurement of 22.8×15.7×19.3 inches, your cat will be satisfied with easy daily scratching and stretching, to stay happy and healthy. A scratching post is covered with sisal, the material that cats adore.

Large Bed
At the top of the scratching post is a large plush bed, which is held by a wooden platform, so you don’t need to worry about the cat’s safety, while she’s having rest. A cozy bed is perfect for relaxation and comfort.

Catry Scratcher Review

Find Perfect Spot
This sisal cat scratcher can be placed anywhere you want, so make sure you find the best spot for your cat. We recommend to place it next to the window, cats love to look outside.

In Short

  • Sturdy construction with wooden platform
  • Covered with felt and plush for comfort
  • Large scratching post wrapped with sisal
  • Plush bed at the top for resting


Rumuuke Scratcher

Felt Bottom
A small cat scratching post is made of a thick cardboard tube and a sturdy wooden base that will provide stability while the cat is using it. The bottom is covered with soft felt, and the post is wrapped with sisal.

Rumuuke Scratcher

Rounded Post
This cute cat scratcher measures 15.75 x 12 x 15.75 inches, perfect for small and average cats. A rounded scratching post with sisal is great for enjoyable scratching, cats love loud scratching, it relieves their stress.

Fluffy Toys
For fun playing, there are 2 fluffy balls, one elastic ball at the bottom, and one hanging ball, so you can include 2 cats playing at the same time. Plush balls will give extra attraction to cats.

Rumuuke Scratcher Review

Easy Cleaning
Place this small cat scratcher wherever your cats prefer, beside the wall or the window, so she can have a daily pet routine and healthy nails. If there is a mess, use a wet towel and clean the dirty area.

In Short

  • Made of wooden base and thick cardboard
  • Covered with soft felt
  • Scratching post wrapped with natural sisal
  • Perfect for small and average cats
  • 2 fluffy balls for playing and fun


4Claws Scratcher

Minimal Design
If your pet prefers a modern and minimal design, this angled cat scratcher is the perfect option. It is made of durable pressed cardboard, which cats adore to scratch.

4Claws Scratcher

Wide Surface
This small cat scratching post has 17.7 x 10 x 7.5 inches. The scratching incline surface is 10 inches wide, a perfect measure for easy scratching. A cat can use it uphill or downhill, and fully stretch her muscles.

Functional Scratcher
The stretcher can be used for climbing and moving underneath as well. You can place it down when the cat wants to have some rest. Because of lightweight construction, you can easily move it and store it when not in the use.

4Claws Scratcher Review

Fully Recycled
Because it is made from recycled cardboard, you a recycled this small cat scratcher when your cat can’t use it anymore and there are holes from scratching. If you have multiple cats, buy a few scratchers.

In Short

  • Simple and minimal design
  • Made of durable pressed cardboard
  • Wide incline surface for easy scratching
  • Uphill or downhill use
  • Can be fully recycled


PetFusion Store

Recycled Cardboard
A triangle cat scratcher is a great option if you want to have a stable and functional design. This Petfusion scratcher is made from durable recycled cardboard and non-toxic glue.

PetFusion Store 

Attractive Design
Attractive design with neutral tones will fit into every interior. Because of the shape, this small cat scratching post is safe for your pet. It measures 18 x 10. 5 x 16 inches, perfect for easy scratching and streching.

Multiple Scratch Surfaces
The cardboard surface for scratching is on multiple sides, so when your cat makes a hole, she can continue on the other side. This feature is especially good if you have multiple cats.

PetFusion Store  Review

Easy Storing
Cubby hole provides exploring and playing. Scratcher is lightweight, so you can easily move it to find the perfect spot for your cat. When you’re not using it, store it, it will not take a lot of space.

In Short

  • Stable and functional design
  • Made of recycled cardboard that is durable
  • Multiple surfaces for scratching
  • Cubby hole for exploring
  • Easy moving and storing

How To Pick The Best Small Cat Scratching Post?

If you’re not sure how to pick a great and small cat scratcher for your pet, read out tips. We research which are important features to keep in mind before buying, so keep on reading and find out how to pick the best scratcher for your cat.

Right Size – Even if you’re looking for a small scratcher for your cat, it is important that it will fit her, so she can use it. Check the information about measurement, and pick the best one for your pet. The surface for scratching needs to be wide enough for continuous scratching and fully stretching, so keep that in mind before buying.

Pick The Material – Cats love to scratch different kinds of surfaces, to have healthy nails, relieve stress, and stretch the muscles. To prevent damaging your furniture, pick the best material for the cat, depending on what she is used to. There are cardboard, sisal, carpet, and much more scratching materials, so make sure it will attract your cat.

Stable Construction – One of the most important features that every modern cat scratcher needs to have is stable and sturdy construction. Even if you’re interested in buying a smaller scratcher, check the information about that. The bottom base needs to be made of a wooden frame if it has a tall post.

Functional Design – Besides size, material, and stability, a small cat scratching post needs to be functional, as well. You can pick the one with holes if your cat loves to play and explore. If your cat needs a cozy area, pick the one with a soft bed on the top. For more fun, choose the scratcher with fluffy balls for playing. Also, make sure that the scratcher can be easily moved and store.

To Sum Up

The Gopets scratcher is the best small cat scratching post from all 6 models that we reviewed. It has a cute design, a wide scathing surface, and can be easily placed wherever your cat prefers. If your cat also loves to scratch the wood surface, read our post and pick the best wooden cat scratcher for the other room. Also, if you’re looking for a cheap option, check this post because we found the best cheap cat scratcher on the market.

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