Top 6 Sunflower Cat Scratcher You Can Buy In 2022 – Reviewed

You decided that you want to buy a sunflower cat scratcher for your pet?

You are at the right place to pick the best one.

We reviewed the 6 best models, so you can find the best sisal, small, cute, and large ones. Read our guide, we wrote some helpful tips for you, so you can choose the best cat scratcher!

The Summary

Catry Scratcher
If you’re looking for a sturdy and functional design, this is the best choice. It has a tall scratching post and a high perch.
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MXiiXM Cat Tree
The cute design of this sunflower scratcher will fit in every interior. The post is wrapped with durable sisal for enjoyable scratching.
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SPRICHIC Scratcher
If you prefer a functional design this one is for your cat. You can use this sunflower scratcher on the wall or the floor.
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GiftParty Scratcher
Scratcher can be hung on a wall or laid onto the floor. There is a plush bed on the other side, perfect for cat rest.
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BKONF Scratcher
Multifunctional design with a sturdy base. It has a large enclosure for sleeping. It is easy to install and store when not in the use.
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SSAW Casa Scratcher
This sunflower scratcher is suitable for average size cats. It has artificial grass and a sisal post for loud scratching. Perfect for indoor use.
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Top 6 Sunflower Cat Scratchers


Catry Scratcher

Sturdy Base
If you have an active kitten and you want to buy a cute sunflower cat scratcher, this Catry one is the best choice. It has a sturdy bottom base for stability and the pet’s safety. The base is covered with soft felt.

Catry Scratcher

Green Post
A sunflower scratching post is rounded and it is 15 inches long, so your cat can easily stretch. It is wrapped with a green rope, so your cat can scratch claws and have healthy nails.

Sisal Surface
The sunflower hammock at the top is made of soft yellow material, with a 13,2 inches wide sisal cover. You can remove the sisal surface, and provide comfort for your cat, so it can look like a bed.

Catry Scratcher Review

Hanging Toy
This unique cat scratching post is 23,2 inches tall, suitable for cats of all ages. You can easily move it and place it in the perfect spot in your home. For more fun, there is a hanging toy, which your cat will love.

In Short

  • Sturdy bottom base covered with felt
  • A rounded scratching post with green rope
  • Hammock with sisal surface
  • Removable cover for comfort
  • Hanging toys for playing


MXiiXM Cat Tree

High-quality Construction
This sunflower cat scratcher is made from durable and high-quality fur and backer board. It is stable and safe for daily scratching. A cute design will perfectly suit every home.

MXiiXM Cat Tree

Pet-friendly Base
It measures 11.8 X 11.8 X 17.7 inches, and it is a great choice for small and average size cats. At the bottom, there is a simulated green grass, with pet-safe material. It is the perfect spot for relaxation and sleeping.

Sisal Post
Rounded post wrapped with sisal will be the favorite place for your cat to scratch her nails, no more damaging your furniture. This sisal cat scratcher will help your cat with stretching as well.

MXiiXM Cat Tree Review

High Perch
High perch fills instincts for climbing and jumping. It has a wide sisal surface so your cat scratches it while sitting on it. It is the perfect place for resting as well. It is lightweight for quick moving and storing.

In Short

  • Made of durable fur and backer board for stability
  • A great choice for smaller cats
  • Simulated grass at the bottom
  • Rounded post wrapped with sisal
  • High perch for scratching and playing


SPRICHIC Scratcher

Functional Design
If you prefer to hang a small cat scratching post onto the wall or place it flat on the floor, this is a great option for your cat. It is made of high-quality materials, and it will for sure attract your cat for using it.

SPRICHIC Scratcher

Wide Surface
Sunflower cat scratcher measures 15.2 inches, so you can easily fit a small cat. It has a wide sisal surface for scratching. If you place the scratch onto the floor, a cat can fully stretch and enjoy loud stretching which will relieve her stress.

Fun Features
This sunflower scratching post is a perfect playground, there are 2 cute hanging small sunflowers, so your cat can catch them and play all day long. When it is time for sleeping place the scratch on the floor, so she can lay on it.

SPRICHIC Scratcher Review

Decorative Piece
It is lightweight, so your cat can’t get hurt while using it. You can also hang it as a decoration if you’re cat can’t using it at the moment. You will don’t need to worry about scratches on your furniture any longer.

In Short

  • Functional design with high-quality material
  • For vertical and horizontal use
  • Wide sisal surface for scratching
  • Hanging toys for playing
  • Use it as a decoration


GiftParty Scratcher

Board Tube
This cute cat scratcher has a beautiful colorful design. It is made from a high-quality board tube and wrapped with natural sisal, which will be your cat’s favorite place for scrathing.

GiftParty Scratcher

Cat Size
With a measurement of 14 inches, this sunflower cat scratcher is designed for standard size cats, except for large ones. You can place the scratcher onto the floor, so your cat can fully stretch her body while scratching her claws.

2 Ornaments
Sunflower scratcher comes with 2 ornaments, 2 bees with a belt, so your cat can make noise while playing with them. If you want to put a scratcher onto the wall, hang it anywhere you want, so your cat can use it safely.

GiftParty Scratcher Review

Plush Bed
When is time for resting or sleeping, turn around the scratcher, there is a soft plush bed for your cat, so she can enjoy it in maximum comfort. This sunflower scratcher will look great as a decoration as well.

In Short

  • Made of high-quality board tube
  • Natural sisal for scratching
  • Suitable for standard size cats
  • Ornaments with bells for playing
  • Plush bed for resting


BKONF Scratcher

Non-toxic Materials
If you’re looking for a large cat scratcher with a cute design, this BKONF will be the best for your cat. It is made of high-quality non-toxic material, with a sturdy bottom base for stability and pet safety.

BKONF Scratcher

Large Enclosure
The bottom of this sunflower cat scratcher is covered with soft plush and it has a large enclosure, with wide doors for easy access. This is the perfect area for playing and resting as well.

Sisal Post
A scratching post is wrapped with natural sisal, one of the best materials to pick from that cats adore. Sisal is durable and safe for pet’s claws, and it will provide enjoyable scratching every day.

BKONF Scratcher Review

Detachable Design
At the top, there is another surface for scratching, a rounded sisal cover, that is wide enough so you can fully stretch her muscles.  The detachable design will provide quick storage and easy installation.

In Short

  • Large scratcher with a sturdy base
  • Covered with soft plush
  • Spacious enclosure for playing and resting
  • Post wrapped with natural sisal
  • Detachable design for easy installation


SSAW Casa Scratcher

Pet-friendly Scratcher
Sunflower cat scratcher is made with high-quality nontoxic material, to be safe for your pet and for the owner as well. It has stable construction that is 17 inches tall, and suitable for cats of all ages.

SSAW Casa Scratcher

Artificial Grass
There is artificial grass at the bottom of this modern cat scratcher, to imitate natural habitat so your cat attracts to it. The soft bottom is perfect for laying and resting.

Sisal Scratching Post
Natural sisal is wrapped around this sunflower scratching post, and cats love loud scratching to relieve their stress. It is a durable and high-quality material, safe for your cat’s claws.

SSAW Casa Scratcher Review

Easily Installed
At the top, there is a wide sisal surface, and if you have a bigger cat she can use this surface and fully stretch her muscles. Scratcher is easily installed and stored when not in the use.

In Short

  • Stable construction for pet’s safety
  • Suitable for cats of all ages
  • Artificial grass at the bottom
  • Durable sisal wrapped around the post
  • Easy  and quick installation

How To Pick The Best Sunflower Cat Scratcher?

If you’d love to buy a sunflower scratching post, but you don’t know which one to pick, our guide will help you with that. Read our helpful tips so you can choose the best scratcher with the best features for your cat.

Size Of A Scratcher– One of the most important features is absolutely the size. You need to pick the right one so your cat can use it easily. If you have a small cat pick the one that has a smaller dimension and that is not too high so she can reach the surface. For bigger cats make sure that the surface is wide enough for properly scratching.

Sturdy And Safe – Cat’s safety needs to be a priority when you’re picking the scratcher. Check the information about the material that the is scratcher made from. The bottom base needs to be sturdy and durable for the pet’s safety. Also, make sure that the material is non-toxic for the safety of cat s and owners.

Pick The Material – Depending on your cat preferences, make sure you pick the right material for scratching, otherwise she will not use it if she’s not used to it. Natural sisal is one of the best materials for loud scratching, which cats love the most. If your cat loves to sleep on the soft plush, pick the cool cat scratcher with the comfortable bed.

Functional Design – Besides the type of the material, the sunflower cat scratcher needs to be functional, depending on your cat’s preferences. If you have a large and active cat, you can pick the one with high perch for climbing. Fluffy toys are always a great option for playing between scratching. If you want a scratcher with a bed, pick the one with the soft enclosure.

To Sum Up

For 6 different models, the best sunflower cat scratcher is the Catry scratcher. It has sturdy construction with a tall sisal post for easy scratching. If you want to check stairs, scratchers, read our post and pick the best cat scratcher for stairs. Also, if your cat loves to scratch the carpet, check our post and pick the best carpet cat scratching post.

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